How To Troubleshoot Google’s Local Ranking Failures?

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After having put in a lot of time and effort towards building a flawless website, it can be daunting to encounter a fallout in Google’s local ranking. The trauma of suffering from a lower Google local ranking can lead into a reduction in the company’s reputation as a whole.

Fortunately, when there are problems, there are solutions as well. The same goes for reduced Google local rankings as well. Being familiar with the steps for troubleshooting this issue, you can easily combat the local ranking failure for your website. So, without letting you wonder anymore, let me walk you through a tutorial that will outline the steps that can turn beneficial when it comes to troubleshooting a website’s falling Google local ranking.

Step 1- Check for reports of mass issues or bugs
Searching Google for Local Rankings

As the first and foremost step in troubleshooting low or lost Google local ranking, you must gain an instant access to reports that contain a collaborated list of issues that might be present in the website. Look out for any unresolved bugs that might be interfering with the Google local ranking of your website.

Talking about mass issues, the thing that you need to discover is whether a single issue is causing your website’s Google local ranking fallout or whether there are a number of issues causing the problem. You can start discovering this by visiting the Google and Your Business Forum where you can search for the problem you’re experiencing with your website. If you detect multiple threads reporting your identical issue, right from the time you’ve been encountering the problem, then there are good chances that a specific bug or a recent Google update might have been the reason for the problem. Once you’re clear on the issue, you can re-access the forum for related solutions that have been provided by experts.

Step 2- Check out for any Google Quality Violations 

One of the most significant reasons behind a lower Google Local ranking is a possible violation of Google’s quality guidelines. So, if you’re a bit dicey about having violated any Google standard, then it’s better to go through the Google Places Quality Guidelines and check out whether your website follows each one mentioned here or has violated anyone of the rules mentioned here.

Check whether mistakes have been made in relation to the naming of your business, phone number, address and other related components. Remember, breaking even a single Google rule can cost you a lot on your Google rankings. Hence, be sure your website hasn’t violated any of these rules.

Step 3- Watch out for any duplicate Google+ Local Listings

Google Duplicate Listings
Excluding multi-partner practices like law firms, hospitals, restaurants etc. every business is allowed to have just a single Google+ Local Page per location. If your business website has more than one Google+ Local Page, it is likely to cause a lower/lost Google local ranking. While sometimes, duplicate Google+ local listings are created intentionally, there are times when they are built by spammers for undertaking hazardous manipulations. In either of the cases, duplicate local listings can cause a considerable harm to the website under focus.

Components that allow you to detect local listing duplicates include the name of business, address, phone number, product/service categories and product/service descriptions. Even if you find it challenging to detect any variance, it is better to check your website for duplicate listings, especially if your website is facing local ranking issues.

Step 4- Discover Website Quality Issues

Spelling Grammar Punctuation

Yet another critical reason behind a lower/lost Google local ranking is a bad performing website. As an entrepreneur, it’s your website’s on-page quality and methods you use for marketing it that play a vital role in the local search rankings. While troubleshooting local ranking issues for your website, it is recommended to look into aspects including the following:
  • Is your website optimized for the local search engines?
  • Do your website’s title tags contain related keywords?
  • Does your website feature clear and crawlable navigation?
  • Do Google Webmaster Tools indicate 100% crawling of your website?
  • Does your website look professional or is it full of spelling and grammar errors. 

Wrapping Up
So, these were the 4 basic steps, which if followed seriously can allow you to troubleshoot the lost/low Google local ranking for your website. I’m sure you’d have found these steps easy-to-follow. Don’t forget being friendly with Google means a greater customer base. Hence, make efforts to ensure that your website is in sync with all the standards that form the basis of a well-defined search engine friendly website.

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7 Reasons Why Atlanta Needs Google Fiber

Atlanta Needs Google Fiber

A few weeks ago, Google, the world's largest search engine, said 24 cities, including nine Atlanta cities, were under consideration for Google Fiber, the super-fast internet service. Cities being considered include Atlanta, Avondale Estates, Brookhaven, College Park, Decatur, East Point, Hapeville, Sandy Springs and Smyrna.

