Programming and Tech Tips For All To Use

Programming and Tech Tips For All To Use

Programming and technology points have been rather prevalent and important to explore over the years. There is a clear need to take a look at such programming plans can be used in any spot though. There are a few sensible tips that may be used today in order to help people understand what is required of them when getting their setups ready for whatever it is they want to create and establish. These are all sensible tips that can work wonders for anyone these days. 

Code analysis programs are always helpful.
Code analysis programs are being used these days to help with testing out the codes that are being used in computers and if they are actually active and functional as desired. Programs like Klocwork, Polyspace, Pretty Diff and Black Duck Suite have been big hits with many who want to find ways to get their programming efforts to be as easy to handle as possible. All programmers need to take a look at what code analysis programs are available for use in their environments. Of course, these will vary based on what is available for use.

Always check the code before troubleshooting anything.

The most important tip to use is to check the code before any troubleshooting activities can take place. This is to ensure that there are not going to be any problems coming out of a program that could only be made worse if some professional troubleshooting functions are managed at any time.

Work with the Final variable.

The Final keyword needs to be used when drafting variables the right way. This is to see that values of items cannot be set more than once after they start running. This can be used to keep the items in the website as consistent and accurate as possible so nothing wrong can happen with them being used at a given time.

Use only one side effect at a time.

It is typically best to stick with one side effect at a given time. Side effects refer to what happens in addition to getting certain values ready in the programming process. It is best to keep the programming process as simple as possible in this case.

Create more accurate and direct names.

Finally, all processes must be used with their own unique and specific names. This is to ensure that the process of generating data will not be all that hard to handle. If the right plans are created in this case then the overall process of coding items will be a little easier for all to work with.

Watch for cut and paste processes.

While cut and paste processes may be useful and can help anyone to save time in the process of getting items ready, you need to be rather cautious. Use cut and paste if the program is a little easier to work with and is not going to be far too complicated. If the program is going to be easier to read though cut and paste processes then it should be just fine as it is. The key is to ensure that the programs being used are as easy to handle as demanded and will not be all that tough to use.

Programming and tech processes are all fascinating things for people to take a careful look at when it comes to finding ways to get a program to really stand out and to work as well as it needs to. The right plans must be established as a means of getting anything to work properly and with more than enough control as needed. After all, a good code setup needs to be designed to keep anything running with ease and clarity in mind.

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David Miller is an educational researcher who has several years of experience in the field of teaching, online testing and training. He is associated with prestigious universities and many leading educational research organizations. Currently, he is pursuing research in eLearning software and is also a contributing author with ProProfs.

How To Make a Line Break/New Line in Java

How To Make a Line Break/New Line in Java
Line Break or New Line : I hope you understand what it is, in HTML you use <br> tag to make a new line so in Java if you want to make a new line it's not that hard but it has several methods depends on the platform.

Coming to the point, most of the java beginners think this is the one and only way to make a new line : System.out.println("\n"); but It's not true.. let me tell you something you might think that whatever you program using java will work on other java supported platforms, YES! they will work on other platforms but there are few things that has to be changed in order to get the functions work.. for example this tutorial; this line of code : System.out.println("\n"); would make a new line only on Windows. As I said before there are few things that are different from platform to platforms.

If you want to make a new line on Mac you must use this : System.out.println("\r"); and for Linux you have to use this : System.out.println("\r\n");. So I came up with something that works on all the platforms, It's pretty simple and works perfectly.

First you need to make a public string and set the value to make a new line(You can also just make normal string and set the value)
Add this line of code before your main event
public static String breakline = System.getProperty("line.separator");

Whenever you need to make a new line just use this line of code 
You can add this wherever you want to

Please comment if you have any doubts..!

How To Get Response Headers From a HTTP Request in Java

With this Java program you can get the the response headers from a HTTP request. You may have seen HTTP headers in Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox network feature in inspect element (it just automatically captures HTTP).

All you have to do is run the program from command-line or on eclipse (or any IDE you want), after executing the program you will be asked to enter an URL to get the response headers from HTTP request (Note : make sure you don't enter URL's without 'http://'). Within seconds you will get the HTTP request response headers one after the next line.

