Tutorial to Recover Lost Audiobook on MacintoshTutorial to Recover Lost Audiobook on Macintosh

“I just purchased some audiobooks on iTunes Store, I want to play them for my kids, who is on the stage of learning to talk. My computer is the newest Macbook bought last month. However, I don’t what’s going on of my computer, I can not find my audiobooks anywhere, I searched them on spotlight, no answer. I just recalled that the day before yesterday, I deleted one folder on the hard drive, I dragged it to the trash bin and empty it.

Then, when I want to play audiobooks, I can’t find them at all. Maybe I made wrong deleting operation, I deleted the folder that stored my audiobooks, I emptied the trash bin! Is there any way to help me get back my audiobooks? ” Seemed a careless person, right? However, based on the description above, I can say that the audiobooks are not removed permanently, they are just hidden on the hard drive, you can’t see them, so you are not allowed to find them, although how Mac OS smart is. Just continue reading my article below, you will find the best answer to recover deleted audiobooks with ease and efficiently.

Scenario to recover lost audiobooks on Mac There exists numerous data recovery program out there that is have the ability to help you get back some of those inaccessible, corrupted, or damaged data that you really need. It makes no difference if it was in the hard drive or external drive or CD or anywhere else. Some of these software is already preloaded in the computer while some more powerful ones can be purchased.

What you are looking for on this article is on how to recover deleted audiobooks on your computer, so I’d like to tell you one of the most effective ways to undelete audio files on Mac.

First, download a professional data recovery software on computer, either Mac or Windows system, there are lots of related recovery programs available for them.

Here I take uMacsoft data recovery software for instance. You can download its trail version before you decide to purchase further, the only differences between free version and full version are recovery feature. If your hard drive or any other external devices can be detected by recovery software, then you are able to get back your lost files with it. Then it’s worth to pay for it. When you launch uMacsoft data recovery on Mac. You can find out that your hard drive is displayed on the interface, then you need to click it and let the software scan to search lost data completely. It would take you several minutes. You can get a cup of coffee during this process.

Lastly, if the program finishes scanning job, you will see your deleted audiobooks showed on the interface. This is the last step for you to restore your files. Just check the scanned files to preview in advance, and then click “Recovery” button to complete retrieval operation.}

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