Southern Web, an Atlanta-based web design and development firm, is excited about the possibility of Google Fiber coming to Atlanta. That's why we've put together this infographic, which explains all of the positives that Google Fiber could bring to Atlanta and our surrounding cities.

Increased home values, enhanced access for local schools and libraries, customer savings and some of the quickest consumer Internet connection speeds currently available in the country are just a few of the benefits we could see.

The infographic was a group venture between graphic artist Ron Griffel, content strategist Ryan Watkins and Southern Web’s Director of Internet Marketing Cullie Burris.

Ryan Watkins is a content strategist with Southern Web Group, LLC., an Atlanta-based web development, design and marketing firm. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys blogging, staying up-to-date with the latest social media trends and outdoor adventuring.

3 SEO Content Bits to Boost Your Site’s Traffic

3 SEO Content Bits to Boost Your Site’s Traffic

Bells and whistles – you’ve managed to fill every page of your site with these. Intricate details sit and stare back at users, site visitors, even to those inanimate bots. Let’s assume you haven’t forgotten to do the same kind of pampering with your content. 

Wait... what?! You did forget. Frankly, you are not alone. A whole bunch of other SEO folks out there (you know who you are) neglect to integrate content in their daily duties. Sure, there are wide ranging SEO techniques waiting to get implemented, right?

But that doesn’t mean you can’t treat content with the same scrutiny and confidence. Content makes the bulk of pages and multiple sites. It is your primary offer to the unsuspecting net user.

To help your content get back to its tiptop shape, here are 3 bits of SEO Content awesomeness:

1. Keywords: the long tail trend
It’s not that accurate keywords aren’t working anymore. It’s just the trend and the undeniable direction search engines have been prepping for. Most search engines have started to anticipate the coming of human-form search queries: question-like statements.

Long tail keywords support this type of statement queries. Search engines are adjusting in line to this anticipation; it’s time for your content keywords to catch up.

2. Review of existing literature

It’s safe to assume that what you’re giving your users is unique. But really, it is no longer safe to think so. In fact, to truly reach the peak of the content’s potential, it is important to assume otherwise: that the rest of the content curators out there are giving the same piece of advice.

Then what? Go act on this belief. If it were true, perhaps, you must study how others have been delivering the goods. If you are planning to give the same piece of advice, think of a different approach to presenting it. Then think of things that you can add in the mix: humor, insider’s tip, so forth.

3. Fusion of eye candy 

Investing in good texts – with zero grammar or plagiarism errors – is an established ingredient for helping SEO pros boosts their sites. But that is not the end of it. Content wordsmiths can do as far as adding videos, infographics, and thought-provoking images.

These extra sweets need to be relevant; otherwise,they only risk creating unhealthy distractions for your viewers. Also, try to create uncanny connections, like a Pokémon Psyduck (a symbol for dilemma and headache) plus a nagging issue. These kinds of connections don’t just reflect clever bouts of awesomeness; it also makes viewers laugh – a better substitute to a yawn-inducing piece of crap in front of them.

Creating powerful or compelling content is a challenge in itself. This is one sufficient reason to stick and work for it. This kind of attribute sits well among SEO pros, particularly, those who love challenges.

Ultimately, content is part and parcel of the most fundamental SEO techniques. That being such, there are no incentives in ditching it. So, why ditch it?

Authir Bio: Hi I am Chris Johnson, an expert-level blogger with a blogging experience of 9 years. I tried several different niches (like business, finance, sports, health). Yet, I chooses to settle mainly for his favourite: the Education niche.

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3 Weeks Warning to Business Owners by Google to Save Their Listing

Business Owners by Google to Save Their Listing

Google has taken many steps to stop link spam and it not only crushes link networks but a large number of businesses are also hurt. It includes many networks who offer link exchange services to the clients but now the situation is changed to great level. Now it would be the wastage of money to buy links before realizing the right condition. On the other hand there are certain businessmen stating that they have got emails from Google asking them to make legitimate progress and save the listing by avoiding illegal means.

