Top Reasons Why PlayStation 4 Is An Interesting Choice

Why PlayStation 4 Is An Interesting Choice

Gaming consoles provide great entertainment to gaming lovers. With the advancement in technology, gaming enthusiasts are getting advanced consoles these days. PlayStation 4 from Sony Computer Entertainment is an interesting game console that was released recently.

Sophistication: PlayStation 4 is a highly sophisticated gaming device for the variety of features it has. All options are interesting and the flexibility of usage provides customers great satisfaction.
Enhanced Experience: PS4 is integrated with advanced graphics chip and processor. It also has an HDMI port and this facilitates playing games by connecting the console to high definition televisions of the day. This gives people a highly interactive playtime experience.
Rich Features: PS4 has a flash card reader and the hard drive can be upgraded. The inclusion of new features has given people high level of excitement.
Configurations: PlayStation 4 is available in two configurations including basic and premium. Premium configuration provides advanced features and specifications and is therefore expensive.

PlayStation 4 can throw away people from boredom. It is a great feel to sit with family and play games and spend time in gaming. And, PS4 has created great buzz in the entertainment market with highly advanced features and people love it a lot.

Christina Jones is a professional technical blogger and she writes regular shopping review for gaming consoles.

How To Make Videos Responsive with CSS

How To Make Videos Responsive with CSS

A responsive website means It will respond to your browser sizes or I can browser stretches. The basic idea of it is to give optimal viewing experience to visitors, nowadays you will rarely see a unresponsive website. If you remember a Jquery snippet I posted about detecting browser real time size It is also responsive. So basically in order to make websites responsive on load you need a meta tag that helps you to stretch/resize the elements of your website but It's not required for this tutorial.

So for this tutorial, only videos with iframe, embed or objects works. You can get the iframe code of any videos from popular websites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, MetaCafe etc.

Let's make our style, here's the css we need(if you are a beginner make sure you put the codes within <style>) :

 .Responsive-Video {
    position: relative;
    padding-bottom: 56.25%;
    padding-top: 30px;
    height: 0;
.Responsive-Video iframe, .Responsive-Video object, .Responsive-Video embed {
    position: absolute;
    top: 0;
    left: 0;
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;

So after adding the css to your web page, add your video embed code within the div class given below(I know this is NOOB! )  :

<div class="Responsive-Video">


Example :

<div class="Responsive-Video">
    <iframe width="760" height="720" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Screenshot : 

YouTube Responsive Video

If you're using Blogger or Wordpress you can just add the css code within the body and whenever you post a video in your post you can add the embed code within the div class.

3 Weeks Warning to Business Owners by Google to Save Their Listing

Business Owners by Google to Save Their Listing

Google has taken many steps to stop link spam and it not only crushes link networks but a large number of businesses are also hurt. It includes many networks who offer link exchange services to the clients but now the situation is changed to great level. Now it would be the wastage of money to buy links before realizing the right condition. On the other hand there are certain businessmen stating that they have got emails from Google asking them to make legitimate progress and save the listing by avoiding illegal means.

It is reported that these mails are legitimate and are coming from Google. The subject line of these emails is “Action Required: You have three week to save your Google Places Listing”.

Jade Wang explained from Google that they are making changes in Google places for Google Maps and Business. So on the basis of these changes, Google is asking business owners to submit reliable information about them. So they are asked to review and confirm their information in Google places accounts. Her further added;

Don’t worry if you have received this email. You should login and review your business information, change it or update it if necessary and then press submit. It is required to perform this step to save your listing and to stay in Google Map on or before February 21, 2014. Otherwise you have to undergo the process of PIN verification and Google Places. There might be certain reasons of it and some might be;

  • · It is possible that Google is testing a new variable which is looking to add in the algorithm with the name of “response time” and wants to see that how quick business owners respond it.
  • · Google does not believe on its algorithm, actually it is said that Google wants to weed out bogus businesses so it needs help.
  • · It can be a test to know that how many SEOs are still following the updates and wanted to remove those who are no more active from its SERPs.
  • · Google is trying to refine its list by removing irrelevant listings and keep only those who pick the phone when you call them.
  • · It is not an effort only to provide the right results and information to the users but the quickest one in performing it. There are people who take too much time on their queries so they can get quick results in less time with the help of these updates.
Author Bio:
Asjad Afzal
YourSeoCompany Australia

4 Myths About Cloud Computing You Should Know

 Myths About Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is a term that involves delivering hosted solutions over the internet. These solutions are broadly categorized into three groups: IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. So, we can see that cloud service come in different forms. This might have probably caused some entrepreneurs to be doubtful about how this technology will have an impact on their companies. I am sure it is because of this ‘doubtfulness’ and lack of proper knowledge about cloud computing, that various myths have proliferated, concealing the true benefits it provides, like reducing expenditures and enhancing business agility.

Here I have discussed some common myths and misconceptions about cloud computing to give a reality check on it.

When compared to on-premise alternatives cloud computing is less safe

A common hesitation in migrating into the cloud lies in the issues of privacy and security. Because of the cloud system’s deployment of essential business data to the internet, IT professionals see on-premise system as being less susceptible to risks and security breaches. However, contrary to the notion, cloud computing is safer than on-premise system deployment.

Cloud computing is appropriate only for small businesses and consumers

Unlike small firms that have lesser system-data, which need to be migrated to the cloud, big companies generally have legacy systems with a huge data-pool and more requirements, which slow the cloud adoption to some extent. This kind of complexity might have given the notion that cloud is not right for big businesses, when in reality; it leads to development of cloud services, which are inclusive and meet stringent rules. Integrating the cloud computing with on-premise systems in two-tier ERP model has proven to be useful for large enterprises, while running subsidiaries, particularly on a global basis.

