SEO Trends in 2014

SEO Trends in 2014

Web content is still in demand however with more focus on social media, will SEO still be needed? The answer is yes. However, there will be changes on what works and what brings more audience. SEO will not die out, but will evolve based on marketing trends. Here are some trends predicted to be on rise this year for SEO.

Mobile SEO
More people are online via mobile phones and tablets. With that, website developers are focusing more in developing better mobile navigation as well. How does this affect SEO and content? You’ll notice that search a particular keyword or phrase gives different results from a mobile phone than a desktop browser. Search engines have evolved and adapted to this demand by considering couple new variables available through mobile users. For example, most mobile phones can gather user’s geographical location. Search results will focus on content that are location or geography-based. When searching for “Yoga course” while you’re in Bali, instead of showing the top website with most keywords and backlinks, it will show among its top results, websites for yoga centers that are in Bali itself. There will be more demand for content and SEO that mentions geographical context.

Social Media’s influence
Social networks and sites have becomes last year’s main tool for marketing. This year, it will grow more and social media’s influence on SEO will be more noticeable as search engines will update their algorithms based on this demand. More people are opening Facebook pages rather than a brand’s homepage. Why? It contains more updated content and gives better representation of a business’ reputation and overall image. Notice when you search a keyword or phrase online, at the first set of results, it will most likely include facebook pages that mentions the keyword you search. Unlike before, Facebook pages will only show up if you include the word ‘facebook’ in the search box. Same goes with other social media sites like Pinterest and Google+.

Google’s Hummingbird
Google has evolved with by creating its latest algorithm ‘Hummingbird’. Comparisons on SEO results now result on what answers the search query, rather than relying on backlinks and content with too much keywords. With this, SEO has evolved from keywords to information. For example, when searching for a medical keyword or phrase, results page will now display websites that provide more information, with longer content, rather than those simple articles than spin words into a prolonged introduction or overview. Search the word “cancer”, and notice that the first page shows cancer society sites, medical websites and latest news about cancer, rather than “about cancer articles from content archives. There will be higher demand for quality content that actually gives core knowledge rather than spinned articles that only repeats keywords again and again.

Content Spinning will eventually die out
Recycled information and spinners will not work as effectively as before. Website owners who hire spinners to cut costs will only drive there page ranking down. Readers will demand quality fresh content, and search engines will do that as well.

Link Spamming
With the greater focus on quality content, tools that bombard backlinks will no longer be an effective SEO technique. Low quality and high quantity backlinks will only kill a website. What will work this year will be articles with less but high quality backlinks that lead to relevant information-rich websites.

Experts and Authors
With the observed changes in Google’s search algorithm, and the demand for content that answers search queries, there will be an increasing demand for authors who are experts in their own niche. Brands will hire more writers who have more experience and can give precise answers on their articles. There will be a new wave of authors and those who are experts in their own skill will be the SEO writers this year.

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Under Construction Template for Blogger

Under construction templates are rarely released for Blogger. I had some issues with my other blog template so I had to put up a under construction template, I was searching for hours to find a good template somehow after navigating many sites I found one that has everything I wanted. So I decided to share it.

The template I am writing about has everything that a under construction template should have. you can set the construction time so the time will keep running and then you have twitter, facebook and RSS buttons where you can just link your social links and finally we have a Feedburner subscription thing that you can use to let your feed subscribers know when you publish your new design.

Under Construction Template for Blogger

Template Details
    • Template Name - Launcher
    • Author - NewBloggerThemes
    • Designer - MyThemeShop
    • Released Date - 19-April-2013
    • Category - Under Contruction


      1. Go to Template > Edit HTML in your blogger.
      2. Search for TargetDate (to get the search box in EditHTML press CTRL + F)
      You will find this Javascript :

      In that change the TargetDate value "04/19/2015 10:00 AM" to the date you gonna publish your new design(template).

      3. Search for id='social', you will end up finding these lines :

      In those lines replace your social links with the existed ones(ie :

      4. Now finally we have to configure Feedburner(just search for Feedbuner).

      Replace newbthemes with your Feedburner ID

      5. Save your Template.

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      What Type of PHP Application Suits You Best?

      It would be hardly an overstatement if we say PHP is one of the hotly pursued platforms out there. On this date, the software development enterprises who haven’t adopted it yet are grappling with the temptation of introducing PHP to their technology ambit. With a whole lot of frameworks to support and, the PHP platform has been gaining increasing relevance as it’s playing a pivotal role in powering companies to create power-packed applications.

      PHP Application Development
      PHP facilitates creating a myriad of software applications that stand as the benchmarks in the software marketplace. There is so much range to this highly resourceful platform that by using it you find yourself comfortably perched in an ideal zone of top-notch quality and complete control. The array of applications you can create using it helps you offer your services to companies across different domains. What takes assurance to greater heights is the fact that irrespective of the make and model of the app, you are guaranteed quality – considering the fact you have right developers for the task at your disposal.
      So, here are different types of PHP applications for the taking:
      • Web based Applications – As the name suggests, such applications are accessed by the customers through the use of Internet. PHP application development helps you create web applications that do not let the issues of compatibility crop up and render your efforts fruitless. PHP is supported by several browsers and operating systems. For the fact that there are a billion Internet users, and a great percentage of them are the potential customers of these web apps, the applications have to be personified by quality and responsiveness. At the same time, they have to have just the right mix of sophisticated and subtle features to cater t the varied tastes of the market. The reliable PHP Developers for hire help you achieve this, and more. The various libraries and scripts help you bolster the default functionalities of the apps and take them beyond their initial specifications. The better equipped your app is against the mounting expectations, closer you are to the adjective, “excellent” as a service provider. And trust PHP to perch you right there!
      • The Desktop Applications – Desktop applications have been in the loop from times immemorial now (at least from the time the digital age truly faced a ‘revolution’). These windows-based applications help in more user-friendly operation of the computers and enable the users to perform certain tasks on their systems with more ease and speed. These applications are mostly free of cost, and it’s not hard to locate them on the Internet.
      • Java Applets in PHP Scripts– There hasn’t been a meltdown so far in the popularity of applets, and the applets enhanced by PHP scripts make sure their popularity is only headed north. The applets add a lot of dimension to the interactive-levels of a web page. Some of the applets are so immaculately developed that nothing enters their frame that is not designed to be there. The small program bits we also refer to as Java byte code, can be deployed to the end user without any fuss at all. When it comes to running them, it is done by the use of Java Virtual Machine. These are further incorporated into the website’s intrinsic structure.
      Along the course, PHP has established itself convincingly as one of the most secure platforms around, and one which does not take a backseat to anything. Outsource PHP Development is proving to be a great alternative for those who lack the competent developers to work on their project.
      As we move to new world order, we are most likely to see it cross several barriers which still exist in application development realm. The PHP ScriptLibraries will keep fueling the innovation motor.

      What is Promotional Merchandise?

