Is Backing up Your Data Really Enough?

Running a small or medium business is demanding work, and it is easy to let things drop to the bottom of the to-do list because the top is so crowded with urgent work. Sure you backup your computer system’s data‚Ķ but then what do you do with it? Is it really safe? What will you do in the event of an emergency? Simply running a data backup every day is not enough. You need a comprehensive data recovery plan. But don’t panic – that is not as complicated as it sounds.

Many businesses are still backing up their data to a disk or tape and storing it onsite. That works fine if the problem is limited to your computer system, but it won’t do much good if there is a natural disaster, fire or flood. Worse still is the situation where someone does the data backup, then leaves the disk or tape on their desk, vulnerable to spilled drinks, malicious destruction or just plain getting lost. That data is probably pretty sensitive. Whether it is your business’s accounts, medical records for a health clinic or payment details for a retailers, your data needs serious protection, not just a quick backup. And to minimize the time (and money) lost in the event of a disaster, your business needs a data recovery plan.

Developing Your Data Recovery Plan With a well thought out plan in place, your business can get back on its feet and reassure your customers and clients quickly should the worst happen. Better still, simply taking the time to think over your data processing and storage gives you a chance to make sure your system is as safe as can be, minimizing the risk of a data emergency.

1. Talk to some experts in the field and make sure your current data storage system is up to standard. With things changing so quickly, odds are it is due an update.

2. Pick the right people both inside and outside your company to handle your data storage. Take your time to make sure the company you hire has the right expertise for your business and comes highly recommended, and carefully consider which people inside your company have the right combination of technical savvy and attention to detail to ensure your data’s safety.

3. Change passwords regularly, be strict about appropriate internet use at work and take other measures to ensure your system’s safety. The information you hold is sensitive. Remind staff of the seriousness of this responsibility and set a good example yourself.

4. Work with your data services company to develop an exact plan for what to do in case of an emergency. Remember to keep their contact details printed out and not just on your computer! The details of your plan will vary according to the company you choose and your own needs.

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