Cloud computing is not apt for mission-criticalsituations

Businesses that are involved with mission-critical events run completely on Groupon, Amazon, cloud-Netflix, and Google to name a few. In the Asia-Pacific region, mission-critical apps continue to move into the public cloud like CRM, human-resource management and ERP. This provides better business agility in comparison to the traditional delivery models or public clouds.

Private clouds provide cloud-computing benefits withoutany shortcomings

The conception that private clouds can offer all the advantages associated with public clouds without any issue of privacy is not completely true. Private clouds have disadvantages like limited scalability and a continuousrequirement forsupportsolutions. Public clouds even offer OpEX (Operating Expenses) based pay-as-you-go model in comparison to CapEX (Capital Expenditure) intensive nature of private clouds.

When switching to cloud computing, it is vital to distinguish reality from myth and comprehend the many pros that the cloudenvironment provides. It is even wiseto keep in mind that though not all cloud providers are equal, there is a cloud solution, which definitely suits every organization.

Author Bio: Koustuv Roy is an expert in iPhone app development having worked with a leading mobile app company.He doubles up as a seasoned tech writer, reflecting on topics like web design and development, the future of wireless communication. Get in touch with him Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin

3 Digital Marketing Tips In Shaping Your Business

3 Digital Marketing Tips In Shaping Your Business
Just like your body, you need to give your business a good shape in order to entice more customers, thus giving your company the chance to grow. There are many ways in which you can improve your digital marketing campaign system. It's time to gear up your site and get it into shape. I want to share to you the 3 digital marketing tips that will certainly revamp your website and help you achieve your marketing goals for 2014.

Here are 3 digital marketing tips that may help you in shaping your business and keeping it on track.

Watch out your Analytics
Analytics is the complete data regarding the statistics of your website. It is important for a business owner to track down the analytical data of his website. There are various websites which offer analysis of a site and allow its owner to know the different important data about his site. Knowing them can the owner of the business a lot because they will see if something is wrong about their website. An example is that when the owner observed that the traffic is exceedingly going down, maybe there is a need for him to create blogs to other channels that will redirect it to his or her website. Other than that, problems with social, search ranking, mobile, etc. may also be known by Analytics.

Focusing your Efforts
Giving efforts for your business to grow is vital. You need to offer your time for advertising and marketing so that more and more customers will come and purchase your product. But all of these efforts will be useless if you don’t have focus. You need to know who your audiences are and who the potential buyers of your product are.

For example, you are selling dental supplies. Your qualified leads (people who have the intent to purchase your products) are dentists or dental students. Why would you want to advertise these things to engineering students?

Therefore, when marketing or advertising, be sure that you discuss the information about your product on potential buyers and not just for any people out there. If the qualified leads are high, then there will be more sales for you.

Better Nothing than Junky Something
Putting something on your website doesn’t mean that it is already good. It should do something there and not a just a piece of thing standing on your site. An example is the contents on your site. Having high-quality contents in your site is an advantage for your marketing strategy. If you have content in your site that is not essential, it is best to change or remove it completely. It will just disappoint your customers and they may think that your site is not reliable. This is also true, especially if all of the things on your site are not right. You will not gain their trust and therefore more and more customers will stop from subscribing your product.
I hope these tips help you in achieving your marketing goals!

This article is written by Dorothy Matthews.

Top 10 Architectural Software Recommended For Students

Architectural design professors won’t be successful in building the educational foundation for their students without introducing a reliable architectural design software.

However, there’s no guarantee that a single program will give you everythingyou need, and this is why most companies use several tools for this kind of operation.

Hence, we created a list of outstanding architectural designing tools to get you started. Here are 10 programs we recommend:

10. AutoDesk Building Design Suite 
Building Design Suite allows you to edit and view saved designs through the cloud where you can visualize, organize, and clean large file sets. It features built-in BIM (Building Information Modeling) software which also includes integrated structural analytical tools.

Other features include clashes detection, intelligent 3D accuracy, and extensive quantification tools. The only downside we see here is that you need to purchase the ultimate version to enjoy all its features.

9. ArchiCAD 
ArchiCAD has a built-in rendering program known as Artlantis which creates 3D renderings in high resolution. It has green building designing tool to assist you in analyzing alternatives for environmental efficiency. Its virtual building explorer can also help you develop effective 3D presentations for design communication.

However, the software is only available for specific regions.

8. Chief Architect 
This software features both manual and automatic designing tools including truss and stick, dimensioning, elevations, and other task-specific CAD tools. You can use its style and finishing toolsets to create interior designs like kitchen and bathrooms.It can import AutoCAD files and other formats including PDF, DXF, and DWG. You need to buy the premiere edition to get all its features.

7. SoftPlan
SoftPlan has a wide list of symbol layouts, giving you an array of 3D renderings and furniture models from the leading manufacturers in the market.

All light models in this tool are embedded with light sources. This allows the program to automatically calculate shadow and lighting as you add 3D models to your design. The pricing varies from one-time payment of monthly subscriptions.

6. Home Designer
Home Designer has at least 3,600 landscaping models which include plants and trees for outdoor designing. Its built-in Cabinet Designer gives a list of more than 1,000 cabinet designs for interior modeling.

Home Designer also includes How-To videos to familiarize beginners with the program. It comes in academic release, allowing you to save more without removing any features.

5. Envisioneer Construction 
This architectural design software has integrated quote generator to help you manage gross profit, selling prices, and markups which you can export in PDF format. Its 3D framing has additional features like steel and wood frames, rafter layout, and ceiling or floor layout. Its 3D modeling engine can help you insert stair railings, ramps, and easy-to-adjust stairs.

The software comes in 4 versions, including the Construction edition, which offers every feature you need.

