8 Secret Things You Didn't Know About 3D Character Animation

Don’t deny it. Whatever your age may be, when an animated movie comes on TV, you’d definitely want to grab a bowl of popcorn and settle down on a couch and watch it. Be it any genre, animated movies have a way of grabbing attention with their brilliant graphics and the ingenious creativity of the makers. Here are some facts about 3D Character Animation that you wouldn’t have heard of before.

1. Not as easy as it may seem!
3D Character Animation is no easy business. The final movie that you watch is the end product of a series of steps. The entire process can be broadly divided into three steps- modeling, layout and animation, rendering. In modeling, the character is built. Starting from rough idea sketches to the finest detail on the character in 3D, everything is done in the modeling stage. Layout and animation is the main stage, where the characters are brought to life. The locations, setting, and movement are all designed during this stage. Rendering stage is what adds the final touch up to the Animation. Rendering adds special effects such as shadow, depth, smoke, etc.

2. Years of work for a two and a half hour movie
Yes! You read that right. The time period taken to create an animated movie can go from months to years, depending on the length, quality of graphics and the rendering of the movie. Companies such as Pixar take 6- 9 years to create their best works. A simple 1-minute animation can take up to a week for an animator. So next time you see an animated movie, don’t disregard it as a silly child’s show. It is the time and creative effort of many geniuses.

3. You should know it all
Starting from details of human anatomy to the psychology of horses! The more you know, the better. 3D character animation gets more interesting with more details. Perfection in detailing can only be achieved through observation and practice. Thorough research has to be done about the characters before designing them so that the viewer gets to truly feel the character.

4. Exaggeration
It’s nice to be a bit extra sometimes. The most fun feature about 3D Computer Animation is exaggerating the character's features and actions. This sets them apart from real-life characters. Exaggeration adds energy to the characters and grabs the viewer’s attention easily.

5. High- end Workstations

Animation and rendering software require powerful systems that have more than one processor and a graphics card with higher specifications. The better the workstation, the more efficient and faster is the animation and rendering process.

6. Growing Field
The number of students opting for a career in 3D Animation has increased drastically. There is a large demand for skilled Animators, in a multitude of fields. If you wish to use any type of animation for your website or for advertising and marketing, many companies offer 3D Animation Services. Freelancing Animators are also very common these days who are probably much more creative and skilled.

7. Software for 3D Character Animations
Many softwares are coming up with a large range of features for better 3D Character Animation. The latest in the field is Blender created by Blender Foundation. It is a professional software used for creating animated films, 3D printed models, etc. Other software includes Autodesk Maya, Wings 3D, and many others.

8. Got the skill? Then your pockets will be full!
3D Animation is one of the most sought-after careers in the field of Art and Design. Animation now plays a major role, not just in movies, but also in the fields of teaching, gaming, marketing, navigation, etc. Thus if you’ve got the dedication and skill, you can make some good cash in this field. Depending on their skill, animators earn up to $116,000 yearly. That’s good news!

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Kavya gajjar is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by 3D Animation Services. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.

How to use Facebook ads on your Android app?

These days’ things are very tech-friendly and people are not having a lot of time to sit in front of a desktop and laptop to go through a website for some offer, food, or clothes. They want to shop, book and eat while on the go. This is how the next generation things are going to be.

And with the introduction of Android, things are so different; it has made the lives of the people so easy and has given them immense power. Now you can do everything at ease you have an application for everything. So, you need not worry about anything.

People have now started becoming impatient and they don’t want even a small glitch or lack in their device. For this technology is constantly evolving and making way for better products. Now when it comes to the mobile app if we were to believe the facts people started using a mobile since 1996 and 20 years down the line we have evolved so much. In the first mobile, you just got the calling feature and nothing else. But later on things started developing and applications were introduced.

Same is the case of one of the loveliest inventions of its time which is “Facebook”. You can get the application in your android as well as the iOS platforms. This is a social media website that helps you get connected with your friends and family. This platform now is not just a tool to be connected with your friends and family but it is also a place where you can sell your service as well as your products. Facebook is also a platform that helps you raise your voice and reach out to many people at once. Facebook’s market is increasing day by day and now the app is so convenient that it can do things for you. You get so many suggestions regularly that will help you get a better outcome. Nowadays, the app uses all the information that you put and all the updates you do to give you a prĂ©cised result on things like “Restaurants you would want to go”, “Things you might love to have”. So, in a nutshell, we can say that this application is making things way easier and better.

There are many leading brands that have started giving their ads on Facebook and the same is done by CouponsCurry, which is a leading website in clubbing and sorting various coupons from different websites. You can get the best deals and offers here in one place. This will save your time because they have very beautifully channelized their website not redirecting the customers to different pages. What they do is, the moment you click on the deal they redirect you the last page where you can avail the offer or the deal as simple as that, no worries and no hassle.

With time, people have got this idea fit into their brains that they can use this platform for expanding their business as well. Now to use the Facebook application you will have to successfully follow the steps that are written below.

