2019 Top 10 Salon Inventory Management Software

Inventory management is an important task for all companies, especially a merchant with an extensive network of retail outlets. It is necessary to maintain a high level of availability of goods in the stock to ensure a high level of sales. But a high stock level will damage the financial interests of the company & script its slow demise if not checked in time. To do so, companies perform stock inventory. 95% of all startups fail sooner or later because of unsuccessful or inaccurate stock management.

Auditors perform stock inventory from time-to-time to predict inventory requirements for a specific period, consider changes in consumer preferences, make instant decisions about the introduction of new products & services to the market, determine optimal stock sizes and time intervals between orders, monitor sales and current stocks, reduce the wastage of resources, track dishonest employees, etc. Manual stock inventory takes a lot of time and energy. But, unfortunately, it does not guarantee success.

That is why auditors, managers and company owners use Inventory Management Software to complete the stock inventory easily & quickly without any flaw. We have prepared a list of the top 10 Salon Inventory Management Software. You can use it to conduct stock inventory in your salon and spa and make the better use of your resources

ABM Inventory

ABM Inventory allows you to reduce inventory surplus and decrease lost sales by 35-60%. It is because its algorithms, based on the entered data, determine the necessary inventory levels, time and volume of orders every time. It also determines the highest-ranking assortment items for individual retail stores, assigns these goods a higher priority and ensures their availability at the points of sale.
It helps you to increase in the company's turnover and profits by leaps and bounds. ABM Inventory helps to reduce inventory at every point to the minimum possible without reducing sales. This saves the working capital of the enterprise and reduces storage costs.

When you use ABM Inventory, most of the work on procurement and inventory management eliminates the human factor and you get clear numerical indicators of the company's stock status — surplus and deficit.


Salonist is an exclusive Salon Inventory management software that you can use to operate your salon & conduct stock inventories at any time. To conduct a fair and impartial inventory, you need to fetch reports on different KIPs from this Salon management Software. You can get different reports in a few clicks and track the availability of goods in your store in an easy way. Enter the available stock on the system and it will immediately show the different supplied and sold goods. This Salon POS simplifies the inventory process up to a great extent & helps salon business owner to track the uses of resources easily.


Its fact that in wholesale and retail trading companies, the share of inventories in the company's assets can reach 60-70%. Their use directly affects the efficiency of the company as a whole. Accelerating inventory turnover means a reduction in the need for investment and it leads to leads to an increase in the profitability of investments.

Netstock helps auditors to determine the stock balance and studies the dynamics of increase or decrease in demand. With instant reports, it will help you to determine the optimal size of stocks in the warehouse and will help in developing a strategy for procurement and elimination of surplus.

Asset Panda

Asset Panda is one of the highly rated and appreciated inventory management software for all companies and business organizations that sell products and services to customers at a massive scale. It allows business managers to customize their workflow in an easy way, which includes, Reservation Management, Tool Tracking, Fixed Asset Maintenance, Fixed Asset Disposal, Fixed Asset Location Assignment, Enterprise Service Desk Solutions, Service Management, check in and Check Out, Compliance Management, Work Order Management, Purchase Order Management, etc.

It has several features that help in stock inventory, such as videos and voice notes, hosting of asset's documents, photos, change history reporting, barcode scanning, capturing GPS coordinates upon scans, parent/child relationships and data grouping. The best thing about this inventory software is that you can perform audits through barcoding scanning and update your records instantly. It gets integrated with web apps and helps you work with real data.

Finale Inventory

Finale Inventory is a very useful cloud-based inventory management system that offers a helping hand to managers, company owners, auditors, and cashiers when the conduct stock inventory. This amazing inventory management makes it easier for managers to perform inventory across all the marketplaces. You can track the use of resources and Prevent overselling and receiving negative reviews by the effective use of this useful software. It supports barcode configurations- which simplifies the inventory process up to a great extent.


This inventory software allows companies to take care of their operational workflows in a single and central system. Its core capabilities allow auditors to automate and manage multi channel sales, warehouse operations, reports & forecasts, and multi-location inventory. Its effective use greatly reduces the manual effort required to manage the day-to-day operations in your company.


It is actually a cloud-based inventory management software with strong manufacturing and reporting capabilities, suitable for all types of business organizations. It allows you to handle sales order fulfillment, pre-ordering, drop-shipping, purchase orders to suppliers, invoicing and tracking associated inventory in an easy way. You can use its various features (such as a rich API, self-localization and customization elements, multiple currencies and exchange rates, pricing rules, sophisticated user permissions, full data import, and export) to simplify the stock inventory process and streamlines different business activities.


ETurns is a feature-rich cloud-based inventory management software that helps companies to get real-time reports about their remote store-room inventories and enable them to manage stock as per their needs. This inventory Software can be used on all internet-enabled devices. It gives instant alerts on different business activities and allows you to automate stock inventory and eliminate the wastage of valuable resources of your company.

Clear Spider

Clear Spider is a cloud-based inventory management software for all business organizations regardless of their sizes. This software meets the needs of all brands that have complex inventory requirements. Using this software, you can comfortably conduct stock inventory in different stores and get accurate reporting in an easy way.

Katana MRP

Katana MRP is an ideal inventory management software that helps company owners to streamline day-to-day operations in an easy way. As it is cloud-based software, so it supports automatic data backups. It helps a lot in smooth business operation and personalized business marketing. Its dashboard facilitates efficient production planning, which enables you to track daily business activities and trace irregularities. You can easily conduct stock inventory with this software & submit your report immediately without any flaw.

Final Words
Every Salon business owner needs to conduct stock inventories to analyze the actual status of the supplied resources and track their uses. It is an effective way to reduce the wastage of valuable resources of the company & increase the profit margins up a to a great extent. You can choose from the above-mentioned salon inventory management software and conduct inventory quickly.

