Top 10 Best Free HTML5/CSS3 Bootstrap Blog Themes

Blogging has become one of the most integral parts of marketing strategy of any business. While it is similar to a normal website, it emphasizes on providing information in order to educate a person regarding some product or service. It has been carefully analyzed that people tend to research about a product or service before buying it. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a blog for your marketing. HTML5 is the latest and most reliable programming language. To begin with, you can choose from a number of free HTML5 Blog themes. Choosing the right one out of those can be a time consuming task, hence you can choose the appropriate theme from below given list of top 10 free HTML5/CSS3 Bootstrap blog themes:

1.    Clean Blog:  As clean and simple as the name is Clean Blog theme uses minimal design and let the visitor concentrate only on the content. It is the right fit for any kind of business that wants to educate their user regarding anything. Unlike other blogs it doesn’t confuse you with so many widgets popping out of everywhere on the window. The built-in features of the blog include a homepage, page to introduce yourself, a sample post and a contact me page. Clean blog is also responsive which means you can reach more people as it can be opened on any mobile device.

Get this theme here:

2.    Blog Post:  It is a Bootstrap blog website that uses the Bootstrap features efficiently to craft unique blog posts. It provides you with the sidebar widgets and comments widgets to engage your audience in a better way. As a template it provides you with a sample post with embedded image header and the customizable design elements.

Get this theme here:

3.    Blog Home:  You can integrate Blog Home with Blog Post. The Blog Home provides a proper navigation bar and the Blog Post section is separated from the home section. You can easily customize all the widgets provided in Blog Home. Moreover, it is fully responsive.

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4.    Coffee Break:  Coffee Break is best suited for the small scale business. It can be used for personal blogging, restaurants, travel and lifestyle blogging and so on. It might not be the right fit for the corporate sector though. It is very user-friendly and eye catchy designs are enough to make the first impression on your visitor. It has a built-in slider and a compact slider as the footer of the blog.

Get this theme here:

5.    Quickly: Quickly is a perfect blog theme that displays flexibility of Bootstrap. This is meant for writers specifically. It gives you a wide variety of fonts, widget concepts and everything to enhance your blogging experience. It also lets you promote your online presence with the help of social media widgets.

Get this theme here:

6.    Voguish: It is perfect for fashion blogging. If you want to promote your fashion merchandise over internet, you should definitely opt for Voguish theme. It has a beautiful slider to depict the beautiful fashion trends in style. It also has Twitter integration that displays the tweets from your profile. It is the perfect combination of HTML5 and CSS3.

Get this theme here:

7.    Floral: Floral theme is for the ones who prefer sophistication. It uses a traditional template that has a strong menu on top. For posts, the template has a Title, Image, Content and the many background patterns to enhance the reading experience. It displays related posts in a widget which lets yours user stay on your blog for more reading.

Get this theme here:

8.    Konstructs: Konstructs is meant for the tech-savy people. Technical blogs can use this theme for free without compromising on technology. It displays the content in a grid format. There are widgets which can be used for promoting yourself. The Konstructs template provides space for sharing stories and pages with professional approach.

Get this theme here:

9.    Animus:  Animus has used full-grid templating patterns first out of all. It provides a lightweight list of colors and backgrounds so that the readers do not get carried away by the look. It is a professional theme which can be aptly used for various business niches.

Get this theme here:

10.    Personal Blog: Just like the name says, this theme can be used for the personal blogging. From sharing stories to experiences, you can share all types of content using this blog theme. It has simple home page that displays the list of all recent posts. It displays the written content in an effective manner with a small comment box for others to give views on the posts. It has a navigation bar, a logo and you can archive any data.

Get this theme here:

You can go with any of the above themes to start with blogging. Every blog theme has different features as per different needs. Once you are clear about the purpose of the blog, you can download the theme and then are set to promote yourself and your business.

Happy blogging!

