How to find the Best Laptop for Programming

Since you are reading this article, it is not hard to guess who you are and what you are looking for. You are a professional software engineer, maybe you are starting off with programming as a student or perhaps you are just a programming geek.
Since you are reading this article, it is not hard to guess who you are and what you are looking for. You are a professional software engineer, maybe you are starting off with programming as a student or perhaps you are just a programming geek.

You have come here looking for the best laptop for programming but you find yourself asking what is it that you are looking for?

Fortunately, we have some tips below that can help you find your perfect laptop.

Beginner / Student Programmer

We are aware that if you are a student you may be on a tight budget. You need to find a laptop that is fairly reasonably priced. We assume that if you are a beginner your projects will be simple, so all you need is a top performance/dollar value laptop and here is how to manage that:

  • 13.3” – 15.6” screen. It should preferably be FHD. We have excluded 17.3 inch because as a student, you will be moving about. 17.3 inch would be difficult to carry around.
  • Recommended a minimum of 8 GB of RAM, although even 4 GB should work just fine for small projects.
  • Find a laptop without dedicated graphics card (Integrated graphics card cost less and will do the work for you)
  • Intel i3 processor is perfect for beginners (you can go for i5, but mostly the may want to avoid it if you are very tight on budget). Do not settle for anything less than an Intel Core i3 like Intel Pentium or Intel Celeron.
  • Battery life 5+ hours is great. However, it is also possible to find 10+ hours.
Professional Programmer/Application Developer

If you are a professional programmer or an application developer, you need a laptop that is powerful, convenient and running smoothly. You don’t need overheating or any lag, you left those problems with your first laptop or desktop computer for beginners, now it is time for something better.

It all comes to what type of programming you are into, but generally we prefer the following specifications here:

  • Processor: As an expert you will have to compile applications or games that require a strong processor. Do not go lower than Intel Core i7 or AMD A10 processors.
  • Make sure that along with a Hard Disk you have an SSD (solid-state drive) disc as the primary drive (at least 256 GB SSD). It loads faster even the biggest projects, so you won’t be disappointed.
  • RAM memory (at least 8GB, but as we like to say “The more, the merrier”. 16 GB, 32 GB, it is totally up to you)
  • Battery life: 10-14 hours would be excellent (you would not want to leave your work undone if you are not able to charge your laptop right away). However, if you go for a workstation grade laptop, then do not get disappointed if it only has enough juice for 4 hours.
  • Comfortable keyboard because obviously you will be typing a lot.
  • The screen size is up to you here. You can get premium laptops like Ultrabooks that are 13.3 inch in screen size or workstation grade laptops that are 17.3” in screen size. 
For programmers that develop more graphically (like creating graphics in games using Unity as engine or 3D modeling), make sure that you have a graphics card that will provide you the best experience. Go for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 minimum or AMD Radeon R9 series graphics card. 

For web programmers, or mobile app developers, you do not need to have a high-end programming laptop. You can go with 4 GB RAM, but since you might open many applications, consider buying an 8 GB memory. If you are not a beginner, then please consider investing in Intel Core i5 at least.

The Operating System Choice Matters

If you are just starting out, you need to first choose the operating system that you want to develop on. The choice depends a lot on how you foresee your future. Do you foresee yourself developing an app for iPhone? If that is the case that you will need to get an Apple Macbook.

There three main operating systems to choose from, namely Windows, Mac, and Linux. They all have pros and cons. There is also a fourth called Chrome OS that you find on budget-friendly Chromebook. Unlike the other three, Chrome OS is entirely cloud based so you don’t need a powerful hardware onboard.  

When searching, it is advisable to read the best laptop for programming reviews before you buy them. Remember that it is a tool that is supposed to facilitate your work and learning. Therefore, choosing one wisely is vital to your success. 

Which Phone To Buy? The HTC One M8 Or The IPhone 5S?

Which Phone To Buy? The HTC One M8 Or The IPhone 5S?
Once upon a time, the choice between Android phones and Apple’s flagship product were clear cut: If you wanted a well made premium phone, you chose Apple.

That sounds harsh, and whilst Android fans have constantly pointed to the greater openness and customisation options of Google’s OS, the truth was that really good, well finished phones didn’t really exist. Sure, you could find something powerful, but there were few handsets that came anywhere near the build quality of an iPhone.