This program has 7 namespaces, of course you need them in order to compile/execute the program
import java.util.Scanner;
import java.util.Iterator;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Map;
import java.util.Set;

and we are using a public string that helps to make a line break
public static String BR = System.getProperty("line.separator");

Okay let me put all the parts together, it uses Scanner(that to get the users input), Map, List, Set, Iterator, a while loop, String Builder and finally it prints.

Program Source Code
import java.util.Scanner;
import java.util.Iterator;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Map;
import java.util.Set;

Author : Mohamed Shimran
Description : Getting Response Headers From a HTTP Request
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public class httpRequest {
public static String BR = System.getProperty("line.separator");
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

  String Link;
     Scanner in = new Scanner(System. in );
     System.out.println("Enter Link To Get Response Headers From HTTP Request :");
     Link = in .nextLine();

 URL url = new URL(Link);
 URLConnection conn = url.openConnection();
 Map> HF = conn.getHeaderFields();
 Set HFS = HF.keySet();
 Iterator HFI = HFS.iterator();
 while (HFI.hasNext()) {

      String HFK =;
      List HFV = HF.get(HFK);

      StringBuilder strbld = new StringBuilder();
      for (String value : HFV) {
      System.out.println(HFK + "=" + strbld.toString());


java httpRequest
Enter Link To Get Response Headers From HTTP Request :

null=HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date=Wed, 15 Jan 2014 14:12:06 GMT
X-XSS-Protection=1; mode=block
Expires=Wed, 15 Jan 2014 14:12:06 GMT
Last-Modified=Wed, 15 Jan 2014 14:10:59 GMT
Content-Type=text/html; charset=UTF-8
Cache-Control=private, max-age=0

How To Get Response Headers From a HTTP Request in Java

Final Words
What can I say? It's just another simple java program by me(of course got help from many resources). I hope you really like it or found it useful, share it if it deserves and PEACE!.

How To Submit Software, Mobile App and Game On Softpedia

Softpedia Blue Background
Softpedia is a site where you can find computer programs and technology based articles. It's owned by SoftNews NET SRL, a Romanian company. It was launched in 2001. My programs have been reviewed by the Softpedia editors thrice. I submit my programs whenever they are ready to be released.

I have been asked a few times about this(how to submit..). It's pretty easy to submit your programs to Softpedia all you have to do is fill the form fields and submit.

They have different pages to submit for different platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac etc.

Submit Windows Softpedia

Submit Games and Tools

Submit Mac OS Software

Submit Linux Software

Submit Mobile App

NOTE : you can submit your java programs in any section except Mobile.

Make sure you go to the right page, if you have a PAD file for your software already just fill the PAD form fields and submit if not fill the regular submission forms and submit. Don't forget to give your regular email address they'll send you an email when your program has been published.

What is JDBC Driver and JDBC Architecture

JDBC stands for Java Database Connectivity. JDBC drivers helps you to open database connection and to interact with it by executing SQL queries then receiving the results with Java. The Java.sql namespace that ships JDK has various classes with their behaviors defined and their actual implementation are done in the third-party drivers.

How To Make Message Boxes In Java

Message boxes are used to display alerts and information messages to the user. It’s very easy to make Message Boxes in .NET languages, however in Java programming language it’s not very easy like in vb/c#. In Java we can use JOptionPane to display messages.

Simple TinyURL API in Java

I have been off for sometime for some issues anyway today we are going to see how to use TinyURL API in Java programming language.Well, to be honest theres nothing so serious I have imported Scanner to input, of course the GET request and some more to handle the exceptions and so. I'd like to say that I like console based(CLI) applications more than GUI so I don't bother about forms and others.

How Java Works

In Java programming language, all source code is written first in plain text files ending with the .java extension. Those source files are then compiled into .class files by the java compiler. A .class file doesn't contain code that is native to your processor, it instead contains bytecodes. Bytecode is the machine language of Java Virtual Machine(Java VM). The Java launcher tool then runs your program with an instance of the Java Virtual Machine.