      Promotional merchandise
      Promotional merchandise, as the name indicates, is an essential advertising instrument that can be used to expose your company, products or services to a wider audience. In addition to product exposure, using promotional merchandise, such as custom flash drive, helps in increasing your business’s brand awareness. By far, giving away promo product to prospects for free is one of the best and most effective marketing tools available today. Whether you are looking for a way to establish an advertising space or a tool that would keep you in touch of your past customers, giving away promo products like custom USB drives is a great way to build a profitable and lasting business.

      There are a lot of perks that can be obtained from giving away free promotional merchandise to consumers. One of the most obvious benefits of giving away free promo products is its can help introduce your business to a great number of new prospects. Basically, handing out these promo items will not just expose your brand to your local market, but it will help introduce your business to the internet markets as well. Since promotional products like custom USB drives are usually handy and transportable, a great part of your recipients will most likely carry these products wherever they go. If the recipient happens to be a traveler who frequently moves from one country to another, your services, products as well as business will get some exposure to some of the countries where he or she has gone by.

      Another benefit that can be derived from handing out free promotional stuff is that it can help you save a great deal of money from your marketing and advertising expenses. While media advertisements from magazines, televisions and radio would cost millions of dollars a year, a dozen of custom flash drives would only cost you twenty five dollars or even less. What’s more, you can get bargained deals for these items when you buy them in wholesale orders. So, if you are looking for an economical yet an effective way of promoting your business, make sure to consider giving away custom promo products for free.

      To make the most out of your advertising campaign, make sure to choose promo products that durable and long-lasting. Keep in mind that your advertising campaign will last for as long as your products remain functional and useful. Basically, giving them away during a tradeshow is just the beginning of what might be a very long advertising campaign. If your promo products are durable and long-lasting, your advertising campaign will last up to six years or even more.

      Give away promo products that can be used by the recipient on a daily basis. In this case, you can hand out functional and useful items like custom USB drives, pens, calendars, bag, and many more. As much as possible, avoid giving away candies, treats and other edible items.

      Always buy promo products from a reputable an established supplier like Save On Promotions. By doing so, not only will you get high-grade promo products, but you also get to save a lot of money from your promotional campaign.

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      Bet Safely Online With These Simple Tips

      Bet Safely Online With These Simple Tips

      Everyone likes to play a good game now and then. This is especially true if that game involves winning some extra cash on the side. However, it is not always easy to trek out to the nearest casino, bingo hall or off-track betting site. With the advent of online gaming, playing your favorites, such as bingo, is easy. Although some people may have apprehensions about betting online, the risks can easily be avoided by following a few simple guidelines.

      Some people think that betting online is dangerous and this activity should only be done in a live setting. However, playing a game online is a lot like real life. Websites have to adhere to the same laws, except that there is less overhead when it comes to running the site. Here are some basics to follow:

       1.      Do Your Research.
      First and foremost, know a little bit about the company that you are about to create an account for. Do a quick Internet search and tack on words such as “safe” or “legal.” Make sure the company keeps its customers in mind.
      2.      Check the Website’s Software.
      Security is extremely important to a customer, and companies know this. Find out what kind of system the company operates on. Look for encryption software that uses 128-bit. This is the same format that the military uses to encrypt their data. Keep your information safe from others who visit the site.
      3.      Added Security.
      Many sites offer extra protection, such as session timeouts that log a customer off of his/her account after a certain amount of inactivity. These features go a long way when trying to protect your private information.
      4.      Check the Legality.
      Many states are legalizing online gaming. However, many websites already operate legally under federal law. If the company is in compliance, they will have a section on their website dedicated to it.
      5.      Get Support.
      If you are a newcomer to the world of gaming via Internet or you have a specific question about the game’s rules or even setting up an account, make sure that you can get help when you need it. Toll-free phone numbers or email addresses ensure that you can get answers and assistance quickly.
      6.      Easy Access to Earnings.
      Just because you are playing online doesn’t mean that it should be more difficult to receive your winnings. Open an account with a site that can directly deposit your earnings right into your bank account or offers the option of sending you a physical check.

      It is thrilling to play games for money, such as Luckity's Bingo. This is especially true when it can be done in the comfort of your own home. Just remember that, as exciting and entertaining as it all is, you need to make responsible decisions when selecting and pursuing any website. Never use income meant for paying bills to bet online. Always set time limits for yourself and take breaks when you need to. Playing games online should be enjoyable, not stressful. With this helpful list of things to look for, playing your favorite game can be enjoyed whenever you want.

      John is a huge fan of playing games online, and, like anyone else, loves the thrill of winning money in these types of venues. However, he has seen friends get themselves in bad situations by not checking the legitimacy and security of gaming sites, and thinks it’s very important for would-be gamers to do their due diligence before settling on a playing venue. He hopes his advice helps others stay safe and win big.

      Sharing Knowledge within Your Business

      Sharing Knowledge within Your Business

      The knowledge that your company has internally is incredibly useful if applied and shared among your staff. With this knowledge you can improve your sales and employee satisfaction and reach a wider customer base. But the key is sharing the knowledge sources you have. You do not want to make the mistake of withholding knowledge in your business, or limiting knowledge to only a handful of people. If only three people have knowledge on a certain topics and one quits, and another retires, then you are left with only one. You want to establish efficient ways to share your knowledge within your company.

      Knowledge Sharing
      You might already conduct staff meetings as a place to share knowledge but you should not limit yourself. Try holding brainstorming sessions where your employees are free to share ways they think the company could improve. Hold an innovative workshop where employees can share ideas about how to improve practice. You should also create a knowledge bank where information is held and steps for administering tasks are held. This can be placed on a private company network where staff can post new suggestions or ideas regularly.

      Knowledge Management
      Technology, when used to share knowledge within a company, must be carefully managed and channeled. You might want to designate the role of knowledge manager and assign it to a senior manager. You can also offer incentives for employees that post new suggestions in order to encourage knowledge sharing. And of course, never underestimate the importance of training in order to share knowledge within your company.

      Creating a Knowledge Strategy
      Of course your company will want to get the most from the knowledge you have. And to do this you need to create a strategy for discovering and sharing your knowledge. You should write out the guidelines that can be applied throughout your company. In order for your company to enjoy an effective strategy, your senior managers must commit to the strategy and must familiarize themselves with the benefits associated with it. You can talk to them about how to use the knowledgebase software and how to collect it, and then appoint one manager to be the knowledge manager for your company. When you are creating your knowledge strategy you need to consider the current level of effectiveness your company has with using knowledge. You also need to analyze the internal processes you have for collecting and sharing knowledge. Ask yourself if you currently have successful ways of generating ideas and if your staff is aware of what is going on. Make sure that you integrate this knowledge strategy into your business strategy, because it is a continuing process that should be central to your business goals. It is important that you identify how valuable your knowledge is to your company. Try and figure out what your company can gain financially from your knowledge. You might be able to develop a new product or license intellectual property or even gain a bigger market share. Whatever you decide be sure that it fits within your business plan.