That’s started to change in recent years, and arguably the nicest looking Android phone of late was the the HTC One. This year, its replacement, the HTC M8 is good enough to directly challenge Apple’s iPhone 5C. Which is the best though?

The Outside Specs
Both phones are available in only 3 colours. These colours are all relatively similar. In addition, the bodies are both machined from metal. The comparison ends there though, and the iPhone is much smaller and lighter than the HTC M8, in the main, due to the iPhone’s much smaller screen size.

That’s not a criticism of either phone. It just depends on your preferences. Android is going large screen crazy, and for now at least, the iPhone is the handset for those who want to keep their device to a more one-handed, pocketable design.

If you ignore the size differences, these two phones are equally well made, although slightly different in design. The HTC is curvy and smooth, whilst the iPhone is angular and sharp.

The smartphone war of specs has meant that in reality, once you start paying the top prices for a handset, the hardware is all so similar that it feels exactly the same in operation. You could argue all day about which phone is more powerful, but to be honest, both of these phones are as good as it gets in terms of cutting edge technology.

Even their screens are similar in quality, except for the fact that if you want to watch movies and play games, the HTC has a huge size advantage ver the iPhone. another HTC win comes in the Micro SD card slot, which means you can quickly and cheaply upgrade the phone’s storage capacity.

This could be a deal breaker in itself when you consider a pay-as-you-go iPhone with 64GB of internal memory costs a staggering £700! A micro SD card of similar volume will only cost a few month’s worth of iPhone insurance premiums in comparison.

When it comes to the camera, the iPhone is the clear winner. It’s better in daylight, low light and everything in between. The HTC does have some interesting effects though, and it’s a novel implementation of a smartphone camera.

The HTC does have a much larger battery than the iPhone, but it’s also a more power hungry phone to run. Expect both handsets to last an equal length of time.

Which Should You Buy?
If you watch movies or play games, the HTC is the better choice. The iPhone is quite overpriced for its size, despite packing in similar hardware specs. If you’re keen on keeping your phone size down, and you take a lot of photos, the iPhone is the better handset. Either way, you won’t be disappointed with either of these amazing smartphones.

Wendy Lin is a guest blogger and entrepreneur. She has spoken at many women's rights conferences and "women in the workplace" events.

Best Free Windows Disk Clean Up Tools

Windows Clean Icon

 Nowadays everyone uses computers constantly, as they are inevitable part of our lives. Whether at work, at school or just for pleasure we are always downloading applications, playing our favourite games or simply surfing through internet.

If your free disk is full with programs, movies or other types of applications you definitely need an effective tool for cleaning up your free disk space. It is essential not to forget to do this regularly, otherwise the computer will not function properly or at least not with the desired speed.

For that purpose we offer to your attention some of the best clean up tools for your computer. They will help you to provide a full and extensive care of it, without causing any problems or damages to the free disk space

· PrivaZer v2.4

This is a new type of effective cleaning tool that ensures the peace that once you delete the information it is gone for good. It is a free PC cleaner that is accessible to all users who want to take advantage of this tool. It is compatible with XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8. Its smaller size of 3,6 mb makes it a desired choice for the users. Normally when you use your computer you always leave sensitive traces that makes the PC slower and reduces the free space available. Instead of using expert recovery software you can trust this perfect cleaning tool which will help you to clean the free disk in an immaculate manner.

· Wise disk cleaner

This disk cleaner is designed to delete the unnecessary files on your computer and by unnecessary files we mean all those junk files and temporary internet files. Wise disk cleaner possesses interface that is easy for use and helps you to wipe out all the junk files from the computer. In case you are advanced user you can customize some of the operations and to select manually the folders that you want to be cleaned up or to erase files with certain extensions. If you are a beginner you can use the program's default settings to clean up the system effectively. When using this cleaning tool you can erase the files forever or you can firstly place them into the recycle bin. A great advantage is that this tool works fast when both scanning for files and deleting files.

· Little registry cleaner

The little registry cleaner is an open source, whose purpose is to clean up Microsoft Windows Registry. It is compatible with Win2k, XP, Vista and Win7. It deletes unwanted and obsolete items that are built up in the registry over time and in that way it guarantees for the stability and performance of the computer. This cleaning tool has translations for 17 different languages and is 100% Freeware. Another advantage of this disk clean up tool is that is offers portable edition, that allows you to run it anywhere you want. It manages files that are executed once the windows starts. It automatically backups the registry by using windows and an internal database.

