Cost To Develop A Taxi Booking App Like Ola Or Uber

The digital transformation has made shots quicker and snappier for each business these days. In each industry, utilization of cutting edge has turned out to be significant to remain ahead in the challenge. One of the latest technologies appearing well and good in the business is mobile app innovation. The smartphone revolution has made changes in numerous companies to serve better than anyone might have expected with the assistance of mobility. Because of smartphone revolution and utilization, mobile app improvement has arrived and changed numerous businesses on the planet.

The degree for mobile app advancement organizations has expanded every year due to smartphone usages, where 85% of businesses are embracing mobile apps. One of the Enterprises, the conventional services are lethargic, less client faithfulness progressively costly for customers is Taxi booking business. At present, the mobile app came into the taxi booking Industry to reshape the whole customary business into modern taxi booking mobile apps.

In recent years, numerous Taxi Management Software came into urban communities and achieving more customers. Apps like OLA and Apps like Uber are associated with the customers to construct client unwaveringness. The Gaint organizations, for example, Uber and OLA, have one of a kind structure models for mobile apps, that shows they are imaginative and giving sufficient services to remain to stay in the focused world.

Numerous business individuals are hoping to create mobile apps for taxi booking services and chasing for ability mobile app improvement organizations. Taxi booking app advancement requires a creative and minding process, where it needs to create with some ability in mobile app improvement organizations. To build up a mobile app like OLA and Uber, there are as yet numerous things to be viewed as that drives whole booking activities to client feedbacks.

There are numerous people groups are hoping to build up a taxi booking app for their Taxi services. Countless mobile apps are, as of now put with taxi booking apps like Uber and Ola. As we are getting more request on what amount does it cost to build up a taxi booking app like Uber and Ola?, We made the post to clarify our perusers with precise cost estimation to build up a taxi booking app like Uber and Ola.

The Basic Features of Taxi Booking Apps

Register or Login: The app advancement organizations are escalated to build up the app that enables clients to enlist through OTP verifications or can enroll legitimately from social recruits.

GPS area User can stick the pickup and drop area, and it permits to follow the taxi headings and developments after taxi is reserved.

Ride fare Estimation–The clients can book the taxi, and it profits the absolute separation of movement with estimation fare from the area.

SMS and Push Notifications–The mobile apps like Ola and uber empowers the client to get pop-up messages on uncommon offers and limits, to send drivers taxi subtleties.

Ride History: This element and capacities help the client to demonstrate all the past ride subtleties alongside installment and pending transaction history.

Driver Rating: The propelled highlights of taxi booking app like Ola and uber enable customers to leave audits on each adventure.

Installments – The mobile app advancement for taxi booking accompanies installment area to pay the passage for drivers safely by enabling clients to include accounts more quickly.

Drivers profiles: The app improvement of taxi incorporates the component to see the driver's taxi subtleties, for example, taxi number and driver telephone number.

What amount does it cost to build up an app like Uber or OLA?

To build up the app like Ola and Uber, numerous conditions to be considered in evaluating the definite cost subtleties. What's more, the cost to build up a taxi booking app like Ola and Uber relies upon numerous capacities and highlights as it required the mastery app advancement organization charges the individual fee.

By one way or another, it is exceptionally difficult to choose the precise cost to build up the taxi booking apps like Ola and Uber. It requests many propelled highlights and straightforward structures, given the organization installment norms, the area of the organization and mobile app stages, for example, Android and iOS.

Contracting the Reliable App Development Company

The previously mentioned highlights and assurance can change the cost of creating apps like Ola and Uber. Choosing the best mobile app advancement organization give a strong and solid mobile app for your taxi administration. So before picking the correct mobile app improvement organization for such a well known app advancement like Ola and Uber, must survey the previous track works and a project achievement scale rate to know the skill of the improvement organization.

To Design and build up the app like Ola and Uber it needs the ability and experience, AIS Technolabs is one of the top mobile app advancement organization in India, holding practically more than 18+ long stretches of aptitude in building up the popular apps like Ola and Uber.