It is reported that these mails are legitimate and are coming from Google. The subject line of these emails is “Action Required: You have three week to save your Google Places Listing”.

Jade Wang explained from Google that they are making changes in Google places for Google Maps and Business. So on the basis of these changes, Google is asking business owners to submit reliable information about them. So they are asked to review and confirm their information in Google places accounts. Her further added;

Don’t worry if you have received this email. You should login and review your business information, change it or update it if necessary and then press submit. It is required to perform this step to save your listing and to stay in Google Map on or before February 21, 2014. Otherwise you have to undergo the process of PIN verification and Google Places. There might be certain reasons of it and some might be;

  • · It is possible that Google is testing a new variable which is looking to add in the algorithm with the name of “response time” and wants to see that how quick business owners respond it.
  • · Google does not believe on its algorithm, actually it is said that Google wants to weed out bogus businesses so it needs help.
  • · It can be a test to know that how many SEOs are still following the updates and wanted to remove those who are no more active from its SERPs.
  • · Google is trying to refine its list by removing irrelevant listings and keep only those who pick the phone when you call them.
  • · It is not an effort only to provide the right results and information to the users but the quickest one in performing it. There are people who take too much time on their queries so they can get quick results in less time with the help of these updates.
Author Bio:
Asjad Afzal
YourSeoCompany Australia

Does Online Advertising Really Work?

Online Advertising

Does online advertising really work? Yes it does.
A lot of people still doubt whether online advertising really works and whether it is of any benefit to their business. Some still opt for old school methods placing adverts in the yellow pages or by relying on word of mouth. Although beneficial to some degree, it's not as effective or cost effective as advertising online. Besides with the growth of the internet and the worlds heavy dependence on it, it makes sense to be where everyone is searching for their solutions.

Unfortunately for the people who have yet to venture down this path, with this current economy where word of mouth and the yellow pages just aren’t enough, they are being forced (positively) to consider alternatives.

Why doesn't it work?
Of course there are people who have tried online advertising and concluded it doesn’t work. This is probably due to a lack of knowledge and expertise when it comes to online advertising. To get the best from your advertising it takes a trained professional to manage your account, although the idea sounds costly, it would save you a lot of money in the long run.

Where to advertise?
Of course advertising will not work if you are advertising in the wrong place. There are a vast amount of platforms to advertise through but the for runner is Google. It makes sense when millions of people take to google daily looking for products, solutions and businesses. Google operates on two networks, the search network (where people are looking for your product or service by googling keyword terms) and the display network (ads and banners that appear on websites, related to your business). There are clearly obvious differences. Firstly, the search network is full of people actively searching for what your business offers, whether that be a solution to a problem or a particular product. the display network is considered interruption marketing because you are displaying ads to people on other websites who may not be interested in your products or service at all. The hope is you grab their attention and they decide you have something to potentially offer.

Be specific
Advertising will also not work if you are general. On the search network (keyword based) if you are not specific enough with your keywords, likely-hood is you will pay a lot of money for traffic (clicks) which may be of no value to you at all. For example, advertising that you sell cheese by using the keyword cheese is far too general. However advertising that you sell Stilton cheese is more specific. The more specific you can be the more reliable your traffic will be and you increase your chances of qualifying leads more often. On the display network aim for high volume traffic websites again will only be detrimental. Advertising that you sell cheese on a garden furniture website is probably not going to benefit your business, rather choose food related websites or recipe blogs.

With that said, if your product is considered an impulse buy, you can do very well from advertising in irrelevant places but there is no guarantee.

The solution and answer is pretty simple. Online advertising does work, if, you advertise in the right place and in the right manner. According to Sound Solutions Internet online advertising can help increase your revenue 10 fold. Investing into the right market place can be very benefical for your business.

Mike Lewis - I'm a retail business owner who uses Google Ad words. I have had a lot of success and would highly recommend it.

