How To Set Up Java In Windows

I saw many people having problems in setting up the java compiler so I just thought of doing a tutorial on this so on here i am .. , first of all download the latest version of java by the way remember to download it from oracle website and not from other websites also you should download JDK(Java Developer(s) Kit) , then install it as usual. After installing go for a restart then after the next switch in go ahead and right click My Computer and select Advanced System Properties .

Advanced system properties
Advanced System Properties
A will window will popup and in that window go to Advanced tab page and click on Environment Variables. .
Advanced System Properties > Advanced
after that another window will popup and there you will see some system variables, to set up java compiler click New in the first group box(I have already done the work so don't mind the first variables).
Environment Variables
Click on New then a window will pop up now fill up the window as given below.

Variable Name : PATH
Variable Value : C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_11\bin\(your jdk bin path please change it if you have install jdk in another drive or if you installed another version)

Now click Ok to all window(s) and restart your pc, after the restart open command prompt and type javac and hit enter if you get these things in your console your java compiler is working if not please comment I will help you .
I hope this tutorial is helpful.


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Thanks for sharing this valuable information of the java set up in windows, great to know about this. And best part is you share it with pictures which make it more easy to understand.
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