      Gaining and Managing Knowledge
      There are many ways in which your company can gain and manage new knowledge. Information technology is one of the biggest tools you have at your disposal in this regard. Some systems are time consuming and others are complex but there are sure to be a few that fit within your business and can improve your business without being too time consuming. You might consider a database or a data warehouse. Your company might prefer to use data mining techniques or use reporting and querying tools. Whatever you decide make sure that it fits within your company’s business plan and goals.

      Author Bio:
      David Miller is an educational researcher, involved in the fields of teaching and online learning. He is associated with prestigious universities and many leading educational research organizations. As an ed-tech veteran, his area of research also includes new technologies for online training such as Online Survey Software. Currently David is experimenting with flipped classroom models and ProProfs.

      What to Look for in Your Next DDoS Mitigation Provider

      DDoS Mitigation

      DDoS attacks are serious and could be detrimental to your brand and products. You need a DDoS mitigation provider that you can trust to protect your product and image. If you are looking for a new provider, a few key components go into an excellent one.

      Being able to access the provider’s portal from anywhere -- including on a mobile device -- is important. Also, you want a provider with the best security protocols in place. A good provider also offers you rich DDoS forensics so that you have accurate insight into DDoS activity from around the world -- helping you stay informed and proactive.

      Deep network visibility is also important, so if you’re not receiving mitigation effort data that is up to the minute, you might want to look for a different provider. By hiring the right provider, the first time around your brand and reputation can be secured

      Created by the marketing team at Prolexic Technologies.

      Infographic: How Automation Improves Business Performance

      Automation Improves Business Performance
      Automation is making professionals like receptionists, travel agents and bookkeepers a thing of the past.

      Automation, essentially the practice of replacing human operators with machines, has been a reality in business since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution nearly 200 years ago. That said, the amount of automated tasks in the American business world has escalated dramatically in recent years.

      The following infographic illustrates this trend, noting that between 2000 and 2010:
      -1.1 million secretarial tasks were replaced with automation. In addition, 36 percent of telephone operating tasks were changed to automation. Companies that employ a live receptionist are fewer and farther between.

      -54 percent of travel agent tasks were changed to automation. Who even goes to a travel agent anymore? Do such firms still exist?

      -74 percent of bookkeeping tasks were changed to automation. Where once there sat an in-house bookkeeper or accountant, programs like QuickBooks and TurboTax are at the ready."

      Thanks for checking out our latest infographic, and let us know if you have comments or questions
      © 2014 Dolphin

      The Heart Of Successful Entrepreneurship

      The Heart Of Successful Entrepreneurship
      Love your consumers and they will definitely love you back. In the world of entrepreneurship, there is no other way to be successful and to stay ahead than to captivate not only the eyes and the hearts of clients, but to also win over their trust. Your business may be wrapped up in gold and silver and the packaging may be perfect, but what determines the longevity of your business is your capability to respond to what your consumers need and want.

      Surely, there are millions of online giants out there, but never should you think that you are not capable of reaching their position. Like you, they have started small once and one thing you should do is learn from their mistakes and triumphs because if life is a continuous process of growth and learning, so is entrepreneurship. It is never stagnant and you must never be complacent. Your main goal should be to properly deliver what your clients want and keep them happy. Your clients are the mirror of your business. If you are doing great, your clients are satisfied, but if it is the other way around, prepare for their frowns and grumps of dissatisfaction.

      Online Engagement
      The best thing about social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is that they can be your channels and they can be your bridge to a better and brighter future. But first, you must also determine the goals and the target of your business before you choose a site that can be the best marketing strategy for your company. A lot of people have been successful because of these and all you have to do is strategize. Instagram, for example, is the major reason behind the success of many online clothing shops. Since a lot of Instagram users are engaged in looking for stuffs that can be bought online, a lot have taken this as an opportunity and created their own online clothing accounts.So if you are planningto create a web page of your own, look for a way to have a strong presence in the Internet, and make sure that the channels you’ll use are appropriate.

      The review of your online visitors/clients is a very important factor in determining your chances of succeeding online. Of course, no one wants a negative review, especially if there are comments from clients infuriated by your lousy service. This bad publicity could be a major factor that can bring your business down. In the first place, you should never give your consumers reason to despise your web page. Instead, you must provide them the best service you can offer and never forget to listen to what they have to say. Through this, you will be able to improve your company and maintain loyalty from your consumers. Also, once you here negative comments from them, you should not respond angrily because you must maintain professionalism at all times.
      Listening is the heart of any successful relationship and it is your key to the longevity of your business. Through listening and giving the best of what you can offer, you’d get so much more in return—the trust and loyalty of your consumers. 

      Dorothy Matthews is one of the people behind Big Drop, a responsive web design company  that will meet your expectations and suit your originality.

      A Complete Guide To Microsoft's Enterprise Technology in 2014

      Technology giant Microsoft has been dominating the enterprise technology market, for a long as there has been one. From humble beginnings to their 2013 Annual Report, announcing revenues of $77 billion, Microsoft have lead the way for innovation in creating market leading enterprise technology.

      If you haven’t already, you should take a look at ‘Microsoft by the Numbers’ where you will find an exciting collection of visual statistics about their portfolio of products and services. Here’s some exciting figures to whet the appetite:
      • Xbox live has more than 48 million members in 41 countries
      • Microsoft contains 16 businesses that turn over more than $1 billion  
      • The Windows Store has seen more than 250 million app downloads since its launch
      But it doesn’t stop there, if you take a close look at Microsoft’s enterprise technology market, that’s where the magic lies. So as we head into 2014, let’s take a look at the extensive portfolio of exciting products developed by Microsoft in its thirty year history. From server and email management, right through to CRM systems and enterprise social networks, Microsoft has the market cornered. Before we dive into the infographic below, let’s take a look at some of the headline figures:
      • Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365 account for roughly 51% of the world’s mailboxes in the business email market.
      • Windows 8 has sold more than 100 million licences sold.
      • Windows Server is the world’s most popular operating system holding 73% of market share as of Q4 2012.
      • More than a billion people use Microsoft Office worldwide, that’s a almost a sixth of the world’s population.
      A Complete Guide To Microsoft's Enterprise Technology in 2014

      Edward Jones works for Firebrand Training, where he is responsible for Community Engagement and Technical Writing. Edward has been in the IT Industry for 3 years and has experience with SharePoint, Windows Server and Exhcnage Server.

      Cubot C7 Capacitive Touch

      Cubot C7 Capacitive Touch

      I have been on the lookout for a great new phone ever since my phone crapped out on me. I was never completely happy with my previous phone, and I wanted something new that would allow me to surf the Internet, chat with friends, transfer data between us, and capture my life in photos and videos.

      I did a lot of research, and I came across the Cubot 3.5 Inch Capacity Touch, which is powered by the Android 4.2 operating system. Personally, I am a big fan of the Android system, and think it actually performs much better than what you find with any other phone.

