Mohamed Shimran (Founder)

My name is Mohamed Shimran and I am 19 years old. I started this blog as a hobby and to share what I know, but later due to an increase in the visitors response I took blogging a bit more seriously. I have a passion towards the computer technology and I am addicted to the internet that I can't live without it.

I had RSI in 2014 so I had to stop programming and using computer for some time but I decided to keep this blog up online cuz it helps!

Software Development :
  • VB.NET - 
  • C-SHARP - 
  • JAVA - 
Web Development :
  • HTML - 
  • CSS - 
  • PHP - 
Infosec : 
  • SQL Injection - 
  • XSS - 
  • RFI & LFI - 
  • Reverse Engineering - 


Your website is very very useful for me. I want you to continue this. Please, this is a request from me. Make many tutorials.


Thank you , I will write whenever i have time :)



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