Newest Metro Controls For VB.NET

Metro Controls Is A Library For Your Windows Applications , You Can Get The Newest Metro Look On Your Applications Using This Library

Metro Controls

Metro Header button

Metro Header Button Is A Menu Button

You Can Change Line Thickness , Line Color For Active Checked Effect , Line Color For Active Hover Effect , Font And Font Color

Metro Button

Metro Button Is A Normal Button With The Newest Metro Style

You Can Change Borders , Border Color , Button Color ,Button Color Including Hover Effect And Button Pressed Color

Metro Simple Button

Metro Simple Button Is A Button Without Styles

Metro Panels

The Library Has Four Different Metro Panels

Metro Label Header

The Metro Label Header Is A Simple Label But This Include A Hover Effect

Metro Picturebox

The Metro Picturebox Has Gradient Background Also A New Function To Covert It To Modern Metro Style

Metro Rating Control

The Metro Rating Is A Simple Start Rating Control

Metro Progressbar

The Metro Progressbar Is Exactly Looks Like The Real Metro Progressbar

you can change the back color and progress color

Metro Tracker

The Metro Tracker Is A Chart Control , You Can Modify Lines , Borders , Background Color And Speed And Many More , It Includes Four Styles


Metro Switch

The Metro Switch Is A ON - OFF Switch In Modern Metro Style , You Can Change The Hover Effect , Background Color And Pressed Effect

Metro Tab Control

The Metro Tab Control Is A Tab Control With Animation Slide Effects

Metro Status Bar

The Metro Status Bar Is A Status Bar With Modern Metro Style

Download The RAR And Extract To A Place And Open Your Visual Basic 2008/2010 And Create A New Project And Right Click Inside The Toolbox And Click Choose Items And Click Browse And Select The DLL File And Click Ok And Check The Toolbox


on the metro tab control i cant get the backcolor to change and stay


it is the offial metro tab backcolor you cant change it


how would i know if the user presses the minimize button in metro control box


Can you explain it little bit more?


Hello! Can I use these controls for comercial project?


same as you use for testing purposes, if you don't want the .dll file to be with the binary then you have to get SmartAssembly.


Can I use this for commercial use (products), are there link backs required or not?


This was a beta release and I didn't see any official releases till now.


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