Top 10 Myths About Software Development

Software development is prettyvitalfor businesses. We depend on software to maintain the websites, do our finances, and send automatic emails to subscribers. But the selections we make in software are significant to the success of our businesses. Sometimes, we fear we won’t get what we pay for. We fear the designers we hire willnot understand what we need. These are all comprehensible concerns. But it is better to do something than to keep hobbling along with the same old boxed software you have used. No matter what type of industry you are in, you need to be able to have surenessin the software systems. You need to know that they will do what you need them to do at all times.

1.    It’s expensive

Buy only a software designed by a custom software development company. Its not that expensive and have a great potential as well.

2.    I cannot get what I need for the business

If you are not getting the type of software to do exactly what the business needs, you just need to look further for the right solution.

3.    The more, the merrier

One of the myths that adding people to a development team makes it better and speeds up delivery. But, adding more people to a project tends to extend the project’s timeframe and causes friction.

4.    There is always a magic bullet

When building a software, the utmost importance should be given to critical innovative thinking, and skillset. Having the best technologies is just the best thing. 

5.    When the software is released, project is over

When the software is released, the focus should be given to receiving feedback from the users. There should be an ongoing process of improvement along with testing bugs to offer the users with the best product.

6.    Software must be framed on a rigid set of development standards

With the help of a custom software development company, you can have the most efficient system in one place that keeps up with the demands of the world. 

7.    Creating an original web app takes time

It’s not true. The statistics on mobile users pointing to the statistic that there will be about 5 billion mobile users by the year 2019, can you manage to not have an app?

8.    It’s too time-consuming

It’s not at all true. Hiring a professional to do tasks can be really helpful. It will save a lot of time and the results will be great.

9.    Outsourcing is bad

When done properly, in a well-researched manner, outsourcing can deliver better code and a great product.

10.    The best software engineers are computer geeks who do not understand business

You should checkto find the best company to help you understand business. By holding the hand of a company that understands business and make you aware of the new things can be really helpful.

So, go through the points and grasp some the needed information that will clear up all the myths!

Author Bio

I am  working as SEO/blogger in Megicbyte Solutions , a leading Search Engine Optimization Agency in USA/India. He is an avid reader and other than his work, he has an interest in video marketing, writing, and assisting others in social groups. If you are interested in reading more interesting stuff  follow  Megicbyte Solutions on Google+

Redefine Technology with Big Data Management

Redefine Technology with Big Data Management
Big data describes the large volume of both unstructured and structured data which is not handled by traditional database. Big data usually includes data sets with sizes beyond the ability of commonly used software tools to capture, curate, manage, and process the data within time. Technology is changing the way financial institutions operate, markets are organized, and consumers and businesses interact with investment banks. It will also offer insight on the struggle between regulation and adopting smarter operations for demanding clients. It will offer new ideas for technology and information executives on the next wave of innovation – not only what banks are doing today, but what they are planning for tomorrow.

Ready access to data, quickly and with rich analysis and visualization, has qualitatively, as well as quantitatively, changed the communication patterns and hence the decision processes in many Technologies. Business intelligence software provides actionable and manageable information that can improve chain’s efficiency—from manufacturer through to the end-user. The goal of big data management is to ensure a high level of data quality and accessibility for business big data analytics applications and intelligence. The primary objective of analyzing big data is to support organizations in making better business decisions.
End-to-End Visibility –

Business intelligence software can provide far greater transparency by handling big data correctly. Business intelligence creates improved end-to-end transparency, and provides access to the inner workings of a business.

Avoid vendor lock-in and fragmented solutions -
Data proliferation demands innovative infrastructure, self-service analytics access and effective management. Big data solution providers address a fraction of the hardware stack or make you rip and replace your infrastructure.

Data organization-
Data has become most powerful resource for any business, especially for eCommerce stores, it’s a daunting task to collect data from multiple sources and organize it in a way that it gives useful information to business owners.  Big data provides solution to all the challenges of data handling and also helps in analyzing data for making better business decisions. 

Better Collaboration -
Collaboration is the fundamental rule of logistics management: if one link in the chain is severed, the entire process can fall apart. Building relationship after relationship is a fundamental step in the supply chain, which is used to make better collaboration one of the most important ways that big data influences the supply chain market. Business intelligence, and the software that comes with it, makes maintaining supplier-buyer relationships simple.

Pinpoint Focus –
Big data provides real time updates and insights, which is essential to achieving better focus. As you receive that intelligence, you can make any business changes necessary, large or small, to exact specifications.

Here are some examples of a combination of different tools for big data insights:
  • Cloud is extensible, scalable, flexible, elastic, self-healing, on-demand, etc. and used to provide the inexpensive hardware/software platform with all applications (such as Kapow, SAP Intelligence Analysis for Public Sector application by Palantir, SAP, Sybase IQ, CRM, SAP Data Services with text analytics) for rapid ramp-up at lower capital cost requirements.
  • Hadoop provides reliable data storage and high-performance parallel data processing – the ability to store extremely large data sets.
  • SAP HANA provides the extremely accelerated business warehouse/enterprise data warehouse.

About the Author:

Vaishnavi Agrawal loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for intellipaat.com, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training.

The courses offered by Intellipaat address the unique needs of working professionals. She is based out of Bangalore and has an experience of 5 years in the field of content writing and blogging. Her work has been published on various sites related to Big Data, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Cloud Computing, IT, SAP, Project Management and more.

Why Use Knowledge Base Software?

Why Use Knowledge Base Software?

Give your customers the ability to answer frequently asked questions, access how-to videos, or download forms, while at the same time increasing your business efficiency and decreasing employee costs. How? Easy, use knowledge base software. A well-designed knowledge base management system can act as a self-serve information resource for both customers and employees.

What is a knowledge base system?
Basically, a knowledge base management system is a place for storing information that can be organized, searched, shared, and used for multiple purposes.

For example, let's say your new online business is inundated with customer queries and support requests. In addition, your support teams often need to scramble to find the most up-to-date information and resources to solve the customer's problem.

