How IOT is all set to Revolutionize the Marketing Industry?

How IOT is all set to Revolutionize the Marketing Industry?

The internet of things has gained traction since the value derived from data has considerably increased. The big data technology has provided organizations capabilities to make sense of their unstructured data. This has given way for more number of objects with embedded computing to collect more and more data. The trends indicate that by 2020 a staggering 50 billion objects with embedded computing systems would be bringing about revolutionary changes in the world.

One of the major changes that internet has brought in recent years is evolution of social media which is now becoming epicenter of online marketing. Similarly mobile internet backed by growth of Smartphone market has provided marketers an opportunity to collect real time information about their customers.

Customer Feedback through IOT

In today’s competitive market, internet has provided customers with knowledge and easily available options to select the best products at best prices. This implicates invoking customer loyalty is a big challenge for marketers.  The best way to counter this problem is to get feedback from the customer to tailor made the product or service according to customer preference.  The customers are less interested in providing feedbacks when they have plenty of options. The IOT devices with embedded computing and sensors can easily track the customer experience of the product. For example a sensor in a car can give car makers an idea on the usage pattern and performance overview of their product. This means instant feedback can be obtained which will help marketers to improve the product to suit customer preference.

Self Maintenance for better Customer Experience

One of the biggest reasons for customer dissatisfaction with a product or a service is when they have to call the technical support team after product or service is down.  A good product or service with a bad maintenance process can make customers switch to other brands. The IOT can support self diagnostics and through constant monitoring IOT objects can contact the support team before the product goes down altogether. For example, you are visited by an electrician to repair your air conditioner even before you made any call or even noticed that your cooling system is ineffective. This will create a wow effect amongst the customer with a maintenance process exceeding customer expectation.

Social Media Marketing through IOT

Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc have become a make or break branding platform for all the organizations irrespective of their size. Social media marketing efforts are easier to implement and much easier to monitor. There is an upsurge in organic traffic of the websites due to social media marketing. IOT will be the next big thing in the social media marketing trend as they can be optimized to generate automated posts. IOT can play a major role in observing social media communities to effectively target audience.  This will help marketers in keeping one step ahead of the coming trends to bank on them.

IOT has a huge potential to implement path breaking marketing strategies. More and more adoption of IOT technology will force marketers to innovate their marketing with the help of this technology. The combination of IOT and big data will provide unprecedented business intelligence to marketers which will evolve the whole marketing industry.

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Guest Blogging Vs. Article Marketing: The Contest Heats Up

Guest Blogging Vs. Article Marketing: The Contest Heats Up

Internet searchers channel out all articles holding copied substance. Most article indexes characteristic posts that have been distributed on handfuls and even many different locales. Along these lines, the substance distributed in article catalogues is not exceptional. Then again, guest blogging includes composing a totally extraordinary post for another person site or website. Provided that you distribute your article on a trustworthy website, you will get several quality backlinks.

About Guest Blogging and Article Marketing
Both procedures include composing substance that will be posted on another person site. Despite what system you utilize, you will be permitted to embed a connection to your site into the asset box. In the vicinity of 99% of the locales and writes that permit guest posts won't permit an article that has been distributed someplace else some time recently. The coming of programmed tameness programming has made many spamming catalogues with in excess of six billion duplicates of a revamped article. Guest blogging has far less spamming.

A portion of the fundamental profits of article marketing are:
  • Free publicizing 
  • Increased activity 
  • Online systems administration and introduction 
  • Relevant backlinks 
  • Link prominence
Quality articles that get grabbed from registries and republished on different sites can carry you relentless activity and increment the amount of connections indicating your site. Guest blogging has very nearly the same profits as article marketing. Some SEO specialists accept that guest posting creates higher quality interfaces than article accommodation. Furthermore, guest posting can help you build validity online and get new bookworms for your website or site.

The competition: going on for since the dawn of the internet
Throughout the last couple of years, the adequacy of article indexes has diminished because of copy substance. Numerous webmasters submit low quality articles just for getting a backlink. When you offer to compose a guest post, the web journal manager will oblige you to give high calibre content. This third party referencing strategy can help you get focused on movement and subscribers, secure yourself as a compelling voice in your corner, and pick up presentation on the Internet.

Guest posting pounds article marketing hands. While both routines work, guest blogging is an improved method for building pertinent connections and advertising your online business. In the event that you need quicker brings about terms of SEO, you can utilize different methodologies within expansion to guest posting. Everything comes to what amount of time you are ready to contribute commercial how hard you are ready to work.