Is Google Glass this Year's Must Have Gadget?

gadgets, technology, google, google glass, wearable technology, science and technology,

Gadget geeks everywhere are preparing themselves for the launch of Google Glass, which could be as early as this April, but how do real people feel about this new addition to the gadget world?

With this question in mind, the money saving website,, have asked a sample of their newsletter subscribers a few questions about how they feel about the impending launch, and the results were very interesting.

Rather than fill everyone with excitement, many of the people in the survey sample were concerned about issues, such as privacy and safety. A large proportion of the sample (68%) also said that they would find it embarrassing to wear the accessory, citing them as being “quite geeky”.

Furthermore, with a price tag currently thought to be set around the $600 (£365) mark, many people surveyed thought that it would be too pricey a toy to experiment with, and would be put off buying it for this reason.

So with so many negative feelings around in the sample group about Google Glass, do the population as a whole feel the same? If so, it looks like Google Glass is set to be a flop – at least to begin with. That said, as with all these things, there is potential for it to gather momentum and eventually become the must-have accessory that you won't step out of the house without. Only time will tell.

This study was carried out on a sample of newsletter subscribers from the newsletter. The results are depicted in this infographic created by Linda Firth, a passionate gadget lover.

Pink Mobile Phones- Pink Phones That Can Take On The World

Pink mobile phones are huge hits with the fashion conscious and those who just like to be a little bit different. You do not need to get a black or white phone with so many great colour options available, so why not get yourself a shiny pink one? In this article we will tell you about the best pink mobiles, depending on what kind of budget you are on.

Pink Mobile Phones for Budget Shoppers
There are many budget pink mobile phones to choose from, and these are great options for children’s phones. If you want to spend less than £100 on a new mobile, then we have found two fantastic options for you.

The first is the Nokia Asha 210, which has a full QWERTY keyboard that is ideal for young teens who want to type lots of messages. It is bright pink and loaded with a great media player for all those music tracks, it has a chat programme and even Wi-Fi access, so you can get online if you want to.

There is no 3G though, so you need not worry about constant Internet access that could be dangerous for the younger ones. The Asha has a 64 MB internal memory, but a cheap SD card will push that up to 32 GB, so there is plenty of room for music and photos that you take with the 2 MP camera that is on board. At just £70, the Nokia Asha 210 is the best budget buy on our list today, but we have another option too.

Nokia Asha 210 Pink

The Acer Liquid Z3 is a touch screen phone with full 3G connectivity, so it is a great budget buy for you or for an older teen. There is a dual core 1 GHz processor to keep things speedy and a three and a half inch touch screen in beautiful high resolution for great viewing and reading.

Acer Liquid Z3 Black

The Liquid Z3 has a 3 MP camera and a solid 4 GB internal memory, but again you can pump that up to 32 GB with an SD card. It is running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and whilst the device itself is black, it has an exchangeable back panel that comes in a range of colours, including hot Sakura Pink. It retails for just £80.

Mid-Range Pink Phones
If you are able to spend a bit more cash, then there are some great mid-range options for pink mobile phones. You will still be spending safely under £200, but by spending a little more you are going to get more features.

Our first great mid-range pink mobile is the Huawei Ascend W1.The Ascend is a Windows phone, running Windows 8, and is the only Windows model on our list, but it is an absolutely fantastic buy from a lesser known manufacturer in the UK (you can find out more about Huawei here). The Huawei Ascend W1 is a full touch screen phone running a powerful 1.2 GHz dual core processor for greater speed, and there is a fantastic full four inch high resolution display too, so this really is a high spec phone for its price.

Huawei Ascend W1 Pink

You get a great 5 MP rear facing camera, and even a cool front facing camera to use for taking pics of yourself of for video calling. Internal memory is 4 GB, but that SD card slot lets you go up to 32 GB. For only £130 the Ascend W1 is a great buy, though pink versions are available only through certain operators.

Our second mid-range choice is the BlackBerry 9720. This is a classic BlackBerry phone, with a complete QWERTY keyboard for easy typing, and of course the great office software that makes a BlackBerry such a good business phone choice.