      I did some research online and after realizing this was the phone I wanted, I decided to purchase it and give it a shot when it arrived at my door.

      The Screen
      The screen is pretty great. Not exactly high-definition, instead operating at a 480x320 resolution, but it is pretty good for the phone and you won’t notice a lot of difference between it and other similar phones in terms of sharpness. I personally found no problem with it, and everything was still crisp and sharp on my phone. The screen is 3.5 inches, which again I found to be quite good for what I was getting with the phone. The HVGA was sharp as well, and the touch screen was sensitive enough without being so sensitive that it does things you don’t want it to do, much like I found with my old phone.

      The OS Features
      Moving on to the meat and potatoes of the phone, I found that several of the OS features were fantastic. Not only did it play MP3s and support all major video formats, but the Android 4.2 operating system was head and shoulders above the operating system of other phones. I found my previous one would crash if I tried to do too much, but I don’t think my Cubot with its Android OS crashed once. If you are worried you won’t get the cool apps you do with other trendy phones, don’t worry. I was able to get nearly every app I wanted, and also cost less than on other expensive phones. Like Angry Birds? Well, you can play it just as well on this phone as on the too-expensive flagship phones.

      I also found that the speed of the phone was quite good with its 1 gigahertz processor and 256 megabytes of RAM. There was also plenty of storage on the phone to keep all my photos and apps.

      The Camera
      The front and rear facing camera was excellent in my mind. At .3 megapixels, it was fine for taking photos of my life when I was out and about. The rear camera is much better though, at two megapixels, allowing me to capture some really great photos and store them on my phone, or share them directly with Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

      So, my overall impression? An excellent phone that did everything I could ask for. It handled everything I needed, was lightweight, attractive and less-expensive than the top of the line phones, while still doing everything I needed it to. Highly recommend it.

      Find out more at:

      How To Target Mozilla FireFox With CSS

      How To Target Mozilla FireFox With CSS

      Every web designer/developer knows about CSS rules even beginners know it so in this we are using as rule that targets only Mozilla FireFox. What I mean with targeting is, It's like the the style under this rule will only work on Mozilla FireFox. This rule is really useful because we can define what to show and what not to show. You can also target for Google Chrome and Safari I will write about it another time.


      As you see in the code the H1 and H2 styles have been modified and that targets Mozilla Firefox(@-moz-document url-prefix()). So likewise you can add any style that you want to show up only with Mozilla Firefox.

      A Phone Worth Considering – The Lenovo S820

      A Phone Worth Considering – The Lenovo S820
      Smartphones have moved over from being a craze as they have now moved to the category of necessities. Being able to provide computing and advanced networking facilities, the smartphones are liked by everyone. But with the availability of a plethora of smartphones from various companies, choosing the right one can be a little difficult. However, here is a simple, yet beautiful smartphone that would take your breath away.

      You are an outgoing professional, who is always on the move and therefore require your phone to be ready to receive and send important messages any time. Since you do not want a bulky or a broad-frame phone, you can choose the Lenovo S820, Android smartphone. Loaded with some very good features, the phone is a real beauty.

      As a successful professional, you have too many people calling you and therefore, having more than one SIM card is very essential. You do not need to carry two separate phones with you as you can have two SIM cards in your Lenovo S820. With a high performance MTK6589 quad-core 1.2GHz CPU, you get amazing speeds on your phone. You can make and receive calls and messages in no time, leaving you with enough time to enjoy a game or two on your smartphone.

      Talking of games, the Lenovo S820 provides 4.7” capacitive IPS touch screen that has 1280x720 resolution, which provides a whole new gaming experience. You can run various Android based games on the Lenovo S820 as it has the Android 4.2 operating system. And if you are done with the games existing on your phone, you can download some new ones from the Android Playstore and save them on the external card that can be up to 32 GB.

      As a professional or as a general user, there could be times when you need to upload and send important documents, images or pictures across to your colleagues, boss or to your friends. Integrated with Bluetooth support, you can surely share all the pictures, images and documents in no time. If you have been sent on a tour of an unknown area or city, you need not worry as you have Wi-Fi and GPS/A-GPS navigation support on your Lenovo S820. This would help you find your way out without getting lost.

      The Lenovo S820 is a masterpiece and it offers so much. The dual cameras on the phone are another of these features that make the phone worth buying. You can click yourself with the 2 mega pixel front camera or get some one to click your photograph with the 13 mega pixel real camera. You are never alone with your smartphone as there are so many things that you can do with it. You can listen to music, watch movies and even play games. Supporting a wide variety of audio and video formats, your Lenovo S820 is your real pal.

      The phone uses 2000mAH removable battery that provides it a long usage time. Nevertheless if you wish to charge your phone, you can simply use the US plug charger available with the phone. But you must really take care of your Lenovo S820 as it weighs only 106g. So, take care of your pal and be ready for a very good time.

      For more information visit:

      How To Make a Line Break/New Line in Java

      How To Make a Line Break/New Line in Java
      Line Break or New Line : I hope you understand what it is, in HTML you use <br> tag to make a new line so in Java if you want to make a new line it's not that hard but it has several methods depends on the platform.

      Coming to the point, most of the java beginners think this is the one and only way to make a new line : System.out.println("\n"); but It's not true.. let me tell you something you might think that whatever you program using java will work on other java supported platforms, YES! they will work on other platforms but there are few things that has to be changed in order to get the functions work.. for example this tutorial; this line of code : System.out.println("\n"); would make a new line only on Windows. As I said before there are few things that are different from platform to platforms.

      If you want to make a new line on Mac you must use this : System.out.println("\r"); and for Linux you have to use this : System.out.println("\r\n");. So I came up with something that works on all the platforms, It's pretty simple and works perfectly.

      First you need to make a public string and set the value to make a new line(You can also just make normal string and set the value)
      Add this line of code before your main event
      public static String breakline = System.getProperty("line.separator");

      Whenever you need to make a new line just use this line of code 
      You can add this wherever you want to

      Please comment if you have any doubts..!

      Choosing between PPC and SEO

      seo, ppc, pay per click, marketing, france, ppc advertising, french, multilingual, Choosing between PPC and SEO

      If you’re entering a foreign marketplace like France, then choosing whether to use PPC (Pay Per Click) or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to promote your business can be difficult.

      This infographic gives some guidelines about when to choose SEO and when to choose PPC.  If you’re promoting your site in a language that you don’t speak particularly well, then PPC is obviously the easier route, as it means that you only need to translate your PPC ads and your site (yes, if you’re targeting France, then it’s still essential to have your site in French, even with PPC).

      Let’s assume you speak the language fluently.  If so, then PPC generates immediate results on the day you place the ad, however if you stop paying for the ad then the results disappear just as immediately.  SEO on the other hand takes a while to start, but if done well will generate organic traffic for years to come with just a minimal top up.