Getting more individuals to read your sites or your articles are evidences that you are well known in the field that you are in. Prevalence can accelerate more movement and therefore your site's prosperity.

There are clashing thoughts on which can get you more famous, yet you could make certain that doing both you can truly realize this. Blogging and article marketing can give you more excellent arrive at and all the more well known in the specialty market you are in.

In article marketing, the catalogues you are submitting your articles to, regularly won't permit pictures or steer connections to different destinations. You can influence your article substance from your articles to the websites you posted and you might see much more stupendous effects. Investigating on web journals in your specialty can give you more thoughts for substance in your articles.

Harold J is a professional guest blogger. He loves to write tips and tricks on how to write guest post to get better search engine ranking.

New Choices for Domain Names for Your Website

Choices for Domain Names Infographic

In the spring of 2014 a vast range of new domain name extensions are going to open up, with industry specific extensions becoming available after the dot, such as .photography, .london and .wedding.

It's likely that in time what's after the dot could become as important as what's before the dot and it allows for the whole of your domain name to have meaning.  Some of the most popular domain extensions that will be available are:
  • .photography
  • .london
  • .web
  • .services
  • .ltd
  • .blog
  • .hotels
  • .football
  • .wedding
  • .training
  • .media
  • .holiday
The Business Week article - New Domain Names are in the Works has more information on the latest domain names.

This gives you a wealth of extra choice in deciding what you want to name your website and it's likely that these extensions will be become important for SEO (appearing high with search engines) too.

Given that there's more choice in what to call your website, how do you go about deciding on your domain name?  The infographic gives some suggestions that are important to consider when deciding what to name it, both from a user-friendliness perspective and from an SEO perspective, whether you're looking to launch your website locally, nationally or internationally.

The "New choices for domain names for your website" infographic was designed by Allison Carmichael at Indigoextra Ltd, a creative multilingual web design and SEO company.  Allison has 2 boys and created the infographic to compare naming a new baby with choosing the name of your website.  It wouldn't surprise me if people put as much thought into both!

Allison lives in Montpellier, South France and is a film fanatic of all genres (although there's only a few French films she likes) and is home educating her two boys.  For work, Allison is the Art Director of Indigoextra Ltd and runs the graphic design team.

Does Online Advertising Really Work?

Online Advertising

Does online advertising really work? Yes it does.
A lot of people still doubt whether online advertising really works and whether it is of any benefit to their business. Some still opt for old school methods placing adverts in the yellow pages or by relying on word of mouth. Although beneficial to some degree, it's not as effective or cost effective as advertising online. Besides with the growth of the internet and the worlds heavy dependence on it, it makes sense to be where everyone is searching for their solutions.

Unfortunately for the people who have yet to venture down this path, with this current economy where word of mouth and the yellow pages just aren’t enough, they are being forced (positively) to consider alternatives.

Why doesn't it work?
Of course there are people who have tried online advertising and concluded it doesn’t work. This is probably due to a lack of knowledge and expertise when it comes to online advertising. To get the best from your advertising it takes a trained professional to manage your account, although the idea sounds costly, it would save you a lot of money in the long run.

Where to advertise?
Of course advertising will not work if you are advertising in the wrong place. There are a vast amount of platforms to advertise through but the for runner is Google. It makes sense when millions of people take to google daily looking for products, solutions and businesses. Google operates on two networks, the search network (where people are looking for your product or service by googling keyword terms) and the display network (ads and banners that appear on websites, related to your business). There are clearly obvious differences. Firstly, the search network is full of people actively searching for what your business offers, whether that be a solution to a problem or a particular product. the display network is considered interruption marketing because you are displaying ads to people on other websites who may not be interested in your products or service at all. The hope is you grab their attention and they decide you have something to potentially offer.

Be specific
Advertising will also not work if you are general. On the search network (keyword based) if you are not specific enough with your keywords, likely-hood is you will pay a lot of money for traffic (clicks) which may be of no value to you at all. For example, advertising that you sell cheese by using the keyword cheese is far too general. However advertising that you sell Stilton cheese is more specific. The more specific you can be the more reliable your traffic will be and you increase your chances of qualifying leads more often. On the display network aim for high volume traffic websites again will only be detrimental. Advertising that you sell cheese on a garden furniture website is probably not going to benefit your business, rather choose food related websites or recipe blogs.

With that said, if your product is considered an impulse buy, you can do very well from advertising in irrelevant places but there is no guarantee.

The solution and answer is pretty simple. Online advertising does work, if, you advertise in the right place and in the right manner. According to Sound Solutions Internet online advertising can help increase your revenue 10 fold. Investing into the right market place can be very benefical for your business.