Snippet : Using Regular Expressions in Java

This snippet helps you to use Regular Expression(Regex) in Java.

Snippet : Get ASCII Value For Every Characters

This snippet helps you to get the ASCII value for every characters.

Infographic : Brief History About Programming

Here is a Brief History About Programming in a form an infographic which i found while surfing over the web pages :)

brief  Programming

Click here to view the image

How To Make Beeb Sound On Each Word In Java

How To Make Beeb Sound On Each Word In Java
hello guys , so you all know what is a beeb sound so on in or c-sharp it's veru easy to make beeb sound.

if you want to make beeb sound in here is the code

if you want to make beeb sound in c# here is the code

using Microsoft.VisualBasic;
using System.Media;


ok now let's turn to java side

here is the codes that i wrote to do this , i am using arrays and a for loop and a thread.

actually i had to write this for a homework.

How To Make A Addition Calculator In Java Using JOption

How To Make A Addition Calculator In Java Using JOption
Okay guys today i will be teaching you how to make a simple addition calculator using Joption in java, I saw someone wrote some codes to calculate addition also it uses Java Scanner. This is that program .
import java.util.Scanner;

class basic_cal
  public static void main(String args[])
   Scanner shim = new Scanner(;
   double first_number,second_number,answer;
   System.out.println("Enter First Number : ");
   first_number = shim.nextDouble();
   System.out.println("Enter Second Number : ");
   second_number = shim.nextDouble();
   answer = first_number + second_number;
   System.out.println("Answer : " + answer);
Okay now i saw that and got an idea to make the same thing with Joption , Joption is like the messagebox we have in c# and ok , this is the program i wrote :

How To Print A Triangle In Java Using For Loop

hello guys , i remember what kind of homeworks in java students get at the start so i started to post solutions in this even i had to do this when i was doing java (a diploma) our sir asked us to make a program that prints out a triangle using For Loops so i created my own answer but my sir showed us a different one it doesn't even looks like a triangle but it has the triangle shape but mine is exactly a triangle .

this is my answer , NOTE : the easiest and the best way to print a real triangle

How To Make A GUI(Graphical User Interface) In Java

first java application

heyy guys !! i am back with java .. , so today i am gonna teach you how to make a your very first java GUI program after that i will write more tutorial on adding controls to the interface and giving click events .. , first of all open your favorite text editor and after that these are the codes i have written so go ahead and put them in

How To Create And Write A Text File In Java

We will see how to create and write a text file in java so basically you get the idea after reading the title whatever when you run this program it creates a txt file and write some text inside so lets start making it , i am doing this in text editor so it's good id you also use a text editor ok now create a class and add the namespace io import*; and now write down the public static void main(String args[]) by the way don't forget to add the tags ({) now write down FileOutputStream Create; after that write this PrintStream Write; alright i will just put here the whole codes to make it easier for you

public class Create_txt 

 public static void main(String args[])
    FileOutputStream Create;
    PrintStream Write;
    Create = new FileOutputStream("Text.txt");

    Write = new PrintStream( Create );

    Write.println ("Ultimate programming tutorials");

    catch (Exception e)
   System.err.println ("Cannot write txt file");

now when you run a new txt file will be created named "Text.txt" and Ultimate programming tutorials will be there inside the txt file if something stopped the process you will see "Cannot write txt file" in the console , i hope this is useful.

Starting With Java Programming

java programming

In this post I will tell you what I know about java and how to make a hello world program in java ok, now java is a great programming language, it was introduced in 1995. From my experience java is nothing without classes because everything works with classes in java programming, java is a language that can be used in web and desktop, the syntax of java is exactly the same as c# and also the codes are similar to c# too if you go through the java programming history you will see java programming language is a tradition of C & C++, the newest version is JDK 7.
Java originally doesn't have an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) it just have compiler, below is a hello world program in java
public class HelloWorldApp {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
            System.out.println("Hello World - ultimate programming tutorials");

The code is for the hello world program now you can see public class HelloWorldApp its the class name, the program should start off with public static void main(string[] args).

I hope you learned something, share with your friends and please let me know if theres any questions.

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