· CC cleaner

CC cleaner is a freeware system optimization and a privacy tool. It allows the Windows to work faster and frees valuable hard disk space. A very important feature of this cleaning tool is that it cleans traces of your online activities like your Internet history. It is fast and it is compatible with Win2k, XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8. The CC cleaner removes temp files and recent file lists from a variety of applications such as Media player, eMule, Toolbar and Microsoft Office.

These are one of the best free disk clean up tools that will help you to organize the files and applications on your computer devices in the best possible way. Make sure that you have download one of these cleaning tools, for the proper care of your computer.

Author Bio: Silvia Marks loves to write for new technology and cleaning. She runs a company which offers low Prompt home cleaning services. Her hobby is to maintain things clean and pretty.

Top Rated Android Casino Apps for This Year

 Android Casino App

If the world casinos in Las Vegas are only a mirage for you, nowadays you can test your playing qualities in the most convenient way for you. Nowadays you can choose from a variety of casino apps, available for android. If you consider yourself a gambling type of person you have certainly tried at least one or two of these applications.

Despite the fact that when playing in the casino you are able to perceive the whole ambience and experience unforgettable emotions, some apps are still very well designed and you can amuse yourself effectively, while playing one or two games per day.

The best rated android casino apps for this year are the following:

1. Spider solitaire
The Spider Solitaire is an app that is already available for android. It tends to be one of the most popular free Spider Solitaire game and is a truly solitary experience. It is a version of solitaire and the goal is to place all the cards in each suit in stacks of descending suit sequence. The version of this game is exactly the same as that for the Windows, so if you have played it on your computer it won't be difficult for you.

The rules are simple and you can move to a different level of difficulty, while you attempt to tackle 3 and 4 suit games and become a master of the Spider Solitaire.

2. Jackpot city
This is an app that is perfectly compatible with Android devices. The wonderful visuals and the and the outstanding sounds will definitely impress the players. This is thanks to the fact that this mobile casino app is powered by Microgaming. It provides the players with eleven casino games, all of them from different gambling genres. It include games like Mega Moolah, Tomb Raider, Blackjack and Roulette.

The mobile casino players can also get in touch with a 24/7 customer support service, which could also be contacted through the phone. They will solve any issues connected to your playing on the City Mobile Casino App. The software of this app is second to none, with a very high quality. The game's graphics easily leads the players into the theme of the game and they can freely enjoy this magnificent experience. The easy structure of the game is another advantage of this casino app. Everything is set up in a way which would be the easiest for the user.

3. Party casino
Party casino mobile app is powered by the in-house development team of Party Gaming. The players can enjoy a wide range of casino games but firstly they should use the QR code that could be found of on the mobile page of the casino to get the app or they must open the casino's website and download it directly from there. The website has the quality to automatically detect the phone type and will deliver the appropriate casino app.

The mobile players can place real money bets on the outstanding collection of games at Party Casino. The players can always seek the help of the professional customer support of the helpful and motivated team. The flashy lights are particular for this online app casino game. The casino is made to work perfectly through the touch function. The players are given a wide variety of depositing or withdrawing options. The bank information is well encrypted so players do not to have to worry about the banking information.

4. Gaming club
This is a casino app that is also provided with software and games by Micro-gaming. This is a guarantee for the excellent experiencing of the customers, with a perfectly made interface. You just need to open the Gaming club through the mobile browser and follow the simple steps. There is a wide variety of games available to the players, appropriate for everyone's taste. There are cover table games card games, slots, progressive games as well as virtual racing games.

The wonderful software offers the players the most exciting mobile gaming experience. The colorful and bright colors of the visuals will immediately draw your attention. There is a reliable customer support and the team will help you to resolve any issues through a Live chat Feature, phone or by email. There exist plenty of depositing options for the players and the same goes for players who are willing to withdraw their money from the earned winnings.

These are some of the most popular casino apps for android for this year. Even if you are not keen on gambling or spending your leisure at playing games some of them will definitely appeal to you. Bring the atmosphere of the real casino and enjoy the great variety of games.

Author Bio: Gayle Grant is blogger and writer who writes about technology and gambling. His passion is Punto Banco articles but he is also keen on different casino games.

6 Free Cleaning Apps You Must Have on Your Mac

As your Mac ages, you’ll probably begin to notice it becoming less efficient. The start-up process can begin to take longer, internet browsing can slow down, and applications that once ran smoothly can become jittery or laggy.

