How To Make A Header Marquee Effect in HTML

A Header Marquee Effect

hey guys finally i am up to a simple HTML tutorial but i hope this will be useful to you ok now you don't need to waste time just some lines of codes and your done . you can see how this works in the image what you could see in the top but i'd say it's a GIF i mean a recorded one so it can't show you how actually this works naturally . so to begin making this open your most favorite text editor or just use the notepad and add the usual tags

now just this is code of the recorded GIF

so you have the codes now you can edit everything

How To Make A Simple Custom Google Search Engine Using Basic HTML

Hello everybody. So, today I will teach how to make a google search box in HTML. you can see some google search embed on websites even our website has one but we are going to make a simple one i meant very simple one

So, lets get started. Open your html editor (I will be using notepad for quick and easy editing.) and now add this codes

How To Draw Circular Progress Bar On Form In VB.NET

circular progress bar preview

hello i think the title says what this tutorial is about but i have to explain it for you okay now this cannot be used instead of progress bar what you see in the toolbox but this is like a animation . this just draws lines using system.drawing.drawing2D okay now lets begin making this you don't need to do much things just create a new project and just go to the coding place and add this codes

How To Get All System Information In VB.NET

Hdisplay system infor

hey everyone so again a tutorial actually a console application tutorial but you will learn a lot from this things okay now i will tell you what information's you will be getting on the console
  • Your Operating System Full Name
  • Your Operating System Platform
  • Your Operating System Version
  • Your Windows Bit (32,64)
  • Your Computer Name
  • Your Computer Current Language Name
  • Your Computer Current Date And Time
  • Your Computer Manufacturer
  • Your Computer Model
  • Your Operating System Version
  • Your System Type
  • Your Windows Directory
  • Your Number Of Processes 
  • Your Computer Display Information
  • Your Ram Memory
  • Physical Memory
  • Virtual Memory
okay now lets create the program just create a console application and you will see the model 1 now add a class and name it WMI and add this codes into the WMI class

Most Sophisticated Computer Mice in 2013

Most Sophisticaded Computer Mice in 2013 Infographic

Are you a fan of the traditional computer mouse? Do you make a point of carrying one of these peripherials in your laptop bag, because the touchpad in your laptop just doesn't feel comfortable? We can understand those feelings. When you have to spend a lot of time working in the computer, a mouse is simply the best pointing device you can get. That's why we created this infographic - to pay homage to the most advanced mice currently available on the market. As you can see, there is something for every taste and personal need:
Some of these mice were created specifically for people suffering from arm related injuries; models with special functions to please the most demanding gamers; and of course, there are some sophisticated designs meant for those whose work involves spending long sessions in front of the computer. Some of these mice are ideal for travelers and business people. Check out the following infographic and let us know which one you like best!

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How To Make A Text To Binary Converter In VB.NET

hey guys and girls today i am going to teach you how to make a binary to text converter or binary to text converter in simply you dont have to waste much time in this tutorials . first of all you should have known what is binary so take a look at this page and come back ok now i will explain how this works . you have two text box and you have two buttons now you need to add text in text box1 and click button1 to convert your text box1 text to binary and the binary code for the text will be shown in text box2 ok so lets make it now create a new project and add two text box and two buttons and change the button1 text to convert to binary and change the button2 to convert to text and dont forget text box is for text and text box2 is for binary . i can say make your application look like this

How Get Information's About Your Internet In VB.NET

Today i will show you how you can obtain the computers mac address, local ip and outgoing ip
First create a new project

1. Open Visual Studio or Visual Basic.
2. Create a new windows form project and name it whatever you want.

Now to add the controls.
1. Add 3 textboxes, name the first outtext the second iptext and the last mactext.
2. add 4 buttons, name the first copyout the second copyip and the last copymac, you dont need to rename
the last its just to get all the information.
3. Set the text on the copy buttons to copy.

Now to the code first you add at the top of your code.

Imports System.Net

then you add this below public class.
 Dim ip As New WebClient

Now add this so that when you click on the buttons you copy it
    Private Sub CopyOut_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles CopyOut.Click
    End Sub

    Private Sub CopyIp_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles CopyIp.Click
    End Sub

    Private Sub CopyMac_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles CopyMac.Click
    End Sub
Now we will add the code that gets the mac address the outgoing ip and the local ip, add this to your code.
Private Sub getoutip()
'Get outgoing ip
            OutText.Text = ip.DownloadString("")

        Catch ex As Exception
            OutText.Text = "No connection"
        End Try
    End Sub

    Private Sub obtip()
        'MAC Address
        For Each nic As System.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterface In System.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces()
            MACText.Text = String.Format("{2}", nic.Description, Environment.NewLine, nic.GetPhysicalAddress())
            Exit For
'Get local ip
        Dim host As String = System.Net.Dns.GetHostName()
        Dim LocalHostaddress As String = System.Net.Dns.GetHostByName(host).AddressList(0).ToString()
        IPtext.Text = LocalHostaddress
    End Sub