Contract our Mobile app engineers to realize your business thought. They are imaginative that their created mobile apps are making a tremendous sensation in the commercial center. Visit there portfolio to find out about their past works and projects that we planned and made apps fruitful in the aggressive world.

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Best Tips to speed up Android App Development

With charged and arthritic competition in the market of technology, the public demands a lot more. Expectations of human beings are being progressively enhancing because humans are relying upon much technology in the present scenario. Much technological business associations are facing complication dealing with the needs of large scale. Maintaining quality as well as the speed at the same time has become a major issue to be gazed upon. Many CEOs are struggling to take their app to market even before their competitors grasp their ideas. Since making quality Android development is an issue of concern, there are following tips to improve the standards in the market:-

•    Usage of latest tools:- Android development is not an easy nut to crack because it contains designing, prototyping, coding, testing and debugging in a limited time. So, rather than using the varying method to resolve these issues, coders should use many apps that had been created to resolve it easily. Apps such as genymotion, hierarchy viewer, leek canary,vysor, and butterknife and many more are meant to solve such issues in seconds.

•    Speeder low-fidelity wireframes:- Low fidelity wireframes are better than high fidelity wireframes because it is less detailed and more fluid giving the clear sketch to UI developers or designers. Getting directly into coding is not advisable for any Android Developers. The first and foremost step is to create a team of excellent coders, designers, developers, and project managers. Having a good sense of responsibility should be the criteria for android developer hire in a company.

•    Be flexible:-  The commonly accepted way to launch a flawless app is MVP(Minimal Viable Product). Launching a short app with minimal features is better than launching a full fledge blemished app. Android developers should always be flexible with what with what they are working and how is it working? Having customer feedback on each of the mini-projects will gradually increase the chances of creating a flawless application and will be more likely to appeal and succeed.

•    Envoy off core activities:- It is always advisable to offload activities such as measuring app analytics, converting subscribers to premium ones, etc. The developers should basically focus on the mobile engagement of that application rather than wasting time over the off-core activities. The pre-designed applets should be used for this because it needs only a single line of code.

•    Not to disqualify hybrid technique:- The hybrid app feature is used in the field where cross-platform application are performed. Most developers try to make native apps which has its own set of pros. But to work on different platforms at the same moment can only be accomplished by the creation of the hybrid application. Though it has its own set of drawbacks regarding its fluidity and robustness.

•    Opting automated scrutiny:-  Automated testing is a sure shot way to create a secure and fully tested app which is market ready. The advantage of automated testing lies where the product needs to pass manual testing. The predefined Automated testing techniques provide bug-free testing as well as improves test coverage.

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Denny Kelly is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. I would love to share thoughts on  react native android app and Game Design Development etc. 

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18 Must Follow Tricks for iOS App Development

Reinforcing Digital Interaction
Mobile Applications are the interface to the users to access their digital needs. They give access to different features of mobile to the users. As technology is rapidly changing day to day the applications need to be updated accordingly. Today there are more mobile users than desktop users because mobile apps are faster than desktop sites. One can instantly perform digital activities using Mobile Applications.

The widespread uses of Mobile Applications include Communication, Education, Social Media, and Marketing etc. The mobile applications are impacting the lives of people and there is no doubt in saying that it has increased the standard of living. The transformations in technology raised the demand for Applications which requires skill full App Developers.

ios: An Address for Uniqueness
ios have its uniqueness in its own way. Though Android is leading in the Smartphone Market its not at all a competition for ios. Ios have its special feature which will not match with any other device applications which give a great experience to users. To make use of ios in a better way one must have the right applications. In this context, ios app development has gained momentum.

Ios 8 is released as a successor of ios 7. In order to enjoy the high-end features of ios, ios 8 apps development plays an important role.

App Development Tricks
It is not a simple task to build an application. It is more complex in the case of ios. A developer should shape a concept correctly for efficient working. A developer needs to think vigorously to develop an application at the same time he should complete it in the time-bound given to him. In this course, a developer needs some information and inputs there are many blogs are sites which give required knowledge for the developers on various ideas and information but only a few can be a great resource to the developer.