Cleaning Apps for Mac

The good news is that these problems are easy to address, all you need to do is download one of the many free professional Mac cleaning software packages and have it clear up your machine.

Here’s a list of the 6 best options out there for your consideration:

1. MacKeeper
MacKeeper doesn’t just provide a deep clean service for your Mac (removing redundant files and speeding it up), it also monitors all of the applications you use for updates and streamlines the process of downloading + installing them.

Keeping your programs up to date plays a key role in maximizing their efficiency. Furthermore, MacKeeper provides protection against all forms of malware designed to infect your Mac and steal your personal information / adversely affect its performance, making it the ultimate all-round Mac maintenance tool.

2. CleanMyMac 2
With a track record stretching for more than 4 years of providing top quality Mac software, this latest addition to the MacPaw inventory doesn’t disappoint.

Built on the successes of its predecessor, the software provides a quick and easy means of cleaning up any and all troublesome files sapping your valuable processing power. It’s easy to use and doesn’t intrude upon your day to day use of programs.

3. AppCleaner
AppCleaner focuses on helping you locate all of the hidden cache storages, redundant user preferences and installation protocols likely to be clogging up your machine, and then displaying them in a unique and intuitive interface that makes the process of eliminating them quick and easy.

There’s nothing fancy or flamboyant about the software, but the simple drag and drop nature of interacting with it means it’s appropriate for even the least tech-savvy users.

4. OnyX
OnyX is a multi-purpose tool aimed at helping you to not just speed up the performance of your machine, but streamline the way you use it by reconfiguring a large number of folders, menus and option settings to make everything more efficient.

Traditional Mac cleaning mechanisms such as the removal of redundant files are of course included, but there’s a whole host of additional general maintenance tools included as well.

5. AppleJack
AppleJack is a comprehensive suite of Mac recovery and restoration tools designed to help not just to speed up machines that are becoming sluggish, but recover those that have succumbed entirely to technical difficulties.

The program itself is designed to be a user-friendly troubleshooting assistant for Mac OS X, and can help you address issues, even if you’re struggling to load the GUI.

You can address virtually any issue from cleaning up useless files to restoring corrupt applications simply by installing the software and then restarting your Mac in Single User Mode.

6. EaseUS
One of the most basic packages on offer, EaseUS nonetheless constitutes an effective means of completely removing useless files and speeding up your machine.

There are no supplementary features or gimmicks, but it does what it is supposed to do, it’s easy to use, and most importantly it’s free!

Your Turn
Try them all and find out which one(s) work best for you, before leaving a comment below. If you feel our visitors should be aware of any other such programs, feel free to mention them too! is the ultimate website where you can find everything you need to know about how to care, optimize and make the most out of your MAC. You can find information on how to speed up your Mac, different must-have software that works best, secrets on how to boost its performance, and many more. Come and visit us today! 

8 Free Apps For Crime Fiction Lovers

Do you love everything to do with crime and mystery? Are you looking for criminal investigation adventures to enjoy on your iPhone or Android? Then look no further, and enjoy the 8 games we’ve outlined and reviewed below!

8 Free Apps For Crime Fiction Lovers

1. Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand That Feeds
In this game, you’re charged with helping Lamonte and Turino get to the bottom of a case involving the murder of Carmody Phelps at her home.

The game itself focuses on locating hidden objects and piecing them together in a manner that sheds light on the mystery, whilst the narrative is pretty engaging and the artwork is highly detailed.

Some of the things you must locate might seem a little odd at times, but you can always call on the help of forensics expert Will Sheng for guidance.

2. Crime City
In Crime City, the tables are turned, and instead of helping to track down and arrest criminals, you are responsible for mugging, murdering and extorting your way to the top of the criminal ladder.

The aim of the game is to accumulate gold bars, which serve as a gauge of your progress and a means to acquire more weapons / vehicles.

The multiplayer element also allows you to team up with your friends and produce crime syndicates to rival others, or simply to engage in rampages against your peers in a bid to establish your dominance.

3. Crime Inc
Crime Inc. operates according to many of the same principles as Crime City, but instead of visually coordinating your criminal efforts from a bird’s eye view of the city, you do so via a series of shady, darkened room interactions with fellow mobsters.

Each successful completion of a criminal operation will boost your respect rating and bring you closer to the boss, opening up greater entrepreneurial opportunities.

Again, you can team up with or set out to destroy your friends online, a notion that has proved very appealing to the player base yielding well over 10 million active users.

