5 Tips for Creating an Effective Showcase Site

To make a showcase site is a bit like building a house. You have to find the right location and then progress in stages:

The foundations,
the closed and the covered (wall and roof),
interior fittings (partitions, water features),
embellishments (decoration, painting).

If you want to create your showcase website or redo an existing website, here are the 5 tips for creating an efficient website optimized for SEO.

Define the goals of your showcase site
Before you start creating your site, ask yourself these questions related to your e-marketing:
To whom your showcase site,

what are your customer targets?
What offers do you offer and what do they have of specific, who are your competitors and what do they offer? This analysis will allow you to identify active competitors on the internet who are among the first in SEO. By studying what they did, you will better understand how to reference a website.

If you're doing a website redesign, with Google Analytics, analyze your traffic. How many visitors a day, how long do they stay on the website, what are the most viewed pages. Therefore, set goals.

Define your website creation budget showcase
A showcase site is an investment,and like any investment, there must be a return on investment. It is in these relationships that the question of the cost of creating a website must arise because you will not only set a budget but especially consider where this budget should be invested:

In the creation or redesign of the website?
In web design?
In the purchase of images?
In writing text content?
In creating a blog?

Also, you have to define if you want:

Make your website and be autonomous to animate it. Today you find very professional website creation software that simplifies the creation of web pages to allow you to focus on the indispensable, the content,

has your website created by a web agency? Take the time to choose your partner: communication agency, freelancer, web designer, the solutions are numerous,and none are perfect. The brief and your budget analysis will allow you to compare the proposals on an objective basis and to understand better how the proposed rates are calculated.
Reserve your domain name

Buying a domain name is done through a registrar (OVH, Gandhi, Amen). The registrar is an operator who manages for you the availability of domain names and their attribution.
Buying a domain name represents a cost of around € 15 to € 20 per year.

If you go through a web agency, make sure that the purchase is made in your name and that you own the domain name.

If you use a website creation software, the purchase of a domain name is generally included in the price of the subscription.

Define the terms on which you want your showcase site to be found
We are talking here about keywords. It is essential, from your marketing strategy, to define all the keywords and phrases that best define your business.

If you go through a web agency, make sure that this work is integratedinto the quote and, when creating the showcase site, require the delivery of your full lexical field (all of your keywords ranked by priority).

If you are using website creation software, contact technical support for advice on:
how to find keywords, or place the keywords on a website.

Work your information contents
The quality of your showcase website depends largely on your images and your texts.
When a visitor reaches on your website, it gives 1 to 2 seconds maximum, before deciding to stay or go out. So you have to catch your eye immediately.

Images, photos, videos play this essential role because they carry a message and contribute to the design of your website.

Choose them with care, prefer photos with characters, be exact on their quality.