18 Must Follow Tricks for iOS App Development

Reinforcing Digital Interaction
Mobile Applications are the interface to the users to access their digital needs. They give access to different features of mobile to the users. As technology is rapidly changing day to day the applications need to be updated accordingly. Today there are more mobile users than desktop users because mobile apps are faster than desktop sites. One can instantly perform digital activities using Mobile Applications.

The widespread uses of Mobile Applications include Communication, Education, Social Media, and Marketing etc. The mobile applications are impacting the lives of people and there is no doubt in saying that it has increased the standard of living. The transformations in technology raised the demand for Applications which requires skill full App Developers.

ios: An Address for Uniqueness
ios have its uniqueness in its own way. Though Android is leading in the Smartphone Market its not at all a competition for ios. Ios have its special feature which will not match with any other device applications which give a great experience to users. To make use of ios in a better way one must have the right applications. In this context, ios app development has gained momentum.

Ios 8 is released as a successor of ios 7. In order to enjoy the high-end features of ios, ios 8 apps development plays an important role.

App Development Tricks
It is not a simple task to build an application. It is more complex in the case of ios. A developer should shape a concept correctly for efficient working. A developer needs to think vigorously to develop an application at the same time he should complete it in the time-bound given to him. In this course, a developer needs some information and inputs there are many blogs are sites which give required knowledge for the developers on various ideas and information but only a few can be a great resource to the developer.

These tricks will be a game changer to a developer helping them to add their app into the app store of Apple.

Contemplate your Idea
An application is developed to fulfill the users need. So, in order to develop a useful application, one must know the current trends in the industry.

Do not Neglect the Design
Many don't care about the design of the application and only focuses on error-free and efficiency in the program but, First Impression is the best impression so when the user first sees the application in the app store it should impact him for a moment.

Be a part of the Apple Developer Program
Not only training, but one will also get access to Apple's resources and can have knowledge in App analytics and beta testing tools

Be good at Obj C and Swift
Even though Ios apps can be developed using different programming languages, professionals suggest Objective C for developing ios applications. A recent language Swift is gaining momentum nowadays because with Swift app development is manageable.

Get Feedback
Before publishing in the App store one must check and test its success in the competitive market. This can be done by seeking the feedback of the developed application from random people, relatives, and friends.

Limit your Expectations
Apple guidelines are strict and it takes a long time to get permission to publish your application in the app store. With High expectations, some developers invest more on the application which ultimately put them in depression if not permitted by Apple. So Limited Expectations may give better outcomes.

Fit to the Screen
Many users hesitate to scroll the screen to left and right which is embarrassing. So make sure that your app is fit to the screen to avoid the scrolling's so that it looks nce.

Use Emulators to Review
Text and Images should be visible so that the user shouldn't zoom it. Using Emulators help you in reviewing the layout before being published in the App store.

Use Standard UI elements
The significant difference between Android and ios is UI elements which makes ones application intuitive.

Effective Error handling
A Logic error is quite common for any coder. The logic errors should be handled so that there should be no damage to the application to crash.

Maintain a Project Structure
A clear Picture and project structure makes your code organized which will decrease your count of bugs in the count.

Remember your Apple Id
In order to publish your application in the App store, one must remember the Apple id which used to sign the code. Developers should send the necessary files to the App store.

Consider Security
Apple makes HTTPS compulsory in the security point of view.

Ios is known for its security features Developers should also think about security as it is an important aspect in this cyber world.

Finally, Apple is very cautious with its guidelines. Hence to meet the requirements of Apple one must stick to the rules.

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Which Phone To Buy? The HTC One M8 Or The IPhone 5S?

Which Phone To Buy? The HTC One M8 Or The IPhone 5S?
Once upon a time, the choice between Android phones and Apple’s flagship product were clear cut: If you wanted a well made premium phone, you chose Apple.

