How to Restore Data From Failed Hard DiskHow to Restore Data From Failed Hard Disk

For one having no backup for your computer, you will be annoyed and upset in case your system’s hard disk drive crashes. But in this case, how can you get your computer data back? Visit below: The Importance of Hard Disk Hard disk is an essential data storage element of computers. Its failure can lead to the loss of potential. Worse point is that you are at the verge of losing all of your important data if you do not have backup. Then how can you get back deleted files if hard disk crashes? How the Failed Hard Disk Occur and How to Restore Data for Different Cases?

1. Electronic Failure This failure, usually, is triggered by energy spikes, voltage fluctuations, electrical surges etc. It is associated with some fault around the controller board. In this situation, hard disk can not be detected when a problem happens and there might be clicking sound. Once the drive is powered on, there will not be any spin in the hard disk drive and it will not be identified by the pc. Generally, recovery of information after electronic failure is possible. What you should do is to get help form professional deleted file recovery application.

2. Logical Errors It is extremely easy to cope with. However, if there is corruption and file system loss on the fragmented drive it may be seriously hard to overcome. Logical errors are not the same as mechanical and electrical errors because there is no-fault within the hard disk however the information saved onto it causes logical errors. To complete data recovery hard drive in this situation, you can get file recovery software programs for help, which have been made to tackle this issue.

3. Mechanical Failure This happens because of defect in internal hard disk drive components. There might be a clicking sound once the hard disk is powered on. Here, if you want to recover deleted photos or files, you need to make sure that the hard disk is opened up in lab conditions as well as in a clean room area. Furthermore, if you are opening hard disk, then there are still opportunities to have further hard disk file recovery because of poor handling.

4. Firmware Corruption It happens because of discrepancy in some embedded software code, which intervenes with the other programs of the computer. In a word, the best way to restore data is just the backup of your computer data. For one who does not have that, it is better to try some recovery software to help. Or you can find recovery service to help, but this may compromise your privacy as most computer users like to save something important on computer. So recovery software, you can count on!

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Are You In Search Of The Most Up-to-date Assistance Pertaining To Computer Guide & Broadband InterneAre You In Search Of The Most Up-to-date Assistance Pertaining To Computer Guide & Broadband Interne

When you are looking for excellent information about computer guide, you will find it hard separating value packed information from unprofessional computer guide submissions and help so it is sensible to know ways of moderating the information you are given.

Computer Guide
Master Computers and software with this interactive training CDs and illustrated tutorials. Visit our site and download free application quick reference cards.

Here are a few tips which we sincerely believe you should use when you are searching for information about computer guide. Bear in mind the advice we are giving you is only relevant to web based information about computer guide. We can’t give you any advice or guidance when you are also conducting research offline.

Computer guide in the Free Online Encyclopedia
Read about computer guide in the free online encyclopedia and dictionary. Over 600,000 articles on any topic and completely free access to the entire content.

An excellent piece of advice to follow when you are presented with information and advice about a computer guide web page would be to determine who owns the site. Doing this could reveal the owners computer guide integrity The easiest way to reveal who owns the computer guide web site is to look on the ‘about’ page or the sites ‘contact’ page.

All reputable sites providing information about computer guide will almost always provide an ‘about’ or ‘contact’ page which will list the people behind the site. The details should tell you some key points regarding the owner’s proficiency and credentials. This enables you to make an assessment about the site owner’s knowledge and skill, to offer guidance about computer guide.
What is Broadband Service?

Broadband refers to a connection that has capacity to transmit large amount of data at high speed. Presently a connection having download speeds of 256 kbps or more is classified as broadband. When connected to the Internet such a connection allows surfing or downloading much faster than a dial-up or any other narrowband connections.