4. SketchUp
SketchUp features pattern fills and enhanced zoom-in function which you can use to specify details in your designs.

You can also export your designs as presentation in several video formats including WebM and AVI. You can get a Pro license at no cost for teaching purposes by simply visiting their website.

3. Autodesk Revit
Architectural features of Autodesk Revit include building energy analysis, work sharing for multiple users, and enhanced API for accurate designs.

Its structural engineering functions include materials modeling, structural reinforcement, and parametric components. It has cloud-based rendering tool, high-speed visualization, and design preview in photorealistic view.

If you want all features, you should go toEducation Reseller of its ultimate version.

2. Punch Software
With Punch Software, you can instantly create customized rooms and columns with base styles and shafts. The drag and drop 3D function allows you to easily add, edit, and rotate models through its user-friendly interface.

There are also thousands of models for electrical outlets and switches, complemented by improved drawing tools for customization.

1. Vectorworks Architecture
Vectorworks allows you to immediately publish your designs in different formats through its cloud server. It features interactive viewing where you can zoom in and out, pan, select objects, and walk through your interior models.

Its new feature called the Twist Toolwill help you twist solid models to create stylish angles. Free trial is available via the official website.

Your Turn

Do you use one or more of the programs listed above? Tell us about the architectural design software you currently use by leaving your comments below.

This highly-informative blog post is brought to you – a website that gives unbiased review and important information about software and programs that will make your life easier, more efficient, and more profitable!

How The Remote Control Has Let Do The Downfall of Society

A remote control does not have to be large to have a very controlling influence over individuals’ lives.

A remote control does not have to be large to have a very controlling influence over individuals’ lives. What began as a novelty in 1898 when Nicola Tesla produced a remote-controlled boat has now morphed into a major technology. One large area in which these controllers are used is in the military.

The first drone airplane was developed in 1916 by Peter Hewitt. Since then, drones have become much more highly developed and are used throughout all the branches of the military for surveillance and for safety behind enemy lines. As soon as these drones were developed, the face of warfare changed for all of time. Today, analysts worry that war has become dehumanized as military personnel rely on remote control technology for aircrafts, bombs, missiles, sensors and more. Even civilians can be affected and towns can be destroyed by a remote-controlled device.

It concerning to many that remote controls can keep people apart and can destroy emotion-based decision making. Both military personnel and civilians are put at risk today by this otherwise fabulous piece of technology. This infographic helps people consider whether remote controls have brought more harm than good to modern societies.

This infographic was produced by Pannam Imaging.

Are You Textually Active? What Your Texting Means

What Texting Means
Some form of texting has been around for the last twenty years. However, it has become much more widespread in the past five to ten years. In fact, users sent an amazing 14 billion texts each month back in 2000; however, that number became over 10 times more by 2010 with a surprising 188 billion texts per month. Obviously, texting has caught on as one of the best ways to keep in touch with family and friends.

However, there are some trade-offs to this awesome phenomenon. Sadly, people are unable to communicate true emotions via text messages. Body language and tone of voice are two major pieces of communication that cannot be conveyed via a simple SMS message. Some people are even worried that relationships can suffer when only text messaging or a majority of text messaging is used for communication.

On the other hand, there are definite benefits to SMS. Many people feel more comfortable conveying awkward messages or difficult information via text messaging than in person or over the phone. With almost 70% of those studied believing that they would have a difficult time staying in contact with others without text messaging, this once-unfamiliar technology has become widespread and much beloved.

This infographic was produced by Scratch Wireless.

The History of Hacking Culture

Hacking culture is changing and developing all the time

Hacking culture is changing and developing all the time. The modern world is full of flaws to discover and secret places to explore. It makes sense that people are fascinated with the subject, but how has it progressed over time?

In 1975 the “Robin Hood and Friar Tuck” programs were installed on Xerox machines by Motorola staff which meant every time the program was deleted, it would re-appear after the computer rebooted.  This virus was the first of its kind and paved the way for a long line of internet virus hacks that we see today.
As for today, hacking culture has matured and more recently the ‘free online school’ hack believed that ‘information wants to be free’ and so this saw a rise in code literacy and naturally made people even more aware of computer security, which can only be beneficial.

What will happen in the future? Will the elite hackers go underground and start working for the government? Who knows! Either way it’s clear that hacking will always have security perks. If there weren’t people to uncover pitfalls, we wouldn’t be making online security tighter.

By James Duval, business and technology editor at GKBCInc.

Things You should Remember when Redesigning Your Website

Redesigning a Website

Things change. Businesses change, directions change, audiences, trends and attitudes change. As the face of your business or service, your website is the window through which your clients experience you, and as such, if it doesn’t adequately reflect what you or your clients are after, then you’re out of the loop. This is true if you’re looking to design your fledgling website, or if you’re looking to update and re-haul your existing site. The list of tips below should help website owners – new and old – know what to look for when giving their online presence a facelift.

First, what’s the purpose of your website? Why is it out there in the first place? Find the essentials, and convey them in a clear mission statement. If your website is clogged with meandering information and distracting tangential stuff, there’s no way your clients will be able to easily figure out where you want them to go. If your purpose isn’t easily noticeable, it’s assumable that you don’t know your own purpose. And if it’s overused, it seems weak and unconvincing. But with clearly designed, easily navigable website design that brings out your purpose clearly, simply and concisely, you’ll be onto a winner. In combination with consistent, well chosen color themes and font choices, your site will present purposeful content and clearly understood images.

Know who your target audience is, and speak to them on the same level. Don’t dilute your site with self-promotional flattery – write from the point of view of your audience. Why should they take the time to devote their attention to you? What’s in it for them? And to make it a lot easier, don’t saturate your writing with overly technical, ridiculously complex jargon and babble. Speak simply.