These tricks will be a game changer to a developer helping them to add their app into the app store of Apple.

Contemplate your Idea
An application is developed to fulfill the users need. So, in order to develop a useful application, one must know the current trends in the industry.

Do not Neglect the Design
Many don't care about the design of the application and only focuses on error-free and efficiency in the program but, First Impression is the best impression so when the user first sees the application in the app store it should impact him for a moment.

Be a part of the Apple Developer Program
Not only training, but one will also get access to Apple's resources and can have knowledge in App analytics and beta testing tools

Be good at Obj C and Swift
Even though Ios apps can be developed using different programming languages, professionals suggest Objective C for developing ios applications. A recent language Swift is gaining momentum nowadays because with Swift app development is manageable.

Get Feedback
Before publishing in the App store one must check and test its success in the competitive market. This can be done by seeking the feedback of the developed application from random people, relatives, and friends.

Limit your Expectations
Apple guidelines are strict and it takes a long time to get permission to publish your application in the app store. With High expectations, some developers invest more on the application which ultimately put them in depression if not permitted by Apple. So Limited Expectations may give better outcomes.

Fit to the Screen
Many users hesitate to scroll the screen to left and right which is embarrassing. So make sure that your app is fit to the screen to avoid the scrolling's so that it looks nce.

Use Emulators to Review
Text and Images should be visible so that the user shouldn't zoom it. Using Emulators help you in reviewing the layout before being published in the App store.

Use Standard UI elements
The significant difference between Android and ios is UI elements which makes ones application intuitive.

Effective Error handling
A Logic error is quite common for any coder. The logic errors should be handled so that there should be no damage to the application to crash.

Maintain a Project Structure
A clear Picture and project structure makes your code organized which will decrease your count of bugs in the count.

Remember your Apple Id
In order to publish your application in the App store, one must remember the Apple id which used to sign the code. Developers should send the necessary files to the App store.

Consider Security
Apple makes HTTPS compulsory in the security point of view.

Ios is known for its security features Developers should also think about security as it is an important aspect in this cyber world.

Finally, Apple is very cautious with its guidelines. Hence to meet the requirements of Apple one must stick to the rules.

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Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by iOS 8 Apps Development . I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.

Top 4 Steps to Improve Performance Appraisal in Company

Top 4 Steps to Improve Performance Appraisal in Company
Employees are the soul of company and keeping them happy is the most important thing to consider. Offering a better working environment, handsome and timely package are certain things that need to be followed in the right way. Effective and well manage data base in a huge firm is important for keeping a close watch over services of employees efficiency and performance. This ultimately helps in performance appraisal of the employees and keeping them happy for long term.

There are software that allows the company to keep track of the performance of each employee and following it for long term. However, this appraisal solution is later divided into 4 different steps which are mentioned below:

· Assessing Job Performance:  The ratings of the employee’s performance entirely depend on the company’s performance.  However, the evaluation process is quite hectic. The process involves observing and keeping the record of each employee by using performance appraisal software which brings down the issues. The solution helps in tracing productivity, problem solving abilities and quality of work primarily; also factors like attitude, co-operation, communication etc.

· Ratings and Rankings: Once the rating is done, the assessment is processed by superior authorities, which consist of team or individual. Through the help of software, they post their comments and suggestions for the same. The comments section contains improvements, suggestions, goals to be achieved, potential of employees, etc.

· Remarks: The software also helps to improve the efficiency of the employee. Employers can generate a separate column to put down remarks through which employee need to work on in order to improve their performance. This certainly helps in working hard on required points and stay focused on the work. While evaluation, it is advisable to give examples of strengths and weaknesses of the employees this will help on working on the same in a better way.

· Seeking Feedback: The software also comes with feedback section that will help the employee to give feedback and approach the authorities regarding the assessment. They can also raise question regarding the same.

The main aim of having performance appraisal software is to get connected with employee through evaluating them and helping to keep their performance well for long term. Using of such software will certainly boost the working environment of the staff and take the company to the forward level.