What are the benefits of broadband

Fast downloads

At least 4.5 times and up to 140 times faster than dial-up connection

Always on connection

Telephone and Internet access can be used together

No telephone call charges

Cost effective way to access Internet

A host of free content on the web can be downloaded faster

What kind of PC do I need to run broadband

The following minimum is, however, recommended:

Processor 200 MHz (or better)

Operating System Windows 98SE (or higher)

RAM (memory) 32 MB RAM

Free Disk Space 125MB

SVGA monitor

CD-ROM Drive

Network Interface Card(NIC) with 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port with RJ45 socket

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External Hard Drive Data RecoveryExternal Hard Drive Data Recovery

It is possible to store your data in a variety of ways. It can be stored on CD?s, removable disks or DVDs and more. But no matter where you store your information, that device may break down at any point. It doesn?t matter what condition it is in, it can stop working.

There are many things that can happen to cause loss of data, there could be water or fire damage to your computer or you could delete a file by mistake. If your hard drive simply fails when trying to bring up a file, then the best way to resolve the issue is to go to an external hard drive data recovery service company.

External hard drive data recovery is the process of obtaining lost data from hard drives like Fireware or USB. Sometimes the task is easily done, other times it may be a bit more difficult. The methods used are similar to accessing files under normal circumstances, but it is more time consuming and exacting.

The first step to recovery is a full evaluation of the external hard drive. The external hard drive professionals would determine the scope of the damage, what data may be retrieved and what they would have to do to retrieve the data. This initial evaluation could cost some money but many companies do this for free.

Then the company would give you an idea of how much the whole project will cost. This includes the service the company puts in to obtain your data and the amount of data restored. It is common practice therefore, when you search around for an external data recovery company, to get quotes for the cost of restoring your data.

After the estimation is handed to you, the data recovery service expert will wait for you to give her the go ahead. If you agree to her estimation, she will start the recovery process. At the end of it, the company will get the files to you in the format you specify and some will even fix the damaged drive.

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Pst Corruption After Moving Or Renaming Pst FilePst Corruption After Moving Or Renaming Pst File

In Outlook 2000, when you try to modify or backup your emails, notes, contacts and other items by clicking on or files, the Outlook gets locked up. As soon as you click on any personal folder to open it, the Outlook stops responding and you have to shut it down.

In such situations, technical experts recommend you to use to overcome the problem. But in this particular case, when you apply , it will be completed successfully and will not show you any error message.

Grounds of the trouble

This problem generally occurs after moving and renaming the PST file or removing and recreating the Outlook profile. In case of recreation of Outlook profile, you can receive the new mails and can read them. Everything is well on that end. But you can not access the older mails.

When you attempt to import the old PST file into new profile, the file gets damaged and the Outlook stops. The problem is due to missing system files, damaged registry entries of Outlook or due to damaged PST file.

It is very disastrous situation for every Outlook user, which could make all of the important business data inaccessible and may lead to the business destruction. Nevertheless of the cause of the problem, it is extremely important to fix it as soon as possible.


As per the cause of this problem, there are two possible solutions. These are:

? If the problem is due to damaged or missing system file or due to registry corruption, you need to reinstall Outlook and set up a new user profile.

? In the else case, if you are facing the PST corruption problem, you will have to repair and restore the PST file by performing PST recovery.

PST recovery is potential with the application of third party tools, known as PST repair software. PST repair software are easy to use applications, which are able to carry out PST recovery in each and every case of PST corruption.

What you need to do is to select powerful and reliable PST recovery software and install it on your system. Now run the product and select the damaged PST file and start PST recovery process. After a while, you will get a repaired PST file, free from any sort of corruption.

The most important part of entire PST recovery process is to have influential and advanced PST repair software like Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair. This robust PST recovery software systematically scans entire PST file and extracts as much data as possible from it.

Using this PST repair software you can retrieve all of your Outlook objects from all file versions of Microsoft Outlook including Outlook 98, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007. Along with PST recovery, this PST repair software can also perform PST password recovery and split PST operations.

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Backup Software Solution Dilemma – Will You Choose Secure Storing or Easy RecoveringBackup Software Solution Dilemma – Will You Choose Secure Storing or Easy Recovering

Are you a lucky dog? Concerning the problem of data protection, this would signify you have never before knew by experience a computer data failure causing your documents, folders, or even a collection of hard disk drives going to oblivion. This implies you are that 1 of 5 PC person. Good luck is the thing you do not need that much as long as you are ready, some may think.