1. Firstly, you need to open your play store on your mobile.

2. Then type facebook and download it.

3. Then, once it is downloaded you will have to sign up by punching all the credentials that are asked there.

4. Lastly, after you have done all the steps correctly, your ID will be created and then you will just have to login into the app once again.

Once you have followed these easy steps you are good to go and will be able to use the app on your mobile. Using the app you can text, call as well as video call your friends and family. This application is very light and you will not have to worry about the data getting leaked as it is as secure as the website itself.

Moreover, now you would not have to sit in front of the monitor to use it as with the power in your hand it can be accessed while you are on the go. Isn’t it full of ease? Yeah, I think the same.

5 Tips for Creating an Effective Showcase Site

To make a showcase site is a bit like building a house. You have to find the right location and then progress in stages:

The foundations,
the closed and the covered (wall and roof),
interior fittings (partitions, water features),
embellishments (decoration, painting).

If you want to create your showcase website or redo an existing website, here are the 5 tips for creating an efficient website optimized for SEO.

Define the goals of your showcase site
Before you start creating your site, ask yourself these questions related to your e-marketing:
To whom your showcase site,

what are your customer targets?
What offers do you offer and what do they have of specific, who are your competitors and what do they offer? This analysis will allow you to identify active competitors on the internet who are among the first in SEO. By studying what they did, you will better understand how to reference a website.

If you're doing a website redesign, with Google Analytics, analyze your traffic. How many visitors a day, how long do they stay on the website, what are the most viewed pages. Therefore, set goals.

Define your website creation budget showcase
A showcase site is an investment,and like any investment, there must be a return on investment. It is in these relationships that the question of the cost of creating a website must arise because you will not only set a budget but especially consider where this budget should be invested:

In the creation or redesign of the website?
In web design?
In the purchase of images?
In writing text content?
In creating a blog?

Also, you have to define if you want:

Make your website and be autonomous to animate it. Today you find very professional website creation software that simplifies the creation of web pages to allow you to focus on the indispensable, the content,

has your website created by a web agency? Take the time to choose your partner: communication agency, freelancer, web designer, the solutions are numerous,and none are perfect. The brief and your budget analysis will allow you to compare the proposals on an objective basis and to understand better how the proposed rates are calculated.
Reserve your domain name

Buying a domain name is done through a registrar (OVH, Gandhi, Amen). The registrar is an operator who manages for you the availability of domain names and their attribution.
Buying a domain name represents a cost of around € 15 to € 20 per year.

If you go through a web agency, make sure that the purchase is made in your name and that you own the domain name.

If you use a website creation software, the purchase of a domain name is generally included in the price of the subscription.

Define the terms on which you want your showcase site to be found
We are talking here about keywords. It is essential, from your marketing strategy, to define all the keywords and phrases that best define your business.

If you go through a web agency, make sure that this work is integratedinto the quote and, when creating the showcase site, require the delivery of your full lexical field (all of your keywords ranked by priority).

If you are using website creation software, contact technical support for advice on:
how to find keywords, or place the keywords on a website.

Work your information contents
The quality of your showcase website depends largely on your images and your texts.
When a visitor reaches on your website, it gives 1 to 2 seconds maximum, before deciding to stay or go out. So you have to catch your eye immediately.

Images, photos, videos play this essential role because they carry a message and contribute to the design of your website.

Choose them with care, prefer photos with characters, be exact on their quality.

4 Things you must know about Unity Game Programming

I realize what you are likely reasoning. You simply need to begin making amazing games. Why squander your opportunity taking in a dialect when you could be making incredible games. The instructional exercises are all that you have to know… .. isn't that so?

All things considered, yes… . and after that an extremely tremendous no. While you will without a doubt learn fundamental C# while experiencing instructional exercises, the dialect is significantly more extensive than any single instructional exercise could cover. So why try taking in the dialect when you can google and likely discover a duplicate/glue reply? Investigate the accompanying code:

void FixedUpdate() {

in the event that (isLocalPlayer) {

localInputState = localInputState + 1;







in the event that (inputStates.Count > WARNING_CLIENT_WAITING_STATES) {


in the event that (inputStates.Count > MAX_CLIENT_WAITING_STATES) {

Debug.LogError("Too many holding up states, beginning to drop outlines");


while (inputStates.Count > MAX_CLIENT_WAITING_STATES) {



on the off chance that (isServer && isLocalPlayer || nextSendTime < Time.time) {

CmdSetServerInput(inputStates.ToArray(), transform.position);

nextSendTime = Time.time + 0.33f;




Do you see my point? While you might have the capacity to see some of which is going on, I will figure likely you are left scratching your head at precisely what is happening here. The thought is utilizing Unity 3d Programming to make an extraordinary situation for creating games utilizing the C# dialect. In the event that you just have an obscure thought of the fundamentals to C#, you will wind up attempting to make things work in Unity, conceivably prompting you surrendering. I would prefer not to see that!

Comprehend Terminology and Syntax

So for what reason are those both imperative? All things considered, right off the bat, there's a reason I lumped both of these together into one gathering. Terminology is the word(s) used to depict what the Syntax is. Sounds confounding? I'll incorporate it so you may better get it.