Using knowledge base software, you can build an effective online resource allowing customers to access the information they need whenever they need it, therefore reducing the number of support calls. A constantly updated system would also allow all employees instant access to the same knowledge, eliminating the frustration of searching multiple places for information that may or may not be current.

How can knowledge base software decrease costs?
Allowing the customer 24/7 access to information and instructional videos is less costly for your business than finding, training, and paying employees to staff the phones 24 hours a day. It can also help reduce the learning curve for new employees by storing the information they need in a searchable database.

Add instructional videos and both the customer and new employee can quickly learn the benefits of your product or service, how to assemble a product, ways to return merchandise, or what other products or services might complement the selected item. This reduces employee time answering queries and reduces training costs as customer service representatives can educate themselves on a number of procedures.

What information should a knowledge base system contain?
A knowledge base system should contain as much relevant information as possible to be useful for the people accessing the system.  Remember, the knowledge base system is intended to act as a resource for the reader, so defining who the reader might be is crucial. The language you use and the information you provide may differ depending on whether you are addressing a customer or a sales representative.

Consider organizing the information into different levels of complexity for certain topics. For example, your customers will likely be interested in the "how to" of a topic, while a support technician will also need to know the "why." Business or technology jargon may be appropriate for a technical representative, but not for the layman trying to find the answer to a basic question.

Don't forget to ask for feedback!
A knowledge base system can allow customers to rate your knowledge articles and leave comments. This means that the business can stay on top of what information consumers need. Encouraging feedback also makes the customer feel vested in your business, an important way to promote loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

Just keep two things in mind when designing your knowledge base system: know your reader and make every key word searchable. Customers that can find answers to their questions quickly are going to be left with a favorable impression of your business. And that translates to an increase in customer loyalty and retention.

Author Bio
David Miller is an educational researcher who has vast experience in the field of teaching, Online testing and training. He is associated with prestigious universities and many leading educational research organizations. He’s also an ed-tech veteran, currently pursuing research in new Knowledge base software, and is a contributing author with ProProfs.

Top 4 Steps to Improve Performance Appraisal in Company

Top 4 Steps to Improve Performance Appraisal in Company
Employees are the soul of company and keeping them happy is the most important thing to consider. Offering a better working environment, handsome and timely package are certain things that need to be followed in the right way. Effective and well manage data base in a huge firm is important for keeping a close watch over services of employees efficiency and performance. This ultimately helps in performance appraisal of the employees and keeping them happy for long term.

There are software that allows the company to keep track of the performance of each employee and following it for long term. However, this appraisal solution is later divided into 4 different steps which are mentioned below:

· Assessing Job Performance:  The ratings of the employee’s performance entirely depend on the company’s performance.  However, the evaluation process is quite hectic. The process involves observing and keeping the record of each employee by using performance appraisal software which brings down the issues. The solution helps in tracing productivity, problem solving abilities and quality of work primarily; also factors like attitude, co-operation, communication etc.

· Ratings and Rankings: Once the rating is done, the assessment is processed by superior authorities, which consist of team or individual. Through the help of software, they post their comments and suggestions for the same. The comments section contains improvements, suggestions, goals to be achieved, potential of employees, etc.

· Remarks: The software also helps to improve the efficiency of the employee. Employers can generate a separate column to put down remarks through which employee need to work on in order to improve their performance. This certainly helps in working hard on required points and stay focused on the work. While evaluation, it is advisable to give examples of strengths and weaknesses of the employees this will help on working on the same in a better way.

· Seeking Feedback: The software also comes with feedback section that will help the employee to give feedback and approach the authorities regarding the assessment. They can also raise question regarding the same.

The main aim of having performance appraisal software is to get connected with employee through evaluating them and helping to keep their performance well for long term. Using of such software will certainly boost the working environment of the staff and take the company to the forward level.

Best Free Windows Disk Clean Up Tools

Windows Clean Icon

 Nowadays everyone uses computers constantly, as they are inevitable part of our lives. Whether at work, at school or just for pleasure we are always downloading applications, playing our favourite games or simply surfing through internet.

If your free disk is full with programs, movies or other types of applications you definitely need an effective tool for cleaning up your free disk space. It is essential not to forget to do this regularly, otherwise the computer will not function properly or at least not with the desired speed.

For that purpose we offer to your attention some of the best clean up tools for your computer. They will help you to provide a full and extensive care of it, without causing any problems or damages to the free disk space

· PrivaZer v2.4

This is a new type of effective cleaning tool that ensures the peace that once you delete the information it is gone for good. It is a free PC cleaner that is accessible to all users who want to take advantage of this tool. It is compatible with XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8. Its smaller size of 3,6 mb makes it a desired choice for the users. Normally when you use your computer you always leave sensitive traces that makes the PC slower and reduces the free space available. Instead of using expert recovery software you can trust this perfect cleaning tool which will help you to clean the free disk in an immaculate manner.

· Wise disk cleaner

This disk cleaner is designed to delete the unnecessary files on your computer and by unnecessary files we mean all those junk files and temporary internet files. Wise disk cleaner possesses interface that is easy for use and helps you to wipe out all the junk files from the computer. In case you are advanced user you can customize some of the operations and to select manually the folders that you want to be cleaned up or to erase files with certain extensions. If you are a beginner you can use the program's default settings to clean up the system effectively. When using this cleaning tool you can erase the files forever or you can firstly place them into the recycle bin. A great advantage is that this tool works fast when both scanning for files and deleting files.

· Little registry cleaner

The little registry cleaner is an open source, whose purpose is to clean up Microsoft Windows Registry. It is compatible with Win2k, XP, Vista and Win7. It deletes unwanted and obsolete items that are built up in the registry over time and in that way it guarantees for the stability and performance of the computer. This cleaning tool has translations for 17 different languages and is 100% Freeware. Another advantage of this disk clean up tool is that is offers portable edition, that allows you to run it anywhere you want. It manages files that are executed once the windows starts. It automatically backups the registry by using windows and an internal database.

