invalid Media Type? Hard Disk Errorinvalid Media Type? Hard Disk Error

Computer systems use hard disks as their primary storage media. For system to access data from hard drive, it is vital that it should recognize it and its format. By disk format, system means to deal with file system. But sometimes, hard disk fails to boot with physical or logical concerns. However, in both the cases availability of data backup is must or else Hard Disk Recovery will be required.

In some of the scenarios, Windows system may fail to boot with the following error:

?Invalid Media Type?

The error may further describe the drive letter of primary partition, generally C.


This error generates because system can?t find the desired media type descriptor. Possible reasons of error message:

Incorrect or damaged hard disk format

Hard disk is partitioned, but not formatted

Hard disk has failed physically


Corresponding solutions are as follows:

Affected hard disk is required to be booted using another media lik bootable floppy diskette. We can then use fdisk/mbr and sys C: command, if C: drive is accessible. It should give System Transferred message, if incorrect disk format has been the issue.

If problem persists upon booting the system again, file system is corrupt. So we can format the hard disk and restore data from backup. It refreshes the format of hard disk. In case of backup faults,?hard drive recovery applications are the solution. Disk formatting also helps when hard disk is not formatted at all.

If hard disk is still giving invalid media format error, it is likely the case of physical hard disk corruption. Users are required to replace the hard disk and restore data using recent backup. To recover lost data, if backup is invalid or unavailable, Hard Disk Recovery service is the solution.

Hard Disk Recovery solutions are available in two forms: disk recovery software and disk recovery service. Their use is applicable based on the data loss situation. Hard drive recovery software only deal with logical data loss scenarios such as formatting, unintentional deletion, file system corruption etc. For physically failed hard disks, disk recovery service is the way out. Though for recovering extremely critical data, failed hard disks can be sent for service in case of logical data loss also.

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