While it might appear at first glance syntax is all you would truly need to know (and much of the time, this is to be sure valid), there is something to dependably consider: on the off chance that you don't know what to call something, how might you look for help for it? Take, for example, a blunder like "Can't make an occurrence of data compose 'IEnumerator'". On the off chance that you comprehend the terminology, this is in reality extremely elucidating! 'occurrence', 'data compose' and 'IEnumerator' are the terms here and on the off chance that you comprehend their capacity you will have the capacity to all the more rapidly take out the current issue.

Data Types — Learn them, adore them.

Data types: a companion you will visit always while working in C#! Since C# expects you to characterize your data compose (there are exemptions to this yet we will get to that substantially later), we need to indicate what sort of data we will be utilized with the goal that the mediator will recognize what kind of data to expect and how much memory to hold for this.

Gratefully, it sounds significantly more complicated than it is! While we will go over in detail promote along, it comes down to three diverse general types: numbers, strings (anything that isn't intended to be figured. For instance, "John" is a string) and bools (a genuine or false esteem).

Note that there is a wide range of ways that numbers can be spoken to by in C# data types. For example, the data compose Char holds precisely 1 esteem, for example,

char = 'd';

Algorithms and you: truly, they aren't hard!

Maybe this was only my own particular mind revealing to me this, however, I know when I initially began to get into diversion design and programming, at whatever point I would hear the word calculation I'd have a smaller than the expected fit of anxiety, imagining this incredibly complicated…. something.

You'll be glad to know, this isn't the situation! A calculation is just an arrangement of guidelines for the PC to take after. That is it! Consider it a rundown of activities. Or on the other hand, utilizing a more down to earth model, how about we utilize a morning schedule:

Wake Up

Wish you could rest longer

Get up

Go to restroom


Put on garments

Open entryway

Go to work

Wager you didn't know your everyday schedule was a calculation! Presently, I let a couple of things alone for this calculation to show a point: it's essential for us as programmers to give careful consideration to our algorithms and think them out, arranging before you really actualize them. Would you be able to make sense of what steps are absent here that could prompt a really terrible day?

Object Oriented Programming (OOP!) — Why this is so imperative in amusement improvement

Oh joy, OOP! It just seems like an error, isn't that right? This idea is all the time the hardest (I know it was for me) for new programmers to comprehend and considerably harder to ace (there are countless books expounded on different design patterns that can make the best utilization of objects).

Be that as it may, once you comprehend the essential idea of object oriented programming, it will rapidly end up evident how critical it is when designing a diversion (or almost whatever else, so far as that is concerned). It will enable you to make code that is reusable, effectively adjust capable, and particular.

Presently I know this all sounds befuddling however here's a model to make it somewhat more clear. Suppose in our amusement we had a supermarket and needed to produce a can of oranges yet every orange we needed somewhat extraordinary. Utilizing procedural (no objects) programming, we would need to physically type out the characteristics of each orange in one gigantic rundown. Objects, notwithstanding, we simply can make the same number of 'examples' of an object 'Orange' as we require with properties officially characterized in the Orange object, eliminating countless lines of code.

About The Author
Kavya gajjar is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Unity 3d Programming Services. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.

4 Things You Should Be Check Now To Improve Php Web Development

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor or simply PHP is a scripting language or programming language concocted by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995. At the initial stage "Personal Home Page" was the acronym for PHP web development application. It was planned for the personal use of the developer but later when its functionality increased the named changed to "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor".

From the beginning, PHP has become one of the most well-known programming languages for Web development applications. There are many popular websites which are powered by PHP as well as the majority of scripts and Web projects are also developed with the help of PHP.|

Know the right time to begin optimizing PHP:

You should first run benchmarks on your hardware as well as software in order to determine the performance parameters. It will help you understand the risks and benefits of specific trade-offs thus will guide your coding. Use adequate test data to create code that scales.

Here are 4 excellent tips that will surely help PHP developers to increase or speed up the up the performance of the PHP web development application. Every PHP web developers should learn and follow these basic tips whenever they program.

1.    Upgrading your PHP to the latest version:

If you are using the old versions of PHP web development application then you are surely missing a lot of new features and improvements related to the performance that has been made to the application. Every new version of the PHP web development application has something new compared to the previous versions.

In case you are working with legacy code then upgrading to the new versions of PHP web development is not always a simple task! In any case, if the application is experiencing any performance issues then updating the application to the latest version is the best task that one can follow.

With the release of every PHP updates, there is an increase in performance associated. The performance increases roughly to 100 percent across all kinds of applications.  Not upgrading to the newest version is an indiscreet decision one will make in terms of performance point of view. Upgrading to the newest version will result in less memory consumption which enables you to handle many requests at the same time without depleting the memory of the server.

2.    Take the advantage of using an accelerator such as APC or OPCache:

 In two steps PHP runs your code and they are:

●    PHP compiler will transform the script from PHP code into opcodes
●    Then the PHP virtual machine will execute this intermediate cache format.