· CC cleaner

CC cleaner is a freeware system optimization and a privacy tool. It allows the Windows to work faster and frees valuable hard disk space. A very important feature of this cleaning tool is that it cleans traces of your online activities like your Internet history. It is fast and it is compatible with Win2k, XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8. The CC cleaner removes temp files and recent file lists from a variety of applications such as Media player, eMule, Toolbar and Microsoft Office.

These are one of the best free disk clean up tools that will help you to organize the files and applications on your computer devices in the best possible way. Make sure that you have download one of these cleaning tools, for the proper care of your computer.

Author Bio: Silvia Marks loves to write for new technology and cleaning. She runs a company which offers low Prompt home cleaning services. Her hobby is to maintain things clean and pretty.

6 Free Cleaning Apps You Must Have on Your Mac

As your Mac ages, you’ll probably begin to notice it becoming less efficient. The start-up process can begin to take longer, internet browsing can slow down, and applications that once ran smoothly can become jittery or laggy.

Cleaning Apps for Mac

The good news is that these problems are easy to address, all you need to do is download one of the many free professional Mac cleaning software packages and have it clear up your machine.

Here’s a list of the 6 best options out there for your consideration:

1. MacKeeper
MacKeeper doesn’t just provide a deep clean service for your Mac (removing redundant files and speeding it up), it also monitors all of the applications you use for updates and streamlines the process of downloading + installing them.

Keeping your programs up to date plays a key role in maximizing their efficiency. Furthermore, MacKeeper provides protection against all forms of malware designed to infect your Mac and steal your personal information / adversely affect its performance, making it the ultimate all-round Mac maintenance tool.

2. CleanMyMac 2
With a track record stretching for more than 4 years of providing top quality Mac software, this latest addition to the MacPaw inventory doesn’t disappoint.

Built on the successes of its predecessor, the software provides a quick and easy means of cleaning up any and all troublesome files sapping your valuable processing power. It’s easy to use and doesn’t intrude upon your day to day use of programs.

3. AppCleaner
AppCleaner focuses on helping you locate all of the hidden cache storages, redundant user preferences and installation protocols likely to be clogging up your machine, and then displaying them in a unique and intuitive interface that makes the process of eliminating them quick and easy.

There’s nothing fancy or flamboyant about the software, but the simple drag and drop nature of interacting with it means it’s appropriate for even the least tech-savvy users.

4. OnyX
OnyX is a multi-purpose tool aimed at helping you to not just speed up the performance of your machine, but streamline the way you use it by reconfiguring a large number of folders, menus and option settings to make everything more efficient.

Traditional Mac cleaning mechanisms such as the removal of redundant files are of course included, but there’s a whole host of additional general maintenance tools included as well.

5. AppleJack
AppleJack is a comprehensive suite of Mac recovery and restoration tools designed to help not just to speed up machines that are becoming sluggish, but recover those that have succumbed entirely to technical difficulties.

The program itself is designed to be a user-friendly troubleshooting assistant for Mac OS X, and can help you address issues, even if you’re struggling to load the GUI.

You can address virtually any issue from cleaning up useless files to restoring corrupt applications simply by installing the software and then restarting your Mac in Single User Mode.

6. EaseUS
One of the most basic packages on offer, EaseUS nonetheless constitutes an effective means of completely removing useless files and speeding up your machine.

There are no supplementary features or gimmicks, but it does what it is supposed to do, it’s easy to use, and most importantly it’s free!

Your Turn
Try them all and find out which one(s) work best for you, before leaving a comment below. If you feel our visitors should be aware of any other such programs, feel free to mention them too!

MacPing.com is the ultimate website where you can find everything you need to know about how to care, optimize and make the most out of your MAC. You can find information on how to speed up your Mac, different must-have software that works best, secrets on how to boost its performance, and many more. Come and visit us today! 

So Just What Is Mozilla Up To With the Firefox OS?

Mozilla FireFox OS

Perhaps you have heard whispers of it in passing, or maybe you don’t know anything about the new Firefox open source mobile platform. That’s right. There’s a new kid on the block, so to speak. The Mozilla project was actually created in 1998, with the release of the Netscape browser suite source code.

The idea was to push the idea of the open web, and open source. For those not familiar with the term, open source is software that is “open” to the public, and possibly regulated, but not controlled by any for-profit company. The concept is that this allows thousands of programmers access to what otherwise would be closely guarded corporate secrets, thereby releasing unprecedented innovation in the browser market.
The project spread beyond expectations, first creating Mozilla 1.0, the first major browser from the open community. At the time, over 90% of the market used Internet Explorer for browsing, simply because they didn’t know there were alternatives.

In 2003, the non-profit Mozilla Foundation was created, funded by individual donors and a variety of companies. The role of the foundation was to manage the project and promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web over competition and profit.

Firefox 1.0 was released in 2004, and in less than a year had been downloaded over 100 million times. New versions have continued to come out, and the popularity has grown. On the tenth anniversary of Mozilla in 2008, Firefox reached a 20% worldwide market share, renewing competition, accelerating innovation and improved Internet for everyone.

Now Mozilla is attempting to do the same thing in the mobile field market. Firefox OS is planned as a community-based platform for mobile devices. It will utilize open standards and approaches such as making HTML5 applications that are just as robust as native apps on iOS and Android.

Though Android is supposed to be an open-source platform, it is not completely so. Windows Phone and iOS are nowhere close. Mozilla has repeatedly said the Firefox OS (nicknamed Boot to Gecko, or B2G) was construed not so B2G would succeed, but the web would. That is, the base motivation is to show that the standards-based open Web, cannot only openly compete with the two (or three) major platforms, but force the same type of innovation the Firefox browser has brought to the web.