4. Unlikely Suspects
Unlikely Suspects adds a quirky 70s twist to the familiar Cluedo / Clue game format, boasting 16 retro characters and a wealth of hidden objects that must be found in order to deduce who murdered who.

There are also in-game puzzles to solve and a wealth of additional aspects / clues like witness statements or airline tickets.

With over 4000 different scenarios to play out, this game also boasts some serious longevity.

5. The Room
The Room is a chilling, perplexing and ultimately enthralling puzzle game where you investigate a series of artefacts, pictures and locked boxes in order to discover the truth behind the ‘null element’.

Successful location of hidden keys will allow you to open mysterious boxes containing clues about this paranormal phenomenon, but there’s a long way to go before you discover the dark truth…

6. Crime Scenes: Hidden Unknown
This game sees you transferred to a city overrun with criminals and crime syndicates to head up Group A, an elite crime investigation team charged with cleaning up the streets.

Successful completion of puzzles and challenges will yield information leading to the capture of wanted individuals, and help you bring peace to a troubled population.

High quality graphics, an extensive list of challenges and an intuitive interface ensure a great gaming experience.

7. CSI Game
If you’re a big fan of the CSI TV series, then this is the app for you. Boasting a frequently updated database of trivia questions relating to characters and plotline, this is the ultimate way to prove to your friends just how much detective acumen you’ve picked from watching your favourite TV heroes.

A great way to relive the best moments from treasured episodes on the bus or train to work.

8. Crime Scene Investigation
In this game, you pick the story of Juliet, who worked in the city at a big, successful corporation, but suspected some of her coworkers were up to no good.

Upon investing time and finding evidence of their wrongdoing, she reports it to her superiors who subsequently have her killed. Your job is to find out exactly what she discovered and bring those responsible to account by locating a series of hidden items and interacting with them in the correct manner.

The game provides a good challenge, great graphics and an integrated walk-through to help you overcome some admittedly poorly translated text in places.

Your Turn
Tell us about your favorite or any other games you feel deserve a place on this list by leaving a comment below!
Do you like this article about crime scene games you should try? You can find more of these fun and exciting blog posts from – the ultimate hardcore gamer’s website.

Chat Wisely: Softros LAN Messenger

Whether you run a small web design agency or a large-scale enterprise, corporate network security should be one of your major concerns. Establishing bulletproof security isn’t a one-time action, but an ongoing commitment that encompasses various activity aspects, one of which is communication. You’ll be surprised to learn that your most sensitive information can be easily stolen by hackers due to the vulnerabilities of public messengers. All your best-laid antiviral measures might be for naught if you use a ‘not-so-safe’ piece of software. So, which messenger does your company use? Are you sure it is secure enough?

LAN Messengers

Computers belonging to a single network (Local Area Network or Wide Area Network) can effectively interact with each other (exchange messages and files, chat, send notifications etc.) in real time even if the network has no Internet connection. This was made possible thanks to LAN messengers that work as stand-alone client applications which don’t depend on any central servers (there is no need to set up those for LAN messengers). LAN messengers have proven successful for intra-office communication due to their enterprise-level security measures, ease-of-use and functional flexibility. Join me reviewing Softros LAN messenger, one of the highly rated IM tools to explore the benefits of this type of software.

Softros LAN Messenger

LAN messenger by Softros Inc. is one of the major players in the market. It has bought the heart and trust of many business owners for a wide range of handy features:
  • Ease of use. Softros LAN messenger works out-of-the-box and requires minimum user intervention. It can be easily configured by non-tech-savvy users.
  • Full Windows support (XP, Vista, 7-8). Works seamlessly on large and small TCP/IP networks.
  • Secure LAN messaging. All messages are protected by the AES encryption algorithm minimizing eavesdropping and leaks. You get full control over who and when accesses the messenger.
Softros LAN Messenger -Announcement
  • Requires no Internet connection. Softros helps you save the bandwidth, as well as prevent external attacks and keep your employees from chatting with friends and families.
  • Private and group channels. File transmission.
  • Sound alarms for incoming messages.
  • User grouping: you can recreate the structure of your firm through grouping users by departments and teams, for instance Devs, Sales Department, QA etc.
  • User rights management. You can selectively assign different rights and thus restrict certain functions of the messenger for normal users.
  • Message logging. All correspondence is archived and can be looked through anytime.
Softros LAN Messenger - History Viewing