 The first step of this process can be cached by the accelerators such as APC or OPCache until the PHP file changes.  An accelerator can double the performance. This ability of an accelerator depends on the kind of application you run and the PHP version is used by you. Latest versions of PHP include OPCache so that's why it is advisable to upgrade to newer versions.

In case if you are running the application on shared hosting then there is a chance of having a disabled opcode cache. The hoster may disable this opcode cache for security reasons. You can move your code to the modern hosters that provide you with the control and are pretty much affordable. You can use Digitalocean and Syseleven for hosting.

3.    Distinguish the delays in the database and neaten your filesystem:

The code doesn't cause the performance problems always.  When the application accesses the resources then most of the congestions occur & this results in lowering the performance of the application. You should look at all the occurrences of database access in code access. This should be done as the data access layer of a PHP web development application is responsible for the occurrence of 90 percent of execution time.

In order to identify and address slow SQL queries turn on slow SQL logs. After that check their efficiency by querying the queries. You can cut down the database access time to boost your application's performance. This can be done if. If there are many queries are being made or same queries are being made several times during a single execution.

You should remove your filesystem if there is any inefficiency present. You should also ensure that the filesystem isn't being utilized for session storage. Look out for codes such as file_exists(), filesize() or filetime() which can trigger a file stat. If any of these functions are present then there will be issues related to performance.

4.    Use XDebug and monitor the APIs:

You should profile your PHP to manage the external resources as a full PHP code profile supplies you with in-depth information about the performance of your application. You can use XDebug to profile your PHP code. Most web applications depend on remote APIs. You can eliminate the problems resulting from AP by establishing timeouts for API requests.

Author Bio:
Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs – a Web design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on Ecm Services, Web Designing and Php Web Development.

Top 10 Myths About Software Development

Software development is prettyvitalfor businesses. We depend on software to maintain the websites, do our finances, and send automatic emails to subscribers. But the selections we make in software are significant to the success of our businesses. Sometimes, we fear we won’t get what we pay for. We fear the designers we hire willnot understand what we need. These are all comprehensible concerns. But it is better to do something than to keep hobbling along with the same old boxed software you have used. No matter what type of industry you are in, you need to be able to have surenessin the software systems. You need to know that they will do what you need them to do at all times.

1.    It’s expensive

Buy only a software designed by a custom software development company. Its not that expensive and have a great potential as well.

2.    I cannot get what I need for the business

If you are not getting the type of software to do exactly what the business needs, you just need to look further for the right solution.

3.    The more, the merrier

One of the myths that adding people to a development team makes it better and speeds up delivery. But, adding more people to a project tends to extend the project’s timeframe and causes friction.

4.    There is always a magic bullet

When building a software, the utmost importance should be given to critical innovative thinking, and skillset. Having the best technologies is just the best thing. 

5.    When the software is released, project is over

When the software is released, the focus should be given to receiving feedback from the users. There should be an ongoing process of improvement along with testing bugs to offer the users with the best product.

6.    Software must be framed on a rigid set of development standards

With the help of a custom software development company, you can have the most efficient system in one place that keeps up with the demands of the world. 

7.    Creating an original web app takes time

It’s not true. The statistics on mobile users pointing to the statistic that there will be about 5 billion mobile users by the year 2019, can you manage to not have an app?

8.    It’s too time-consuming

It’s not at all true. Hiring a professional to do tasks can be really helpful. It will save a lot of time and the results will be great.

9.    Outsourcing is bad

When done properly, in a well-researched manner, outsourcing can deliver better code and a great product.

10.    The best software engineers are computer geeks who do not understand business

You should checkto find the best company to help you understand business. By holding the hand of a company that understands business and make you aware of the new things can be really helpful.

So, go through the points and grasp some the needed information that will clear up all the myths!

Author Bio

I am  working as SEO/blogger in Megicbyte Solutions , a leading Search Engine Optimization Agency in USA/India. He is an avid reader and other than his work, he has an interest in video marketing, writing, and assisting others in social groups. If you are interested in reading more interesting stuff  follow  Megicbyte Solutions on Google+

How to Upload Files Into a MySQL Database Using PHP?

MYSQL is utilized for creating database for websites and web applications. With its amazing performance, dependability and usability, MySQL has become best database option for web applications. It is freely accessible and simple to install. When the user uploads a file and tap on the upload button, the data is submitted to the server. PHP now takes the file and saves it in a folder in the project. Afterwards, it saves the text in the database together with a link pointing to the image in the folder. Now the biggest question is that how to upload files to MySQL database using PHP? Let’s learn.

Phase 0: Creating A Database
The process of creating database is easy. One table with a Binary large object (BLOB) field for the file data and some fields for different pieces of information relating to the file:

1. CREATE TABLE `file` (
2. `id` Int Unsigned Not Null Auto_Increment,
3. `name` VarChar(255) Not Null Default Untitled.txt,
4. `mime` VarChar(50) Not Null Default text/plain,
5. `size` BigInt Unsigned Not Null Default 0,
6. `data` MediumBlob Not Null,
7. `created` DateTime Not Null,
8. PRIMARY KEY (`id`)
9. )

As you see, a file is stored by their, including the extension. We have the mime type, which is used to let the browser know what kinds of file are dealing with. us The size of the file in bytes. And finally the data itself, in a MediumBlob field.