      If you go the SEO route, it’s essential to use a company that’s familiar with the latest Google algorithms.  These days links have to be high quality and relevant to be effective.  As the infographic shows, it’s not always necessary to choose between them and you can use SEO for some keywords and PPC for others.

      The infographic was written by Martin Woods, the SEO Director of the French SEO Team at Indigoextra Ltd.  Based in the UK and Montpellier, France, the team offer SEO in English, French, German and Spanish.

      When he’s not unravelling the ever-changing puzzle of SEO, Martin loves unravelling and creating cryptic crosswords and has written over 500 crosswords for The Big Issue in the North, a homeless charity.  He home educates his two boys and also enjoys skiing, reading and walks in the beautiful countryside that South France offers.

      How To Get Response Headers From a HTTP Request in Java

      With this Java program you can get the the response headers from a HTTP request. You may have seen HTTP headers in Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox network feature in inspect element (it just automatically captures HTTP).

      All you have to do is run the program from command-line or on eclipse (or any IDE you want), after executing the program you will be asked to enter an URL to get the response headers from HTTP request (Note : make sure you don't enter URL's without 'http://'). Within seconds you will get the HTTP request response headers one after the next line.

      This program has 7 namespaces, of course you need them in order to compile/execute the program
      import java.util.Scanner;
      import java.util.Iterator;
      import java.util.List;
      import java.util.Map;
      import java.util.Set;

      and we are using a public string that helps to make a line break
      public static String BR = System.getProperty("line.separator");

      Okay let me put all the parts together, it uses Scanner(that to get the users input), Map, List, Set, Iterator, a while loop, String Builder and finally it prints.

      Program Source Code
      import java.util.Scanner;
      import java.util.Iterator;
      import java.util.List;
      import java.util.Map;
      import java.util.Set;
      Author : Mohamed Shimran
      Description : Getting Response Headers From a HTTP Request
      Blog :
      Facebook :
      Twitter :
      public class httpRequest {
      public static String BR = System.getProperty("line.separator");
      public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
        String Link;
           Scanner in = new Scanner(System. in );
           System.out.println("Enter Link To Get Response Headers From HTTP Request :");
           Link = in .nextLine();
       URL url = new URL(Link);
       URLConnection conn = url.openConnection();
       Map> HF = conn.getHeaderFields();
       Set HFS = HF.keySet();
       Iterator HFI = HFS.iterator();
       while (HFI.hasNext()) {
            String HFK =;
            List HFV = HF.get(HFK);
            StringBuilder strbld = new StringBuilder();
            for (String value : HFV) {
            System.out.println(HFK + "=" + strbld.toString());


      java httpRequest
      Enter Link To Get Response Headers From HTTP Request :

      null=HTTP/1.1 200 OK
      Date=Wed, 15 Jan 2014 14:12:06 GMT
      X-XSS-Protection=1; mode=block
      Expires=Wed, 15 Jan 2014 14:12:06 GMT
      Last-Modified=Wed, 15 Jan 2014 14:10:59 GMT
      Content-Type=text/html; charset=UTF-8
      Cache-Control=private, max-age=0

      How To Get Response Headers From a HTTP Request in Java

      Final Words
      What can I say? It's just another simple java program by me(of course got help from many resources). I hope you really like it or found it useful, share it if it deserves and PEACE!.

      Android Terminal Emulator

      Better Terminal Emulator Pro : android, android terminal emulator, terminal emulator,

      •  Overview of the Android terminal emulator:
       The world of computers is witnessing a change, just as it witnessed in the 90s. In the early 90s microprocessor became cheaper and terminal based dumb computers got replaced by powerful workstations. Today we are noticing that these powerful workstations are running out of trend and are being replaced by equally powerful but more portable mobile computers. When we say mobile computers we are explicitly referring to the handheld devices. Today handheld devices have become powerful enough to host almost any application that was traditionally meant for large desktop computers. This has been a result of the revolution in the manufacturing processes at the nano level. Today even smaller but more powerful chips are being developed that will one day surely render the large desktop computers useless.

      One such application that desktop computers were extensively used for is that of terminal emulators. But since now mobile and handheld devices are equally powerful, it was only a matter of time that someone developed a mobile terminal emulator. The first such emulator to hit the market is the android terminal emulator. It has been specifically designed to run on hand held devices running on the android operating system and emulates VT-100. For those who are not familiar with the VT-100, it was a terminal based computer that was very popular in the 70s. Most of the terminal emulators target VT-100 since it has the largest customer base.
      • Various features of the android terminal emulator:
      As already stated, the android terminal emulator targets VT-100. It is also possible to access the entire file system of the hand held device itself. It also allows the user to perform an installation of the command line applications based on the Linux shell.  It provides the user with a full screen QWERTY keyboard. However some users have reported problems while using these keyboards, for them it’s best if they downloaded and installed Hacker’s keyboard IME.

      Another very important feature is that with the android terminal emulator a user can send command line parameters to communicate with the sites that do not support the modern FTP or World Wide Web protocols. One of the features that is absent from the android terminal emulator is that it has no support for the Telnet and SSH. Even though in the current version it is lacking, but such features are expected to be included as an inherent part of the application in the near future.
      • How to get the android terminal emulator:
      The android terminal emulator can be downloaded directly on the handheld devices that support Google play. If you have a mobile device that doesn’t supports Google play then you can download it from the official website i.e.

      One of the misconceptions about the android terminal emulator is that it can help in gaining access to root or in other words to hack a mobile device. Please note that no such features are neither supported nor encouraged by the android terminal emulator.

      The author of this article has worked on the development team of the android terminal emulator; he also provides support for the same and is also involved in its documentation. He writes regular tips on Terminal emulator on

      Ways to Improve Search Engine Ranking

      SEO, seo tips, search engine optimization, keywords, website, technology, internet,
      If you are reading this article then it is safe to assume that you have a website and you are looking to improve its position on the search engine results pages. If this is the case then the first thing you need to do is perform an SEO audit. You will have to research into a current template/plan and follow it to check your SEO.

      An SEO audit is a set of checks that you can do to see how well your website is optimized. It involves checking things such as keyword relevancy and broken internal links. Once you have completed your SEO audit, it is time to start fixing your website’s SEO. If you fix the SEO problems then you will rise higher and faster through the search engine results pages. Here are a few tips to help you fix the things you highlight in your audit.

      Is your internal website navigation good, usable and bug free?

      Your websites navigation needs to easy to use. Your navigation system must be intuitive and must be easy to see. For example, you should make sure that the search bar is at the top of the page, and that any small sitemaps are on the footer.

      You must have at least three internal links coming from every page, and the anchor text to the internal links should be optimized. For example, you could have a link back to your homepage on every page, and you could call the link “home page”. But why not vary it a little on each page, such as having “back to our Home page” or “Go back to home page”.

      The navigation should be bug free. In other words, you should be able to click a link and have it take you to the page it describes. The link should be clickable and should never lead to the web page freezing.