Mike Lewis - I'm a retail business owner who uses Google Ad words. I have had a lot of success and would highly recommend it.

The Heart Of Successful Entrepreneurship

The Heart Of Successful Entrepreneurship
Love your consumers and they will definitely love you back. In the world of entrepreneurship, there is no other way to be successful and to stay ahead than to captivate not only the eyes and the hearts of clients, but to also win over their trust. Your business may be wrapped up in gold and silver and the packaging may be perfect, but what determines the longevity of your business is your capability to respond to what your consumers need and want.

Surely, there are millions of online giants out there, but never should you think that you are not capable of reaching their position. Like you, they have started small once and one thing you should do is learn from their mistakes and triumphs because if life is a continuous process of growth and learning, so is entrepreneurship. It is never stagnant and you must never be complacent. Your main goal should be to properly deliver what your clients want and keep them happy. Your clients are the mirror of your business. If you are doing great, your clients are satisfied, but if it is the other way around, prepare for their frowns and grumps of dissatisfaction.

Online Engagement
The best thing about social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is that they can be your channels and they can be your bridge to a better and brighter future. But first, you must also determine the goals and the target of your business before you choose a site that can be the best marketing strategy for your company. A lot of people have been successful because of these and all you have to do is strategize. Instagram, for example, is the major reason behind the success of many online clothing shops. Since a lot of Instagram users are engaged in looking for stuffs that can be bought online, a lot have taken this as an opportunity and created their own online clothing accounts.So if you are planningto create a web page of your own, look for a way to have a strong presence in the Internet, and make sure that the channels you’ll use are appropriate.

The review of your online visitors/clients is a very important factor in determining your chances of succeeding online. Of course, no one wants a negative review, especially if there are comments from clients infuriated by your lousy service. This bad publicity could be a major factor that can bring your business down. In the first place, you should never give your consumers reason to despise your web page. Instead, you must provide them the best service you can offer and never forget to listen to what they have to say. Through this, you will be able to improve your company and maintain loyalty from your consumers. Also, once you here negative comments from them, you should not respond angrily because you must maintain professionalism at all times.
Listening is the heart of any successful relationship and it is your key to the longevity of your business. Through listening and giving the best of what you can offer, you’d get so much more in return—the trust and loyalty of your consumers. 

Dorothy Matthews is one of the people behind Big Drop, a responsive web design company  that will meet your expectations and suit your originality.

Choosing between PPC and SEO

seo, ppc, pay per click, marketing, france, ppc advertising, french, multilingual, Choosing between PPC and SEO

If you’re entering a foreign marketplace like France, then choosing whether to use PPC (Pay Per Click) or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to promote your business can be difficult.

This infographic gives some guidelines about when to choose SEO and when to choose PPC.  If you’re promoting your site in a language that you don’t speak particularly well, then PPC is obviously the easier route, as it means that you only need to translate your PPC ads and your site (yes, if you’re targeting France, then it’s still essential to have your site in French, even with PPC).

Let’s assume you speak the language fluently.  If so, then PPC generates immediate results on the day you place the ad, however if you stop paying for the ad then the results disappear just as immediately.  SEO on the other hand takes a while to start, but if done well will generate organic traffic for years to come with just a minimal top up.

If you go the SEO route, it’s essential to use a company that’s familiar with the latest Google algorithms.  These days links have to be high quality and relevant to be effective.  As the infographic shows, it’s not always necessary to choose between them and you can use SEO for some keywords and PPC for others.

The infographic was written by Martin Woods, the SEO Director of the French SEO Team at Indigoextra Ltd.  Based in the UK and Montpellier, France, the team offer SEO in English, French, German and Spanish.

When he’s not unravelling the ever-changing puzzle of SEO, Martin loves unravelling and creating cryptic crosswords and has written over 500 crosswords for The Big Issue in the North, a homeless charity.  He home educates his two boys and also enjoys skiing, reading and walks in the beautiful countryside that South France offers.

The Easy Fundamentals Of Building Car Websites

The Easy Fundementals Of Building Car Websites The Internet is full of acronyms these days, and SEO, short for search engine optimization, is one of them. However, it's not just another set of letters that have no real meaning. When it comes to the building blocks of SEO for auto dealerships and their car websites, there's a few specifics that marketers should keep in mind.

Avoid These Mistakes
Auto SEO has a lot to do with optimizing for local buyers. But's not just about a single geographical area. For example, neighborhoods and suburbs are also important. Secondly, consumers aren't just concerned with make and model. As a salesman, you might know which cars have what features, but consumers don't. They might be shopping for an SUV with four wheel drive or a luxury sedan, so don't forget about keywords that describe vehicles rather than just naming them.

