Top 6 Social Media Platforms that Offer the Greatest Organic Reach

Social media platforms are a great way to reach out to a wider market and get their genuine opinions about your products and services. However, with the ever-increasing competition in the market, organic reach has been replaced with the paid reach where marketers spend money to promote their business on Social Media. Unfortunately, this is not how you succeed in your online business and drive genuine traffic to your site. Therefore, it is quite necessary that you realize the significance of organic reach and work for it.

We have compiled the list of top 8 social media platforms that offer greatest organic reach. Have a look.

1.    Facebook: 
Facebook is certainly the best platform to promote your website. But the increasing popularity of this social networking site has arisen many challenges for the webmasters. Facebook has recently proclaimed that it will minimize the overly promotional page posts. With this proclamation comes the bad news for a majority of webmasters since it was one of the best ways for pages to improve their organic reach directly. A study has shown that Facebook pages that have million likes receive only 2.27% average organic reach. As an instance, if your page has 64.5 million likes, you can only reach around 1.5 million fans. Thus you have to pay to increase your organic reach. However, there are various ways to improve your organic reach such as posting fascinating content, videos and sharing things that your audience is most interested in.  

Tips to improve organic reach:

1.    Post at non-peak times: Yes, you probably have heard that you should share your content at the peak times. But let’s consider it this way, if there is less things being shared on Facebook, there are more chances for you to stand out.

2.    Share self-explanatory images: It has shown that self-explanatory images reach more audience than normal images. The matter of fact is that nobody likes to read long articles word by word. Web users like to scan information and nothing beats self-explanatory images.

3.    Listen to your audience: It’s always a bright idea to engage your audience with questions. This way you can ensure that you are serving to the right audience with the right products.

2.    Twitter:
Twitter is yet another most frequently used Social Media platform to post the recent updates. It is said, “Be brief, for you might not get a chance to complete yourself”. Perhaps, this is the reason why Twitter provides you with only 140 characters to post. However, with this limitation of words comes the difficulty of reaching the targeted audience. Also, the average interaction rate on Twitter is 0.03% only. In simpler words, for every 1 million followers the average interactions are 300, which means there are very less chances of reaching to even half of your followers.

A research by more than 100 brands has found that there are certain tactics to drive the highest traffic from Twitter.

•    Include auto-expanded photos:
Twitter is gradually converting into a visual network and adding photos and videos can greatly improve your organic reach. A recent study by Buffer has shown that an average number of tweets with photos get 35% boost in retweets while videos manage to receive 28%.

•    Leverage Real Time:
Twitter is certainly all about real time events and conversations and this is why a majority of brands have seen a huge jump in their retweets and organic reach by leveraging real-time. Make sure you stay true to your brand while joining in the conversation. 

Here is a great example to justify what we are talking about:
British airways tweet when the Royal baby girl was born:

3.    Google+: Google+ is the product of the search engine giant Google. Therefore, it is the best social media platform present today. However, Google+ has recently removed most of its features. It only has limited features now such as communities and collections. And in order to make the most of these features, you have to be active on it. Facebook and Twitter being the most popular platforms make many webmasters overlook the power of Google. However, you probably don’t know that for every Google+ interaction, a brand attracts 0.09% of follower count which is less, but it can be increased if you share it in different communities and collections.  

4.    LinkedIn: A post on LinkedIn can attract 20% organic reach provided it engages users. This number can even increase up to 60% only if you post more often. To boost the organic reach on LinkedIn, you should post more professional and informative data. For an instance, you can post case studies or may be an informative article on how to set up a business. Anything and everything you post on LinkedIn would help you widen your professional network. However, you need to ensure that you post at the peak time i.e. during business hours.

5.     Pinterest:
You need to make sure that you have an active Pinterest account if you want to promote your brand. Studies have revealed that the organic reach on Pinterest is much more than Facebook and Twitter because your pins are visible to greater number than the number of your followers. You probably don’t know that a Facebook and Twitter posts offer 90 and 24 minutes of visibility respectively whereas Pinterest can provide 151,200 minutes according to a recent study. To improve organic you can add PIN IT button on your blog and share infographics on your Pinterest account. Really, sharing infographics on Pinterest does work.

6.    Instagram:
Instagram, as you know is used to post pictures and videos. And it is actually very difficult to measure your organic reach on this platform. As a matter of fact, Instagram holds a total of 20% of the Organic Search.

You can improve your organic search on Instagram by actively commenting on other followers’ posts. Using the correct #hashtag can help you big time because that is used for the searching on social media.

Shoutouts are another way to reach a wider audience. However, only few brands are aware of this strategy and thus it is hardly used. In shoutouts, you can ask account holders with a large number of followers to share one of the best photos of your brands with his/her followers to improve organic reach and in return you can do the same to give back the favor.

Although the organic reach has declined but it would be too soon to say that it is out. Because technology can surprise you anytime.

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Top 3 Feature-rich and Quality Photo Gallery WordPress Plugins

As a matter of fact, there is no shortage of WordPress plugins. There are hundreds and thousands of plugins available to choose from. And Photo gallery Wordpress plugins are no exception.

All the photo gallery WP plugins offer features that improve your way of showing images on your site. However, with the so many options come the difficult to choose the best. Therefore, we have compiled a list of top 3 best and feature-rich photo gallery WP plugins to help you choose only the best for your website.