Purchase a backup program tool to be your reliable file protection, so nothing gets damaged. Now, that is the moment I say ‘Oh, truly?’ Have you observed those not so successful ones, who did experience a data situation destroying their documents, video, and a collection of hard drives? Oh, I have met. The more I considered things with them, the more regularly a view appeared: there were a lot of people who did really use backup software solution before the computer data failure happened. Why is this? Does that mean those solutions do not actually serve? For aught I know, there are tons of excellent utilities which back up files very well. But this is only the half of the process.

Backing up is not plenty as it is to save your files. What you need to get secure is a disaster recovery strategy. There is very much fuss about backup that this another part often invisible of file safety evangelist scope. But backing up is not that difficult. Recovering data is when the real trouble goes.

There is an example. Mr. X is into data protection. He has found storage to save his backup there and a program solution to perform the transferring work. The data are enterprise docs, private correspondence, and different unapproved permit sensible stuff. So, Mr. X encrypts these things. After that he uses his reliable backup software to save data to the secure storage.

But there is a point: he hasn’t saved the encryption key. He maybe put it on a smart card that last one is lost or demolished. Or the encryption key was on a machine observing the blue screen of dying. What are Mr. X’s chances now to restore the backed up and saved files? Nothing (or lower). Hence, abandon the encryption. Let’s observe we back things up from an NTFS to a FAT 32 hard disk drive. Tons of storage space on that second one, but what the heck, where did a part of a 5 GB file fly? To the fields of great fishing (FAT 32 does not let files to be more than 4 GB).

And these are only a piece of multiple tasks concerning the thing of current important data restore. Therefore, next time you think about a backup strategy, keep in mind about a restore plan also.}

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Is Backing up Your Data Really Enough?Is Backing up Your Data Really Enough?

Running a small or medium business is demanding work, and it is easy to let things drop to the bottom of the to-do list because the top is so crowded with urgent work. Sure you backup your computer system’s data‚Ķ but then what do you do with it? Is it really safe? What will you do in the event of an emergency? Simply running a data backup every day is not enough. You need a comprehensive data recovery plan. But don’t panic – that is not as complicated as it sounds.

Many businesses are still backing up their data to a disk or tape and storing it onsite. That works fine if the problem is limited to your computer system, but it won’t do much good if there is a natural disaster, fire or flood. Worse still is the situation where someone does the data backup, then leaves the disk or tape on their desk, vulnerable to spilled drinks, malicious destruction or just plain getting lost. That data is probably pretty sensitive. Whether it is your business’s accounts, medical records for a health clinic or payment details for a retailers, your data needs serious protection, not just a quick backup. And to minimize the time (and money) lost in the event of a disaster, your business needs a data recovery plan.

Developing Your Data Recovery Plan With a well thought out plan in place, your business can get back on its feet and reassure your customers and clients quickly should the worst happen. Better still, simply taking the time to think over your data processing and storage gives you a chance to make sure your system is as safe as can be, minimizing the risk of a data emergency.

1. Talk to some experts in the field and make sure your current data storage system is up to standard. With things changing so quickly, odds are it is due an update.

2. Pick the right people both inside and outside your company to handle your data storage. Take your time to make sure the company you hire has the right expertise for your business and comes highly recommended, and carefully consider which people inside your company have the right combination of technical savvy and attention to detail to ensure your data’s safety.

3. Change passwords regularly, be strict about appropriate internet use at work and take other measures to ensure your system’s safety. The information you hold is sensitive. Remind staff of the seriousness of this responsibility and set a good example yourself.

4. Work with your data services company to develop an exact plan for what to do in case of an emergency. Remember to keep their contact details printed out and not just on your computer! The details of your plan will vary according to the company you choose and your own needs.

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Laptop Hard Drive Recovery: What To Do After Data LossLaptop Hard Drive Recovery: What To Do After Data Loss

You happen to be using your laptop when all over sudden all your information disappears! Or as you are carrying it, the bag strap accidentally gets cut and your laptop drops! So then, what do you do?