      Are your pages too heavy?

      Every web page that a person looks at must be loaded onto their computer. Thanks to broadband Internet, your web page should take less than three seconds to load. If it does not then there may be too much to load, and you are going to have to lower the weight of your page. You may have to make images smaller, lower the weight of elements, or spilt certain parts of one page so that it makes two. The longer it takes for your web page to load then the lower you will rank on the search engine results pages.

      Some people create very good web pages that are very attractive and very salable, but the trouble is that some people (especially those with 3G) are going to have to wait longer for it to render (appear) and load. Some people simply do not have the patience for such things, and why should they? The Internet is so bogged down with crappy content that most pages people visit will be abandoned within seconds.

      Does your website have relevant keywords within it?

      This is a tricky subject, which is why it is a good idea to do a lot of keyword research. You need to find out what sort of keywords your target audience are using to search for your web pages. You should also check to see what keywords your competitors use, because they too are aiming to attract your target audience. You should research the correct keywords for each of your pages, since each page is most likely going to differ from all the others.

      You should use keyword tools to check to see if a keyword is used a lot, but you should also think about keywords that come to your mind. What would you type into a search engine? You also need to be aware of what you would write and what your target audience would write. For example, you may choose keywords such as “X for sale”, but remember that as a buyer, you may actually search for “Buy X” or “Where to buy X”. Try to put yourself in your target audiences shoes and use a little bit of common sense and gut instinct.

      Where can you get your information from?

      For a start, you should never take the word of things you read from articles and websites online (an odd thing to say within one of those very articles). The fact is that a lot of online content has not been created by true experts. A large portion of it has been created by people who are making up plausible lies. The rest of it is created by well meaning (but misinformed) fools.

      There is some very good advice to be found online, but you must take it all under advisement (with a pinch of salt). Your best place to start is with Google itself. They have a lot of tutorials on their Google webmaster section, and even some forum answers from their staff which are very handy.

      Books are an okay place to look, but you really (really) need to get a book from a company that is highly respected for being correct. There are some books out there that look like they know what they are talking about, but that are filled with misinformation. Try an updated version of the “For Dummies” books. Make sure you go for the updated versions, because the version they printed around three/four years ago is already out of date. For example, social media is hardly mentioned.

      John Kravz is a representative of that provides excellent help on your writing assignments such an critical essay.

      Top 5 Twitter Tech Experts You Should be Following

      technology, technology and gadget, expert, experts, twitter, social networks,

      Millions of people around the world are interested in technology. The great thing about the technology industry is that there are so many different strands to it.

      People who are interested in the development of the latest smartphone can discover exactly what features they can expect to find on their next handset, while we can also look at the latest computers, innovations, medical technology and so many more different things.

      The big question is where can you go to get all your key information? Many people use Twitter, which is understandable, but with so many experts present on the social network, what do you do? Following thousands of tech minds is hardly practical, which is why our infographic of the top five technology experts to follow on Twitter is such a valuable resource for users. Get following now and never want for your fix of global tech news ever again.

      Mark loves apps and can’t decide which app he likes best on his Android device.  He is considering taking out web hosting with JaguarPC so he can start a review site for apps across a variety of platforms.

      Why You Need To Get Above The Average Typing Speed

      typing, typing tips, typing skills, infographic

      The average adult types somewhere around 40 words per minute. By comparison, a hunt and peck typist can usually max out around 20 wpm, and someone writing with a pen on paper will usually top out at around 15 wpm. Learning to properly touch type can be one of the most important things you learn in 2014.


      Because the world is run by computers. Gone are the days of being able to apply for a job with no typing or computer skills, or just being able to 'get by' with some basic hunt and peck typing. Even a basic cashier's position in a grocery or department store is going to require some basic typing and computer skills. They may not be as stringent as the requirements for say, a programming or secretarial job, but they are still there.
      Learning to touch type properly may be one of the most important things you ever do. It's proven that touch typists are more efficient as well. Just look at the math.

      A touch typist who types 60 words per minute for 60 minutes will type approximately 3600 words, not accounting for breaks or any accuracy discrepancy.

      A hunt and peck typist, typing at 20 words per minute for the same amount of time, will only type 1200 words. That is a 66% loss of efficiency.

      There is a little section on a resume template that many people overlook: the applicant's words per minute typing speed. Try applying for a few computer or office jobs with a listing of 20 or 30 words per minute. Keep track of how many times your resume is overlooked, passed over, or simply thrown in the trash. With the abundance of free online training tools and games, there is no excuse for anyone over the age of 6 to not learn proper touch typing techniques and skills. It is, without a doubt, the most important skill you can learn to make you valuable in the job market.

      Adam Fort is an education enthusiast. Adam's goal is to help kids areound the world to improve the typing skills.

      Four Pointers For Finding Computer Science & IT Jobs

      job search strategy, career, jobs, it, job hunting, job seeking, job advice, computer science,

      Are you on the hunt for computer-related positions? Here are four pointers that could help you land that dream position.

      1) Ask Around.
      Whether you’ve been working at the same company for years, or have just graduated from college, chances are you have made some friends and acquaintances wherever you have been. These people are valuable resources, and they could be the portals to your first – or next – career path.

      Put the word out there as much as possible that you are seeking employment in your field. You can post a message on Twitter, Facebook or professional sites like LinkedIn stating what you are looking for and your qualifications.

      Talk to former professors and academic advisors, former colleagues, neighbors and even family members, because you never know who has a connection in the industry who is looking for just the skills you have to offer.

      2) Get Yourself Prepped For Interviews.
      Those who believe in positive energy and manifesting your dreams say that it is best to make yourself into what you want to be before you even have the opportunity in front of you.

      In the professional realm this means: preparing for the interview, updating your resume so it is presentable and current, and getting a few professional pieces for your wardrobe that would correspond well with the job you desire. Having a couple of pairs of dress pants, button-down shirts and/or tasteful dresses can help you look the part when you go for future interviews.

      3) Exhaust All Avenues in Your Search.
      While you can find jobs in IT via employment websites and local newspapers, there are also ways to have access to jobs that might fly under the radar. Working with an IT staffing agency is one method that can be beneficial. They typically have a lot of different positions open at any given time, because they have relationships with many companies on a local (and sometimes even national or international) level. This means that you can be specific about the field and kinds of roles you are looking to take on.

      Once you make a connection with a representative, he or she can be on the lookout for appointments that might fit your skills and experience level. It is almost like having a personal assistant in your professional corner.

      4) Stay Flexible.
      There are a lot of computer science jobs out there in the economy right now. If you get offered an opportunity – or discover one – that is not exactly what you are looking for, consider checking into it anyway. Sometimes even lower-level positions can be a foot in the door at a great company. Also, many businesses promote from within, so if you prove you are more than matched for your current post, you could get moved up quickly.