Know your competition
Take the time to do your research; look around at your competitors’ websites, and take notes on what you like and don’t like. Explore their sites as if you were a potential client, and your pointers will direct you well.

Copywriting and SEO
Copy is super important, and so is choosing the right kind of writing for your site. As mentioned before, you ought to view all the copy on your website as an invaluable resource to state your mission and ideology. However, there’s a fine balance between over- and under-saturated, and you should be careful with how to work it into your website. Search Engine Organization (SEO) is also important – good SEO will keep you high up on related searches and increase your traffic, and it’s important to stay updated.

Read the Fine Print
There are virtually hundreds of web hosting packages on the internet that you can possibly selectF from. However, make sure that you scrutinize the fine print because there might be some limitations that might surprise you especially when it comes to data transfers, bandwidth usage and other purported unlimited features that comes with your web hosting services.

Plan ahead - web hosting packages
Build your website with growth in mind – you want it to grow, right? You should add in enough space for extra pages to be added later. And to make your site constantly fresh and relevant, schedule maintenance and content. This will make launching new promotional or marketing campaigns that much more easy.

Website design really is a deal breaker – take the time to do it right.

Chat Wisely: Softros LAN Messenger

Whether you run a small web design agency or a large-scale enterprise, corporate network security should be one of your major concerns. Establishing bulletproof security isn’t a one-time action, but an ongoing commitment that encompasses various activity aspects, one of which is communication. You’ll be surprised to learn that your most sensitive information can be easily stolen by hackers due to the vulnerabilities of public messengers. All your best-laid antiviral measures might be for naught if you use a ‘not-so-safe’ piece of software. So, which messenger does your company use? Are you sure it is secure enough?

LAN Messengers

Computers belonging to a single network (Local Area Network or Wide Area Network) can effectively interact with each other (exchange messages and files, chat, send notifications etc.) in real time even if the network has no Internet connection. This was made possible thanks to LAN messengers that work as stand-alone client applications which don’t depend on any central servers (there is no need to set up those for LAN messengers). LAN messengers have proven successful for intra-office communication due to their enterprise-level security measures, ease-of-use and functional flexibility. Join me reviewing Softros LAN messenger, one of the highly rated IM tools to explore the benefits of this type of software.

Softros LAN Messenger

LAN messenger by Softros Inc. is one of the major players in the market. It has bought the heart and trust of many business owners for a wide range of handy features:
  • Ease of use. Softros LAN messenger works out-of-the-box and requires minimum user intervention. It can be easily configured by non-tech-savvy users.
  • Full Windows support (XP, Vista, 7-8). Works seamlessly on large and small TCP/IP networks.
  • Secure LAN messaging. All messages are protected by the AES encryption algorithm minimizing eavesdropping and leaks. You get full control over who and when accesses the messenger.
Softros LAN Messenger -Announcement
  • Requires no Internet connection. Softros helps you save the bandwidth, as well as prevent external attacks and keep your employees from chatting with friends and families.
  • Private and group channels. File transmission.
  • Sound alarms for incoming messages.
  • User grouping: you can recreate the structure of your firm through grouping users by departments and teams, for instance Devs, Sales Department, QA etc.
  • User rights management. You can selectively assign different rights and thus restrict certain functions of the messenger for normal users.
  • Message logging. All correspondence is archived and can be looked through anytime.
Softros LAN Messenger - History Viewing

  • Easy importing/exporting. If needed, you can export your LAN settings to a file and then use them on any other PC on the network.
  • Multi language interface. Included languages: Spanish, French, German, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Danish and more.
  • Affordable pricing: $10.95 per copy. Quantity discounts are available.
It is better to see once than to hear about it a thousand times, so you may want to try the application yourself free of charge through downloading a free trial version.
The core advantage this piece of software is security. You should never skimp on it. When it comes to business, enterprise-level software isn’t a whim, it’s a necessity.
Featured images: Both Images are owned by the Author.
    Robert is a passionate blogger. He's the owner of, a website covering various technology topics. Feel free to contact Robert via his social accounts anytime.

    New Choices for Domain Names for Your Website

    Choices for Domain Names Infographic

    In the spring of 2014 a vast range of new domain name extensions are going to open up, with industry specific extensions becoming available after the dot, such as .photography, .london and .wedding.

    It's likely that in time what's after the dot could become as important as what's before the dot and it allows for the whole of your domain name to have meaning.  Some of the most popular domain extensions that will be available are:
    • .photography
    • .london
    • .web
    • .services
    • .ltd
    • .blog
    • .hotels
    • .football
    • .wedding
    • .training
    • .media
    • .holiday
    The Business Week article - New Domain Names are in the Works has more information on the latest domain names.

    This gives you a wealth of extra choice in deciding what you want to name your website and it's likely that these extensions will be become important for SEO (appearing high with search engines) too.

    Given that there's more choice in what to call your website, how do you go about deciding on your domain name?  The infographic gives some suggestions that are important to consider when deciding what to name it, both from a user-friendliness perspective and from an SEO perspective, whether you're looking to launch your website locally, nationally or internationally.

    The "New choices for domain names for your website" infographic was designed by Allison Carmichael at Indigoextra Ltd, a creative multilingual web design and SEO company.  Allison has 2 boys and created the infographic to compare naming a new baby with choosing the name of your website.  It wouldn't surprise me if people put as much thought into both!

    Allison lives in Montpellier, South France and is a film fanatic of all genres (although there's only a few French films she likes) and is home educating her two boys.  For work, Allison is the Art Director of Indigoextra Ltd and runs the graphic design team.

