How To Make A PDF Reader In VB.NET

This is a very easy program and to make it  you need adobe reader and it should be installed in your pc . now start visual basic and create a new project name it whatever you want and the form will load now click the toolbox and right click inside the tool box and click Choose Items.. then a new tabbed windows will pop up ...

Now click COM Components tab and search for adobe reader and tick it and click ok ..

now you can see theres a new tool in your tool box 

drag it into the form and make it big and now click tool box  and add a open file dialog and a button and now go to open file dialog properties and change filter to "PDF Files (*.txt)|*.pdf|All files (*.*)|*.*" and erase everything in file name now click button and go to properties and change text to open . Now its time for coding  

double click button and add this code

        AxAcroPDF1.src = OpenFileDialog1.FileName

now click debug and the program will start now click the button and open file will popup go to the pdf file and click open and you can see your program reads pdf 

now debug and enjoy reading PDF's from your own program

happy coding 


can you read a pdf from a database?


The first and easiest way to read pdf text to expression web is to use the rasteredage page

The add comments to pdf reader is not static, so you'll need to create an instance of the clas

Reply add pdf to expression web is what you are trying to do is impossible, what you could try to do is show add pdf to expression web was that what you were trying?, if so, try something like this:


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