      Every job has the potential to increase your experience level and expand your skillset, as well as your circle of contacts. You never know where the job of your dreams will come from, so it’s best to keep an open mind.

      Carlos works in IT for a large corporation, but before he was hired at his current job, he sought the services of a staffing agency to help him find work and gain experience. He thinks these firms, as well as the other tips on this list, can help others in his field find the work they are looking for.

      Five Reasons Security Is A Necessity When Purchasing A New Mobile Device

      best smartphones, computer security, infosec, mobile phones, mobile security, mobile technology, Smartphone,
      You need security for your smartphone.
      Are you thinking of buying yourself a new mobile phone this Christmas season? If so, you should know that you will need to have security installed on it as soon as you buy it, otherwise you will almost certainly find yourself faced with more trouble than you know how to handle farther down the road. Five reasons to get security are outlined in the sections below.

      1) Smartphones are vulnerable too.
      Users are only beginning to realize this fact, but smartphones are as vulnerable to malware, viruses, Trojan horses and other threats that come from online, being as they are, in essence, devices that have all the capabilities of a computer, though on the scale of a cellphone. This may be a tough fact to accept, but it is one which cellphone owners are going to have to realize and acknowledge if they are to do something to avoid becoming the next victims of the latest online threats.

      2) They can be the prime targets of online threats.
      What is more, the creators of many of these destructive programs are now targeting smartphones specifically. This fact is becoming more and more true as more and more people turn to smartphones rather than PCs as their primary method of surfing the Web (indeed, some experts are predicting that by 2020 there will be more smartphone than PC surfers!). One consequence of this trend is that hundreds of apps are created each day for all kinds of purposes, from shopping to checking the weather to losing weight, and this area is fertile ground for unscrupulous programmers who want to hack into somebody’s account. Many apps are really a cover for security threats. This also means that you should have the phone any new apps that may look attractive to you before you decide to download them.

      3) Why does my mobile phone bill say I owe $6,734?
      Sometimes the goal of hackers who take control of other people’s smartphones is to get a “free ride” by racking up call after call on them and leaving the owners on the hook for the expenses that they incur. Even if you know that you did not make all those calls, it may be extremely difficult to track down the offender and get back all the money that he or she stole from you. If no other danger should motivate you to protect your new mobile phone from attacks this one certainly should.

      4) “Coffee shop attacks”
      The public wifi connections that you find in hotels, airports and other public places are inherently non-secure. As a result, they are a common place for hackers to go looking for unsuspecting victims whose passwords and other sensitive data they can easily steal. It is up to you to make sure that your smartphone has adequate security software to protect it. Better yet, you should steer clear of this places and hook up your cellphone only in private, secure locations.

      5) It is best to take care of the security problem while the device is new.
      Mobile security is a problem that is easiest to solve if you undertake the task before you do anything else with the device. The most common threats to mobile phones come from downloading email attachments, apps and whole websites. If the first thing that you do with your new smartphone is to take care of security matters, you will be acting proactively, before any threats have even occurred - which is, after all, the best path of all. The adages “Better safe than sorry” and “A stitch in time saves nine” apply to mobile phone security just as much as it does to life in general. The best security software can intercept destructive malware before they even have time to “take residence” on the device. They can also be updated to provide protection against newer and newer threats. There are many other things they can do too, like use GPS to locate a lost or stolen mobile phone and even cause it to “lock up” if an unauthorized person gets hold of it.

      Sarah Hendricks who is a security expert on protecting users and businesses from hackers and data leakage with NQ Mobile security provides all kinds of mobile security; users in the office, at home, or working remotely are all subject to attack, click here to learn where to find mobile security applications.

      Is Google Glass this Year's Must Have Gadget?

      gadgets, technology, google, google glass, wearable technology, science and technology,

      Gadget geeks everywhere are preparing themselves for the launch of Google Glass, which could be as early as this April, but how do real people feel about this new addition to the gadget world?

      With this question in mind, the money saving website,, have asked a sample of their newsletter subscribers a few questions about how they feel about the impending launch, and the results were very interesting.

      Rather than fill everyone with excitement, many of the people in the survey sample were concerned about issues, such as privacy and safety. A large proportion of the sample (68%) also said that they would find it embarrassing to wear the accessory, citing them as being “quite geeky”.

      Furthermore, with a price tag currently thought to be set around the $600 (£365) mark, many people surveyed thought that it would be too pricey a toy to experiment with, and would be put off buying it for this reason.

      So with so many negative feelings around in the sample group about Google Glass, do the population as a whole feel the same? If so, it looks like Google Glass is set to be a flop – at least to begin with. That said, as with all these things, there is potential for it to gather momentum and eventually become the must-have accessory that you won't step out of the house without. Only time will tell.

      This study was carried out on a sample of newsletter subscribers from the newsletter. The results are depicted in this infographic created by Linda Firth, a passionate gadget lover.

      What Are Power Inverters?

      You must have heard of the term “Power inverters”, sometimes they are simply referred as inverters. If you are planning to buy one but don’t know much about them then this article is just what you need in order to educate yourself.

      What Are Power Inverters?

      In the most basic sense, power inverters are simple electronic devices that convert direct current in to alternating current. If you are familiar with scientific terms used in electronics then you can think of a power inverter as a device that performs the opposite function of a rectifier (rectifiers are used to convert direct current to alternating current). Earliest power inverters used mechanical rotating parts to achieve this conversion; however, advancements in electronic circuitry have replaced these moving mechanical parts with electrical circuits.
      • What are the applications of power inverters?
      1)     It can be used to power up electrical devices such as light bulbs, television sets, computers and fans. The main source of power in this application is a battery or multiple batteries connected in series. These batteries give out current, but the current thus produced is direct current. Most of the electrical devices however run on alternating current. So to convert this direct current in alternating current, a power inverter can be implemented. It is used widely in consumer homes to generate electricity in cases of power failure.

      2)     Power inverters are used on a commercial scale in solar power plants. The electricity generated from solar cells is also in the form of direct current. Power inverters are used to convert this direct current in to alternating current.

      3)     It can be implemented in engineering solutions where some part of the circuitry needs to run on alternating current.
      • So can the inverter produce any power?
      No, a power inverter cannot produce any electricity on its own; all of the power has to come from a direct current source. Power inverters simply accept this direct current and give an output in the form of alternating current.
      • Can I find one in my home?
      Most probably yes, if you have a desktop computer then you will notice that the power wire of the computer is plugged in to a UPS. UPS stands for uninterrupted power supply. This is actually a packaged combination of an inverter and a battery with some additional circuitry. When there is a power cut, the batteries act as a power source but they provide this power in the form of direct current. The inbuilt inverter then converts it in to alternating current that is used to run your computer. When the main power is back on, a rectifier puts the batteries on direct current to recharge them.
      • Any other devices which have a built in power inverter?
      Yes, devices known as tasers, used widely for law enforcement and security purposes have a built in power inverter in them. Tasers are also known as electroshock weapons, some of them use a power inverter to generate large amounts of electricity from a very small 9V DC battery.