How To Make Text Scroll Up Effect In VB.NET

hello guys this is a cool one about scrolling text to up and you know you have seen something like this when using other application for example when you go to the about form on some applications you can see they have the scrolling text to up like the credits of the application and etc goes up so it would be cool to make your own about form like that so i am just up with this and i hope you will benefit from it and i have to tell the video which you see is not a quality one . create a project and name it whatever and when the form loading done just do things you usually do in the properties of the form and etc . now add a label and a timer and you see the label and timer are the controls you need and they are the most important now add the text whatever you(lorem ipsum) want to , inside the label1 text and now go to timer properties and enabled = true and set the interval to 30 and now double click your form and just add these codes

How To Make A Screen Shot Application In VB.NET

hello , your now in the right place to learn how to make a simple screen shot application as you can see lots of screen shot applications on the internet and they are very good and useful by the way i can write a tutorial about making a very advanced screen shot application with a lot features so i am now just going to teach you how to make a simple very small screen shot application in and this dont take too much time , ok now lets begin make a new project and name it and when the form loading finishes just adjust the regular things you do in the form properties and the application properties and after that make your form very small the size like 300,127 or however you want now add one button and a textbox and a timer from the toolbox after that simple change the button1 text to capture or whatever means capturing , make the textbox size 33,20 and inside the text of textbox1 add 5 and now click timer and go to properties and inside interval put 1000 , i will explain how the program will work after coding ends whne the program is running in the textbox you just need to add time like i mentioned add 5 now when you click the button capture it will go 4,3,2,1 and the application will hide itself in windows and the screen will be captured and saved near the executable of the application ,now make sure you have a good looking form also i dint mention before you can add a label to make the things look good

Matrix On VB.NET Console

hello , this is a matrix effect on CLI (command line interface) aka Console as i wrote before here its also the same matrix effect but its coded using c# console ok now lets make it just create a new project and select console application and name it and when the coding thing is on just add these code inside it

How To Make A Simple Text Encrypter(Encryptor),Decrypter(Decryptor) In VB.NET

hello dear readers , now i am up with a simple encryption decryption tutorials in by the way i am not going to use any classes like RC4,RSA,etc i just wrote the simple method to understand how encryption and encryption works . read how encryption works here and you know what is decryption if there's anyone who don't know what is decryption , decryption make a protected code or whatever visible you can read about that in some other websites ok now lets move to the main part now create a new project and when your form finishes loading add two textboxes and two buttons now place the text box 1 in the top of the form and place the text box2 in the bottom of the form now the textbox1 is for text to input and the textbox2 is for text to output so now change the text of the button 1 to encrypt and the other button to decrypt as you can see how all the controls are arranged in the picture . now double click the form and add this codes ...

How To Make A Cool Text Animation In VB.NET


hello , animation in is really a cool thing and for this you are not going to use any type of labels or textboxes just we are coding but we need timer and a button the timer for you know for timing and the button to show the animation up so now lets begin making this don't worry this wont take much time or don't need to work hard because its already coded in the easiest way to understand and also to create. now create a new project in your visual basic 2008/2010 i tested this in visual basic 2010 and i don't have visual basic 2008 to test to i hope it work in visual basic 2008 . when the form finished loading now change the usual things in properties now from the toolbox add a timer(timer1) and a button(button1) now double click your form and add this codes

How To Make A Advance Calculator In VB.NET

Today we are going to make an advanced calculator(no), this is how our calculator looks like after designing it.

To begin open your visual basic 2008/2010 and make a new project and name it whatever you want and go to your form properties and change size to 258, 269 also change the form text .

Now add 2 group boxes and re-size them as below

How To Convert Numbers To Text Using VB.NET

hello this a tutorial which helps you now what this actually do is , when you enter some numbers ie:1000 and click the button you will one thousand in the converted richtextbox so i am using a class here and i have 2 richtextbox and a button ok now lets make it add two rich textbox and a button now change button text to convert and add labels to make the program look good and now add a class and name it convert.vb add this codes inside the convert.vb

How To Make A Password Generator In Java


hello today i am going to teach you to create a password generator in java first of all make sure you read this - ok now what this program will do is we have string alphabets now when we run the program it will generate a password by the way this is not a GUI program so now here is the code

Starting With Java Programming

java programming

In this post I will tell you what I know about java and how to make a hello world program in java ok, now java is a great programming language, it was introduced in 1995. From my experience java is nothing without classes because everything works with classes in java programming, java is a language that can be used in web and desktop, the syntax of java is exactly the same as c# and also the codes are similar to c# too if you go through the java programming history you will see java programming language is a tradition of C & C++, the newest version is JDK 7.
Java originally doesn't have an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) it just have compiler, below is a hello world program in java
public class HelloWorldApp {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
            System.out.println("Hello World - ultimate programming tutorials");

The code is for the hello world program now you can see public class HelloWorldApp its the class name, the program should start off with public static void main(string[] args).

I hope you learned something, share with your friends and please let me know if theres any questions.

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