That sounds harsh, and whilst Android fans have constantly pointed to the greater openness and customisation options of Google’s OS, the truth was that really good, well finished phones didn’t really exist. Sure, you could find something powerful, but there were few handsets that came anywhere near the build quality of an iPhone.

That’s started to change in recent years, and arguably the nicest looking Android phone of late was the the HTC One. This year, its replacement, the HTC M8 is good enough to directly challenge Apple’s iPhone 5C. Which is the best though?

The Outside Specs
Both phones are available in only 3 colours. These colours are all relatively similar. In addition, the bodies are both machined from metal. The comparison ends there though, and the iPhone is much smaller and lighter than the HTC M8, in the main, due to the iPhone’s much smaller screen size.

That’s not a criticism of either phone. It just depends on your preferences. Android is going large screen crazy, and for now at least, the iPhone is the handset for those who want to keep their device to a more one-handed, pocketable design.

If you ignore the size differences, these two phones are equally well made, although slightly different in design. The HTC is curvy and smooth, whilst the iPhone is angular and sharp.

The smartphone war of specs has meant that in reality, once you start paying the top prices for a handset, the hardware is all so similar that it feels exactly the same in operation. You could argue all day about which phone is more powerful, but to be honest, both of these phones are as good as it gets in terms of cutting edge technology.

Even their screens are similar in quality, except for the fact that if you want to watch movies and play games, the HTC has a huge size advantage ver the iPhone. another HTC win comes in the Micro SD card slot, which means you can quickly and cheaply upgrade the phone’s storage capacity.

This could be a deal breaker in itself when you consider a pay-as-you-go iPhone with 64GB of internal memory costs a staggering £700! A micro SD card of similar volume will only cost a few month’s worth of iPhone insurance premiums in comparison.

When it comes to the camera, the iPhone is the clear winner. It’s better in daylight, low light and everything in between. The HTC does have some interesting effects though, and it’s a novel implementation of a smartphone camera.

The HTC does have a much larger battery than the iPhone, but it’s also a more power hungry phone to run. Expect both handsets to last an equal length of time.

Which Should You Buy?
If you watch movies or play games, the HTC is the better choice. The iPhone is quite overpriced for its size, despite packing in similar hardware specs. If you’re keen on keeping your phone size down, and you take a lot of photos, the iPhone is the better handset. Either way, you won’t be disappointed with either of these amazing smartphones.

Wendy Lin is a guest blogger and entrepreneur. She has spoken at many women's rights conferences and "women in the workplace" events.

How To Install WeChat on iPhone 3G [iOS 4.1 / iOS 4.2.1]

How To Install WeChat on iPhone 3G [iOS 4.1 / iOS 4.2.1]

If you go to AppStore and search for WeChat you won't be able to install WeChat on your iPhone 3G, I found an supporting version for iPhone 3G. In order to install WeChat from your computer download iTools or iFunBox( I recommend iFunBox ). Download WeChat from this link, It's a .rar so extract the ipa file into your desktop or somewhere else and make sure you have connected your iPhone 3g to your computer..

If you have downloaded iTools then run it, in Library tab click on Application sub tab. Now click add and select the ipa file you just extracted from the .rar file you downloaded.

iTools 2013 - WeChat

Then click install, it will take about 2-3 minutes to install. If we chat was installed successfully the blue color button Install would be yellow in color and the text would be Installed.

iTools 2013 - iPhone 3G - WeChat - iOS 4.1
if you have downloaded iFunBox, go to iFunBox Classic under connected devices you can see your iDevice, click User Applications then inside the User Applications right click and select Install or click on Install from the button you see on the top and select the ipa file you just extracted from the .rar you downloaded.

iFunBox - User Applications - Install - WeChat - iPhone 3G
It will begin installing(you will be shown a progressbar and the value is set for installation process). After the installation you will be shown a page where you can make sure the app was installed or not.

iFunBox - Installation - Successful - Failed

So after installing it, you will find it on your App menu.

iPhone 3G - App Menu - WeChat

So go ahead and launch it, if you already have an account you can just log in and if you don't you can sign up.

iPhone 3G - App Menu - WeChat

That's it. Now you have WeChat on your iPhone 3G. This WeChat version works on all devices that runs iOS 3.0 +. Please share this on your social networks and helps others.

