The Best Mobile Tracking Software of All Times

Mobile technology came into an evolution and mobile spy software has become a trend in the recent years. Many of the mobile consumers have become very interested in using mobile spy software and with the growing numbers of the services that are made available online, the choices are numerous. In order to give the mobile consumers the ability to make an informed and wise purchasing decision on which mobile spy software to subscribe to, here is the best mobile tracking software of all times that you can choose from.


If you need a reliable spy software program that can help you monitor your loved ones and employees and to extend a more efficient parental control over your children anywhere they may be, the Netspysoftware provides you a monitoring application that offers reliable tracking features at an affordable subscription rate. The spy software can help its users to remotely track down calls, messages and multimedia files with innovative features that perform its tasks on a silent mode. The mobile spy app has great functionalities that are capable of monitoring your children’s mobile browsing activity and you can selectively restrict the access to some websites not suited to your child’s age. It is capable of sending you alerts on important activities that you want to closely monitor on the tracked phone too. The app also has a GPS feature that can track down the monitored device’s location in real time which is perfect in monitoring your field employees and love ones’ whereabouts, giving you reliable spy software and tracking program that works to your satisfaction.


If you need mobile spy software that will not falter in its performance even without GPS connectivity, Mobistealth is a good spy app to consider. It is powered with surveillance tools and features that can track down the monitored phone even without an internet connection. In the absence of a WiFi connection, the app will continue to track and record the activities that are taking place on the monitored phone which helps the user not to miss important tracking data. The spy software tracks the web browsing history on the monitored device and you can listen on every call that is received or made from the phone including the sound from its surroundings. Among the other features from the spy software include SIM change notification, retrieval of the multimedia files and documents, call log, and messaging tracking.


This is powerful mobile tracking software that can provide its users the ability to monitor a target device on a stealth mode. The spy software tracks down all the activity in the monitored phone and sends feedback immediately to the remote account that is connected to the spy software. Even when the history of the monitored calls or messages sent and received from the device have been deleted, the spy app has already made a detailed report on the tracked mobile phone that you can later on retrieve from your mSpy account. You can also remotely control the monitored device using your mSpy account and have the capability of deleting the mobile data stored in it or to remotely password protect the phone.

My Mobile Watchdog

This mobile application is tailored to deliver parental control features. The app provides parents the ability to block certain mobile applications including the camera and mobile browser on the phone. You can also block other applications on the device like social networking apps, mobile games and instant messaging. It also helps to limit the time that children can spend on using the device. Its monitoring features include GPS tracking, call log and messages reports and sending alerts about specific activities that are of primary concern to parents. It is easy to access control over the blocked applications on the phone by locking it down with a password and you can grant temporary access to those apps as well.

This is a small yet powerful app, it has great stealth features and is discrete from the get go. Using little resources this app ensures that the device owner does not face slow device performance and battery issues. Having extensive monitoring and tracking features such as location tracking, call recording, remote app blocking, usage scheduling and many others make this app useful in a multitude of scenarios from concerned parents wanting to watch over their kids to smart employers wanting better management and productivity to personal data security and partial backup. Xnspy provides smart features to automate your monitoring and tracking tasks, leaving you to work on other important things. It has powerful failsafe features that can prove invaluable in worst case scenarios of loss or theft of the device – remotely lock the device or wipe all data preventing anyone from viewing the private and confidential information stored on the smartphone or tablet. This app works hard so that you can take it easy.

Stealth Genie

This mobile spy software is capable of running on a monitored phone silently. As it records the surroundings of the target phone and all calls that are being made and received, no traces of tracking software can be detected. It is a good monitoring spy app on mobile that you can use to silently track down employee productivity and even cheating spouse’s activities. It gives you a 360 degrees view on the saved bookmarks from the mobile browser as well as the internet browsing history on the device.

Spy Bubble

The application has a geo location tracking capability and live call monitoring specialty that runs stealth, leaving your spying activities undetected. The app usually sends the latest updates on its features and functionalities to its users to further enhance their mobile spying experience. It has an auto logging feature that keeps track and record all mobile activities in real time with detailed reports that you can retrieve later on from your Spy Bubble account.

The Future Of Tracking

The Future Of Tracking

GPS Tracking Costs

As the use of GPS tracking gets less expensive the possibilities for its use become too many to even list. But we’re gonna try anyway!  Just imagine a tracking unit on anything expensive, well we have that now actually. But it gets a little difficult to track things that are only slightly expensive. For example liquor bottles at a bar, now if you get down to it they are relatively inexpensive to purchase, especially for a bar.  They buy in such volume that an average bottle of rum like Captain Morgan will probably cost them $13 or $14 (probably even less). But if they are able to pour 40 or 50 shots of rum from one bottle at $4.50 a shot, that $13 bottle is now worth $225!  Now take that across the board, or bar in this case, and you have a lot of money in liquor.

If you are able to track those bottles and the number of times they are turned over to be poured what would the value of that be?  Imagine a bar being able to count the number of time a bottles is poured from, compare that to the night’s receipts and bam, you now know if anyone is skimming off the top!
Staying on the bar and restaurant theme think about the equipment onsite. Large refrigerators and dish washing equipment can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. If you are able to link these machines to a tracking app you can measure the amount of cycles they run through in any given time period. Compare that to the maintenance on these units and owners can see how efficient their equipment really is operating, ort how they can operate more efficiently.

The Pad Lock

I’ve always thought the pad lock was a good idea but if you put that pad lock onto a small object that was easily removed from its location then what was the point?  Imagine a small tracker in a pad lock, not only can it tells you if it’s been moved, but it can tell you if it’s been tampered with or even if and when it was unlocked.  I can think of a lot of applications for a device like this.  A commercial company that has equipment in the field that is locked up well out of the sight of people would love to have a tool like this. What if you went on holiday for a few weeks and left your new grill locked up on the patio.  Will it be there when you get back?  If it is not then just track the lock and see if it’s still with the grill.

GPS feature in phones

We have the ability to find and track our mobile devices now.  They in fact use more than just GPS actually; these devices that are cellular devices can use triangulation from cell towers to find their location.  While it’s not as accurate GPS it does work well.  How about putting this technology into items like watches or your wallet?  Well I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised to know this is already happening.  There are many different products on the market that can track your wallet or purse for you now.  Technology has come a long way and it’s only going to get better, smaller and less expensive.  We can look forward to saving a lot of time and money in everything we do, simply because of technology!
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