Customized Online Storage Service For Maximum BenefitCustomized Online Storage Service For Maximum Benefit

Every business house realizes the need for storing important organizational data in the backup system, which can be used to restore the original in case there is a data loss incident. However the storage and backup requirements vary from company to company and it is very important to customize the storage solution as per individual requirement. Online storage service that typically collects, encrypts and sends data to an offsite server accessible remotely any time of the day and night, is rapidly gaining popularity because of the ease with which it can be tailored to meet the user’s exact business needs. Understanding individual data storage requirement It has been widely accepted that the most appropriate approach toward developing an optimum data storage solution should consist of a thorough understanding of the amount of data that needs to be stored and data that has to be archived so as to facilitate a smooth IT operation. The devices online storage service based on its comprehension of the critical application running at the client’s base and resources required to deliver a suitable backup solution. Additionally the system conducts an integrity test post solution deployment in order to evaluate the performance of online storage service in terms of the recovery of system services, database structure and individual files. Setting proper RPO, RTO time for optimum online storage service utilization There is no denying the fact that online storage is service the most suitable option for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that are always on the lookout for a cheaper alternative for storing their valuable organizational data. With such kind of online storage service SMEs can do away with external storage devices as well as dedicated data centers that are quite expensive to build and maintain in the long run. However, online storage service also needs to be designed specifically to each organization’s requirements. The first step toward that customization is the setting up of precise Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of backup frequency, which when properly defined can capture maximum amount of apposite information. Say if the backup frequency of all the computer systems with the concerned network is set at 5 minutes, then the files in each of the computers within that network will be backed up every 5 minutes. And on the event of a system or network crash between the 5th and 10th minute, the user would stand to lose only that amount of data that was generated during the time gap. Therefore it is important to understand how much data you can afford to lose and accordingly set the RPO time. It is also equally important to determine the exact Recovery Time Objective (RTO) i.e. that time required to restore the original data to save a situation from potential disaster. The Systems has a large team of expert engineers who are especially trained to understand the storage requirement of each of its clients and to accordingly architect the solution. The online storage service comes furnished with sound technical support services that ensure a smooth IT operation while providing best in-class file recovery utility.

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