6 Free Cleaning Apps You Must Have on Your Mac

As your Mac ages, you’ll probably begin to notice it becoming less efficient. The start-up process can begin to take longer, internet browsing can slow down, and applications that once ran smoothly can become jittery or laggy.

Cleaning Apps for Mac

The good news is that these problems are easy to address, all you need to do is download one of the many free professional Mac cleaning software packages and have it clear up your machine.

Here’s a list of the 6 best options out there for your consideration:

1. MacKeeper
MacKeeper doesn’t just provide a deep clean service for your Mac (removing redundant files and speeding it up), it also monitors all of the applications you use for updates and streamlines the process of downloading + installing them.

Keeping your programs up to date plays a key role in maximizing their efficiency. Furthermore, MacKeeper provides protection against all forms of malware designed to infect your Mac and steal your personal information / adversely affect its performance, making it the ultimate all-round Mac maintenance tool.

2. CleanMyMac 2
With a track record stretching for more than 4 years of providing top quality Mac software, this latest addition to the MacPaw inventory doesn’t disappoint.

Built on the successes of its predecessor, the software provides a quick and easy means of cleaning up any and all troublesome files sapping your valuable processing power. It’s easy to use and doesn’t intrude upon your day to day use of programs.

3. AppCleaner
AppCleaner focuses on helping you locate all of the hidden cache storages, redundant user preferences and installation protocols likely to be clogging up your machine, and then displaying them in a unique and intuitive interface that makes the process of eliminating them quick and easy.

There’s nothing fancy or flamboyant about the software, but the simple drag and drop nature of interacting with it means it’s appropriate for even the least tech-savvy users.

4. OnyX
OnyX is a multi-purpose tool aimed at helping you to not just speed up the performance of your machine, but streamline the way you use it by reconfiguring a large number of folders, menus and option settings to make everything more efficient.

Traditional Mac cleaning mechanisms such as the removal of redundant files are of course included, but there’s a whole host of additional general maintenance tools included as well.

5. AppleJack
AppleJack is a comprehensive suite of Mac recovery and restoration tools designed to help not just to speed up machines that are becoming sluggish, but recover those that have succumbed entirely to technical difficulties.

The program itself is designed to be a user-friendly troubleshooting assistant for Mac OS X, and can help you address issues, even if you’re struggling to load the GUI.

You can address virtually any issue from cleaning up useless files to restoring corrupt applications simply by installing the software and then restarting your Mac in Single User Mode.

6. EaseUS
One of the most basic packages on offer, EaseUS nonetheless constitutes an effective means of completely removing useless files and speeding up your machine.

There are no supplementary features or gimmicks, but it does what it is supposed to do, it’s easy to use, and most importantly it’s free!

Your Turn
Try them all and find out which one(s) work best for you, before leaving a comment below. If you feel our visitors should be aware of any other such programs, feel free to mention them too!

MacPing.com is the ultimate website where you can find everything you need to know about how to care, optimize and make the most out of your MAC. You can find information on how to speed up your Mac, different must-have software that works best, secrets on how to boost its performance, and many more. Come and visit us today! 

Best Products to Buy from Apple in 2014

The year 2014 is going to be an year of much enthusiasm and it is going to deliver some amazing products from the giant tech company Apple. Apple has decided to create some extraordinarily effective and great products for this year as per the CEO Tim Cook. The most highlighted and awaited products for the year 2014 from apple. These products are anticipated to really rock the tech market.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6
The next iphone from apple is expected to come with larger screen size that can come between 4.7 to about 5.7 inches. According to the information received it is said that the product is going to get released in two varying sizes for attracting users with different needs. The new iphone is going to be larger than the previous version released by the company. The ipad 5 cases will be available along with the product in the market so that you can keep your gadget free from any kind of problems. This larger iPhone is going to make use of A8 chip which is much faster and available at 20 nanometer. The display is also expected to come in curved shape. The gadget is expected to be in market by September or in the month of October.