Mozilla hopes to bring the browser back to the forefront of a mobile experience, rather than playing second fiddle to the native apps on the phones. The Firefox OS is designed to run apps from web technologies such as HTML5, allowing those apps to run on any handset (or any other device) with a browser, regardless of platform.

For developers this is a boon, because it removes the need to rewrite code for cross-platform operations. For users, it’s great because the apps can be used on whatever device is handy.

Mozilla has been working to introduce the Firefox platform as a cheap under £80 smartphone option in countries with little exposure to smartphones, such as Latin America and Eastern Europe. The idea is that it is easier to introduce a new platform and show its effectiveness in a market where the other platforms have not already secured a foothold.

So can the idea succeed? History and the numbers certainly support it. There are about 100,000 iOS developers and 400,000 Android developers compared to ten million HTML5 developers (roughly). The Firefox browser has just reached version 25, and the innovation charged by this open community has carried over to all the competitors.

Certainly there is still work to be done, but many people’s confidence lies in the advances web technologies have already made in the last 20 years. Things like including interactive animations and imbedding video in a webpage without a plug-in, as you can with HTML5 and AJAX, were less than a concept back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Mozilla is taking on a big challenge, and some mighty big opponents with deep pockets, but as the Linux-system demonstrates, open-source will always have a devout following, and Mozilla is on the path to opening up the entire mobile market.

Top 10 Architectural Software Recommended For Students

Architectural design professors won’t be successful in building the educational foundation for their students without introducing a reliable architectural design software.

However, there’s no guarantee that a single program will give you everythingyou need, and this is why most companies use several tools for this kind of operation.

Hence, we created a list of outstanding architectural designing tools to get you started. Here are 10 programs we recommend:

10. AutoDesk Building Design Suite 
Building Design Suite allows you to edit and view saved designs through the cloud where you can visualize, organize, and clean large file sets. It features built-in BIM (Building Information Modeling) software which also includes integrated structural analytical tools.

Other features include clashes detection, intelligent 3D accuracy, and extensive quantification tools. The only downside we see here is that you need to purchase the ultimate version to enjoy all its features.

9. ArchiCAD 
ArchiCAD has a built-in rendering program known as Artlantis which creates 3D renderings in high resolution. It has green building designing tool to assist you in analyzing alternatives for environmental efficiency. Its virtual building explorer can also help you develop effective 3D presentations for design communication.

However, the software is only available for specific regions.

8. Chief Architect 
This software features both manual and automatic designing tools including truss and stick, dimensioning, elevations, and other task-specific CAD tools. You can use its style and finishing toolsets to create interior designs like kitchen and bathrooms.It can import AutoCAD files and other formats including PDF, DXF, and DWG. You need to buy the premiere edition to get all its features.

7. SoftPlan
SoftPlan has a wide list of symbol layouts, giving you an array of 3D renderings and furniture models from the leading manufacturers in the market.

All light models in this tool are embedded with light sources. This allows the program to automatically calculate shadow and lighting as you add 3D models to your design. The pricing varies from one-time payment of monthly subscriptions.

6. Home Designer
Home Designer has at least 3,600 landscaping models which include plants and trees for outdoor designing. Its built-in Cabinet Designer gives a list of more than 1,000 cabinet designs for interior modeling.

Home Designer also includes How-To videos to familiarize beginners with the program. It comes in academic release, allowing you to save more without removing any features.

5. Envisioneer Construction 
This architectural design software has integrated quote generator to help you manage gross profit, selling prices, and markups which you can export in PDF format. Its 3D framing has additional features like steel and wood frames, rafter layout, and ceiling or floor layout. Its 3D modeling engine can help you insert stair railings, ramps, and easy-to-adjust stairs.

The software comes in 4 versions, including the Construction edition, which offers every feature you need.

4. SketchUp
SketchUp features pattern fills and enhanced zoom-in function which you can use to specify details in your designs.

You can also export your designs as presentation in several video formats including WebM and AVI. You can get a Pro license at no cost for teaching purposes by simply visiting their website.

3. Autodesk Revit
Architectural features of Autodesk Revit include building energy analysis, work sharing for multiple users, and enhanced API for accurate designs.

Its structural engineering functions include materials modeling, structural reinforcement, and parametric components. It has cloud-based rendering tool, high-speed visualization, and design preview in photorealistic view.

If you want all features, you should go toEducation Reseller of its ultimate version.

2. Punch Software
With Punch Software, you can instantly create customized rooms and columns with base styles and shafts. The drag and drop 3D function allows you to easily add, edit, and rotate models through its user-friendly interface.

There are also thousands of models for electrical outlets and switches, complemented by improved drawing tools for customization.

1. Vectorworks Architecture
Vectorworks allows you to immediately publish your designs in different formats through its cloud server. It features interactive viewing where you can zoom in and out, pan, select objects, and walk through your interior models.

Its new feature called the Twist Toolwill help you twist solid models to create stylish angles. Free trial is available via the official website.

Your Turn

Do you use one or more of the programs listed above? Tell us about the architectural design software you currently use by leaving your comments below.

This highly-informative blog post is brought to you byVagueware.com – a website that gives unbiased review and important information about software and programs that will make your life easier, more efficient, and more profitable!

Chat Wisely: Softros LAN Messenger

Whether you run a small web design agency or a large-scale enterprise, corporate network security should be one of your major concerns. Establishing bulletproof security isn’t a one-time action, but an ongoing commitment that encompasses various activity aspects, one of which is communication. You’ll be surprised to learn that your most sensitive information can be easily stolen by hackers due to the vulnerabilities of public messengers. All your best-laid antiviral measures might be for naught if you use a ‘not-so-safe’ piece of software. So, which messenger does your company use? Are you sure it is secure enough?