The good news is that your data can be recovered depending on the amount of damage and scope of the data. Your laptop can go through a hard drive recovery process so that your information may be retrieved. If, for example you lost data through accidental erasure, you may want to check your recycle bin. If it?s there, you can right-click on the file and choose the ?Restore? option and you will have recovered your data.

Let?s say you don?t get your information in the recycle bin. You cab use ?do-it-yourself? recovery software to recover your files. This recovery software has got procedures and instructions that can be followed to retrieve the files. Such software can be downloaded free from the internet, even for free. But there is a risk involved: the software may or may not work and it has also been known to cause more damage if not carefully followed. More damage means more or even permanent data loss. This software should be used with IT technicians who have knowledge on the software, otherwise KEEP OFF or risk losing your data PERMANENTLY!

The most advisable thing to do after losing your laptop data is to call a data recovery specialist or company. These are people who have the necessary knowledge, skill and technology for recovering your data. They will carry out the necessary diagnosis and give a detailed report on the data can be recovered. For example, if your laptop hard drive fails and the problem is mechanical, the data recovery companies have special labs in which the hard drive can be opened and reconstructed. They also have the necessary software and technology for carrying out the data recovery process.

Therefore, if you lose your files, folders or anything important, make that all important call to the data recovery company. The choice is yours. Make it wisely!

For more information about laptop data recovery services you can follow the link.

More articles on laptop hard drive recovery here.

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Hp Produce Lto-5 Tape Drives And MediaHp Produce Lto-5 Tape Drives And Media

Hewlett-Packard has become the second major LTO tape drive manufacturer to deliver LTO-5 Ultrium drives, as well as LTO-5 libraries and (multi-sourced) data media cartridges.

An announcement comes on the heels of Quantum’s introduction earlier march of LTO-5 Ultrium tape drives, autoloaders and cartridges. Other tape library vendors, such as Overland Storage and Spectra Logic, have also announced LTO-5 tape products, as have all of the LTO media manufacturers, including Fujifilm, Imation, Maxell, Quantum, Sony and TDK.

LTO tape cartridges have a native capacity of 1.5TB (3TB with 2:1 compression) and LTO-5 drives have a native transfer rate of up to 140MBps (280MBps in compressed mode, which translates into a backup rate of 1TB / hour). LTO-5 cartridge capacity is almost 2X the capacity of LTO-4’s native 800GB.
LTO-5 Specs: More Speed, Capacity
LTO-5 increases the speed up to 180 Mbps and capacity to 1.6 TB in native form (not compressed). The compression ratio in LTO-5 tape format is 2:1, which is the same for all earlier versions. Compared to LTO-4 tapes, generation 5 twice over the capacity and boosts the speed by an extra 50%.

In addition to dependable bumps upward in accordance to speed and capacity, each version brings in new features in itself. LTO-3 tape brought in WORM (write once, read many), encryption in LTO4, and now partitioning is being offered by LTO5 tape.
With the LTO5 tape drives, HP introduced a free software tool called TapeAssure that supervise the status, performance (including backup reports), utilization and health (e.g. remaining head life) of the tape drives and media.

LTO-4 and LTO-3 tape cartridges can be accessed by the HP EH957A tape drive. The drive can record and read the LTO-4 tapes, while it can only read the stored data on LTO-3 cartridges. Read/write enable LTO-4 and LTO-5 tapes are given here: D2407 (LTO4 tape – TDK), 26247007 (LTO4 – Fuji), 183906 (LTO ultrium-4 tape – Maxell), LTX800G (LTO-4 media cartridge – Sony), 229323 (LTO-5 tape – Maxell), LTX1500G (LTO5 ultrium tape – Sony), C7975A (LTO ultrium-5 tape – HP), MR-L5MQN-01 (LTO5 backup tape – Quantum), and 27672 (LTO 5 tape – Imation).

Advanced interlock and smart-grabber systems employed in HP LTO5 ultrium disallow the movement of tape cartridges leader-pin within tape housing. HP LTO-5 EH957A drive is ideally designed for automatic tape libraries and improved resistance against pollutants. Longer useful life secures the investments and facilitates the businesses to satisfy the tough demands of data maintenance laws.

