Top 10 Features, Trends & Innovations Of Hire Mobile Development

Nothing in this world is stable, everything is changing with time. What I mean to say is that a decade ago we use to have keypad phones and look at what we have today smartphones with AI (Artificial Intelligence) enhancement, high-quality cameras, hardware and software, 4G support and what not. To focus on the future and on what’s going to be the next big revolution is important for us to be up to date with the changing trend.

The same goes true in regards to the development of the mobile telephony. If you think that you have seen it all in the smartphone then there are high chances of you being not aware of the latest trend and innovations in the domain of mobile development. So, if you are wondering where to get the info about the latest features and trends in mobile development then stop bothering yourself as we are going to talk about the top 10 features, trends and innovation in mobile development right here right now.

So, guys carry on reading in order to update yourself with some awesome dose of information-laden content. Let’s start.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

AR technology is supposed to be an industry of around $120 billion. The VR, on the other hand, is a $30 billion industry in itself.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are like two faces of the same coin. Augmented reality layers a virtual world on the real world and virtual reality is like a total simulation that creates a virtual environment for the user and has nothing to do with reality.

Google has already developed its own software framework for this technology. This technology is first supposed to be implemented to Google Pixel. Not just Google with the release of ARKit and Google’s ARCore hitting the market by Apple we now have at the very least two solid platforms for the development of augmented reality apps for mobile devices. This is going to be a lot different than Ios 8 Apps Development that we see today, and in coming time the market is going to be flooded with a lot of creative AR enhanced application, and the most recent example that one can think of is the game called Pokemon Go.

GDPR standards

Security and privacy of data is something everyone desires and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is on its way to become a powerful force by providing Privacy by design, Data portability, limits on the use of profiling long story short software that stores and processes personal data of users must be created with privacy and security by design.

IoT (Internet of Things)
This is supposed to be the next upcoming revolution that is just not going to change the way we use mobile phones but also how we live our life on a daily basis. To explain IoT it can explain as something providing connectivity that is using sensors in non-IT devices to enable remote control, automation, and monitoring. This technology already depends on mobile phones for exchanging data in case of a consumer.

With a boom of IoT in industry, we are more likely to see a surge in the development of an application that supports this sort of connectivity.

Instant apps

This is a simple idea by Google  which allows the user having android above marshmallow  to " try before we buy " that is instead of wasting time and resources in downloading the application we can simply try it, Google play allows us to access a part of the application which does not require the installation of the application. This gives the user a brief of what the app is all about. Not only android there are applications available for iOS which are developed using iOS 8 Apps Development tools.

AMP and lazy loading

Google undertook a project called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in association with Twitter. This allows a user to create a mobile version app of the website which is a lot faster, responsive and light in comparison to the actual application. In addition to this, the webpage is displayed simultaneously while it is loading, instead of making the user wait for the whole thing to load and that’s what we call 'lazy loading ', both these features can help make surfing a lot faster.

Cross-platform coverage

When it comes to mobile development there are two best platforms and we all know them. That is Android and iOS. Including Angular Native it's worth noting that modern cross-platform app development frameworks, which provides better performance and high level of code sharing, have become cost-saving solutions for early stages or concept stage, enabling early market entry for mobile apps.

Artificial Intelligence

Many exciting features in mobile apps like recommendation engines, personalized experience, behavioral targeting etc are enabled due to the use of Artificial intelligence. Apart from these features, it has also enabled the use of chatbots in mobile apps which are AI-powered tools that are capable of imitating a human conversation. At its initial stage, we can see Google's assistant and iPhone’s Siri an AI-powered and responsive chatbot. Well for now there not many apps available that are enhanced with AI but it's sure that there a lot to come yet.

Cloud Computing

With a lot of benefits backing, Cloud Computing marks an instant rise in its use and lately almost all the New Generation applications developed are hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) which provide better reliability, speed, and security of mobile apps and allows for the maximum collection, storage, and analysis of user data. These types of apps are mainly coded online on the server and probably do not require the use of Android studio and iOS 8 app development tools.

Wearable apps

A new technology market of wearables is created including Smartwatches and other connected wearables. These devices require the support of mobile for instance - the Watch OS 4 the Apple Watch needed iPhone’s network for calling. users prefer wearable devices to be synchronized with their mobile phones for easier access to data and for the sole purpose new application are developed for iPhone's iOS 8 app development tools are used and Google has a  different approach for wearable tech with its Google glass etc.

Security matters

Security is vital and important in app development for industries such as HIPAA protected healthcare and Android-based mobile device. Here, data confidentiality is protected on the legal level and it is also one of the most discussed IoT trends.

The rise in the popularity of BYOD - Bring Your Own Device policy, has increased a substantial risk of enterprise mobile apps being affected and developers are talking about taking rigorous initiatives to secure the app’s code from the ground up. There has also increased awareness towards better use of authorizations and encryption.

We hope you like reading the latest and upcoming trends and invocations in mobile development. Don’t forget to share your valuable insights with us through the comment section below. In case you feel that we missed something then don’t shy away from highlighting the same in the comment section as well. Stay connected for more such valuable and exciting technology related content. 

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The Future Of Tracking

The Future Of Tracking

GPS Tracking Costs

As the use of GPS tracking gets less expensive the possibilities for its use become too many to even list. But we’re gonna try anyway!  Just imagine a tracking unit on anything expensive, well we have that now actually. But it gets a little difficult to track things that are only slightly expensive. For example liquor bottles at a bar, now if you get down to it they are relatively inexpensive to purchase, especially for a bar.  They buy in such volume that an average bottle of rum like Captain Morgan will probably cost them $13 or $14 (probably even less). But if they are able to pour 40 or 50 shots of rum from one bottle at $4.50 a shot, that $13 bottle is now worth $225!  Now take that across the board, or bar in this case, and you have a lot of money in liquor.

If you are able to track those bottles and the number of times they are turned over to be poured what would the value of that be?  Imagine a bar being able to count the number of time a bottles is poured from, compare that to the night’s receipts and bam, you now know if anyone is skimming off the top!
Staying on the bar and restaurant theme think about the equipment onsite. Large refrigerators and dish washing equipment can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. If you are able to link these machines to a tracking app you can measure the amount of cycles they run through in any given time period. Compare that to the maintenance on these units and owners can see how efficient their equipment really is operating, ort how they can operate more efficiently.

The Pad Lock

I’ve always thought the pad lock was a good idea but if you put that pad lock onto a small object that was easily removed from its location then what was the point?  Imagine a small tracker in a pad lock, not only can it tells you if it’s been moved, but it can tell you if it’s been tampered with or even if and when it was unlocked.  I can think of a lot of applications for a device like this.  A commercial company that has equipment in the field that is locked up well out of the sight of people would love to have a tool like this. What if you went on holiday for a few weeks and left your new grill locked up on the patio.  Will it be there when you get back?  If it is not then just track the lock and see if it’s still with the grill.

GPS feature in phones

We have the ability to find and track our mobile devices now.  They in fact use more than just GPS actually; these devices that are cellular devices can use triangulation from cell towers to find their location.  While it’s not as accurate GPS it does work well.  How about putting this technology into items like watches or your wallet?  Well I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised to know this is already happening.  There are many different products on the market that can track your wallet or purse for you now.  Technology has come a long way and it’s only going to get better, smaller and less expensive.  We can look forward to saving a lot of time and money in everything we do, simply because of technology!
Josh Schied, the author of this article and the owner of GPS Tracker App blog, is a passionate technology writer. He likes to blog about everything that is GPS and navigation related. Get in touch with Josh on Facebook.