Phase 1: Uploading The File
Now, there is need to get the file from the user. The table we designed does not want further information from the user. So, we will make this easy and create a HTML form with only a single "file" input field and a submit button:

1. <!DOCTYPE html>
2. <head>
3. <title>MySQL file upload example</title>
4. <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
5. </head>
6. <body>
7. <form action="add_file.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/ form-data">
8. <input type="file" name="uploaded_file"><br>
9. <input type="submit" value="Upload file">
10. </form>
11. <p>
12. <a href="list_files.php">See all files</a>
13. </p>
Now look at the above mentioned code and you can see the third attribute of the <form> element, "enctype". This tells the browser how to send the form data to the server. As it is, when sending files, this require to be set to "multipart/form-data".
In the event that it is set any other way, or not set at all, your file is presumably not going to be transmitted accurately.

Phase 2: Add The File To The Database
As you can see in phase 1, we set the action property to "add_file.php". This is the file we are going to build it this phase of the process.

This file needs to check if a file has been uploaded, ensure that it was uploaded without errors, and add it to the database:

1. <?php
2. // Check if a file has been uploaded
3. if(isset($_FILES[uploaded_file])) {
4. // Make sure the file was sent without errors
5. if($_FILES[uploaded_file][error] == 0) {
6. // Connect to the database
7. $dbLink = new mysqli(, user, pwd, myTable);
8. if(mysqli_connect_errno()) {
9. die("MySQL connection failed: ". mysqli_connect_error());
10. }
12. // Gather all required data
13. $name = $dbLink->real_escape_string($_FILES[uploaded_file] [name]);
14. $mime = $dbLink->real_escape_string($_FILES[uploaded_file] [type]);
15.$data=$dbLink->real_escape_string(file_get_contents($_FILES [uploaded_file][tmp_name]));
16. $size = intval($_FILES[uploaded_file][size]);
18. // Create the SQL query
19. $query = "
20. INSERT INTO `file` (
21. `name`, `mime`, `size`, `data`, `created`
22. )
23. VALUES (
24. {$name}, {$mime}, {$size}, {$data}, NOW()
25. )";
27. // Execute the query
28. $result = $dbLink->query($query);
30. // Check if it was successful
31. if($result) {
32. echo Success! Your file was successfully added!;
33. }
34. else {
35. echo Error! Failed to insert the file
36. . "<pre>{$dbLink->error}</pre>";
37. }
38. }
39. else {
40. echo An error occurred while the file was being uploaded.
41. . Error code: . intval($_FILES[uploaded_file] [error]);
42. }
44. // Close the mysql connection
45. $dbLink->close();
46. }Now, using this summary as a guide, lets start writing our program.

Phase 3: Listing All Existing Files
So, now that here is few of files in our database, we have to make a list of files and link them so they can be downloaded:

1. <?php
2. // Connect to the database
3. $dbLink = new mysqli(, user, pwd, myTable);
4. if(mysqli_connect_errno()) {
5. die("MySQL connection failed: ". mysqli_connect_error());
6. }
8. // Query for a list of all existing files
9. $sql = SELECT `id`, `name`, `mime`, `size`, `created` FROM `file `;
10.$result = $dbLink->query($sql);
12.// Check if it was successful
13.if($result) {
14. // Make sure there are some files in there
15. if($result->num_rows == 0) {
16. echo <p>There are no files in the database</p>;
17. }
18. else {
19. // Print the top of a table
20. echo <table width="100%">
21. <tr>
22. <td><b>Name</b></td>
23. <td><b>Mime</b></td>
24. <td><b>Size (bytes)</b></td>
25. <td><b>Created</b></td>
26. <td><b>&nbsp;</b></td>
27. </tr>;
29. // Print each file
30. while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) {
31. echo "
32. <tr>
33. <td>{$row[name]}</td>
34. <td>{$row[mime]}</td>
35. <td>{$row[size]}</td>
36. <td>{$row[created]}</td>
37. <td><a href=get_file.php? id={$row[id]}>Download</a></td>
38. </tr>";
39. }
41. // Close table
42. echo </table>;
43. }
45. // Free the result
46. $result->free();
50. echo Error! SQL query failed:;
51. echo "<pre>{$dbLink->error}</pre>";
54.// Close the mysql connection

Phase 4: Downloading A File
To truly see how this functions, you should see how your browser downloads documents. When a browser asks for a file from an HTTP server, the server reaction will incorporate information on what precisely it contains. These bits of information are called headers. The headers ordinarily incorporate information on the sort of data being sent, the size of the reaction, and in case of files, the name of the file.