iPad Pro
iPad Pro
Along with larger iPhone, apple is expected to release larger iPad along with the tablet lineup that it has. This is going to be something really bigger and much efficient compared to iPad mini and iPadAir.TheiPad Pro is expected to have a display which is about 12.9 inches in size and is almost similar to the size of MacBook Air which is about 13.3 inches. The pixel density that you are going to acquire from the display is going to be much higher and it is almost near to the ultra high definitions. It is not yet clearly known about the features that you can expect from this amazing product but the whole tech world is awaiting the release of the product.


The rumors and the news related with the iWatch was a great buzz among the tech savvies. The product is expected to get released by the year 2014. The smart watch that is going to get released can work as an accessory along with the iPad and iPhone. This watch can provide accessibility to iOs functions. The biometric functions are also included in this watch. The screen that is available with the watch is expected to be of sapphire glass which is ultra durable. The accessory is expected to go well along with iPad mini cases too.

Apple Television


The upgrades to Apple TV is going to be a reality this year and that is what most of the owners of the apple TV are waiting anxiously. The company is expected to release some new kind of set top box or are expected to put new features into Apple TV through which this particular product can become a fully blown TV that is suitable for all the users.

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Subramaniam is the author has been writing number of articles on different subject.He wrote more articles relating to Android phones.

Apple Bans UDID Accessing Apps, Boosting Privacy

UDID Accessing AppsApple has finally achieved its aim of outlawing all Universal Device Identifiers (UDID) in developer applications. As of May 1st, Apple automatically blocked applications which use UDID. Furthermore, any existing apps must use Apple’s Retina displays and the 4” iPhone 5 display.

It’s a sign Apple hasn’t had as much success as it wanted with convincing app developers to transition to the newest Apple devices and encouraging them to respect their new stance on privacy.

Apple has warned developers repeatedly about the use of the UDID for tracking. The UDID is a unique code which marks every piece of hardware. Developers often use it for advertising, upgrades, and tracking their customers. It’s also prominent with advertising networks. Apple will now ban developers and apps which use them.

The company has come up with an alternative. It developed the iOS 6 Advertising Identifier. This is a unique number not tied to a specific piece of hardware. The only way to change it is to reset the device. Many advertisers have expressed anger over the alternative, saying it’s a poor option.

In a further blow to advertisers, Apple has implemented a setting to limit ad tracking with the Settings app on the iPhone.

It’s certainly easier for consumers who don’t want to share information about what they’re doing. In making this change, Apple has conformed to the promise it made to the Senate subcommittee. During this 2012 hearing, it promised to be more transparent about issues surrounding privacy and tracking.

Many speculate the move came after a UDID database was released by the AntiSec hacking group. The database had one million UDIDs stored at the time. They claimed they had gained it from a laptop left by an FBI agent, but it still convinced Apple to act quickly.

Regardless of the views of developers, Apple has confirmed every app and developer using the UDID after 1st May will be banned.

How Does it Influence App Makers?
This tracking method has worked well for developers for some time. It doesn’t mean developers have no way of tracking their customers. As long as you’ve adequately prepared yourself for the change, there’s no reason why you should suffer because of this change.

Start by implementing alternative tracking technologies in each of your apps. Since there’s no universal method of tracking, you have to use a mix of technologies. Begin by switching to the IDFA.

IDFA still has its disadvantages. Its main drawback is it only tracks in-app traffic. It can’t track mobile web traffic. UDID could track both of these things. Developers are working around the ban by installing tracking which acts in much the same way as fingerprints. It matches clicks to your map installs and in-app conversions.

Clearly, this isn’t perfect, but it gives you a good idea as to your true traffic levels.