Lastly, smart SEOs recognize the value of targeting car buyers based on the stage of the buying process. People who are searching for a vehicle are comparing features and look at options, which ties into the previous though. As they move through the process, consumers will want real choices, which your dealership may be able to provide them. Obviously, there's a lot of keywords that you can focus on, but you don't want to try to do everything at once, especially when you're doing SEO yourself. Instead, consider the keywords that will have the highest conversion and focus on that. You can always tweak or adjust your campaigns in the future, but you don't want to spread yourself too thin when you're getting started.

Getting Social with Content
The obvious way to avoid low-quality content is to create content that visitors will find useful. Car dealers have a specific advantage because there's so much that consumers don't know about cars. First-time buyers will especially find comparisons and feature guides useful. Plus, a car blog is the perfect way to advise drivers on keeping their vehicles in the best condition for resale. In locations where snow is a concern, dealers can populate their blogs.

This content is perfect for sharing on social media, too. An article or image that goes viral brings traffic to your website, and those visitors can become customers. Social media has become increasingly more important. Google counts retweets, shares and +1s when ranking pages in the SERPs. Furthermore, Google shows results from its own social network, Google+, above organic results in the search engine, so it's vital that you promote content from your dealer website and blog on Google+.

Embracing Your Identity
Authorship is another opportunity of which you should take advantage. When you link to your Google+ profile from your website or blog and place the link of your site in your profile, you've claimed your site as an author. When you post content to your site, your Google+ profile picture will appear next to that content in the SERPs along with links to your profile. This visually separates your content from others on the results page. This is important for salesman because it shows a real person associated with the content. If yours is a trusted name, why wouldn't you want to take advantage of it?

SEO is a big task, which is why so many dealers hire on a freelancer or even a team of SEO pros to help with the job. An SEO may be able to see where your campaigns are lacking or provide knowledge gained through experience in other industries. Of course, this comes at a price. Whether you're simply paying cash or spending your time on SEO, it's important to get it right.

    By Andrew Handley
    I write weekly articles for a car blog. I've had experience with car dealerships and maintenance business websites, as well as car hobby communities.

    5 Steps To Marketing Your Law Blog

    5 Steps To Marketing Your Law Blog Even if you are not an ardent internet user, you don’t have to be told that blogging is one of the most effective ways to market your law firm today. You may not enjoy blogging as much as some others do, but it is absolutely necessary for you to ensure that you have an active blog if you want to get your firm’s name out there.

    A common mistake made by legal professionals is underestimating the whole blogging process. Here are a few tips on how to effectively develop and market your blog:

    Decide your approach:
    Before you start your law blog, you should decide on what type of approach you’d like to use for your blog. Do you want to write about law in general or would you prefer to write about a specific area of law? If you are a law firm specializing in a particular field of law, then you should concentrate your efforts in providing information in this field. This will establish you as a professional in this area and you will attract a specific niche of readers interested in this area of law.

    Professional or do it yourself
    Your next task is to determine if you would like to hire a professional to provide you with articles for your law blog or you’d prefer to write the articles yourself. Hiring a professional will mean that you get professionally done articles at regular intervals. Your blog will therefore have fresh content every so often. Writing the articles yourself will mean that you can share your own personal experiences and therefore give the blog an even more personal touch. You can also opt to combine the two. Have some articles done professionally and provide some of your own personal articles for the blog. You’ll therefore always have fresh information on your blog and keep your readers hooked.

    Linking your blog:
    Link your blog to your law firm’s website and other social networking accounts. Ensure that updates are provided on these accounts whenever you post new information on your blog. Ask your friends and family to connect to your social networking accounts so that they can get updates as well. You can also request them to share any interesting information from your blog on their social networks. This is a great way to get your law firm’s name out there.

    Submitting to directories:
    Submit your blog to a blog directory. There are countless directories to which you can submit your blog and get it out there. It is best to submit the blog to a law specific directory such as However, even general directories have law specific categories that your blog will be placed under. Simply ensure that you submit to popular directories that have high ratings with internet users.

    Connecting with other bloggers:
    Connect with other law bloggers and comment on their blogs. This is a great way to get recognition as an expert. Be sure to include a link to your blog in your signature. Those reading your comments may be curious to find out more about you and your law firm and follow the links that you provide. Marketing your blog is equal to marketing your firm. Invest the resources required to get the best out of blogging.

    Melissa Trowbridge is marekting professional from Atlanta, Georgia. She specializes in promotions for law firms and legal services companies.