  • Easy importing/exporting. If needed, you can export your LAN settings to a file and then use them on any other PC on the network.
  • Multi language interface. Included languages: Spanish, French, German, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Danish and more.
  • Affordable pricing: $10.95 per copy. Quantity discounts are available.
It is better to see once than to hear about it a thousand times, so you may want to try the application yourself free of charge through downloading a free trial version.
The core advantage this piece of software is security. You should never skimp on it. When it comes to business, enterprise-level software isn’t a whim, it’s a necessity.
Featured images: Both Images are owned by the Author.
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    Google's Own Laptop: Chromebook 550

    Chromebook 550 Green Graphically Designed
    It seems like Google wants to try it hands on almost everything. From mobile phone market to cloud storage, this search engine giant has become the most dominating and influencing force in the market ever since it released the android operating system for mobile phones.

    A few years back Google announced that it was working on a desktop computer based operating system and they called it chrome, please do not confuse it with the chrome internet browser as these are two different things. For years Google worked to build a web of services to support its operating system. Little did we knew back then that Google will come out with a laptop of its own, yes that’s exactly what we are going to review today i.e. the chrome book.

    Google stated that the future of computing is cloud based. According to Google you won’t need expensive and powerful hardware as most of the processing load will be handled by the powerful cloud servers. Chromebook is a step in the same direction. It is a laptop computer that is inexpensive and is meant for people who do most of their work online. Today we are going to review the Google chromebook 550.


    Google joined hands with Samsung to produce Samsung chromebook 550, while Samsung took care of the hardware manufacturing and assembling, Google supervises design and development.

    It features a 1.3 GHz Intel processor that has two cores. A dual core processor means faster processing speeds and chrome book doesn’t disappoints on this, the startup time, right from the moment you press the power button to the moment the operating system has completely loaded is just 8 seconds. Now that has to be one of the fastest loading times.

    The performance of chrome is attributed not to just its dual core processor but also to its super duper fast hard disk. Chromebook 550 comes installed with a 160GB SSD hard disk. If you folks don’t know what SSD is then let us tell you that it is the fastest drive out there in the market, SSD is an acronym for solid state drive and it has no moving parts what so ever so the chances of it crashing on you are minimal. Another component that contributes in its performance is the RAM, it has a 4GB DDR3 RAM. Let us assure you that DDR3 is the latest technology for RAMs at the moment.

    Coming to its display, well we have no complains in this department. Chromebook 550 comes with a 12.1 inch full high definition screen. We watched some high definition content on it and we swear that it produces all those perfect blacks and whites. Every color comes alive on this display.

    • Really lightweight and thin. It is one of the most comfortable notebooks to use.
    • Longer battery life, every component installed in the chromebook is power savvy.
    • Inexpensive, you can buy a chrome book at half the price of a laptop.
    • Free 100gb cloud storage space from Google.
    • Low processing power.
    • Chrome operating system, since most of the world is well versed on windows; some people might find it difficult to use it.
    • Not a full blown power house, even the operating system is minimal.


    If you are a professional who does most of his work online then chromebook is the best option for  you but if you are someone looking for a powerful computer to play games on it then this product is not suitable for you.

    Adam Raddick is a computer engineer and has been working on chromebook development with Google since the last 3 years. He also writes electronic product reviews that explain how the computing environment will evolve in the near future.

    Change Your Drive Icon With Drive Icon Changer 1.0

    Drive Icon Changer 1.0 is a simple program that helps you to change/modify your Drive's icons with few clicks.

    First select the Drive you wish to modify/change the icon, next browse and select an icon(.ICO) from your hard drive. The preview thing shows your a preview of the icon you selected. Finally click 'Change', it doesn't require a restart to effect. An explorer relaunch is enough to see the changes.

    • Administrator rights
    • .NET Framework 2.0(download it from here)
    • Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 bit
    Program Details
    • Developer : SHIM SOFTWARES(Mohamed Shimran)
    • Name : Drive Locker 1.0
    • Size : 763 KB
    • License : Freeware
    • Last Built : December 12th, 2013 
    Direct Download -
    Mirrors :

    How To Backup Windows Drivers And Restore When Needed

    Free Driver Free Driver Backup is a driver backup utility, it offers solution for drivers' backup and restoration in Windows. It identifies all the hardware within the system, extracts their associated drivers from the disc and backs them up to a secure location. Then, you'll use it to stop any issues if your Windows crashes, I found the concept terribly helpful.