    Best Products to Buy from Apple in 2014

    The year 2014 is going to be an year of much enthusiasm and it is going to deliver some amazing products from the giant tech company Apple. Apple has decided to create some extraordinarily effective and great products for this year as per the CEO Tim Cook. The most highlighted and awaited products for the year 2014 from apple. These products are anticipated to really rock the tech market.

    iPhone 6

    iPhone 6
    The next iphone from apple is expected to come with larger screen size that can come between 4.7 to about 5.7 inches. According to the information received it is said that the product is going to get released in two varying sizes for attracting users with different needs. The new iphone is going to be larger than the previous version released by the company. The ipad 5 cases will be available along with the product in the market so that you can keep your gadget free from any kind of problems. This larger iPhone is going to make use of A8 chip which is much faster and available at 20 nanometer. The display is also expected to come in curved shape. The gadget is expected to be in market by September or in the month of October.

    iPad Pro
    iPad Pro
    Along with larger iPhone, apple is expected to release larger iPad along with the tablet lineup that it has. This is going to be something really bigger and much efficient compared to iPad mini and iPadAir.TheiPad Pro is expected to have a display which is about 12.9 inches in size and is almost similar to the size of MacBook Air which is about 13.3 inches. The pixel density that you are going to acquire from the display is going to be much higher and it is almost near to the ultra high definitions. It is not yet clearly known about the features that you can expect from this amazing product but the whole tech world is awaiting the release of the product.


    The rumors and the news related with the iWatch was a great buzz among the tech savvies. The product is expected to get released by the year 2014. The smart watch that is going to get released can work as an accessory along with the iPad and iPhone. This watch can provide accessibility to iOs functions. The biometric functions are also included in this watch. The screen that is available with the watch is expected to be of sapphire glass which is ultra durable. The accessory is expected to go well along with iPad mini cases too.

    Apple Television


    The upgrades to Apple TV is going to be a reality this year and that is what most of the owners of the apple TV are waiting anxiously. The company is expected to release some new kind of set top box or are expected to put new features into Apple TV through which this particular product can become a fully blown TV that is suitable for all the users.

    Author Bio:
    Subramaniam is the author has been writing number of articles on different subject.He wrote more articles relating to Android phones.

    Infographic : The Worst Films of 2013

    Worst Films and Best Films of 2013

    Producers and actors embark on movie projects with the best intentions. The screenwriting will be snappy and memorable. The costumes will be accurate for the time period. The script will grab viewers’ attention, not letting it go until after the final credits roll.

    Yet some movies just flop. The reasons for their failure range all across the spectrum. Let’s mourn these movies:

    1. The Lone Ranger. Johnny Depp blames film critics for this movie’s failure. No matter why it flopped, it only took in $89 million in box office sales.
    2. Second is R.I.P.D. This movie did even worse, with box office sales of only $34 million.
    3. Third is After Earth. This film starred Will Smith and his son, Jaden. A rare flop for Smith, this movie only took in $34 million in box office sales.
    4. This one is a surprise. Elysium, a follow up to District 9, failed. Its premise was good, but taking on income equality and immigration in a two-hour movie is a huge undertaking.
    5. The Training Farm is a New York based instruction center where instructors train creative professionals on the latest media software.
    This infographic is provided by TheTrainingFarm.

    How to Validate Email in JavaScript with Regular Expression

    JavaScript Email Validate
    We have seen many Regular Expression tutorials in VB.NET and C-sharp, this is our first JavaScript tutorial on Regular Expressions. So today we’ll see how to validate an email address that's being entered to a textbox. We have a textbox and a button, when you enter something into the textbox and click on the “validate”  button it’ll tell if It’s an email address or not(being noob GRRR!).

    Add our JavaScript first(make sure you add it to the head) :

    Next add the input box and the validate button :

    That’s all. You can use this for some kind of subscription button or register/login forms. I hope this little snippet is helpful for you.

    Does Online Advertising Really Work?

    Online Advertising

    Does online advertising really work? Yes it does.
    A lot of people still doubt whether online advertising really works and whether it is of any benefit to their business. Some still opt for old school methods placing adverts in the yellow pages or by relying on word of mouth. Although beneficial to some degree, it's not as effective or cost effective as advertising online. Besides with the growth of the internet and the worlds heavy dependence on it, it makes sense to be where everyone is searching for their solutions.

    Unfortunately for the people who have yet to venture down this path, with this current economy where word of mouth and the yellow pages just aren’t enough, they are being forced (positively) to consider alternatives.

    Why doesn't it work?
    Of course there are people who have tried online advertising and concluded it doesn’t work. This is probably due to a lack of knowledge and expertise when it comes to online advertising. To get the best from your advertising it takes a trained professional to manage your account, although the idea sounds costly, it would save you a lot of money in the long run.

    Where to advertise?
    Of course advertising will not work if you are advertising in the wrong place. There are a vast amount of platforms to advertise through but the for runner is Google. It makes sense when millions of people take to google daily looking for products, solutions and businesses. Google operates on two networks, the search network (where people are looking for your product or service by googling keyword terms) and the display network (ads and banners that appear on websites, related to your business). There are clearly obvious differences. Firstly, the search network is full of people actively searching for what your business offers, whether that be a solution to a problem or a particular product. the display network is considered interruption marketing because you are displaying ads to people on other websites who may not be interested in your products or service at all. The hope is you grab their attention and they decide you have something to potentially offer.

    Be specific
    Advertising will also not work if you are general. On the search network (keyword based) if you are not specific enough with your keywords, likely-hood is you will pay a lot of money for traffic (clicks) which may be of no value to you at all. For example, advertising that you sell cheese by using the keyword cheese is far too general. However advertising that you sell Stilton cheese is more specific. The more specific you can be the more reliable your traffic will be and you increase your chances of qualifying leads more often. On the display network aim for high volume traffic websites again will only be detrimental. Advertising that you sell cheese on a garden furniture website is probably not going to benefit your business, rather choose food related websites or recipe blogs.

