7 Effective Graphic Design tips for Beginners

The success of many online businesses, budding entrepreneurs and new bloggers and Vloggers in the digital space is the perfect example of what a skill such as graphic designing can do for yourself and your business. Once we understand the importance of visual communication, the idea of investing in a basic graphic design course carries an added significance. Graphic designing itself has changed drastically over the last couple of years with the advent of new design tools and software, just about anyone can learn and perfect the art of graphic designing.

Business owners and budding bloggers look for Graphic Designers For Hire services. Being a beginner in this field, if you are looking forward to get hired at renowned place, these 7 up-to-date effective graphic design tips can be for you.

Less is more:

As a beginner, you might fall into the trap of cramming too much on their canvases. This doesn’t let your design breathe freely on the page and often sparks less clarity of thought. To avoid this, it is always important to ask questions such as ‘whether this is important and how the design would function without this element? ‘While adding supporting elements to your primary design.

2 Typefaces:

When working with typefaces, 2 is your magic number. As different types of text can add up extra clutter to your design, which is why it is advisable to keep the number of typefaces reduced to two. In addition to this, focus on font-Pairing as this can be a simple way to make your design ooze with class and lustre.

Page balance is key:

One of the primary reasons for designers to focus on size, format and symmetry is to maintain the page balance appropriately. This single factor can be easily overlooked by graphic design beginners but focusing on symmetry and balance should be something you learn throughout the process of becoming a great designer. The best way to do this is to see that your document is evenly weighted on the left and right, or up and down and also see that weight is even on both sides of the canvas.

Color cohesion is an art:

Ever noticed the packaging of your favorite product on shelf? What are the color combinations that are eye-catching? Have you noticed any product packaging that was too dull or uninspiring? Analyzing these aspects can help you choose colors and color combinations to play with and make your design more cohesive. A simple technique most graphic designers use is to go by the mood you want your product to emphasize and choose colors accordingly. For instance: green reminds people of peace, greenery and freshness and yellow for sunny, summer, happiness and optimism. If you’re looking for help with a nice palette for your design, you can look at Adobe Color CC online tool for help.

Practice often and don’t be afraid to break rules:

These tips can surely guide you but what can actually help you become a better designer is practice.  The best way to learn is to use a website like BriefBox and practice design briefs daily. Except for the general guidelines about symmetry and balance of design, everything else can be experimented and refined over and over again.  Rules are meant to be broken, challenge yourself and design continuously until you are happy with the design.

Develop your own style:

As you practice often and understand the rules of graphic designing, you will learn the tricks of the trade. However, what’s even better is to look at the work of other designers for inspiration, copy and save the designs for your future reference. Use them as a basis and refine and rework. This is a simple step for you to develop your own style while learning from others and also give credit where necessary.

Use resources wisely:

From resources such as Pixeden, Design Instruct, Sketch app Sources and great websites like designermill.com and freepik.com there are a number of resources online at your disposal.

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Reasons Why The Internet Is Essential For Freelancers

Reasons Why The Internet Is Essential For FreelancersIf you are a freelancer then you have probably heard more than once that you need to establish yourself online if you want to succeed. If you haven’t ever thought about what the internet can really provide you with then here are some of the biggest reasons why you need to go online as a freelancer.

Increase Your Customer Base

Of course the internet will open up many new doors to attract more clients. You can be instantly connected to people across the world and thus you can think about growing your business a lot quicker online. Many freelancers don’t need to be in the same physical location as their customers and thus you can really benefit from being on the internet.

Market In More Affordable Ways

The internet is also great in providing freelancers with the same opportunities to market their business as the big companies have. For example, with the proper use of SEO on your website and social media platforms you will be able to increase the exposure you get without spending a fortune. If you only had to market through the conventional means like TV ads and newspaper ads you could probably not afford it. But on the internet even running video ads and promotional videos on platforms like Youtube is possible and really affordable.

Improve Your Skills

In order to attract more customers you need to be constantly developing your skills and the internet is an amazing place for making sure you have the knowledge you need. There are so many more opportunities to learn about your industry online and it is important to take advantage of these opportunities. Odesk provides a comprehensive list of the best websites that freelancers can use to improve their skillset and make the most out of the internet. You may notice that many of the options available are either free or very affordable and you would often end up paying a lot of money if you had to take these courses offline. You can also attend seminars online and thus don’t need to travel around the world in order to get the right skills. Make sure you stay on top of your field by going online and making use of the opportunities available.

Get Help To Run Your Business

Being a freelancer isn’t easy and there are a lot of things that you need to learn to juggle at once on your own. But the great benefit of the current technology is that you have many more opportunities to ease your workload.

For example, companies providing online accountancy are really affordable and can give freelancers a lot more time to focus on the more essential parts of the business. Friendly Accountants suggests that getting help with your finances can be a really cost effective way of improving your business prospects. There are also many great tools that make the above points of marketing and attracting customers online a lot easier. It is a good idea to browse through these tools and find out what are the ones that work the best with you.

Marlene is enthusiastic in making sure freelancers are making the most of the internet and the technology available for them and she is constantly reading about new developments in the business field. She is a big ice-cream fan and could eat mint ice-cream all day long if her husband would allow it.

Freelancing: An Online Profession

Working for yourself is something so many people dream about and perhaps the best way to do this is by being a freelancer. Freelancers make money from doing something they love, in essence they make money from a hobby. Sound good to you? It sure sounds good to me (hence why I do this job). There is nothing better than waking up on a new day and making the money you need to live by doing something that you enjoy.

We live in the internet age and the internet is starting to dominate the freelancing profession, there are so many different platforms online and they are the best place for any freelancer to get noticed. If you are a freelancer or a budding freelancer it is so important to have an online presence, so many potential employers look to the internet to find the experts they need. If you are any good and you can present your profile in an engaging way then there is a really good chance you will get the client base you need for long term success.


There are so many different online platforms available now for freelancers to showcase what they can do. We live in the internet age as I have mentioned previously and it is therefore essential that freelancers make use of the World Wide Web. It is by far and away the simplest way for an online expert to get what they can offer across to potential employers in the quickest time possible.

Take a look at Enthuse, they are a company that offer freelancers a blank canvas online from which they can upload their portfolio. The greatest benefit of this is the freedom to upload whatever you like, whether you are going to upload everything you have ever done or just a small selection (something I think is best) the option is there. Just do a little bit of research and ensure that you are willing to spend some time checking out what they best companies are.


They are extremely efficient, like anything to do with the internet. You can upload your documents and files online with the greatest of ease, make sure that there are no problems with spelling and grammar and ensure also that if there is any video it is editing in a professional manner.


Going about your freelancing career in this manner is extremely cheap, these platforms cost very little or nothing to set up and thus any money you make can be yours. If you are a credible freelance worker then uploading a strong portfolio on these websites really can help you get noticed. Building a strong client base is essential and if you can do that then the chance of building up further is there. We live in a world that is dominated with poor freelance workers, it is an unreliable industry and if you can showcase yourself as the opposite to that then you can be in for a potentially lucrative career.

Tom is a writer who loves to write about the technological developments that have occurred in recent years. He initially began working as a journalist for a local newspaper however soon started working freelance.