Is Google Glass this Year's Must Have Gadget?

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Gadget geeks everywhere are preparing themselves for the launch of Google Glass, which could be as early as this April, but how do real people feel about this new addition to the gadget world?

With this question in mind, the money saving website,, have asked a sample of their newsletter subscribers a few questions about how they feel about the impending launch, and the results were very interesting.

Rather than fill everyone with excitement, many of the people in the survey sample were concerned about issues, such as privacy and safety. A large proportion of the sample (68%) also said that they would find it embarrassing to wear the accessory, citing them as being “quite geeky”.

Furthermore, with a price tag currently thought to be set around the $600 (£365) mark, many people surveyed thought that it would be too pricey a toy to experiment with, and would be put off buying it for this reason.

So with so many negative feelings around in the sample group about Google Glass, do the population as a whole feel the same? If so, it looks like Google Glass is set to be a flop – at least to begin with. That said, as with all these things, there is potential for it to gather momentum and eventually become the must-have accessory that you won't step out of the house without. Only time will tell.

This study was carried out on a sample of newsletter subscribers from the newsletter. The results are depicted in this infographic created by Linda Firth, a passionate gadget lover.

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