The History of Hacking Culture

Hacking culture is changing and developing all the time

Hacking culture is changing and developing all the time. The modern world is full of flaws to discover and secret places to explore. It makes sense that people are fascinated with the subject, but how has it progressed over time?

In 1975 the “Robin Hood and Friar Tuck” programs were installed on Xerox machines by Motorola staff which meant every time the program was deleted, it would re-appear after the computer rebooted.  This virus was the first of its kind and paved the way for a long line of internet virus hacks that we see today.
As for today, hacking culture has matured and more recently the ‘free online school’ hack believed that ‘information wants to be free’ and so this saw a rise in code literacy and naturally made people even more aware of computer security, which can only be beneficial.

What will happen in the future? Will the elite hackers go underground and start working for the government? Who knows! Either way it’s clear that hacking will always have security perks. If there weren’t people to uncover pitfalls, we wouldn’t be making online security tighter.

By James Duval, business and technology editor at GKBCInc.

Four Pointers For Finding Computer Science & IT Jobs

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Are you on the hunt for computer-related positions? Here are four pointers that could help you land that dream position.

1) Ask Around.
Whether you’ve been working at the same company for years, or have just graduated from college, chances are you have made some friends and acquaintances wherever you have been. These people are valuable resources, and they could be the portals to your first – or next – career path.

Put the word out there as much as possible that you are seeking employment in your field. You can post a message on Twitter, Facebook or professional sites like LinkedIn stating what you are looking for and your qualifications.

Talk to former professors and academic advisors, former colleagues, neighbors and even family members, because you never know who has a connection in the industry who is looking for just the skills you have to offer.

2) Get Yourself Prepped For Interviews.
Those who believe in positive energy and manifesting your dreams say that it is best to make yourself into what you want to be before you even have the opportunity in front of you.

In the professional realm this means: preparing for the interview, updating your resume so it is presentable and current, and getting a few professional pieces for your wardrobe that would correspond well with the job you desire. Having a couple of pairs of dress pants, button-down shirts and/or tasteful dresses can help you look the part when you go for future interviews.

3) Exhaust All Avenues in Your Search.
While you can find jobs in IT via employment websites and local newspapers, there are also ways to have access to jobs that might fly under the radar. Working with an IT staffing agency is one method that can be beneficial. They typically have a lot of different positions open at any given time, because they have relationships with many companies on a local (and sometimes even national or international) level. This means that you can be specific about the field and kinds of roles you are looking to take on.

Once you make a connection with a representative, he or she can be on the lookout for appointments that might fit your skills and experience level. It is almost like having a personal assistant in your professional corner.

4) Stay Flexible.
There are a lot of computer science jobs out there in the economy right now. If you get offered an opportunity – or discover one – that is not exactly what you are looking for, consider checking into it anyway. Sometimes even lower-level positions can be a foot in the door at a great company. Also, many businesses promote from within, so if you prove you are more than matched for your current post, you could get moved up quickly.

Every job has the potential to increase your experience level and expand your skillset, as well as your circle of contacts. You never know where the job of your dreams will come from, so it’s best to keep an open mind.

Carlos works in IT for a large corporation, but before he was hired at his current job, he sought the services of a staffing agency to help him find work and gain experience. He thinks these firms, as well as the other tips on this list, can help others in his field find the work they are looking for.

Asia On Track to Be Biggest Cloud Consumer

Asia On Track to Be Biggest Cloud Consumer

According to recent studies on cloud data usage conducted by Cisco, North Americans are currently the biggest consumers of cloud data, transmitting around 261 Exabytes of data per year. The Asia Pacific region is the next biggest consumer, transmitting 216 Exabytes of data in 2011. An Exabyte is one billion gigabytes. If that sounds like a lot of data, that’s because it is – but it’s a tiny amount compared to how much analysts believe will be used by 2016.

Cloud usage is growing more rapidly in Asia than it is in North America, so by 2016 the Asia Pacific region will be the biggest consumer of cloud data, handling 1.5 Zettabytes of data per year. That’s one and a half billion terabytes worth of data. North America will be handling 1.1 Zettabytes, with Western Europe not far behind, and also hitting the one Zettabyte barrier.

Cloud computing is a huge industry, and as this infographic shows it’s only going to get bigger as more and more industries start heading online. Software as a Service is already a ubiquitous idea, with email, messaging and even accounting products heading “always online”. Don’t miss out on the cloud revolution.

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CME Co-Location Services - Reasons To Choose It For Web Hosting

CME Colocation Services - Reasons To Choose It For Web Hosting
Colocation is nothing but a hosting option for the small business organization who wishes to get the feature of a large IT department without incurring the costs associated with it. Many large corporations have their own infrastructure to host their web servers and also have a team of IT professionals to design and manage the site, the small companies and individuals don’t. There are different options that are available, that range from simple hosting to running your own Web servers off of an internet connection. Such an option is called colocation. But if you’re wondering why one would choose colocation over all the other hosting options, you need to know more on this.

What actually happens in colocation?

When it comes to colocation, you actually place the server machine with a third-party and apart from this, you’ll be able to share the bandwidth. The expenditures that are associated are a bit higher than the usual web hosting and as a matter of fact, it is even less than normal web hosting. After the machine gets established, you can even move it physically to another location of the provider of the colocation and fix it in the rack. In case you want, you may even rent a server machine from the provider of the colocation and you can also rent from CME aurora data center as this is yet another alternative to get enhanced speed. As a result, CME colocation services helps you place the order at a rapid speed than what is expected.

The different advantages of colocation services

There are more than one advantages of colocation and if you’re not aware of them, here are some that you may check out.
    1. Expenses are related to bandwidth: The cost of the bandwidth is usually believed to be one of the biggest advantages of colocation. Particularly in such a situation, you may be able to save more money with time and the reason behind this is that the only one server that is there in colocation is the CME aurora data center.
    2. The server machineries and software: This may happen that the server machineries usually run very slow as they don’t have sufficient memory and in such cases, you might have to update the server machinery and also the software.
    3. The outage protection has been enhanced: The power outage protection is even better when you include it in the features of colocation. If there’s a power-cut and there seems to be a heavy storm, there will also be generators that can check the back-ups. This can easily safeguard you from the situation where you might have to face any kind of interruption.
      So, in case you’re looking for web hosting services, colocation is certainly the best and the right option for you. Earn money and get services from CME aurora data center to ensure high speed.