LAN Messengers

Computers belonging to a single network (Local Area Network or Wide Area Network) can effectively interact with each other (exchange messages and files, chat, send notifications etc.) in real time even if the network has no Internet connection. This was made possible thanks to LAN messengers that work as stand-alone client applications which don’t depend on any central servers (there is no need to set up those for LAN messengers). LAN messengers have proven successful for intra-office communication due to their enterprise-level security measures, ease-of-use and functional flexibility. Join me reviewing Softros LAN messenger, one of the highly rated IM tools to explore the benefits of this type of software.

Softros LAN Messenger

LAN messenger by Softros Inc. is one of the major players in the market. It has bought the heart and trust of many business owners for a wide range of handy features:
  • Ease of use. Softros LAN messenger works out-of-the-box and requires minimum user intervention. It can be easily configured by non-tech-savvy users.
  • Full Windows support (XP, Vista, 7-8). Works seamlessly on large and small TCP/IP networks.
  • Secure LAN messaging. All messages are protected by the AES encryption algorithm minimizing eavesdropping and leaks. You get full control over who and when accesses the messenger.
Softros LAN Messenger -Announcement
  • Requires no Internet connection. Softros helps you save the bandwidth, as well as prevent external attacks and keep your employees from chatting with friends and families.
  • Private and group channels. File transmission.
  • Sound alarms for incoming messages.
  • User grouping: you can recreate the structure of your firm through grouping users by departments and teams, for instance Devs, Sales Department, QA etc.
  • User rights management. You can selectively assign different rights and thus restrict certain functions of the messenger for normal users.
  • Message logging. All correspondence is archived and can be looked through anytime.
Softros LAN Messenger - History Viewing

  • Easy importing/exporting. If needed, you can export your LAN settings to a file and then use them on any other PC on the network.
  • Multi language interface. Included languages: Spanish, French, German, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Danish and more.
  • Affordable pricing: $10.95 per copy. Quantity discounts are available.
It is better to see once than to hear about it a thousand times, so you may want to try the application yourself free of charge through downloading a free trial version.
The core advantage this piece of software is security. You should never skimp on it. When it comes to business, enterprise-level software isn’t a whim, it’s a necessity.
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    Infographic : Giving the Trusted Windows PC its Own Spring Cleaning

    Infographic - Giving the Trusted Windows PC its Own Spring Cleaning

    In this infographic you will learn how to speed up, revive and clean up your Windows PC. You won't have to take your computer to a fancy computer wizard and shell out big bucks or give up your first born son. All you have to is sit down for an afternoon or evening and follow the steps in this infographic and look around your house for a couple of household objects to clean out some dust and you should be good.
    1. First we need to actually clean out the dust and grime.
    2. Then you just need to get everything up to date in your computer.
    3. Now it's time to get rid of unwanted applications and big files that you don't use anymore. 
    4. Go ahead and start reclaiming some space on your hard drive with the tools that Windows supplies: Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter
    5. Organize your files.
    6. Now that everything is tidy, back it up.
    Okay, that about covers it, but I'd like to leave you with one last suggestion. You can also buy a registry cleaner that will help you with this. It will schedule scans for you and do almost all of these functions for you, except the dishes and dusting of course!

    Guest Author: Erin Walsh is the main blogger at PC Health Boost. She writes many articles on how to speed up and clean up pc errors. http://www.pchealthboost.com/clean_up_pc.php

    The Best Mobile Tracking Software of All Times

    Mobile technology came into an evolution and mobile spy software has become a trend in the recent years. Many of the mobile consumers have become very interested in using mobile spy software and with the growing numbers of the services that are made available online, the choices are numerous. In order to give the mobile consumers the ability to make an informed and wise purchasing decision on which mobile spy software to subscribe to, here is the best mobile tracking software of all times that you can choose from.


    If you need a reliable spy software program that can help you monitor your loved ones and employees and to extend a more efficient parental control over your children anywhere they may be, the Netspysoftware provides you a monitoring application that offers reliable tracking features at an affordable subscription rate. The spy software can help its users to remotely track down calls, messages and multimedia files with innovative features that perform its tasks on a silent mode. The mobile spy app has great functionalities that are capable of monitoring your children’s mobile browsing activity and you can selectively restrict the access to some websites not suited to your child’s age. It is capable of sending you alerts on important activities that you want to closely monitor on the tracked phone too. The app also has a GPS feature that can track down the monitored device’s location in real time which is perfect in monitoring your field employees and love ones’ whereabouts, giving you reliable spy software and tracking program that works to your satisfaction.


    If you need mobile spy software that will not falter in its performance even without GPS connectivity, Mobistealth is a good spy app to consider. It is powered with surveillance tools and features that can track down the monitored phone even without an internet connection. In the absence of a WiFi connection, the app will continue to track and record the activities that are taking place on the monitored phone which helps the user not to miss important tracking data. The spy software tracks the web browsing history on the monitored device and you can listen on every call that is received or made from the phone including the sound from its surroundings. Among the other features from the spy software include SIM change notification, retrieval of the multimedia files and documents, call log, and messaging tracking.


    This is powerful mobile tracking software that can provide its users the ability to monitor a target device on a stealth mode. The spy software tracks down all the activity in the monitored phone and sends feedback immediately to the remote account that is connected to the spy software. Even when the history of the monitored calls or messages sent and received from the device have been deleted, the spy app has already made a detailed report on the tracked mobile phone that you can later on retrieve from your mSpy account. You can also remotely control the monitored device using your mSpy account and have the capability of deleting the mobile data stored in it or to remotely password protect the phone.

    My Mobile Watchdog

    This mobile application is tailored to deliver parental control features. The app provides parents the ability to block certain mobile applications including the camera and mobile browser on the phone. You can also block other applications on the device like social networking apps, mobile games and instant messaging. It also helps to limit the time that children can spend on using the device. Its monitoring features include GPS tracking, call log and messages reports and sending alerts about specific activities that are of primary concern to parents. It is easy to access control over the blocked applications on the phone by locking it down with a password and you can grant temporary access to those apps as well.

