Dropbox Chat 1.1

Hey guys, 

Here is another software release. I've been working on this for 2 days, this is version 1.1 of the application and should work well without any bugs but if you do happen to find anything wrong be sure to let me know. 


Dropbox Chat is an application that you, and your friends use while sharing a dropbox folder. You add a text file to a shared folder, and each person has that file linked to the chat application. Using this we can chat to everyone in that shared folder. 

The first time you run the application a First Time Wizard will be displayed taking you through the steps of setting everything up. You need to enter a display name for when you're chatting, and the text file which must be located in the shared dropbox folder. 

After you've used the First Time Wizard you can use the program to chat by entering a message and pressing enter or clicking the send button. If you need to change the settings again in the future you can right click and select Settings, you can also choose to delete the chat log, but this deletes everyone else's chat too. 

Image: (cause we all love images!)


You will need .Net Framework 4.5 to run the application
You will need an internet connection to run the updater, and to update the chat. 


This is a direct archive download from my dropbox. 

Click here to download Dropbox Chat 1.1

Since 1.0 I added the automatic updater, designed a new setup wizard and a few bug fixes. Please be sure to let me know what you think of my program, and tell me all of your suggestions

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