How To Edit/Change Comments In Blogger

This is my first blogger tutorial, sometimes we get spammy comments/offending comments and etc for our posts and if we delete the comment that is something not nice so what we can do is, we can just edit the posted comment easily.

First of you need to go to setting>other in your blogger control panel and click on Export blog.

After downloading the file , open it in your favourite Text Editor(beware that opening a file with large amount of text could freeze your computer) , when you open the XML file you could see it has a large amount of texts than your blogger blog template. Now what you have to do is just search for the comment that you want to edit in that XML file.

As an example i commented on this post as Anonymous and my comment was "testing testing" and i have searched for 'testing testing' and i have found out the comment in my exported XML file.

You can see all the info about the comment , the informations that i mentioned in the image
  1. Comment Text Version
  2. Comment HTML Version
  3. Comment Posted Date And Time
  4. Commenter Email
  5. Commented Post URL
  6. Comment Feed
  7. Commenter Name
(there are other information too like commenter avatar etc)

Now you can replace the comment information with anything you wish you can add HTML or just Text or else you change commenter name.

To show PoC(Proof Of Concept) i will edit my comment as given below
  1. Comment Text/HTML Version - Working Working
  2. Commenter Name - Anonymous - Comment Edited
After editing the comment , save the XML file and after that go to Settings>Other and click on import and upload the edited XML file.
Note : Remember to uncheck Automatically publish all imported posts otherwise you would face a big problem.

Now a when importing is done go to posts>all when you reach there you will a new tab called imported , what that means is that contains the edited comment so to get the edited comment published all you have to do is delete the published post and publish the same post from imported tab.
Now the comment is edited you can go here and see my edited comment , by the way i should say this is something risky so becareful while editing and importing , Thank You.