Real World Applications That Impact Public Health

Real World Applications That Impact Public Health

Stem cell therapy aims to replace damaged cells within the body that have been harmed from a disease. The stem cells will reproduce and replace those damaged or destroyed cells, which helps the body recover. Some of the diseases researchers hope to cure with stem cells include cancer, diabetes and even Parkinson’s disease.

There are a few types of stem cell therapies currently being researched. The four most common include: transplanting adult stem cells from bone marrow into the body; transplanting adult stem cells using stem cells obtained from the peripheral nerves; using stem cells obtained from umbilical cord blood; and creating duplications in lab and then transplanting the duplication into the body. Stem cells are still experimental, but researchers have made amazing discoveries that are putting them on track to reproduce organs, tissues and even blood to cure some of the deadliest conditions and diseases around the world.

Written by Dr. Joseph Purita, founder of The Institute of Regenerative and Molecular Orthopedics and a pioneer in the use of the laser in orthopedic surgery.

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