Verify whether you have been integrated with SDK. It should track users accurately without using UDIDs. If you can’t track without UDIDs, switch providers immediately. Choose a different provider who uses a range of tracking solutions. Use Google to get in touch with providers who have successfully made the transition from UDIDs.

Using an updated SDK gives you complete control over your use of UDIDs. Some providers integrated non-UDID versions prior to the ban. It had an option where you could keep UDIDs running until the ban came into force. If you haven’t updated to the latest version, update immediately to remove the use of UDIDs. Check the settings to make sure it’s switched off.

Neither of these tracking options is ideal. As of this writing, developers are still searching for alternative ways of getting the same high quality tracking returns as UDIDs offered.

John Kravz is a representative of Vpn-guru.com. Read more about hidemyass vpn.

Pink Mobile Phones- Pink Phones That Can Take On The World

Pink mobile phones are huge hits with the fashion conscious and those who just like to be a little bit different. You do not need to get a black or white phone with so many great colour options available, so why not get yourself a shiny pink one? In this article we will tell you about the best pink mobiles, depending on what kind of budget you are on.

Pink Mobile Phones for Budget Shoppers
There are many budget pink mobile phones to choose from, and these are great options for children’s phones. If you want to spend less than £100 on a new mobile, then we have found two fantastic options for you.

The first is the Nokia Asha 210, which has a full QWERTY keyboard that is ideal for young teens who want to type lots of messages. It is bright pink and loaded with a great media player for all those music tracks, it has a chat programme and even Wi-Fi access, so you can get online if you want to.

There is no 3G though, so you need not worry about constant Internet access that could be dangerous for the younger ones. The Asha has a 64 MB internal memory, but a cheap SD card will push that up to 32 GB, so there is plenty of room for music and photos that you take with the 2 MP camera that is on board. At just £70, the Nokia Asha 210 is the best budget buy on our list today, but we have another option too.

Nokia Asha 210 Pink

The Acer Liquid Z3 is a touch screen phone with full 3G connectivity, so it is a great budget buy for you or for an older teen. There is a dual core 1 GHz processor to keep things speedy and a three and a half inch touch screen in beautiful high resolution for great viewing and reading.

Acer Liquid Z3 Black

The Liquid Z3 has a 3 MP camera and a solid 4 GB internal memory, but again you can pump that up to 32 GB with an SD card. It is running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and whilst the device itself is black, it has an exchangeable back panel that comes in a range of colours, including hot Sakura Pink. It retails for just £80.

Mid-Range Pink Phones
If you are able to spend a bit more cash, then there are some great mid-range options for pink mobile phones. You will still be spending safely under £200, but by spending a little more you are going to get more features.

Our first great mid-range pink mobile is the Huawei Ascend W1.The Ascend is a Windows phone, running Windows 8, and is the only Windows model on our list, but it is an absolutely fantastic buy from a lesser known manufacturer in the UK (you can find out more about Huawei here). The Huawei Ascend W1 is a full touch screen phone running a powerful 1.2 GHz dual core processor for greater speed, and there is a fantastic full four inch high resolution display too, so this really is a high spec phone for its price.

Huawei Ascend W1 Pink

You get a great 5 MP rear facing camera, and even a cool front facing camera to use for taking pics of yourself of for video calling. Internal memory is 4 GB, but that SD card slot lets you go up to 32 GB. For only £130 the Ascend W1 is a great buy, though pink versions are available only through certain operators.

Our second mid-range choice is the BlackBerry 9720. This is a classic BlackBerry phone, with a complete QWERTY keyboard for easy typing, and of course the great office software that makes a BlackBerry such a good business phone choice.

BlackBerry 9720

The 9720 runs an 800 MHz processor, so it is not quite as speedy as the Huawei, but there is still plenty of punch there. The full colour screen is 2.8 inches, which is huge for a screen on a keyboard phone, so you will still get great viewing.

