How To Put HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT Codes In Your Blogger Articles

Yes this is my second blogger tutorial , actually this is something i had to do to solve a problem . i use but it seems that if i use anything similar to class in any language then some span tags cover them so the code goes wrong so i was looking for something that will fix my big problem then i found prism.js so i tried it and it's really great those span tags were not there so i wanted to share this with you .

Details of the script

 * prism.js default theme for JavaScript, CSS and HTML
 * Based on dabblet (
 * @author Lea Verou

So to use it in your blogger blog or normal website , just add these under your head tag

Usage :

replace markup with your language name :).

by the way they also provide themes and plugins also you can select the languages , just go to and then go to download there you will be able to select the languages and plugins finally download the css and js.

Hope you like this tutorial , peace.