How To Store Data Under APPDATA Using VB.NET

for some reason we need to store datas under %APPDATA% for people who dont know what is APPDATA, APPDATA is a system folder which is used to store cookies,program settings,templates,etc . You can use APPDATA to store your application datas safely  .

to access the folder you can use this one line code

Dim filePath As String
filePath = Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.ApplicationData) & "\yourAppname"


hey dude,
I wnt to know how you guys are pasting the code in the website.
I get that is SyntaxHighlighter.
But can you tell us how to add this to our website?
Please, Or create a video tutorial and please inform me as you create a link with SyntaxHighlighter


look here that's how i add the syntax highlighter .


dude you paste the same link that on which I paste the comment.
I want to know about syntax highlighter.
how to add syntax highlighter on the blog.
I visit this link:
they show demo:
But they don't show how to?
So please help me out.


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