Now, this code. We begin simply by reading the ID sent by the link in phase 3. If the ID is valid, we fetch the information on the file whose ID we received, send the headers, and finally send the file data:

1. <?php
2. // Make sure an ID was passed
3. if(isset($_GET[id])) {
4. // Get the ID
5. $id = intval($_GET[id]);
7. // Make sure the ID is in fact a valid ID
8. if($id <= 0) {
9. die(The ID is invalid!);
10. }
11. else {
12. // Connect to the database
13. $dbLink = new mysqli(, user, pwd, myTable );
14. if(mysqli_connect_errno()) {
15. die("MySQL connection failed: ". mysqli_connect_error ());
16. }
18. // Fetch the file information
19. $query = "
20. SELECT `mime`, `name`, `size`, `data`
21. FROM `file`
22. WHERE `id` = {$id}";
23. $result = $dbLink->query($query);
25. if($result) {
26. // Make sure the result is valid
27. if($result->num_rows == 1) {
28. // Get the row
29. $row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result);
31. // Print headers
32. header("Content-Type: ". $row[mime]);
33. header("Content-Length: ". $row[size]);
34. header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename =". $row[name]);
36. // Print data
37. echo $row[data];
38. }
39. else {
40. echo Error! No image exists with that ID.;
41. }
43. // Free the mysqli resources
44. @mysqli_free_result($result);
45. }
46. else {
47. echo "Error! Query failed: <pre>{$dbLink- >error}</pre>";
48. }
49. @mysqli_close($dbLink);
50. }
52.else {
53. echo Error! No ID was passed.;

Final Words
So, you can see file uploading process is not complex as we think. Simply think about the above-mentioned steps, and you can easily upload any kind of file in Mysql database using PHP.

Author bio: Morris Edwards is Web developer & Marketing strategist at Awebstar - A leading  web design & development company in singapore. They have built over 400+ Professional & ecommerce websites for their worldwide clients.

5 Easy Ways you can Turn Artificial Intellgence into a Success

Amongst the analysts like Gartner, Forrester and IDC, Artificial Intelligence dominates their predictions for the future. You may well ask, 'what is artificial intelligence?'. The answer to this question is as under:

What is Artificial Intelligence?
Amongst the analysts like Gartner, Forrester and IDC, Artificial Intelligence dominates their predictions for the future. You may well ask, 'what is artificial intelligence?'. The answer to this question is as under:

"Artificial Intelligence is when a machine starts behaving like a human being" Technologically, machines do not have any intelligence and they just obey the commands given by their masters. However, when machines start displaying natural intelligence, then that is called artificial intelligence. In technical words, 'any machine that judges its environment and takes action to optimize its chance of achieving its goals. Colloquially speaking, when a machine mimics the cognitive functions of a human being, then the machine is said to have artificial intelligence.

Five easy ways in which you can turn Artificial Intelligence into a success
This paragraph will talk about five easy ways artificial intelligence can be made a success. Although analysts predict the future as being full of artificial intelligence, none of the organizations of repute has yet been able to use AI to their advantage. AI is not really a new technology. Inspite of this, only 20% of CIOs report implementing AI in their organizations. Moreover, only 4 percent of organizations in totality have reported successful AI implementation. Why this step-fatherly treatment towards AI? You will be surprised to know that there are hardly any organizations, which have reported successful AI implementations. We can do the following to make AI a success:

a.    Identify competitive advantage
With every new technology that comes into the market, the technology cart gets ahead of the business value horse. However, business value eventually regains its primacy. AI is also similar. The same thing will happen in the case of AI. Gartner has advised CIOs to treat AI as they would do any other new technology and try to derive a competitive advantage out of it. This can be done by achieving a business and IT collaboration to give a competitive advantage to their organization. Thus, in order to make AI implementation a success, organizations need to understand their competitive advantage.

b.    Select the most suitable AI application

The next step is to shortlist the AI applications that will help you get your desired outcome. This is very difficult considering that McKinsey has shortlisted 600 distinct AI applications which can be useful in several industries. Please be aware that AI is not a business panacea. From AI, you need to select five applications, which will help you in your business and then select two to three from them as pilots. From the runs of the pilots, you can single out one application, which you can use further for your business. This should help you meet your business objectives and help you service your customers too.

c.    Procure AI Technology

Next, you need to find the right AI Technology to power your AI application. However, instead of looking for AI technology to power your application, you can latch on to cloud based platforms like Amazon Web Services Machine Learning or Google Cloud AI and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning. These will support your AI application and help you gain a competitive advantage. Further, you do not need to build your own AI application. You can procure software with AI inside. Today, almost all applications embed AI automatically into them to identify data relationships, patterns and recommend visualizations.

d.    Develop AI skills
Impart training to your staff in using AI. When you decide to build an AI application or work with an AI integrated machine, your staff will require to be trained in handling such applications. Encourage them to take up online courses on sites like Udemi, Udacity or edX. This will go a long way in helping them work better. With this training, they will also become more loyal to you as you have trained them in working better. Moreover, they can latch on to community support available on the Artificial Intelligence Forum, where a number of AI users congregate.

e.    Build on your success
Someone has said, "True happiness comes from the joy of deeds done well and the zest of creating things new". Therefore, as soon as you complete your first AI application, try celebrating the occasion. Take the advantages of the AI application to the lowest common denominator of your company. Do this through a case study. You can also use the marketing capability of your AI vendor to impress upon your other employees about AI.  Once you have built more applications using AI, you can always think of patenting your technology. Thus, here you are building on your success and protecting yourself by applying for a patent.