Top Rated Android Casino Apps for This Year

 Android Casino App

If the world casinos in Las Vegas are only a mirage for you, nowadays you can test your playing qualities in the most convenient way for you. Nowadays you can choose from a variety of casino apps, available for android. If you consider yourself a gambling type of person you have certainly tried at least one or two of these applications.

Despite the fact that when playing in the casino you are able to perceive the whole ambience and experience unforgettable emotions, some apps are still very well designed and you can amuse yourself effectively, while playing one or two games per day.

The best rated android casino apps for this year are the following:

1. Spider solitaire
The Spider Solitaire is an app that is already available for android. It tends to be one of the most popular free Spider Solitaire game and is a truly solitary experience. It is a version of solitaire and the goal is to place all the cards in each suit in stacks of descending suit sequence. The version of this game is exactly the same as that for the Windows, so if you have played it on your computer it won't be difficult for you.

The rules are simple and you can move to a different level of difficulty, while you attempt to tackle 3 and 4 suit games and become a master of the Spider Solitaire.

2. Jackpot city
This is an app that is perfectly compatible with Android devices. The wonderful visuals and the and the outstanding sounds will definitely impress the players. This is thanks to the fact that this mobile casino app is powered by Microgaming. It provides the players with eleven casino games, all of them from different gambling genres. It include games like Mega Moolah, Tomb Raider, Blackjack and Roulette.

The mobile casino players can also get in touch with a 24/7 customer support service, which could also be contacted through the phone. They will solve any issues connected to your playing on the City Mobile Casino App. The software of this app is second to none, with a very high quality. The game's graphics easily leads the players into the theme of the game and they can freely enjoy this magnificent experience. The easy structure of the game is another advantage of this casino app. Everything is set up in a way which would be the easiest for the user.

3. Party casino
Party casino mobile app is powered by the in-house development team of Party Gaming. The players can enjoy a wide range of casino games but firstly they should use the QR code that could be found of on the mobile page of the casino to get the app or they must open the casino's website and download it directly from there. The website has the quality to automatically detect the phone type and will deliver the appropriate casino app.

The mobile players can place real money bets on the outstanding collection of games at Party Casino. The players can always seek the help of the professional customer support of the helpful and motivated team. The flashy lights are particular for this online app casino game. The casino is made to work perfectly through the touch function. The players are given a wide variety of depositing or withdrawing options. The bank information is well encrypted so players do not to have to worry about the banking information.

4. Gaming club
This is a casino app that is also provided with software and games by Micro-gaming. This is a guarantee for the excellent experiencing of the customers, with a perfectly made interface. You just need to open the Gaming club through the mobile browser and follow the simple steps. There is a wide variety of games available to the players, appropriate for everyone's taste. There are cover table games card games, slots, progressive games as well as virtual racing games.

The wonderful software offers the players the most exciting mobile gaming experience. The colorful and bright colors of the visuals will immediately draw your attention. There is a reliable customer support and the team will help you to resolve any issues through a Live chat Feature, phone or by email. There exist plenty of depositing options for the players and the same goes for players who are willing to withdraw their money from the earned winnings.

These are some of the most popular casino apps for android for this year. Even if you are not keen on gambling or spending your leisure at playing games some of them will definitely appeal to you. Bring the atmosphere of the real casino and enjoy the great variety of games.

Author Bio: Gayle Grant is blogger and writer who writes about technology and gambling. His passion is Punto Banco articles but he is also keen on different casino games.

6 Free Cleaning Apps You Must Have on Your Mac

As your Mac ages, you’ll probably begin to notice it becoming less efficient. The start-up process can begin to take longer, internet browsing can slow down, and applications that once ran smoothly can become jittery or laggy.

Cleaning Apps for Mac

The good news is that these problems are easy to address, all you need to do is download one of the many free professional Mac cleaning software packages and have it clear up your machine.

Here’s a list of the 6 best options out there for your consideration:

1. MacKeeper
MacKeeper doesn’t just provide a deep clean service for your Mac (removing redundant files and speeding it up), it also monitors all of the applications you use for updates and streamlines the process of downloading + installing them.