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Tutorial to Recover Lost Audiobook on MacintoshTutorial to Recover Lost Audiobook on Macintosh

“I just purchased some audiobooks on iTunes Store, I want to play them for my kids, who is on the stage of learning to talk. My computer is the newest Macbook bought last month. However, I don’t what’s going on of my computer, I can not find my audiobooks anywhere, I searched them on spotlight, no answer. I just recalled that the day before yesterday, I deleted one folder on the hard drive, I dragged it to the trash bin and empty it.

Then, when I want to play audiobooks, I can’t find them at all. Maybe I made wrong deleting operation, I deleted the folder that stored my audiobooks, I emptied the trash bin! Is there any way to help me get back my audiobooks? ” Seemed a careless person, right? However, based on the description above, I can say that the audiobooks are not removed permanently, they are just hidden on the hard drive, you can’t see them, so you are not allowed to find them, although how Mac OS smart is. Just continue reading my article below, you will find the best answer to recover deleted audiobooks with ease and efficiently.

Scenario to recover lost audiobooks on Mac There exists numerous data recovery program out there that is have the ability to help you get back some of those inaccessible, corrupted, or damaged data that you really need. It makes no difference if it was in the hard drive or external drive or CD or anywhere else. Some of these software is already preloaded in the computer while some more powerful ones can be purchased.

What you are looking for on this article is on how to recover deleted audiobooks on your computer, so I’d like to tell you one of the most effective ways to undelete audio files on Mac.

First, download a professional data recovery software on computer, either Mac or Windows system, there are lots of related recovery programs available for them.

Here I take uMacsoft data recovery software for instance. You can download its trail version before you decide to purchase further, the only differences between free version and full version are recovery feature. If your hard drive or any other external devices can be detected by recovery software, then you are able to get back your lost files with it. Then it’s worth to pay for it. When you launch uMacsoft data recovery on Mac. You can find out that your hard drive is displayed on the interface, then you need to click it and let the software scan to search lost data completely. It would take you several minutes. You can get a cup of coffee during this process.

Lastly, if the program finishes scanning job, you will see your deleted audiobooks showed on the interface. This is the last step for you to restore your files. Just check the scanned files to preview in advance, and then click “Recovery” button to complete retrieval operation.}

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invalid Media Type? Hard Disk Errorinvalid Media Type? Hard Disk Error

Computer systems use hard disks as their primary storage media. For system to access data from hard drive, it is vital that it should recognize it and its format. By disk format, system means to deal with file system. But sometimes, hard disk fails to boot with physical or logical concerns. However, in both the cases availability of data backup is must or else Hard Disk Recovery will be required.

In some of the scenarios, Windows system may fail to boot with the following error:

?Invalid Media Type?

The error may further describe the drive letter of primary partition, generally C.


This error generates because system can?t find the desired media type descriptor. Possible reasons of error message:

Incorrect or damaged hard disk format

Hard disk is partitioned, but not formatted

Hard disk has failed physically


Corresponding solutions are as follows:

Affected hard disk is required to be booted using another media lik bootable floppy diskette. We can then use fdisk/mbr and sys C: command, if C: drive is accessible. It should give System Transferred message, if incorrect disk format has been the issue.

If problem persists upon booting the system again, file system is corrupt. So we can format the hard disk and restore data from backup. It refreshes the format of hard disk. In case of backup faults,?hard drive recovery applications are the solution. Disk formatting also helps when hard disk is not formatted at all.

If hard disk is still giving invalid media format error, it is likely the case of physical hard disk corruption. Users are required to replace the hard disk and restore data using recent backup. To recover lost data, if backup is invalid or unavailable, Hard Disk Recovery service is the solution.

Hard Disk Recovery solutions are available in two forms: disk recovery software and disk recovery service. Their use is applicable based on the data loss situation. Hard drive recovery software only deal with logical data loss scenarios such as formatting, unintentional deletion, file system corruption etc. For physically failed hard disks, disk recovery service is the way out. Though for recovering extremely critical data, failed hard disks can be sent for service in case of logical data loss also.

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