1. Foo Gallery
Foo Gallery is on the top of the list simply because it allows you to show your images in a variety of formats. Once you install and activate this plugin, you will see an “add gallery” option added to the WP dashboard on top of the post editor. It features various gallery templates including standard thumbnail and masonry layout. The plugin also allows you to customize image link options, thumbnail size and other settings

Additional features:
•    Built-in gallery templates
•    Built on an extension framework
•    Custom CSS feature
•    Drag and drop rearrangement of galleries and images
•    Gallery custom post type
•    Albums built-in

2. NextGen Gallery
NextGen Gallery plugin comes with its own user-friendly user interface along with its own separate folders to save your images and database tables. Since it has so many features and options to offer, the user interface may look pretty complicated for the beginners. However, when you get a hang of it, you will find adding and deleting images and galleries a child's play. NextGen Gallery also puts up a button in the visual editor to make it easy for the webmaster to add galleries and images.

Additional features:
•    Also works with shortcodes or options panel
•    Offers multiple gallery types
•    Allows you to choose from a wide variety of options for slideshows
•    Allows easy customization

3. WP Canvas – Gallery
WP Canvas is yet another popular photo gallery plugin available for Wordpress users that simply expands the default use of WP galleries. With this plugin, you can expand to integrate more size, caption and other options. This plugin allows you to show a gallery in different formats including a carousel, a slider or a masonry format.

Additional features:
•    Comes with WP Canvas Gallery columns
•    WP canvas slider and carousel
•    Add a button to make adding galleries easier and convenient

These are by far the best photo gallery plugins available for Wordpress users. Hope you like it!

Author Bio:
Emma Watson is a WordPress Developer by Profession and Writer by Hobby. She Works for Wordsuccor Ltd., Providing Wordpress Plugin Development Service to global clients. You can connect with her on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

Top 10 Best Free HTML5/CSS3 Bootstrap Blog Themes

Blogging has become one of the most integral parts of marketing strategy of any business. While it is similar to a normal website, it emphasizes on providing information in order to educate a person regarding some product or service. It has been carefully analyzed that people tend to research about a product or service before buying it. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a blog for your marketing. HTML5 is the latest and most reliable programming language. To begin with, you can choose from a number of free HTML5 Blog themes. Choosing the right one out of those can be a time consuming task, hence you can choose the appropriate theme from below given list of top 10 free HTML5/CSS3 Bootstrap blog themes:

1.    Clean Blog:  As clean and simple as the name is Clean Blog theme uses minimal design and let the visitor concentrate only on the content. It is the right fit for any kind of business that wants to educate their user regarding anything. Unlike other blogs it doesn’t confuse you with so many widgets popping out of everywhere on the window. The built-in features of the blog include a homepage, page to introduce yourself, a sample post and a contact me page. Clean blog is also responsive which means you can reach more people as it can be opened on any mobile device.

Get this theme here:

2.    Blog Post:  It is a Bootstrap blog website that uses the Bootstrap features efficiently to craft unique blog posts. It provides you with the sidebar widgets and comments widgets to engage your audience in a better way. As a template it provides you with a sample post with embedded image header and the customizable design elements.

Get this theme here:

3.    Blog Home:  You can integrate Blog Home with Blog Post. The Blog Home provides a proper navigation bar and the Blog Post section is separated from the home section. You can easily customize all the widgets provided in Blog Home. Moreover, it is fully responsive.

Get this theme here:

4.    Coffee Break:  Coffee Break is best suited for the small scale business. It can be used for personal blogging, restaurants, travel and lifestyle blogging and so on. It might not be the right fit for the corporate sector though. It is very user-friendly and eye catchy designs are enough to make the first impression on your visitor. It has a built-in slider and a compact slider as the footer of the blog.

Get this theme here:

5.    Quickly: Quickly is a perfect blog theme that displays flexibility of Bootstrap. This is meant for writers specifically. It gives you a wide variety of fonts, widget concepts and everything to enhance your blogging experience. It also lets you promote your online presence with the help of social media widgets.

Get this theme here:

6.    Voguish: It is perfect for fashion blogging. If you want to promote your fashion merchandise over internet, you should definitely opt for Voguish theme. It has a beautiful slider to depict the beautiful fashion trends in style. It also has Twitter integration that displays the tweets from your profile. It is the perfect combination of HTML5 and CSS3.

Get this theme here:

7.    Floral: Floral theme is for the ones who prefer sophistication. It uses a traditional template that has a strong menu on top. For posts, the template has a Title, Image, Content and the many background patterns to enhance the reading experience. It displays related posts in a widget which lets yours user stay on your blog for more reading.

Get this theme here:

8.    Konstructs: Konstructs is meant for the tech-savy people. Technical blogs can use this theme for free without compromising on technology. It displays the content in a grid format. There are widgets which can be used for promoting yourself. The Konstructs template provides space for sharing stories and pages with professional approach.

Get this theme here:

9.    Animus:  Animus has used full-grid templating patterns first out of all. It provides a lightweight list of colors and backgrounds so that the readers do not get carried away by the look. It is a professional theme which can be aptly used for various business niches.

Get this theme here:

10.    Personal Blog: Just like the name says, this theme can be used for the personal blogging. From sharing stories to experiences, you can share all types of content using this blog theme. It has simple home page that displays the list of all recent posts. It displays the written content in an effective manner with a small comment box for others to give views on the posts. It has a navigation bar, a logo and you can archive any data.

Get this theme here:

You can go with any of the above themes to start with blogging. Every blog theme has different features as per different needs. Once you are clear about the purpose of the blog, you can download the theme and then are set to promote yourself and your business.

Happy blogging!

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Alice is a great snooker player and likes to do out of box activities in his free time. He works for as content writer.