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Infolinks is a global advertising platform offering ad solutions for both publishers and advertisers. Online advertisers utilize the Infolinks Self-Serve Marketplace to customize their own campaign. Advertising with Infolinks means delivering brand messages to engaged users.

Online bloggers and website owners monetize their websites with Infolinks while keeping the Look & feel of their sites undisturbed.

Ad Types they Offer :

InArticle – Targets only your search traffic with ads relevant to their searched terms in non-disruptive footer ads. InFold adds navigational value and another SEO layer to your site while delivering ads pertaining to exactly what your search traffic is looking for.


InFold – Targets only your search traffic with ads relevant to their searched terms in non-disruptive footer ads. InFold adds navigational value and another SEO layer to your site while delivering ads pertaining to exactly what your search traffic is looking for.

InText – Double underline your best keywords to monetize your written content. A simple hover of a mouse opens an ad bubble containing an ad matched to the context of your keywords. Fully customize the look and volume of InText ads on your website pages.

InFrame – Attractive skyscraper display banners placed in the extra real estate in the margins of widescreen monitors only. These ads are matched to your website’s category and are intelligently revealed only on traffic originating from wide screen monitors and customized to fit perfectly, without disturbing your site’s layout at all.

InScreen– an interstitial ad, functions as an ‘ad intermission’ between page views. This results in well-timed display ads, driven both by user intent and website content. InScreen can be activated by three different triggers: When a user enters your site, when a user switches from one page to another inside your site and when a user leaves your site via an external link.

InTag – Presents a range of keywords relevant to the context of your site. Choose between one or two rows of links that open a relevant ad bubble upon a mouse hover. InTag manages to capture a spectrum of users’ interests and invite engagement with its range of keywords.

Infolinks Referral Program

Like other CPC companies, Infolinks also has a referral program. Refer new publishers to Infolinks and earn 10% of their revenue for 12 months. You can join the referral program from their Referral page. They will provide you with a Referral Link and Banners.

Infolinks Payment Options

  • Paypal – $50
  • eCheck – $50
  • ACH (Only for U.S. Bank Accounts)- $50
  • Payoneer – $50
  • Bank Wire Transfer – $100
  • Western Union – $100
They will send the payment within 45 days of the end of the month in which you reached the threshold.

Infolinks Payment Proof

Infolinks is a legit site, I have my payment proof. I got paid $232.78 via Wire Transfer within 35 days of the end of the month.
Here's the Picture of Wire Transfer Receipt from my Bank :

Infolinks Wire Transfer Proof Receipt - Ultimate Programming Tutorials

Infolinks Customer Support

Infolinks Customer Service  has been very good so far. Whenever I contacted them via email the  response was within 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to make money blogging, Infolinks still can be considered as one of the easiest ways. Making money from Infolinks is really easy and does not require any special skill, even a new blogger can make money by increasing website traffic.

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How To Sell Stock Photos Online And Make Good Money

How To Sell Stock Photos Online And Make Good MoneyWith the world becoming a digital village, photography has also gone digital. The on-line photo market has become so vibrant, that a photographer can take photos and instantly, sell them online. Selling stock photos online however, can be tricky, especially if you do not match up the style and modern trend of photography. With the increased use of online technology across the world photographers are making good money by selling their photos to online users and clients. However it is important to remember that not all images or photos can be sold on-line. Online photo buyers are looking for quality and only quality and high standard photos will sell fast.

How to sell photos online
The first step for any photographer wishing to sell photos online is to register with a photo agency. It will be easier to sell your photos through the agency rather than doing it on your own. Online photo agencies have a constant and reliable customer base, this means that your photos are more likely to be sold out faster.

After registering with a photo agency the next step will be to capture the best images that will attract the attention of any photo lover, and then upload them and mail them to the agency. If your photos become so impressive, you will become a reliable source for the agency. Remember the more pictures you submit to the agency the more cash you receive.

Factors to consider when taking photos
The quality of your pictures will determine how fast you sell them, let your pictures speak for themselves, photos you take should be able to tell a story.

Make sure that your photos are well lit and cropped. A well lit photo will attract someone at first sight. A photo that is well lit is more appealing and clearly brings out the idea and the message of the photo.

• Do not try to submit plagiarized photos or photos that might turn out to be defamatory. Online photos need to be of high resolution, therefore if you want your photos to sell faster ensure that they are of high resolution.

• For your photos to sell online, ensure that they have appropriate captions and key words if necessary. Photos with captions and key words are more complete and will sell easily.

• Photos that are unique are more likely to sell on any online website, therefore as a photographer ensure that you capture what people want to see, capture unique photos but not obvious photos. Do not submit what has already been submitted before, always submit new content.

• Ensure that you have the exclusive rights over your photos, this will prevent your photos from being used without your consent. For your photos to sell faster ensure that they stand out from the rest, always capture the extraordinary and always take your photos from a unique angle.

Generally for you to sell your photos online you need to have high quality, unique and clear photos. Always send your photos to a reliable agency, this will ensure that you are not conned in any way.

Sean Kelly is a blogger at With a background in seo and affiliate marketing, he enjoys writing about creative ways to make money Online.