BlackBerry 9720

The 9720 runs an 800 MHz processor, so it is not quite as speedy as the Huawei, but there is still plenty of punch there. The full colour screen is 2.8 inches, which is huge for a screen on a keyboard phone, so you will still get great viewing.

There is a 5 MP camera with LED flash, so you will get great pics no matter what the conditions are, and though there is only 512 MB of internal memory, that affordable SD card option will give you up to 32 GB. The BlackBerry 9720 is one of the cheapest BlackBerry options on the market, and will cost you only £170, and it is available in Hot Pink too.

A Top End Pink Phone
If you are not on a limited budget, then there is really only one clear choice for you when it comes to a fantastic pink mobile, and that has got to be the all new iPhone 5C, the first coloured iPhone choice that we have ever had.

iPhone 5C Pink Colored
The iPhone is everything that you would expect it to be and more, beautiful design, great style, and tons of hot features, Apple have made a phone that is not just good looking but has great performance as well. You get great connectivity on the 5C, including 4G LTE services so you can get speedy Internet on your mobile.

The dual core 1.3 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM keep the 5C responsive and fast, and a full high resolution four inch display gives you fantastic picture quality no matter what you are looking at. There is an 8 MP camera on board (with autofocus and LED flash, naturally), as well as a 1.2 MP front facing camera, so you can see who you are talking to. When it comes to memory, you have got a choice between a 16 GB and a 32 GB version, so it is up to you how much data you can store on your phone.

The iPhone 5C is not cheap, but you get great features for your cash. The 16 GB version will cost you £470, and the 32 GB version will cost you £550. This is by far the best pink mobile around though and is totally worth splurging on.

Phil Turner did not know a lot about pink mobile phones so he checked out websites like uSwitch to find out more about what ones were available to purchase for his daughter.

Get a custom URL for your Google+ profile

G+Today I got a email from Google+ as given in the email I am eligible to get a custom URL for my Google+ profile. I'm not sure if you're eligible! if you're eligible you will get a email from them Like I got., It's like facebook and twitter username but it has the + sign which makes the URL look great also we all have a long ID that has numbers so getting a custom URL would be really helpful for everyone.

There's link given in the email that takes you to get a custom URL you will get a the email with a username suggested automatically that depends on your Google+ name. Mine was +MohamedShimran I think It would suit me well :D.

Look here, you can change the custom URL they have suggested or else just go ahead with the suggested one:

In order to change the URL you must verify your phone number by entering the code sent by message:

verify number

 After confirming the verification code, you will get the custom URL replaced with your older one.

How To Unlink Google Plus Account From Youtube

I saw someone had asked a question about unlinking google+ account from YouTube in yahoo answers, so I thought I should write a tutorial on that, actually I didn't know that it would be possible but after discovering so much finally I found how to do it.

It's really simple, just follow the steps :

1 : Sign in to your google account & go to youtube
(below is a image that proves, I have my google+ plus account linked to youtube)
youtube logo

3 : Click "Create custom URL"
advanced youtube

4 : You will be redirected to, add some random text mixed with numbers in the textbox & click Create Channel URL

5 : Come back to will be redirected)

6 : Click on "Return name to 'yourcustomURL', and disconnect Google+ profile" & you will be redirected

7 : Click OK button from the redirected page
8 : As what that redirected page sayed your Google+ profile will be disconnected from your Youtube channel
9 : Click save & that's all! you have successfully disconnected your Google+ profile from Youtube

I think unlinking your Google+ from Youtube makes no sense.

Useful Google Chrome Extensions For Developers

Useful Google Chrome Extensions For Developers

Google Chrome extensions are also known as Google Chrome apps , so today i will write down some Google Chrome extensions that are useful for developers doesn't matter web dev or software dev .

Web Developer
web developer is an extension created by , it has vaious web developer tools .

Google Chrome

you can download Web Developer from here

The QR Code Generator
The QR Code Generator helps you to generate your own QR codes with text , phone numbers , URLs , SMS messages etc

Google Chrome

you can download The QR Code Generator from here