    How To Check USB Flash Drive's Performance

    USB Drive'sOne of the main worrying factor in your computer components is whether or not the performance are up to the mark. The component manufacturer don’t put the real performance in my experience so we can’t believe what they say we just need to test them on our own. Coming to the point; If you have already checked your USB Flash Drive’s performance or not, you should try USBFlashSpeed, USBFlashSpeed can measure a Flash Drive’s Read and Write speeds, also allows you to publish the results to their website(The mission of this website is to benchmark all USB Flash drives over the world).

    How To Make Awesome Collages

    Collagerator helps you to make stunning photograph collages by using your photograph collections. This software comes in handy for those of you that simply cannot stop taking photographs of everything around you. Collagerator can offer you with an easy way to create and produce a collage of them thus you may undoubtedly surprise everyone.

    Easy-Run : Add, Edit and Remove Computer Startup Items

    Easy-Run is an effective utility that was particularly designed to supply you with an easy means that of managing the startup programs in your computer. With Easy-Run you can take away from the list any unwanted entries, edit existing things to change their name or path, furthermore as add new programs.

    AP WOW Wake On Wan : Wake Up Your Computer

    AP WOW Wake On Wan is useful program that allows you to send packets to a computer in order to switch it on .

    How To Use?
    1. Click Enable WOW to enable wake on wan.
    2. Inset the IP address of the computer that you want to switch on.
    3. Insert the MAC address of the computer that you want to switch on.
    4. Insert the default subnet of the computer that you want to switch on.
    5. Insert the Port that you have forwarded to receive the packets.
    6. Click Start (WOW) to send a packet to the computer that you want to switch on.
    • Internet Connection
    • .NET Framework 4.0
    • Administrator Privilege
     Working Example

    Avanti : Find Programs You To Run In Compatibility Mode

    Avanti is a useful program helps you to identify the programs you use to run in compatibility mode . All you have to do is right click and select analyze :).

    • Analyze 
    • Delete
    • Refresh

    Avanti - Analyze & And Display Program That You Set To Run In Compatibility Mode
    Main Window
    Avanti - Analyze & And Display Program That You Set To Run In Compatibility Mode

    Comathi Developer : Simple Notepad for developers

    Comathi Developer : Notepad for developers

    Comathi Developer is a great tool for developers . Comathi Developer does not require any installations , comes handy with many features :) .


    • Supports html,html,php,js(javascript),css,vb(visual basic),cs(csharp),sln,xml,txt,rtf.
    • Preview html document in your default web browser.
    • Convert text to Upper Case, Lower Case, Binary, Alphanumeric.
    • Load source code of any website by using the website URL.
    • Zoom in and zoom out.
    • Counts characters & words.
    • Multi document(Multi tab feature).
    Comathi Developer
    Main Window
    Comathi Developer
    Comathi Developer
    Editing HTML
    Comathi Developer
                                                                                 File > New,Open,Save,Save as & Exit

    • Windows XP , Windows Vista , Windows 7 & Windows 8
    • .Net Framework 4.0 or later

    1. Softpedia
    2. SOFT-GO
    3. Brothersoft
    4. CNET

    Download Comathi Developer

    Free Folder Locking Software : Rabbit Locker

    Today we launch Rabbit Locker.
    To keep your files / folders safe in seconds.

    this will be protected by a password.
    watch the video and download the app.

    try to run the app as Admin just in case if you find any troubles.
    just run the setup and it will install just a .exe file in the folder you want or use the default folder.
    this app require internet connection for registration.

    problems questions don't wait just ask :)



    Main View Of App[by Softpedia]
    another view of Rabbit Locker[by Softpedia]

    Image Source

    Download From Softpedia

    Free Messaging Client : Rabbit Messenger 2.0

    Rabbit Messenger 2.0 is a free application which allows you to send fast and quick a message to your friends.

    Without to use any email app. Some may think that rabbit Messenger is a chat application but its not, it even allows you to add friends to contact you. You can even send others a fast message without to be friends.


    • Add Friends
    • Visit there profile
    • Control your own profile
    • Compose messages
    • Save messages into a file
    • Look who's online
    • Birthday view of your friends. and send them a sweet birthday message.
    • Give other Reputation points
    • Faster Reply to messages
    • Notification of a new message every 5 min. (standard time)
    • Complete Members List
    • Delete friends
    • Change your Online Status