    With that said, if your product is considered an impulse buy, you can do very well from advertising in irrelevant places but there is no guarantee.

    The solution and answer is pretty simple. Online advertising does work, if, you advertise in the right place and in the right manner. According to Sound Solutions Internet online advertising can help increase your revenue 10 fold. Investing into the right market place can be very benefical for your business.

    Mike Lewis - I'm a retail business owner who uses Google Ad words. I have had a lot of success and would highly recommend it.

    Infographic : Giving the Trusted Windows PC its Own Spring Cleaning

    Infographic - Giving the Trusted Windows PC its Own Spring Cleaning

    In this infographic you will learn how to speed up, revive and clean up your Windows PC. You won't have to take your computer to a fancy computer wizard and shell out big bucks or give up your first born son. All you have to is sit down for an afternoon or evening and follow the steps in this infographic and look around your house for a couple of household objects to clean out some dust and you should be good.
    1. First we need to actually clean out the dust and grime.
    2. Then you just need to get everything up to date in your computer.
    3. Now it's time to get rid of unwanted applications and big files that you don't use anymore. 
    4. Go ahead and start reclaiming some space on your hard drive with the tools that Windows supplies: Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter
    5. Organize your files.
    6. Now that everything is tidy, back it up.
    Okay, that about covers it, but I'd like to leave you with one last suggestion. You can also buy a registry cleaner that will help you with this. It will schedule scans for you and do almost all of these functions for you, except the dishes and dusting of course!

    Guest Author: Erin Walsh is the main blogger at PC Health Boost. She writes many articles on how to speed up and clean up pc errors.

    ASO - App Store Optimization: How to Get Found On the App Store

    ASO - App Store Optimization
    Now that you have spent all of this time and money creating your app, you want to make sure it is downloaded and installed by as many people as possible. The most sure fire (and secure) way of doing this is by adding it to one of the big app stores online. There are four of them, and the one you list your app on is dependent upon which operating system you have built your app for.

    The big online stores are run by Apple, Google, Microsoft and BlackBerry. However, getting listed on one of their stores is no small task. Not only do you have to prove that your app is secure and stable, you also have to have created an interesting or original app (an original idea), otherwise there is a large chance that the app will be rejected.

    Surely once I am on an app store the battle is won
    Actually, this is where the battle begins. You can create your own website for your app, but few people will download your app because a lot of people have trouble trusting third party sites. People know that if they buy from Apple, Google, Microsoft or BlackBerry, then the apps have been tested and are far less likely to be insecure of holding a virus/malware. So you need to get yourself on a large app store, at which point you need to start competing with the other apps on there.

    The app store with the least amount of apps is BlackBerry, who have a store that holds 100,000 apps. This is no small number, and that is a lot of competition. The company with the most apps is Apple who have over 700,000 apps listed on their app store. So how do you compete with so many other apps? Here are some tips that apply to all four major app sellers.

    Consider your key phrases carefully
    These are similar to the tagged words that you use with a blog. Your key phrases should revolve around the things that users are going to type into Google and the app store search engines. Do not forget that Google posts results from app stores, so you cannot ignore the influence of Google.

    You need to pick and include key phrases to go with you app. Each store allows you to add a certain number of key phrases, so look at what other people have used who have similar apps to yours. Think up some key phrases, type them in, and see if any of your competitors appear on the search results. If they do not, then you may need to re-think your key phrases.

    Post a very useful and comprehensive description
    Some of the app stores will optimize your app on the search results with what you write on your app description. Some of them will actually lower your search ranking if you only add a small description of your app. Try to make the description comprehensive, very descriptive, but easy to read. Do not be overly promotional as most app stores reject overly promotional app descriptions.

    Short, sharp and concise paragraphs
    This will make your app description more readable, so that when your app is found, more people will be willing to consider buying your app. Your first paragraph on your description is very important in some of the app stores.

    A very appealing mini description
    The mini description is the description that appears besides your app when it is searched for within the app store itself. On the search results you will see your mini description appear next to the icon for your app. Sometimes this description appears on the Google search results too, so it is very important that you get it right.

    There are two ways that this can be done, and the first is to enter your mini description in the space provided. However, some of the app stores will take the first paragraph of your app description as your mini description. So you need to make sure your first paragraph is short, sharp, saleable, concise and very appealing.

    A good and attractive app icon
    This is something you should do because some people judge an app by its icon. If yours looks cheap or silly then you are going to lose sales, especially when your icon appears besides the more professional looking ones on the app store.

    John Kravz is a representative of Read more about torguard vpn.

    Apple Bans UDID Accessing Apps, Boosting Privacy

    UDID Accessing AppsApple has finally achieved its aim of outlawing all Universal Device Identifiers (UDID) in developer applications. As of May 1st, Apple automatically blocked applications which use UDID. Furthermore, any existing apps must use Apple’s Retina displays and the 4” iPhone 5 display.

    It’s a sign Apple hasn’t had as much success as it wanted with convincing app developers to transition to the newest Apple devices and encouraging them to respect their new stance on privacy.

    Apple has warned developers repeatedly about the use of the UDID for tracking. The UDID is a unique code which marks every piece of hardware. Developers often use it for advertising, upgrades, and tracking their customers. It’s also prominent with advertising networks. Apple will now ban developers and apps which use them.

    The company has come up with an alternative. It developed the iOS 6 Advertising Identifier. This is a unique number not tied to a specific piece of hardware. The only way to change it is to reset the device. Many advertisers have expressed anger over the alternative, saying it’s a poor option.

    In a further blow to advertisers, Apple has implemented a setting to limit ad tracking with the Settings app on the iPhone.