      The author of this article is an electrical engineer and operates a firm that deals in power inverter installations. He writes regular post on

      Why Smart Watches Will Time Out

      Why Smart Watches Will Time Out

      There are a huge variety of reasons why Smart Watches won’t work in the mass market. While gimmicky enough to excite the gadget collector, getting the mainstream consumer to buy into them will prove far more difficult. Especially, when they are put in context with better options out there.

      Today’s Smart Phones are reaching the maturity of product lifecycle and coming into their own. Smart Phone cameras are actually competing with standalone cameras and not failing. Smart Phone apps are changing our lives in terms of how productive we as a society have become, how we track our movements, where we visit and how we socialise online.

      Smart Watches are bad value for money. Comparing the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch to the iPhone 5S Smart Phone shows the real lack of quality features across the board. What’s worse is the lack of an USP or killer feature.

      When developing Smart Watches, someone, somewhere, forget about one major target audience. Women won’t buy a Smart Watch. Why? There simply too ugly, too clunky and not an aspirational enough fashion accessory to justify the price point. And, traditionally far more women than men wear a watch, not just to tell time, but as an adornment. Many women see watches as akin to jewellery.

      No one size fits all. Rules to live by in the rag trade, but what the Smart Watch developers haven’t noticed yet. Wrist size varies and so does eyesight. The screens in most Smart Watches are tiny.

      In a world where people are always connected, taking the next step and seemingly talking to your wrist out loud might seem logical, but how crazy will you look? A lot of people find it hard to talk to hands-free-kits in the car. Do we honestly think Smart Watches will be the gadget to normalise what is perceived by many to be talking to oneself?

      There are numerous early adopters out there. Time will tell how successful they will be but for the most part, don’t expect a stampede, after all, there not iPhones.

      The World Of Satellite Broadband - Is It The Solution For You?

      The World Of Satellite Broadband - Is It The Solution For You?

      Satellite broadband could shortly be supplying internet access with speeds as much as 10Mb, all over the UK;even if you reside in an isolated area where you are unable to get a fixed-line or mobile broadband connection.

      Satellite broadband deals
      Isolated and rural areas have been suffering broadband woes for a very long time – that’s where satellite broadband comes in. Satellite broadband is a choice available for those users who live in rural or remote areas where traditional fixed-line based broadband services aren't available.

      At the moment satellite broadband technology accounts for only 2 per cent of all internet connections. However there are reports predicting growth in this sector, both in consumer uptake and product versatility. The worldwide subscribers are also expected to rise by a large proportion as prices plummet due to decreasing technology cost.

      Satellite broadband does not need a setup of cables or wires to connect your residence to the internet, which is a major advantage over standard connections requiring a wire based setup linked into telephone exchanges. Satellite broadband is the epitome of wireless-ness.

      There are three major satellite broadband providers in the UK, namely Tariam, Eutelsat and Astra.

      Should I get satellite broadband?
      Satellite broadband uses a satellite dish to provide access to broadband services. However speeds are normally lower than standard connections. The major advantage of satellite broadband is that it can be provided virtually anywhere on the globe. It is as an option to fill in broadband connection in areas that are hard to reach, or are unlikely to receive a wired or mobile connection; but for many, it doesn't provide a service as good as fixed broadband products.

      The satellite broadband download speeds up to 2010 were only up to 3.6Mb. However, Eutelsat finished its developments in satellite Internet in 2010, which allowed the download speed to increase threefold.
      The download limits are also relatively small compared to a fixed-line connection.

      The cheapest package provides download allowanced of only around 2GB per month. This highlights how satellite broadband is unsuitable for heavy usage, such as downloading large amounts of data and files etc. The expensive packages provide around 10-30GB per month of download allowance, which typically costs more than £100.

      Satellite broadband is also much less reliable than standard connections. The broadband signal has to travel a long, long way (up to the satellite) so there is high latency, and can be data loss, or even transmission failure. This makes it an unsuitable choice for online gaming, online TV services, video conferencing and other real time applications that require a high speed reliable internet connection.

      Independent Broadband
      Despite the few drawbacks, the biggest advantage of satellite broadband is that it does not need to be connected to the UK's fixed-line network. Dependence on the BT copper network is a big problem for people who live in isolated parts of the UK. Satellite broadband transmits the broadband signal via satellite so you can receive the signals wherever you reside. Satellite broadband means you can be totally independent of standard broadband networks.

      What else do I need to know about satellite broadband?
      In order to use satellite broadband, you will need to install a satellite dish (which is not a small one) along with a transmitter to be able to send data. The primary installation cost is a expensive, regardless of the provider you select. It can be around £300 if you install it manually yourself and it can go as high as £700 if you want a professional to come and install it. The majority of suppliers charge a connection fee of around £30. You will also require a satellite modem and a broadband router. Most providers give these for free along with the installation, but sometimes you have to pay for them separately.

      In addition to the expensive set-up costs, the monthly satellite broadband fee is also higher than standard fixed-line connections, or mobile broadband connections. The monthly package costs can range from £20 to £35 for a very basic package.

      Another small concern for people using satellite broadband is that extreme weather conditions can affect the connection. Heavy snow, rain or high winds are part and parcel of remote regions normally and these can all impede the signal. Satellite broadband requires a clear undisturbed line of sight between the satellite and the dish, and if anything gets in the way of this, like moisture in rain, then it may cause problems in the link.

      Normal rain showers shouldn’t affect connection but a large storm could render you broadband-less.
      Eutesat now transmits its broadband signals at a very high frequency so it is doubtful that there will be too much disturbance with this provider. If the weather is extreme you should not expect decent connectivity though.

      The decision on satellite broadband
      The installation and set-up costs of Satellite broadband are much higher than for standard conventional fixed-line broadband. Satellite broadband is also well below cable based connections in terms data transfer speed. Despite these facts, Satellite broadband offers a solution where no other may exist.It provides connectivity to those users who are unable to get a connection on a copper or a fibre line. It is not a cheap option but if you need internet connectivity, and can’t get online by any other means, then you should probably look at Satellite broadband.

      Find out when your area is getting mobile and fixed broadband
      If you are considering satellite broadband then you should first find out when super fast broadband is going to be rolled out to your area. There are plans afoot to bring fibre to much of the UK, and 4G mobile broadband is on its way to much of the UK too. Both of these options are probably preferable to satellite broadband. If you have a service arriving in a few months you will feel silly if you have just forked out £700 to install satellite broadband and won’t need it anymore.

      Satellite broadband technology is expected to keep on improving and providing better speeds and reliability in the future. Great news for the marine industry and for those people on land that have no prospects for the arrival of fixed line broadband.

      Phil Turner considered satellite broadband after he moved to a really remote part of the country. Before he made any final decision he checked out deals and the availability of other broadband connections by using online price comparisod n sites like uSwitch.