Top Reasons To Develop Mobile Apps In NodeJS

The Mobile Revolution has brought along a plethora of trends that have worked positively for the design and development of stunning mobile apps. Irrespective of the type of individuals or firms that you intend to target, a perfect mobile app will allow you to attain an outstanding mobile presence for your brand. A good mobile experience will add a tint of excellence in your company's reputation among the global customer base. So, it's time for you to choose the right real-time app development technology like Node.js to get started with building apps that perform brilliantly on all popular mobile devices and platforms. In this post, I've chosen to highlight the key reasons behind the significance of using Node.js for creation of scintillating, best-quality mobile apps. Now, let's dig into these reasons!

1.    Node.js is an open source server-side development framework
Also considered as the second most popular repository on GitHub, Node.js is an open source app development framework that has its code available for free. With Node.js, you can find NPM which is a node.js package manager that's used for installing node programs efficiently. The awesome features available with Node.js make it one of the simplest app development frameworks.

2.    Asynchronous callbacks make way for natural threading

Node.js comes with asynchronous callbacks which create space for natural threading, saving user a lot of time and effort. This Node.js feature plays a vital role in reducing the overall memory usage along with increasing the app's load speed. Plus, a large group of concurrent users are hence capable of utilizing the same amount of memory- making Node.js an excellent backend technology.

3.    Tuning page rendering between client and server becomes a breeze with Node.js
The Page Rendering Node.js will enable you to tune page rendering between client and server, basis the chosen network. While you might be following the typical practice of using the UI or jQuery framework for generating views in front-end, with Node.js, it is possible for you to use the EXACT same code for rendering on the chosen server. With YUI3 completely available for Node.js, you can conveniently optimize both, client and server side rendering efficiently.

4.    If you know JavaScript, using Node.js will be a mere walk in the park

As a front-end web developer, it's not surprising for you to be well familiar with all the ins and outs related to JavaScript. With Node.js using JavaScript, you need not bother about learning a whole new programming language. Hence, you can choose to work as a backend developer and use the popular data exchange format known as JSON. Thanks to Node.js's runtime, you can enjoy rapid development and deployment of mobile apps. Plus, if you're a fan of agile development, then also using Node.js will enable you to develop a mobile apps wherein you are free to work on multiple slices.

5.    Node.js doesn't block Input/Output(I/O)
According to Node.js creator Ryan Dahl, the framework doesn't block input/output(I/O) that can easily result into app crashes. With Node.js, you need not be concerned about the CPU processing time probably because the framework is based on a variety of small processes that consume less memory space.

6.    Node.js hosting works the best for all your mobile and web applications
Today, when a huge collection of PaaS(Platform-As-A-Service) providers have switched to reducing app deployment to just a single command, Node.js has grabbed all the spotlight. Now, even the PaaS giant Heroku is supporting multiple Node.js deployments without any kind of complexity. Hence, choosing Node.js for app development would allow you to rest assured about the perfect hosting of your final web/mobile apps.

7.    Node.js speed and scalability is truly commendable

Based on the asynchronous programming model, Node.js has its traditional web app software that is based on a request-response cycle. In simple words, each time a request arrives, the application routes the same, gets on with building a response via fetching assistance from disks, databases and APIs and finally sends back the completed response to the client. One of the best things about Node is that it exits event loop under a situation wherein no more callbacks need to be performed. This behavior is quite similar to that of JavaScript wherein the event loop is being hidden from the end user. If you intend to build real-time, high-concurrency applications, then nothing can beat Node.js.

8.    Node.js easily interfaces with multiple push notification systems

With Node.js applications, you can use SocketIO which would render real-time communications between server and the client. In other words, Node.js can interface with multiple push notification systems that are available on each individual mobile platform. 

Wrapping it all up

Regarded as one of the most stable and widely adopted app development frameworks, Node.js is backed by a vibrant community which has been working on improving the event-driven application logic and making the framework simple and easy-to-work with.

Author Bio:
Arya Stark is a web developer working for an Offshore Ecommerce Web Development Company, Xicom which offers a quality ecommerce solutions. So if you are looking to avail the best ecommerce solutions, you can get in touch with her.


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