A True Budget Phone - The Samsung Tocco Lite

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Maybe you are looking for a great phone for your child, maybe you need something cheap and simple to hold a pay as you go SIM card, but if you are on a limited budget, then the Samsung Tocco Lite is going to be a great option for you. In this article, we will tell you more about the Tocco, so that you can see if it is the deal for you.

The Samsung Tocco Lite - What You Need to Know
Firstly, and most importantly, the Samsung Tocco Lite is only going to cost you around £60 or so, so it truly is a budget friendly phone. The Tocco is not a real smartphone, but unlike most traditional mobile phone models, it is a fully touch screen model, so you will get all the convenience of a touch screen without the hassle of a owning a smartphone.

What does the Tocco have to offer then? You can get a full run down on the Tocco here, but we will give you the essentials right now. The Tocco has a great three inch LCD touch screen, with nice resolution so you will always get a great picture. It is a non-3G model, though it is 2G capable, so you do not need to worry about data plans or Internet access. By far the greatest feature on the Tocco is its awesome camera. It has a 3.2 MP camera which even has a 4x digital zoom, making it one of the best budget cameras on the market. There are so many camera features that it is tough to list them all here. You will get different shot modes as well as different general modes such as sepia or black and white pictures. You can even edit your pictures by adding frames to them or clip art to make fantastic shots.

The camera on the Tocco can also shoot video as well, so it really is the perfect budget phone camera.
You might think that internal memory on the Tocco is limited, and it is only 102 MB. Do not worry about that though, since you can add a little SD card and get yourself up to a massive 16 GB of external extra memory.
Finally, the included software on the Tocco is pretty awesome too. You get a great media player with 3D sound technology which can play either music tracks or video. You will find a document editor too, and tons of games to play, of course. Then there is voicemail, group calling and speakerphone as well, your cup doth truly run over.

The Benefits of Owning the Tocco
In today's world of smartphones with big screens and fast Internet access it may be worth remembering that there are benefits to owning a phone such as the Tocco.

Let's deal with the question of Internet access first. Firstly, there are people who just do not want to access the Internet over their phone. This includes people who are buying a mobile for their child and do not want that child to have full and unrestricted Internet access with all the dangers which it may pose. Also, many older customers are not interested in having a mobile Internet connection. Remember that mobile data is generally the most expensive part of a mobile calling plan and adds significantly to your bill, so being able to skip that altogether in your mobile contract is going to save you plenty of cash on top of what you have already saved by buying the Tocco rather than a more expensive model.

Unlike most traditional phone models, the Tocco is a touch screen phone, which means that it is easier to use, more intuitive and also more convenient. There will be no more scrolling through menus, since you can simply touch an icon, adding simplicity to the list of the Tocco's great characteristics.

Finally, the Samsung Tocco Lite is a small phone. It does not need to accommodate a huge screen, which means that it is much more portable. It only measures around ten by five centimetres and weighs just 93 grams, so it will be easy to carry around with you, and you can slip it into your shirt pocket, unlike many a large smartphone model these days.

What About the Competition?
The thing with the Tocco Lite is that there really is not any competition at all; it is quite unique in what it has to offer. Usually when we look at competing phone models we are comparing mobiles which sell for around the same price, and of course there are models which are similarly priced to the Tocco.

Out of these though, all but one are physical keypad phones with no touch screens, so they are unable to compete with the Tocco. The exception is the Alcatel OT 903, which sells for around £10 more than the Tocco. This is a full smartphone running an Android operating system, so again it is not really a good comparison. If you are looking for Internet access and all that goes with it, the larger bills, the risk of your child seeing things which he or she should not see and more, then by all means go with the Alcatel model. For those who are looking for a decent, traditional phone, then it is going to have to be the Tocco.

Budget Buyers Rejoice
If you are looking for an excellent compromise between a traditional phone and a smartphone, then the Samsung Tocco Lite must be your only choice. You get a lot of features for a small price.

This is not just a great kid's phone either. Many people choose the Tocco for convenience's sake. For example, maybe you have a great work smartphone, but you are looking to get a cheap model to run a personal SIM card, then the Tocco will be perfect. Maybe you often travel, and need a budget phone to run a local SIM card wherever you are so that you can save on mobile roaming charges, again the Tocco is going to be perfect.

The Tocco Lite is a true budget phone, and one which you should definitely consider when you are mobile phone shopping.

Phil Turner needed a decent budget phone and after visiting websites like uSwitch, he decided on the Samsung Tocco Lite which came at a great price.

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