There is a 5 MP camera with LED flash, so you will get great pics no matter what the conditions are, and though there is only 512 MB of internal memory, that affordable SD card option will give you up to 32 GB. The BlackBerry 9720 is one of the cheapest BlackBerry options on the market, and will cost you only £170, and it is available in Hot Pink too.

A Top End Pink Phone
If you are not on a limited budget, then there is really only one clear choice for you when it comes to a fantastic pink mobile, and that has got to be the all new iPhone 5C, the first coloured iPhone choice that we have ever had.

iPhone 5C Pink Colored
The iPhone is everything that you would expect it to be and more, beautiful design, great style, and tons of hot features, Apple have made a phone that is not just good looking but has great performance as well. You get great connectivity on the 5C, including 4G LTE services so you can get speedy Internet on your mobile.

The dual core 1.3 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM keep the 5C responsive and fast, and a full high resolution four inch display gives you fantastic picture quality no matter what you are looking at. There is an 8 MP camera on board (with autofocus and LED flash, naturally), as well as a 1.2 MP front facing camera, so you can see who you are talking to. When it comes to memory, you have got a choice between a 16 GB and a 32 GB version, so it is up to you how much data you can store on your phone.

The iPhone 5C is not cheap, but you get great features for your cash. The 16 GB version will cost you £470, and the 32 GB version will cost you £550. This is by far the best pink mobile around though and is totally worth splurging on.

Phil Turner did not know a lot about pink mobile phones so he checked out websites like uSwitch to find out more about what ones were available to purchase for his daughter.

The Burning Question: How Can I become an iPhone Developer?

The Burning Question: How Can I become an iPhone Developer?
If you are in anyways related to the programming or development filed and are planning to move to towards iPhone development, and then there are some other considerations also other than having grip over basic programming skills. As you know that the iPhone applications and software market is booming significantly, and new updates and additional plug-ins are launched almost every day. If you can quickly compare the iPhone application of today with that installed in iPhone 2 or 3, then you will surely find a significant difference in many respects.

It is because of the fact that not only the exterior and interior hardware of the device is changing, it’s processing and adaptability is also changing significantly and speedily. For this reason, programmers with obsolete knowledge of applications and games are no more welcomed in the field of developing, and they are required to upgrade their programming toolbox and knowledge. Some of the basic things, from the many, that you will require to get command over for becoming an iPhone app developer are as under:

Get a Mac Device
Mac Hoo

Mac is a type of operating system that all Apple devices use, including the iPhone. It is like a backbone of Apple, and therefore, you need to have command over this operating system, and not just the one you are using currently. Windows is a common operating system and it is able to perform almost any job using this operating platform, but iPhone development. All your programming and other development skills will be tested on the Mac operating system and you will have to be aligned to all upgrades in the Mac OS.

Command over SDK
Iphone SDK Hoo
Do you think that object oriented programming is enough to be an iPhone app developer? Think again then. There is a command toolkit for every device that carries a set of programming protocols. This can be considered as the special language for that particular device, which carried some codes and variables that apply to the particular device only. For this reason, other than your command over C language, Java or any other programming language, you will have to learn the software Development Kit (SDK). For testing and implementing the language protocols, you will need the Mac system, and this gain defines the importance of having a Mac device.

App Submission
Apple Store Picc
You app will not be registered until you sent a file of it to the Apple app store for submission. The company wants to ensure that your application does not have any offensive or inappropriate content or images that can dilute the repute of the company. There are a number of applications that have been released without permission of Apple, but such applications can be banned at any time, and the developer or the sponsoring company can also be charged for it. For this reason, it is important that you follow the parameters set by the brand you want to target and generate your revenue from.

Apple Releases iOS 7.0.3 Update

Apple introduced iOS 7 It's latest OS however it accompanied several security flaws and other bugs. The biggest problem was iMessage issue. Some users were complaining that they were not able to send messages. In previous versions of iOS similar bugs were found and removed with updates. Engaged on a similar improvement policy Apple has released iOS 7.0.3 update that brings a number of new features and fixes.