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Things You should Remember when Redesigning Your Website

Redesigning a Website

Things change. Businesses change, directions change, audiences, trends and attitudes change. As the face of your business or service, your website is the window through which your clients experience you, and as such, if it doesn’t adequately reflect what you or your clients are after, then you’re out of the loop. This is true if you’re looking to design your fledgling website, or if you’re looking to update and re-haul your existing site. The list of tips below should help website owners – new and old – know what to look for when giving their online presence a facelift.

First, what’s the purpose of your website? Why is it out there in the first place? Find the essentials, and convey them in a clear mission statement. If your website is clogged with meandering information and distracting tangential stuff, there’s no way your clients will be able to easily figure out where you want them to go. If your purpose isn’t easily noticeable, it’s assumable that you don’t know your own purpose. And if it’s overused, it seems weak and unconvincing. But with clearly designed, easily navigable website design that brings out your purpose clearly, simply and concisely, you’ll be onto a winner. In combination with consistent, well chosen color themes and font choices, your site will present purposeful content and clearly understood images.

Know who your target audience is, and speak to them on the same level. Don’t dilute your site with self-promotional flattery – write from the point of view of your audience. Why should they take the time to devote their attention to you? What’s in it for them? And to make it a lot easier, don’t saturate your writing with overly technical, ridiculously complex jargon and babble. Speak simply.

Know your competition
Take the time to do your research; look around at your competitors’ websites, and take notes on what you like and don’t like. Explore their sites as if you were a potential client, and your pointers will direct you well.

Copywriting and SEO
Copy is super important, and so is choosing the right kind of writing for your site. As mentioned before, you ought to view all the copy on your website as an invaluable resource to state your mission and ideology. However, there’s a fine balance between over- and under-saturated, and you should be careful with how to work it into your website. Search Engine Organization (SEO) is also important – good SEO will keep you high up on related searches and increase your traffic, and it’s important to stay updated.

Read the Fine Print
There are virtually hundreds of web hosting packages on the internet that you can possibly selectF from. However, make sure that you scrutinize the fine print because there might be some limitations that might surprise you especially when it comes to data transfers, bandwidth usage and other purported unlimited features that comes with your web hosting services.

Plan ahead - web hosting packages
Build your website with growth in mind – you want it to grow, right? You should add in enough space for extra pages to be added later. And to make your site constantly fresh and relevant, schedule maintenance and content. This will make launching new promotional or marketing campaigns that much more easy.

Website design really is a deal breaker – take the time to do it right.

New Choices for Domain Names for Your Website

Choices for Domain Names Infographic

In the spring of 2014 a vast range of new domain name extensions are going to open up, with industry specific extensions becoming available after the dot, such as .photography, .london and .wedding.

It's likely that in time what's after the dot could become as important as what's before the dot and it allows for the whole of your domain name to have meaning.  Some of the most popular domain extensions that will be available are:
  • .photography
  • .london
  • .web
  • .services
  • .ltd
  • .blog
  • .hotels
  • .football
  • .wedding
  • .training
  • .media
  • .holiday
The Business Week article - New Domain Names are in the Works has more information on the latest domain names.

This gives you a wealth of extra choice in deciding what you want to name your website and it's likely that these extensions will be become important for SEO (appearing high with search engines) too.

Given that there's more choice in what to call your website, how do you go about deciding on your domain name?  The infographic gives some suggestions that are important to consider when deciding what to name it, both from a user-friendliness perspective and from an SEO perspective, whether you're looking to launch your website locally, nationally or internationally.

The "New choices for domain names for your website" infographic was designed by Allison Carmichael at Indigoextra Ltd, a creative multilingual web design and SEO company.  Allison has 2 boys and created the infographic to compare naming a new baby with choosing the name of your website.  It wouldn't surprise me if people put as much thought into both!

Allison lives in Montpellier, South France and is a film fanatic of all genres (although there's only a few French films she likes) and is home educating her two boys.  For work, Allison is the Art Director of Indigoextra Ltd and runs the graphic design team.