    This is a small yet powerful app, it has great stealth features and is discrete from the get go. Using little resources this app ensures that the device owner does not face slow device performance and battery issues. Having extensive monitoring and tracking features such as location tracking, call recording, remote app blocking, usage scheduling and many others make this app useful in a multitude of scenarios from concerned parents wanting to watch over their kids to smart employers wanting better management and productivity to personal data security and partial backup. Xnspy provides smart features to automate your monitoring and tracking tasks, leaving you to work on other important things. It has powerful failsafe features that can prove invaluable in worst case scenarios of loss or theft of the device – remotely lock the device or wipe all data preventing anyone from viewing the private and confidential information stored on the smartphone or tablet. This app works hard so that you can take it easy.

    Stealth Genie

    This mobile spy software is capable of running on a monitored phone silently. As it records the surroundings of the target phone and all calls that are being made and received, no traces of tracking software can be detected. It is a good monitoring spy app on mobile that you can use to silently track down employee productivity and even cheating spouse’s activities. It gives you a 360 degrees view on the saved bookmarks from the mobile browser as well as the internet browsing history on the device.

    Spy Bubble

    The application has a geo location tracking capability and live call monitoring specialty that runs stealth, leaving your spying activities undetected. The app usually sends the latest updates on its features and functionalities to its users to further enhance their mobile spying experience. It has an auto logging feature that keeps track and record all mobile activities in real time with detailed reports that you can retrieve later on from your Spy Bubble account.

    How To Submit Software, Mobile App and Game On Softpedia

    Softpedia Blue Background
    Softpedia is a site where you can find computer programs and technology based articles. It's owned by SoftNews NET SRL, a Romanian company. It was launched in 2001. My programs have been reviewed by the Softpedia editors thrice. I submit my programs whenever they are ready to be released.

    I have been asked a few times about this(how to submit..). It's pretty easy to submit your programs to Softpedia all you have to do is fill the form fields and submit.

    They have different pages to submit for different platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac etc.

    Submit Windows Softpedia

    Submit Games and Tools

    Submit Mac OS Software

    Submit Linux Software

    Submit Mobile App

    NOTE : you can submit your java programs in any section except Mobile.

    Make sure you go to the right page, if you have a PAD file for your software already just fill the PAD form fields and submit if not fill the regular submission forms and submit. Don't forget to give your regular email address they'll send you an email when your program has been published.

    What If Your Favorite Music Programs Were Built In the Past?

    What If Your Favorite Music Programs Were Built In the Past?

    Did you ever wonder what it would have been like if the top music programs of today had been around decades ago? What if iTunes was built in the 1970s, for instance? If it were, you would have been standing in ridiculously long lines just for the experience. But you’d be able to check out songs for three weeks at a time, and you’d probably get a really cool Apple sticker with your rental. What would the downsides be? Well, for one—that same ridiculously long line we mentioned earlier. You know, for the experience. You’d also have late fees if you don’t return your songs on time. Finally, you’d only be able to use your song rentals in one household. Bummer. There are other modern music programs that would have operated a little differently in the past. Think about Pandora, Grooveshark, Napster, Spotify and even Last.fm. If you’re curious to know what these programs would have been like in the past, check out the infographic below.

    Torch is a free and unique software that offers you powerful browsing together with built-in media downloading and sharing features, and creator of the Torch Browser Back in Time infographic.

    Designing Your Ultimate Garage With Planning Software

    Every year homeowners spend tens of thousands of dollars in renovating their kitchens, bedrooms, living areas, and washrooms. One area that often gets over-looked is the garage. We don’t think that’s fair! Many people make the mistake of thinking that a garage is nothing but a place to store your vehicle, and whatever other odds and ends you don’t have room for in the house. This doesn’t have to be the case however…after all, that’s what sheds are for, right?

    A proper garage, can be a multiple of things whether it be a workshop fit for a master carpenter, to a quiet place of refuge to enjoy a cold beer and your favourite TV show, or an entertaining space to host those summer parties! All it takes is a bit of careful design and planning, which is made easy with designing software.

    Now before you go running off screaming “I’m not a computer guy!” allow us to reassure you that there are plenty of options that require little to no experience. Lucky for you, we’re here to tell you about a few:

    1.     DIY Garage Designer
    One of our top picks is DIY Garage Designer by Big Hammer.
    This software’s motto is “You supply the vision. DIY Garage Designer will supply everything else.”

    Features include:
    • Click & drag drawing method
    • Allows you to choose from multiple building methods
    • Provides multi-view and 3D rotation to see your future garage from all angles
    • Offers detailed printouts to assist you with building permit applications
    • Advanced design features for the more experienced builder
    • Gives you a list of all building materials required for your design, right down to the last screw
    But our favourite part? It’s absolutely free and requires no license. Simply download the software to your Internet Explorer Browser and get planning.

    2.     Plan3D
    Plan3D designing software isn’t free, but at just $2.95 a month it might as well be. And just like Big Hammer’s DIY Garage Designer, it is great for beginners. As the program’s homepage says “You have better things to do than learn complex architectural software. That's why we made Plan3D the easiest home and interior design toolfor homeowners and others with limited design experience. If you know how to use the Internet you know how to use Plan3D.”

    Features include:
    • All inclusive software with no additional fees
    • Allows you to simply scan floor plans and convert them into 3D renderings
    • Realistic diagrams with a variety of textures and building materials
    • Design interiors and exteriors, including landscaping
    • Access to thousands of 3D models from windows and doors, to furniture to give you an idea of where everything will fit in your garage organization storage.
    One thing to keep in mind, is that as useful of a tool as Plan3D may be for designing, it’s not as comprehensive as some other software. For instance although it will offer you with an extremely realistic and scaled vision of your garage, it won’t provide you with a detailed list of required materials like some of the other software on your list.

    That said, if you simply want to come up with a design to pass onto a contractor or expert for reference, then Plan3D will be more than enough to get the job done.

