What to Look for in Your Next DDoS Mitigation Provider

DDoS Mitigation

DDoS attacks are serious and could be detrimental to your brand and products. You need a DDoS mitigation provider that you can trust to protect your product and image. If you are looking for a new provider, a few key components go into an excellent one.

Being able to access the provider’s portal from anywhere -- including on a mobile device -- is important. Also, you want a provider with the best security protocols in place. A good provider also offers you rich DDoS forensics so that you have accurate insight into DDoS activity from around the world -- helping you stay informed and proactive.

Deep network visibility is also important, so if you’re not receiving mitigation effort data that is up to the minute, you might want to look for a different provider. By hiring the right provider, the first time around your brand and reputation can be secured

Created by the marketing team at Prolexic Technologies.


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