    It’s certainly easier for consumers who don’t want to share information about what they’re doing. In making this change, Apple has conformed to the promise it made to the Senate subcommittee. During this 2012 hearing, it promised to be more transparent about issues surrounding privacy and tracking.

    Many speculate the move came after a UDID database was released by the AntiSec hacking group. The database had one million UDIDs stored at the time. They claimed they had gained it from a laptop left by an FBI agent, but it still convinced Apple to act quickly.

    Regardless of the views of developers, Apple has confirmed every app and developer using the UDID after 1st May will be banned.

    How Does it Influence App Makers?
    This tracking method has worked well for developers for some time. It doesn’t mean developers have no way of tracking their customers. As long as you’ve adequately prepared yourself for the change, there’s no reason why you should suffer because of this change.

    Start by implementing alternative tracking technologies in each of your apps. Since there’s no universal method of tracking, you have to use a mix of technologies. Begin by switching to the IDFA.

    IDFA still has its disadvantages. Its main drawback is it only tracks in-app traffic. It can’t track mobile web traffic. UDID could track both of these things. Developers are working around the ban by installing tracking which acts in much the same way as fingerprints. It matches clicks to your map installs and in-app conversions.

    Clearly, this isn’t perfect, but it gives you a good idea as to your true traffic levels.

    Verify whether you have been integrated with SDK. It should track users accurately without using UDIDs. If you can’t track without UDIDs, switch providers immediately. Choose a different provider who uses a range of tracking solutions. Use Google to get in touch with providers who have successfully made the transition from UDIDs.

    Using an updated SDK gives you complete control over your use of UDIDs. Some providers integrated non-UDID versions prior to the ban. It had an option where you could keep UDIDs running until the ban came into force. If you haven’t updated to the latest version, update immediately to remove the use of UDIDs. Check the settings to make sure it’s switched off.

    Neither of these tracking options is ideal. As of this writing, developers are still searching for alternative ways of getting the same high quality tracking returns as UDIDs offered.

    John Kravz is a representative of Read more about hidemyass vpn.

    The Power of an App to Boost Your E-Commerce Business

    E-Commerce Business App
    More and more websites are building apps for their business and the trend is catching on with eCommerce businesses too. There is a great deal of benefit from having your own app for your eCommerce business. It is a good way of maintaining brand recognition, it keeps your customers loyal, and it removes competition that you would normally have to compete with online.

    Your app is a constant reminder that your business exists
    Once an app is installed onto a mobile device, it may act as an ambassador for your eCommerce site. It is a way of reminding your customer that your business exists, which is handy for when they want to buy one of your products. The sheer convenience of the app means that the consumer would not feel compelled to look online for a better deal. The idea of a better deal may not even cross the users’ mind; he or she may simply click your app and buy without a second thought.

    Brand recognition is literally installed into a mobile device
    Your app should be branded, and if it is then you have inadvertently installed a brand advert onto your user’s mobile device. They are going to be exposed to the app when they search through their apps looking for other programs. Subconsciously, this is going to have a drip-drip marketing effect, where the user does not know that he or she is keeping your brand fresh in his or her mind.

    The fact that your app is installed on someone’s mobile device means that they may also form an emotional attachment to it. Most people do not recognize that they have formed emotional attachments to their apps until they are asked to delete some, at which point they experience a feeling of sadness, loss, and even withdrawal in the case of people addicted to their phones (there are more of them than you think).

    It is easier than searching online amongst your competitors
    If your customer were to go online and look for your products, then he or she would have to search for the product, at which point he or she would be exposed to your competitors. With an app this is not a problem, because the customer simply clicks on your app, finds your products and buys them. There is no risk of your customer being exposed to a cheaper product from your competitor.

    A customer can be loyal to your business without even trying
    It is nice to be loyal to just one company, but it is even nicer if they make it easy for you. For example, if you personally shop for your groceries online, then you probably use one superstore more often than you use others. Wouldn’t it be nice if you simply had to tap an app when you want to buy groceries? Where all you have to do is pick your items and submit the order? By creating an app, you can give your loyal customers this same luxury (convenience).

    You are able to present your products in a more dynamic manner
    An app has more potential than a web browser, especially a web browser on a mobile device. With an app you can show people animations involving your products, or product demonstration videos. You can even show them three dimensional images that they may manipulate with their finger.

    You could add noises to the app, and even create a live stream so that you can update prices and submit offers that update on the app. You can even create a private area where the app user gets a special discount because he or she downloaded your app.

    John Kravz is a representative of Read more about hidemyass vpn.

    Google's Own Laptop: Chromebook 550

    Chromebook 550 Green Graphically Designed
    It seems like Google wants to try it hands on almost everything. From mobile phone market to cloud storage, this search engine giant has become the most dominating and influencing force in the market ever since it released the android operating system for mobile phones.

    A few years back Google announced that it was working on a desktop computer based operating system and they called it chrome, please do not confuse it with the chrome internet browser as these are two different things. For years Google worked to build a web of services to support its operating system. Little did we knew back then that Google will come out with a laptop of its own, yes that’s exactly what we are going to review today i.e. the chrome book.

    Google stated that the future of computing is cloud based. According to Google you won’t need expensive and powerful hardware as most of the processing load will be handled by the powerful cloud servers. Chromebook is a step in the same direction. It is a laptop computer that is inexpensive and is meant for people who do most of their work online. Today we are going to review the Google chromebook 550.


    Google joined hands with Samsung to produce Samsung chromebook 550, while Samsung took care of the hardware manufacturing and assembling, Google supervises design and development.