Keeping your programs up to date plays a key role in maximizing their efficiency. Furthermore, MacKeeper provides protection against all forms of malware designed to infect your Mac and steal your personal information / adversely affect its performance, making it the ultimate all-round Mac maintenance tool.

2. CleanMyMac 2
With a track record stretching for more than 4 years of providing top quality Mac software, this latest addition to the MacPaw inventory doesn’t disappoint.

Built on the successes of its predecessor, the software provides a quick and easy means of cleaning up any and all troublesome files sapping your valuable processing power. It’s easy to use and doesn’t intrude upon your day to day use of programs.

3. AppCleaner
AppCleaner focuses on helping you locate all of the hidden cache storages, redundant user preferences and installation protocols likely to be clogging up your machine, and then displaying them in a unique and intuitive interface that makes the process of eliminating them quick and easy.

There’s nothing fancy or flamboyant about the software, but the simple drag and drop nature of interacting with it means it’s appropriate for even the least tech-savvy users.

4. OnyX
OnyX is a multi-purpose tool aimed at helping you to not just speed up the performance of your machine, but streamline the way you use it by reconfiguring a large number of folders, menus and option settings to make everything more efficient.

Traditional Mac cleaning mechanisms such as the removal of redundant files are of course included, but there’s a whole host of additional general maintenance tools included as well.

5. AppleJack
AppleJack is a comprehensive suite of Mac recovery and restoration tools designed to help not just to speed up machines that are becoming sluggish, but recover those that have succumbed entirely to technical difficulties.

The program itself is designed to be a user-friendly troubleshooting assistant for Mac OS X, and can help you address issues, even if you’re struggling to load the GUI.

You can address virtually any issue from cleaning up useless files to restoring corrupt applications simply by installing the software and then restarting your Mac in Single User Mode.

6. EaseUS
One of the most basic packages on offer, EaseUS nonetheless constitutes an effective means of completely removing useless files and speeding up your machine.

There are no supplementary features or gimmicks, but it does what it is supposed to do, it’s easy to use, and most importantly it’s free!

Your Turn
Try them all and find out which one(s) work best for you, before leaving a comment below. If you feel our visitors should be aware of any other such programs, feel free to mention them too! is the ultimate website where you can find everything you need to know about how to care, optimize and make the most out of your MAC. You can find information on how to speed up your Mac, different must-have software that works best, secrets on how to boost its performance, and many more. Come and visit us today! 

ASO - App Store Optimization: How to Get Found On the App Store

ASO - App Store Optimization
Now that you have spent all of this time and money creating your app, you want to make sure it is downloaded and installed by as many people as possible. The most sure fire (and secure) way of doing this is by adding it to one of the big app stores online. There are four of them, and the one you list your app on is dependent upon which operating system you have built your app for.

The big online stores are run by Apple, Google, Microsoft and BlackBerry. However, getting listed on one of their stores is no small task. Not only do you have to prove that your app is secure and stable, you also have to have created an interesting or original app (an original idea), otherwise there is a large chance that the app will be rejected.

Surely once I am on an app store the battle is won
Actually, this is where the battle begins. You can create your own website for your app, but few people will download your app because a lot of people have trouble trusting third party sites. People know that if they buy from Apple, Google, Microsoft or BlackBerry, then the apps have been tested and are far less likely to be insecure of holding a virus/malware. So you need to get yourself on a large app store, at which point you need to start competing with the other apps on there.

The app store with the least amount of apps is BlackBerry, who have a store that holds 100,000 apps. This is no small number, and that is a lot of competition. The company with the most apps is Apple who have over 700,000 apps listed on their app store. So how do you compete with so many other apps? Here are some tips that apply to all four major app sellers.

Consider your key phrases carefully
These are similar to the tagged words that you use with a blog. Your key phrases should revolve around the things that users are going to type into Google and the app store search engines. Do not forget that Google posts results from app stores, so you cannot ignore the influence of Google.

You need to pick and include key phrases to go with you app. Each store allows you to add a certain number of key phrases, so look at what other people have used who have similar apps to yours. Think up some key phrases, type them in, and see if any of your competitors appear on the search results. If they do not, then you may need to re-think your key phrases.

