How To Set Up Python In Windows

How To Set Up Python In Windows 7
I did a tutorial on how to set up java in windows so on i also have python installed so i thought it would be nice to make a tutorial about doing the same thing for python first of all i want say that interpreted languages only has compiler(most of) like java,python,pascal etc that's why we need to set up the compiler for the OS .

Go download Python at and install it as usual now like what we did in java go ahead and right click on My Computer and select Advanced System Properties

How To Set Up Python In Windows 7

Then a window will pop up in that window go to Advance Tab Page and click on Environment Variables

How To Set Up Python In Windows 7

Now you will see another window , if you have settled any other compiler before you will see a Variable called PATH in the first group box if you haven't settled any compilers click on New then you will a small window popping up, fill the window text fields as given below ..

Variable Name : PATH
Variable Value : C:\Python33(it's the destination of the python compiler if you install it somewhere else please change it)

How To Set Up Python In Windows 7

then click ok for all and do a restart OKAY now if you already have installed and settled any other compilers like me i have java settled so on we should settle the python compiler too for that click on our Variable PATH that we created before and click on Edit button remember i am talking about the first group box,

How To Set Up Python In Windows 7

Then you will see that window (the window with our Variable details) now put a semicolon at bin\; and put the directory of Python , python installs the compiler in the root place if you have installed Python33 in C drive your whole Variable Value should be this

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_11\bin\;C:\Python33

How To Set Up Python In Windows 7

After doing them click okay for all and restart your computer after the restart open CMD and type python and hit enter then you will be into the python command line

How To Set Up Python In Windows 7 hello world

enjoy the python :) you also have a python GUI interface to write programs .

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