    It features a 1.3 GHz Intel processor that has two cores. A dual core processor means faster processing speeds and chrome book doesn’t disappoints on this, the startup time, right from the moment you press the power button to the moment the operating system has completely loaded is just 8 seconds. Now that has to be one of the fastest loading times.

    The performance of chrome is attributed not to just its dual core processor but also to its super duper fast hard disk. Chromebook 550 comes installed with a 160GB SSD hard disk. If you folks don’t know what SSD is then let us tell you that it is the fastest drive out there in the market, SSD is an acronym for solid state drive and it has no moving parts what so ever so the chances of it crashing on you are minimal. Another component that contributes in its performance is the RAM, it has a 4GB DDR3 RAM. Let us assure you that DDR3 is the latest technology for RAMs at the moment.

    Coming to its display, well we have no complains in this department. Chromebook 550 comes with a 12.1 inch full high definition screen. We watched some high definition content on it and we swear that it produces all those perfect blacks and whites. Every color comes alive on this display.

    • Really lightweight and thin. It is one of the most comfortable notebooks to use.
    • Longer battery life, every component installed in the chromebook is power savvy.
    • Inexpensive, you can buy a chrome book at half the price of a laptop.
    • Free 100gb cloud storage space from Google.
    • Low processing power.
    • Chrome operating system, since most of the world is well versed on windows; some people might find it difficult to use it.
    • Not a full blown power house, even the operating system is minimal.


    If you are a professional who does most of his work online then chromebook is the best option for  you but if you are someone looking for a powerful computer to play games on it then this product is not suitable for you.

    Adam Raddick is a computer engineer and has been working on chromebook development with Google since the last 3 years. He also writes electronic product reviews that explain how the computing environment will evolve in the near future.

    How To Add Delicious Save Button To Blogger/WordPress

    Delicious Logo

    Delicious is a social bookmarking website that helps you to store, share and discover links. It was created by Joshua Schachter and later it was sold to AVOS Systems. Delicious provides browser extension, boomarklet and save buttons to make it easy to bookmark your links. It also enables you to save the links you post on your Twitter, Facebook and Google+. When you save links manually you can tag your link and give it a description and a title. It has a Following system like twitter.

    I have been using their service for almost one month, all I can say is It’s a good service for you to store your important links other than that sharing your link doesn’t help you at all. Whenever I go to their Discover page I see links with Chinese title(GRRR!)

    So in order to add a Delicious Link Save button to your blog, they have provided a HTML code in their tools page. Then you can just copy and paste the code in your template wherever you want it display. Oh wait you have to replace your-company in the code( your company name(if you have) or else you can just give your blog name.

    ..and save your template. Please don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions.

    Breathe Life Into Your Rear Projection TV

    Projector Lamps

    A rear projection television (RPTV) refers to one in which the images are projected from within the unit, specifically behind the display screen, as opposed to front-projection systems, which entail a projector in front of and separate from the screen.

    In the 1980s, rear projection televisions were the biggest screens you could find in homes. Flat liquid crystal display (LCD) and plasma panels have since surpassed RPTVs in the thinness stakes, but they are stillthe more cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative. Moreover, rear projection TVsare known for the smoothness of their images. Meanwhile, flatLCD and plasma panels tend to show a latticework of pixilation, especially if the broadcast signal and the set’s native resolution is a mismatch.

    Types of RPTVs
    RPTV is an umbrella term that encompasses four kinds of technology: LCD and Digital Light Processing (DLP), the same machinery behind today’s high-definition TVs; Cathode Ray Tube (CRT); and Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS).

    CRT has been around the longest, and it stands to reason that RPTVs employing this technology are characteristically colossal. An RPTV has a troika of CRTs—red, green and blue—that guns a ray of electrons in various intensities, reproducing colours in the visible spectrum.

    A better image can be had with LCD RPTVs,or the kind in which a white lamp backlights a panel of liquid crystals sandwiched by electric currents. DLP RPTVs also rely on a white lamp, except that it uses a Digital Micromirror Device (DMD chip), encased in minute mirrors, rather than a translucent LCD chip.

    A newer variety of RPTVs use both liquid crystals and DMD chips: LCoS sets. The results are a superlative contrast ratio; minimalrainbow effect; and 1080p clarity. Unfortunately, manufacturers have discontinued this line of RPTVs.

    Replacing lamps
    At some point, the lamp in a rear projection TV would have to burn out. This ‘life expectancy’ varies from one kind of TV to another.Some lamp manufacturers claim long lives of up to 8,000 hours; others are more modest at 1,000 hours. The average lamp is replaced every one to two years, but generally, there really is no telling when a lamp would exhaust itself, despite the best guidelinesof manufacturers.

    To be sure, watch out for dimming; decline in picture quality; and areas of darkness on the screen. These do not mean you should immediately switch lamps, but you wouldn’t want to wait until the compromised brightness strains your eyesight either.

    Lamp replacement prices differ among manufacturers. Be assured, however, that rear projection TV lamps are more affordable than the light sources of flat panel LCDs.

    You can do the replacement or reinstallation yourself, but the services of a professional are recommended in most cases. He or she will determine the right type of bulb or lamp assembly for your rear projection TV.

    Also, it makes good sense to invest in extra bulbs to reduce downtime from a burnt out lamp. This is especially true if the set has passed into obsolescence.

    Ownership of an RPTV requires a basic knowledge of how the set operates and its components: It requires forethought and sensibility to lamp life. This way, you can anticipate what kind of lamp goes into your RPTV should it call for a replacement.

    If you plan to buy an RPTV, compare manufacturers’ offerings fiendishly. Also, remind yourself that this kind of TV is receding into history, as manufacturers are favouring flat screens and LED-based models. However, don’t let constant watchfulness suck the fun out of owning an RPTV. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the smoothness and clarity of moving pictures as only an RPTV can give.