Post a very useful and comprehensive description
Some of the app stores will optimize your app on the search results with what you write on your app description. Some of them will actually lower your search ranking if you only add a small description of your app. Try to make the description comprehensive, very descriptive, but easy to read. Do not be overly promotional as most app stores reject overly promotional app descriptions.

Short, sharp and concise paragraphs
This will make your app description more readable, so that when your app is found, more people will be willing to consider buying your app. Your first paragraph on your description is very important in some of the app stores.

A very appealing mini description
The mini description is the description that appears besides your app when it is searched for within the app store itself. On the search results you will see your mini description appear next to the icon for your app. Sometimes this description appears on the Google search results too, so it is very important that you get it right.

There are two ways that this can be done, and the first is to enter your mini description in the space provided. However, some of the app stores will take the first paragraph of your app description as your mini description. So you need to make sure your first paragraph is short, sharp, saleable, concise and very appealing.

A good and attractive app icon
This is something you should do because some people judge an app by its icon. If yours looks cheap or silly then you are going to lose sales, especially when your icon appears besides the more professional looking ones on the app store.

John Kravz is a representative of Read more about torguard vpn.

Best Apps To Make Christmas Easier

Best Apps To Make Christmas Easier

Christmas is approaching and as many of you rush around, preparing the food and buying/wrapping the presents things can get pretty hectic. Fortunately there a number of great apps to help take some of the stress away. There are many apps to be taken advantage of which can really ensure this time of the year becomes less stressful. For those wishing to ease into the festive season, consider some of these useful apps:

The Christmas List
You'll be able to control your Christmas shopping with this app, keeping track of everything you've purchased as well as everything you still need to buy. The app keeps track of prices, provides you with ideas and adds contacts from your own contact book. It's an ideal app for those that require clarity and precision at this time of year as well as those looking to keep to a budget. Christmas shopping no longer needs to be the overwhelming mission it can be anymore.

Gift Wrapping Instant Expert
Many people will actively love buying and receiving presents but this time of year always tests one's patience with sellotape. Wrapping gifts can be a chore but this creative app is designed to reduce that stress with hints, tips and great techniques. For those who feel like they're ready to take the next step, you can learn how to create bows, produce personalised gift tags and even set up gift baskets for a specified recipient, adding some spice to the usually mundane procedure.

Christmas Cookies - Heavenly Recipes
Christmas is a time of indulgence and the time of year when people forget the diet and embrace the season. Christmas cookies are always a classic, easy to bake and enjoyed by everyone. This app makes it even easier with its sophisticated interface and easy-to-understand recipes, perfect for all budding chefs. For the required ingredients, the app even includes a shopping list feature allowing you to add the ingredients, making it easier once you hit the supermarket as opposed to writing everything down.

Providing you have a good fibre optic broadband connection, Cards is a great app that changes the way you send off your Christmas cards this year. You can choose from a large array of cards, themes, backgrounds and messages, and then log in with your ID to send them out, eliminating the need for envelopes and stamps and post-office queues entirely. It's something different and special and those that are printed are done so with high-quality paper, ensuring a unique twist on a Christmas tradition.

Christmas Countdown
Finally, the Christmas Countdown app is a minimal app that records the days left until the big day. Not only does it count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to Christmas, it also allows the user to play a selection of their favourite Christmas songs and carols, fully immersing them into the festive season. For those looking for an extra whimsical touch, the app features a range of different, festive backgrounds whilst some may wish to use photos from their own personal library.

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Lindsey is a stay at home mum and blogger. She understands how stresful the holiday period can be and is always keen to find ways to make it a little easier! 

Free Folder Locking Software : Rabbit Locker

Today we launch Rabbit Locker.
To keep your files / folders safe in seconds.

this will be protected by a password.
watch the video and download the app.

try to run the app as Admin just in case if you find any troubles.
just run the setup and it will install just a .exe file in the folder you want or use the default folder.
this app require internet connection for registration.

problems questions don't wait just ask :)



Main View Of App[by Softpedia]
another view of Rabbit Locker[by Softpedia]

Image Source

Download From Softpedia