How To Make An Internet Radio Player In VB.NET

Creating a simple internet radio player

1. Open Visual Studio or Visual Basic.
2. Create a new windows form project and name it whatever you want.

Now to the controls.
1. Add 1 windows media player control.
2. Add 2 buttons, put button1 text to "Play", and put button2 text to "Stop".

Now to the code.

on button1 add this code

 AxWindowsMediaPlayer1.URL = ""

This will tell the media player that you want to play NERadio House & Trance, which is an online radio station i listen to.

Now on button2 add this code.

This tells the media player that you want to stop it playing.
Thats it you should now have a basic radio player.

This is how my radio player looks like

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Written and coded by: AnoPem

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