How To Create Your First Program In Visual Basic 2008 / Visual Basic 2010

creating your program in visual basic .net will be a bit hard for the first time but after creating your first program you will say "Oh My God Its Really Really Easy" so you have to create your first program dont worry i will tell you how to create it

so lets get started step by step

1 . open visual basic .

2 . create new project .

3 . select create new windows form  .
4 . name your application whatever you want .

5 . form will load....

6 . click the form and go to properties which can be found in the right side and go to text and name it whatever you want

7 . drag a button from tool box which can be found in the left side .

8 . you can resize your application however you want .

9 . double click button 

10 . after clicking the button you can see this

11 . the copy and paste this code

 MsgBox("Hello World", MsgBoxStyle.Information)

12 . the code should like this

 13 . debug and enjoy using your first program

happy coding please be active in this blog because we will write more tutorials

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