Thus, the promise made in the first paragraph of this article is fulfilled.  Five ways of making your AI a success have been elaborated in the above paragraphs. These ways may be adopted together or bit by bit, the onus rests with you.

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs – a Web design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on Ecm Services, Web Designing and Java Web Development.

Top 10 WordPress Trends that will Impact your Website in 2018

WordPress is one of the best content management systems in the world. It is used by a large number of people all around the world. So, there is always a great buzz around it. Every year, new WordPress trends come into existence. They affect the way WordPress websites/blogs are created.

In this year, new WordPress trends are rolling out. This is making WordPress Website Development works a little bit complicated. If you are a WordPress developer or website maker, a sound knowledge of the latest WordPress development trends will enable you to make amazing WordPress websites as usual. Let's know the top WordPress trends 2018 that are likely to WP websites.

1.    New Improvements in WordPress Websites

On November 15, 2017, the latest version WordPress (4.9) was released. You can use it to fix and eliminate the errors/loopholes of the version 4.8. With this update, WordPress users can expect improvements in code editing, theme management, plug-in management and simpler settings. It will help WordPress developers and website administrators as it enables them to provide up-to-date, bug-free, and professional WordPress websites for the needy clients in an easy way.

2.    A Sharp Demand for Mobile-First Websites

Mobile-friendly websites have become an essential requirement for all people involved in the web-based business. It is because a large number of people are using different mobile devices for internet browsing compared to the desktop computers. So, if you are a WordPress website developer, focus your attention on creating websites and blogs with a mobile-first approach.

This will help SEO professionals to get their websites ranked well in Google's SERP, help users find the required info on the web through mobile devices, and assist entrepreneurs to grab the huge amount of sales flowing through small screens. You can get mobile-friendly WordPress websites easily by using WordPress development services India.

3.   Websites with Encryption & HTTPS Will Be in Demand

These days, there is a sense of insecurity on the digital landscape. Even the most protected websites are being hacked by cybercriminals. It creates a wave of panic and horror among frequent internet users who use to buy products and services online. Always keep in mind that well-educated and modern tech-savvy people the difference between websites starting with or without HTTPS.

So, you run an E-commerce website with WordPress, or a service-based portal, just encrypt it and attach HTTPS to it. It will let visitors know that your website is safe for use and that sensitive data is protected on your portal.

4.   Extra Emphasis on Micro-interactions

In 2018, you will face Interstitial nervousness on several occasions. Actually, it is a provisional state of stress experienced by users when they communicate with website operators and wait for their reply. This may contribute to customer's vulnerability if they don't get an appropriate reply in a timely fashion. Therefore, all WordPress website designers must create websites with several means of communication for the targeted audience. Attach social media plugins, contact details, opt-in forms, etc. It will help customers extract with you in an easy way and get the solution to their problem instantly.

5.   Increased Demand for SaaS with Auto-renewal feature

These days, hardcore business operators don't have sufficient time to get involved in website maintenance and management work. It is because different responsibilities of the web-based business keep them busy at all the times. So, there will be a great demand for WordPress websites built with Software as a Service (SaaS). It will facilitate the auto-renewal of WordPress websites, themes, and plugins. All this will assist WP website owners to operate their web-based business without worrying about the maintenance part.

6.   Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality for WordPress Websites

Web developers and designers have started to use virtual reality and augmented reality in web development projects. The good thing is that WordPress completely supports the content of virtual reality, video, and images @360 degree. It is anticipated that its use will soar dramatically in 2018.

7.   Video Headers for WordPress

There is no doubt that video content easily grabs the attention of visitors and encourages them to spend more time on websites. In 2018, the video will rule web design up to a great extent. Video headers and backgrounds are gaining immense popularity in web design field and this momentum is likely to escalate further. Fortunately, WordPress offers a number of themes for this purpose. Some excellent options are-

8.    A Great Demand for WordPress E-commerce Websites 

As running a fully-fledged and professional E-commerce website comes at a big price, a good number of individuals use the WordPress CMS to operate small & medium scale E-commerce business. With WordPress, both technical and non-technical individuals can easily operate E-commerce websites without getting worried about the technical issues.

In 2018, more people will use the WordPress platform to operate their E-commerce business. Fortunately, WordPress offers numerous E-commerce plugins & themes. You can use them to create professional, eye-catching, and feature rich E-commerce websites and sell your products to the maximum in an easy way. Offshore WordPress Development India, provided by WordPress development companies, can help you to get a fully-fledged WP E-commerce website without any hassle.

9.    Increased usability of  The Drag & Drop Content 

While developing websites/blogs, web developers have to toil a lot to place content at appropriate places and look into its usability for the targeted audience. In 2018, the use of drag and drop content will increase up to a great extent. It allows web developers to have a complete control over various design elements, customize website/blogs easily, and give amazing websites to clients they dream of.

