Top 10 Best Virtual Life Games Like 'The Sims'

Top 10 Best Virtual Life Games Like 'The Sims'
Did you enjoy “The SIMS”, but now looking for a new adventure wherein you can nurture and develop your own collection of virtual life forms?

No problem, check out our top ten list of virtual life games like the “The SIMS.”

1. Second Life
Second Life sees you establish a character or “resident” in an alternate reality and embark on a journey of self-discovery and role playing that brings with it limitless opportunity for creativity.

The game has its own economy centered on the Linden dollar (L$), and allows players to create and subsequently sell their own content through the use of an integrated 3D modeling tool.

L$ can even be converted in USD at a variable exchange rate, allowing truly committed players to actually make a small amount of money by playing the game.


IMVU is essentially a massive social interactive site that allows users to create their own 3D avatar with their friends.

Multiple languages are supported allowing people from all over the world to chat in safety, as the site imposes controls and restrictions on interactions based on the players’ ages.

Again, you can create your own content within the game and sell it for IMVU credits, adding an economic aspect to the game as well.

3. Animal Crossing: City Folk
This game sees you take control of a 3D avatar and explore a digital world fully packed with real life activity simulations from bug catching to fossil collecting.

You can also decorate and improve your own home or visit the city to enjoy the theater or pamper your character.

If you log in at the right time you can also join in with real world celebrations like Easter or Christmas.

4. Desperate Housewives: The Game
A perfect crossover between The SIMS and the popular Desperate Housewives TV show, this game sees you take control of your character’s visual appearance and solve a number of mysteries / quests using tact, charm and intuition.

Adult themes are kept to a minimum such that younger gamers can enjoy the game as well.

5. Suburbia

Very clearly inspired by The SIMs, Suburbia is a Facebook game that sees you take control of a 2D individual and pilot him or her through the process of getting a job, improving their home and generally establishing a pleasant life.

A good balance must be struck between leisure and ambition, making for a well-rounded, engaging experience.

6. Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House
This game sees you adopt a tiny 2D character along with his or her family, and set about establishing an enjoyable, yet affordable and constructive existence for them.

Recreational expenditures must be balanced against the need to save for house repairs and general maintenance expenditures, giving an accurate reflection of real life priorities.

7. A World of Keflings
A World of Keflings sees you guide and develop a small clan of enthusiastic but tragically misguided and clueless little creatures through the processes of resource gathering and construction of living quarters.

The ultimate aim is to bring about the construction of a magnificent castle in which they can live and work safely, but along the way your little minions must acquire the right skill sets and raw materials, which takes time and effort.

8. SmallWorlds
This is another game that seeks to integrate the realms of social interaction and personal development / exploration. You control your own avatar and through the completion of various missions / quests, can boost her / his various attributes, but at the same time you can interact with other players and enjoy YouTube videos and /or Flickr photos.

9. Virtual Villagers (Series)
Your people flee their homes in the wake of a huge volcanic eruption that destroys them. Now you are tasked with helping them re-establish their way of life in a harsh, unforgiving island environment.

It’s up to you to strike a balance between developing the tribe’s housing, food and technology and combating the effects of various sicknesses / diseases, making for an engaging and rewarding challenge.

10. Disney City Girl
Quite obviously tailored towards a female gaming audience, this game sees you take control of an aspiring Fashionista and guide her from humble beginnings in a dingy basement to achieving dreams of stardom in New York City.

This is a great way to experiment with new looks and develop your own unique style without spending hundreds of dollars on real life clothes!

Are you excited to try any of these virtual life games like “The Sims? 

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