Pst Corruption After Moving Or Renaming Pst FilePst Corruption After Moving Or Renaming Pst File

In Outlook 2000, when you try to modify or backup your emails, notes, contacts and other items by clicking on or files, the Outlook gets locked up. As soon as you click on any personal folder to open it, the Outlook stops responding and you have to shut it down.

In such situations, technical experts recommend you to use to overcome the problem. But in this particular case, when you apply , it will be completed successfully and will not show you any error message.

Grounds of the trouble

This problem generally occurs after moving and renaming the PST file or removing and recreating the Outlook profile. In case of recreation of Outlook profile, you can receive the new mails and can read them. Everything is well on that end. But you can not access the older mails.

When you attempt to import the old PST file into new profile, the file gets damaged and the Outlook stops. The problem is due to missing system files, damaged registry entries of Outlook or due to damaged PST file.

It is very disastrous situation for every Outlook user, which could make all of the important business data inaccessible and may lead to the business destruction. Nevertheless of the cause of the problem, it is extremely important to fix it as soon as possible.


As per the cause of this problem, there are two possible solutions. These are:

? If the problem is due to damaged or missing system file or due to registry corruption, you need to reinstall Outlook and set up a new user profile.

? In the else case, if you are facing the PST corruption problem, you will have to repair and restore the PST file by performing PST recovery.

PST recovery is potential with the application of third party tools, known as PST repair software. PST repair software are easy to use applications, which are able to carry out PST recovery in each and every case of PST corruption.

What you need to do is to select powerful and reliable PST recovery software and install it on your system. Now run the product and select the damaged PST file and start PST recovery process. After a while, you will get a repaired PST file, free from any sort of corruption.

The most important part of entire PST recovery process is to have influential and advanced PST repair software like Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair. This robust PST recovery software systematically scans entire PST file and extracts as much data as possible from it.

Using this PST repair software you can retrieve all of your Outlook objects from all file versions of Microsoft Outlook including Outlook 98, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007. Along with PST recovery, this PST repair software can also perform PST password recovery and split PST operations.

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