10.    Increased Use of Parallax design for Single Page Websites

These days, there are many people who prefer one-page websites to attract a large number of customers and increase the number of leads created on a daily basis. For such websites, Parallax scrolling is very useful as it allows visitors to get the required stuff on the single page just by sliding the pages. In 2018, its use is likely to increase up to a great extent.
Final Words

Every year, New WordPress trends appear and old ones vanish. These are the top 10 latest WordPress trends in 2018 that are going to affect the website design and development work throughout the year. Just know these latest WordPress trends very well and create appealing WP websites without any fuss.

Author Bio :
Kerin Miller is a Web Expert, She has a lot of experience in development custom WordPress and Magento Themes. She has delivered an numerous range of quality products related to this. She has a strong passion for writing useful and insights about WordPress tips and tricks.

What are the Benefits of Learning .NET / C# and Where to Start Learning it

 What are the Benefits of Learning .NET / C# and Where to Start Learning it

In the today's world of internet, there is nothing impossible. Tens of websites offer online courses, mentoring and video tutorials that will help you to learn to program. The one the most strong and ever complete is probably Microsoft course, also available online.

What if you are the complete beginner, afraid of complicated theory, which may easily make you give up fast? We would like to make a small review of the recently launched online tutorial to learn programming in an easy and fun way.

If you are just starting to study C# programming language which is a basis to master .NET technology, one question doubtless will interest you. Why one should choose C# (.Net) and what is it capable of? What opportunities does it open for you? And actually where to start?

Here we will briefly describe what you can do using .NET. For sure, we are not aware of all the possibilities, so you are welcome to add in comments.

Microsoft has invested tremendous efforts in the development of .NET, considering it is a flagship technology. So, let's review which solutions can you create using it.

Windows Applications and Software 
 .NET has become the number one technology for Windows software development and for many years has no analogs in terms of speed and usability of development. Using .NET, you can write WinForm (GUI) applications, console applications, create reusable libraries, Windows services, graphics applications (WPF), and much more.

Web Apps
The technology that allows you to develop web solutions in .NET is called ASP.NET. ASP.NET is tailored to create web applications with rich functionality.


.NET appeared to be very effective to write applications with heavy graphics. It allows you to develop games using intensive 3D graphics, not only for Windows but also for the Xbox 360 game console. The main technology that you are going to use for creating games will be Unity game engine. This is a very promising field of software development.
Mobile Applications

The version of the .NET Framework for mobile devices running on Windows Mobile is called .NET Compact Framework. Here, you won't see many of the features of the usual framework but there are special sets of libraries for mobile devices.

You can also consider using Xamarin framework and write cross-platform mobile applications using C#.

Corporate Applications

Here belong large software system platforms designed to operate in a corporate environment, such as web services, enterprise services, etc.

Programming of microcontrollers
The number of microcontrollers is tens of times larger than conventional processors. They are everywhere: in cellular and ordinary phones, televisions, monitors, microwave ovens, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, MP3-players, cars, cameras ... And all of them need to be programmed. For a long time, the programming of microcontrollers was the prerogative of C and Assembler. Later it became possible to program it using some high-level languages. C# is one of them.

Programming at the system level
We have already written that using C# you can program microcontrollers. Moreover, it is possible to write an entire operating system on it! There is an operating system on managed code, it is experimental and called Microsoft Singularity.

Another question is where to start learning C# if you are a complete beginner?
In the today's world of internet, there is nothing impossible. Tens of websites offer online courses, mentoring and video tutorials that will help you to learn to program. The one the most strong and ever complete is probably Microsoft course, also available online.

What if you are the complete beginner, afraid of complicated theory, which may easily make you give up fast? We would like to make a small review of the recently launched online tutorial to learn programming in an easy and fun way.

Codeasy.net - is the interactive course for learning to program online. It is designed for absolute beginners and does not require any prior knowledge to start. It is really fun to learn from it just by reading an adventure story about fighting machines in the future. While reading you gonna will meet challenges that require real coding to solve. The final goal is to become a programmer to save the world!

Codeasy is not about immediately getting a job, it is not about going into complex details of every subject, it is all about helping people to get into coding in the easiest possible way.

You are probably wondering about the details. Let's see some features of Codeasy.
  • Basic C# course in form of adventure story mixed with the explanation of programming  principles – complete 12 chapters. 
  • Each chapter covers some topic and includes tasks to solve by coding.
  • Solving tasks (writing C# code and running it) is available after registrationdirectly in the online compiler at Codeasy. The progress is shown in each chapter.Without signup the user can still ready whole story.
  • Codeasy checks the code written by the user immediately and outputs the result. 
  • If the user can't solve the task he can use the hint for each task.
  • In case of difficulty, the user can ask Mentors in the Slack chat.
  • When the task is solved, the user can compare and see how the senior developer solved it.
  • Leaderboard – solving the tasks the user gets points and gets to the chart of leaders.
While solving the tasks user earn "viruses" – internal currency at Codeasy to spend on various features like open the next chapter, etc. The most import thing is the basic course is free!

It's rather a good way to start learning, taste programming and decide if it is for you ;-) if you still hesitate.

Perhaps, that's all. If there is anything else to add or correct, please, leave comments.

Prepared by Codeasy.net team.