    3.     SketchUp Pro
    A slightly more advanced alternative, is SketchUp Pro.  Advanced doesn’t always mean difficult though. This software brags about its usability and the fact that it’s brand name is “synonymous with friendly and forgiving 3D modeling technology”. Handy contextual tips, a digital instructor, and online resources are there to help you alongside your designing process.

    Features include:
    • Imports DXF, DWG, 3DS, DAE, KMZ, TIF, JPG, PNG, and others.
    • Exports all of these as well as DF, OBJ, FBX, XSI, VRML, MP4, WEBM, and AVI.
    • Endless visual effects to modify building features and surroundings so that you know exactly what your final product will look like
    • Scalable models of lathes, toolboxes, and anything else you might find in your garage that can be incorporated into your design blueprint to help you plan an appropriate layout
    • Prints custom construction plans based on your design with building steps and required tools.
    Unlike DIY Garage Designer, SketchUp Pro comes with a price tag but depending on your needs, this might be worth it. Otherwise, sign up for the free trial! If you’re able to work quickly, this might be all that you need.

    4.     SoftPlan
    If you’re completely new to the world of building, then SoftPlan’s software might be a bit excessive, however it’s one of the most thorough programs out their for all of your designing and architectural needs.

    Features include:
    • 2D and 3D designs
    • Optimized to allow incredibly fast design and revision times
    • Specially developed material textures like studs, pitch, and fascia for house and garage design
    • Allows you to print detailed construction plans
    • Produces comprehensive material lists that account for all kinds of details including the volume of excavation, rolls of landscaping fabric, length of edging, and volume of gravel right down to the number of stones required.  Each with their own pricing and waste factor!
    SoftPlan does come with a bit of a pricetag, but what we like about it is that rather than forcing you to hand over a large chunk of cash up front, this software uses a month-to-month payment scheme starting at less than $50.This way,  you don’t have to worry about handing over an arm and a leg for software that you’re only planning on using for one project.

    Now it’s time to get started!
    Don’t worry about whether or not your design is perfect the first time around. The whole point of planning software is being able to try your ideas out before building a permanent structure! If you complete the digitalized version of your “perfect design” only to find out it’s not so perfect after all, then start over and try again. You’ll have your ultimate garage in no time!

    The author is an interior designer, who has more than eight years of experience in the field. His name is Michael Nelson and is living in Toronto with his family. You can contact him at Google or Facebook.

    How To Backup Windows Drivers And Restore When Needed

    Free Driver Free Driver Backup is a driver backup utility, it offers solution for drivers' backup and restoration in Windows. It identifies all the hardware within the system, extracts their associated drivers from the disc and backs them up to a secure location. Then, you'll use it to stop any issues if your Windows crashes, I found the concept terribly helpful.

    How To Make Awesome Collages

    Collagerator helps you to make stunning photograph collages by using your photograph collections. This software comes in handy for those of you that simply cannot stop taking photographs of everything around you. Collagerator can offer you with an easy way to create and produce a collage of them thus you may undoubtedly surprise everyone.

    Easy-Run : Add, Edit and Remove Computer Startup Items

    Easy-Run is an effective utility that was particularly designed to supply you with an easy means that of managing the startup programs in your computer. With Easy-Run you can take away from the list any unwanted entries, edit existing things to change their name or path, furthermore as add new programs.

    How To Load Array Values Into Listbox & ComboBox In C#

    combox tutLast 3 days I have been working on a Library Management System, it's for my college actually it's a group project, but i promised my group members that I will code and design the whole system, by the way i really had lots of problems because this would be my first time doing with a database, also I didn't know how a Library Management System works because I have never been to a Library. Hopefully I am almost done, I am going to meet my group members and ask them to make the Documentation.

    Loading Array values into a ComboBox, I had to do it in my Library Management System, I will wrote the same code that I used in my Library Management System.

    First we need to create a private Const int(const is a special kind of variable....), a private String Array and set value to them.
    private const int Total = 13;
            private String[] genre = new String[Total];
    Now coming to the function, we'll create a Function called LoadBookGenres(), and set set values to the arrays, adding to the listbox or combobox, by the way you can still go straightly without creating a new Function like you can set the values for the arrays, and load(sort) the array values to the listbox or the combobox in an event(ex:Form_Load).
    private void LoadBookGenres()
                //Assign value into Array
                genre[0] = "Adventure";
                genre[1] = "Animals";
                genre[2] = "Computers & Internet";
                genre[3] = "Biography";
                genre[4] = "Comics";
                genre[5] = "Horror";
                genre[6] = "Sports";
                genre[7] = "Romance";
                genre[8] = "Historical";
                genre[9] = "Music";
                genre[10] = "Religion";
                genre[11] = "Mystery";
                genre[12] = "Other";
                //Sort array and fill listbox with the sorted array
                for (int i = 0; i < genre.Length; i++)
    NOTE : Change ListBox1 to your listbox name or your combobox name.
     Remember we set the public const int to 13, always in computer science you should count from 0 and upwards.
    Now we just need to call the Function from an event, I called it from Form_load
    private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

    Here is a picture of this in ListBox.

    Here is a picture of this in ComboBox.
    I hope this has helped you in someway, Thanks for reading.

    AP WOW Wake On Wan : Wake Up Your Computer

    AP WOW Wake On Wan is useful program that allows you to send packets to a computer in order to switch it on .

    How To Use?
    1. Click Enable WOW to enable wake on wan.
    2. Inset the IP address of the computer that you want to switch on.
    3. Insert the MAC address of the computer that you want to switch on.
    4. Insert the default subnet of the computer that you want to switch on.
    5. Insert the Port that you have forwarded to receive the packets.
    6. Click Start (WOW) to send a packet to the computer that you want to switch on.
    • Internet Connection
    • .NET Framework 4.0
    • Administrator Privilege
     Working Example