How To Target Mozilla FireFox With CSS

How To Target Mozilla FireFox With CSS

Every web designer/developer knows about CSS rules even beginners know it so in this we are using as rule that targets only Mozilla FireFox. What I mean with targeting is, It's like the the style under this rule will only work on Mozilla FireFox. This rule is really useful because we can define what to show and what not to show. You can also target for Google Chrome and Safari I will write about it another time.


As you see in the code the H1 and H2 styles have been modified and that targets Mozilla Firefox(@-moz-document url-prefix()). So likewise you can add any style that you want to show up only with Mozilla Firefox.

The Importance Of Web Design For Small Businesses

Website Design in Toronto
In the modern world, firms and individuals are increasingly using the internet to enhance their businesses. Website design/development is one of the most essential services required on the internet by both individuals and firms. Web design and development requires special skills because potential customers can be disappointed by the layout and design of the website. There are several firms offering website design in Toronto and in other parts of the country. However, not all the firms provide quality and professional website development.

A good working website should not only have an incredible layout and design but also provide the relevant information about the services and products your business offers so that it can attract more traffic and potential customers. Business owners and individuals should hire website designers who will create user-friendly websites that are easy to navigate. While hiring website designers, it is important that you see their portfolio and you should determine whether they have experience in website design.

Website design is a process that involves strategic planning, meeting customer needs and demands, actual site designing and development, testing, publishing and re-evaluation. Designers should involve customers at each phase of the process so that they can provide their input or suggestions. Website design is a vast field made up of services such as search engine optimization, graphic and logo design, website development and maintenance, web applications, internet marketing and custom software development.

Website Development
Website design requires dedication, a sense of purpose, creativity and professionalism. Experience is also very essential in web development. The process of web development entails designing a website, creating web content, liaising with the client and scripting. Web development may also include a non-design element known as coding. The input for website designing should come from a team of experts like an interface designer, an online marketing strategist, an information architect and a creative strategist. The team is responsible for developing a great website that will improve your business.

Website design may fail for several reasons such as lack of trust-building elements, message mismatching and website design shortcomings. If website visitors do not trust your capability, then they will not transact with you. Some examples of trust-building elements include use of original images, professional-looking design and third party validation. Online marketers and interface designers are responsible for determining what works or fails when it comes to trust-building components. Web designers can create a site that does not provide the relevant information to customers. If the information does not meet the expectations of customers, then the website will not achieve the business objectives.

Website development has its shortcomings especially if the designers take shortcuts. Some of the shortcomings may make the website to be incompatible with some browsers or mobile phones or web pages may take a lot of time to load and some links may be broken. Such websites may require redesigning which is expensive. Website designers should create fast, amazing and interactive websites. The designers should also create perfect websites on budget and time.

Graphic and Logo Design
First impressions mean a lot to business owners. A website may require illustration, animation, freehand drawing and photography. These forms of graphic designs will determine whether your business flourishes or sinks. Logos and graphics speak directly to potential clients about the brand you are selling. They also inspire trust, familiarity and reliability. Logo design is the foundation of branding because logos capture the essence of the firm and its core values. In today’s competitive business environment, firms must have logos and graphics on their websites and other products.

Internet Marketing
Having a running business website is just half the battle. A website should have ample traffic. To achieve this, a business may consider hiring internet marketing services. Internet marketing can take the form of search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click or link building. SEO improves the ranking of your website on search engine results thereby increasing traffic to your website. Pay per click (PPC) is highly efficient in increasing traffic to a website although it comes at a cost. Internet marketing requires creativity and dedication. The marketing team should be able to mix aspects of web design/development with advertisement, for better results.

Each and every strategy used should not only increase traffic to a particular website but also increase business sales. By hiring a full set of web solutions and services, a firm or individual will have a web presence and better platform for marketing their brands.

This post is written by Larry Smith, the Director of Marketing at Cloud SEO, who is an expert in Online Advertising and SEO and a specialist in the management of Google AdWords Advertising Campaigns.