Top 3 Feature-rich and Quality Photo Gallery WordPress Plugins

As a matter of fact, there is no shortage of WordPress plugins. There are hundreds and thousands of plugins available to choose from. And Photo gallery Wordpress plugins are no exception.

All the photo gallery WP plugins offer features that improve your way of showing images on your site. However, with the so many options come the difficult to choose the best. Therefore, we have compiled a list of top 3 best and feature-rich photo gallery WP plugins to help you choose only the best for your website.

1. Foo Gallery
Foo Gallery is on the top of the list simply because it allows you to show your images in a variety of formats. Once you install and activate this plugin, you will see an “add gallery” option added to the WP dashboard on top of the post editor. It features various gallery templates including standard thumbnail and masonry layout. The plugin also allows you to customize image link options, thumbnail size and other settings

Additional features:
•    Built-in gallery templates
•    Built on an extension framework
•    Custom CSS feature
•    Drag and drop rearrangement of galleries and images
•    Gallery custom post type
•    Albums built-in

2. NextGen Gallery
NextGen Gallery plugin comes with its own user-friendly user interface along with its own separate folders to save your images and database tables. Since it has so many features and options to offer, the user interface may look pretty complicated for the beginners. However, when you get a hang of it, you will find adding and deleting images and galleries a child's play. NextGen Gallery also puts up a button in the visual editor to make it easy for the webmaster to add galleries and images.

Additional features:
•    Also works with shortcodes or options panel
•    Offers multiple gallery types
•    Allows you to choose from a wide variety of options for slideshows
•    Allows easy customization

3. WP Canvas – Gallery
WP Canvas is yet another popular photo gallery plugin available for Wordpress users that simply expands the default use of WP galleries. With this plugin, you can expand to integrate more size, caption and other options. This plugin allows you to show a gallery in different formats including a carousel, a slider or a masonry format.

Additional features:
•    Comes with WP Canvas Gallery columns
•    WP canvas slider and carousel
•    Add a button to make adding galleries easier and convenient

These are by far the best photo gallery plugins available for Wordpress users. Hope you like it!

Author Bio:
Emma Watson is a WordPress Developer by Profession and Writer by Hobby. She Works for Wordsuccor Ltd., Providing Wordpress Plugin Development Service to global clients. You can connect with her on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

Top 10 Best Free HTML5/CSS3 Bootstrap Blog Themes

Blogging has become one of the most integral parts of marketing strategy of any business. While it is similar to a normal website, it emphasizes on providing information in order to educate a person regarding some product or service. It has been carefully analyzed that people tend to research about a product or service before buying it. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a blog for your marketing. HTML5 is the latest and most reliable programming language. To begin with, you can choose from a number of free HTML5 Blog themes. Choosing the right one out of those can be a time consuming task, hence you can choose the appropriate theme from below given list of top 10 free HTML5/CSS3 Bootstrap blog themes:

1.    Clean Blog:  As clean and simple as the name is Clean Blog theme uses minimal design and let the visitor concentrate only on the content. It is the right fit for any kind of business that wants to educate their user regarding anything. Unlike other blogs it doesn’t confuse you with so many widgets popping out of everywhere on the window. The built-in features of the blog include a homepage, page to introduce yourself, a sample post and a contact me page. Clean blog is also responsive which means you can reach more people as it can be opened on any mobile device.

Get this theme here:

2.    Blog Post:  It is a Bootstrap blog website that uses the Bootstrap features efficiently to craft unique blog posts. It provides you with the sidebar widgets and comments widgets to engage your audience in a better way. As a template it provides you with a sample post with embedded image header and the customizable design elements.

Get this theme here:

3.    Blog Home:  You can integrate Blog Home with Blog Post. The Blog Home provides a proper navigation bar and the Blog Post section is separated from the home section. You can easily customize all the widgets provided in Blog Home. Moreover, it is fully responsive.

Get this theme here:

4.    Coffee Break:  Coffee Break is best suited for the small scale business. It can be used for personal blogging, restaurants, travel and lifestyle blogging and so on. It might not be the right fit for the corporate sector though. It is very user-friendly and eye catchy designs are enough to make the first impression on your visitor. It has a built-in slider and a compact slider as the footer of the blog.

Get this theme here:

5.    Quickly: Quickly is a perfect blog theme that displays flexibility of Bootstrap. This is meant for writers specifically. It gives you a wide variety of fonts, widget concepts and everything to enhance your blogging experience. It also lets you promote your online presence with the help of social media widgets.

Get this theme here:

6.    Voguish: It is perfect for fashion blogging. If you want to promote your fashion merchandise over internet, you should definitely opt for Voguish theme. It has a beautiful slider to depict the beautiful fashion trends in style. It also has Twitter integration that displays the tweets from your profile. It is the perfect combination of HTML5 and CSS3.

Get this theme here:

7.    Floral: Floral theme is for the ones who prefer sophistication. It uses a traditional template that has a strong menu on top. For posts, the template has a Title, Image, Content and the many background patterns to enhance the reading experience. It displays related posts in a widget which lets yours user stay on your blog for more reading.

Get this theme here:

8.    Konstructs: Konstructs is meant for the tech-savy people. Technical blogs can use this theme for free without compromising on technology. It displays the content in a grid format. There are widgets which can be used for promoting yourself. The Konstructs template provides space for sharing stories and pages with professional approach.

Get this theme here:

9.    Animus:  Animus has used full-grid templating patterns first out of all. It provides a lightweight list of colors and backgrounds so that the readers do not get carried away by the look. It is a professional theme which can be aptly used for various business niches.

Get this theme here:

10.    Personal Blog: Just like the name says, this theme can be used for the personal blogging. From sharing stories to experiences, you can share all types of content using this blog theme. It has simple home page that displays the list of all recent posts. It displays the written content in an effective manner with a small comment box for others to give views on the posts. It has a navigation bar, a logo and you can archive any data.

Get this theme here:

You can go with any of the above themes to start with blogging. Every blog theme has different features as per different needs. Once you are clear about the purpose of the blog, you can download the theme and then are set to promote yourself and your business.

Happy blogging!

Author bio

Alice is a great snooker player and likes to do out of box activities in his free time. He works for as content writer.

How Social Networking Impacts People Life

Social media has made an impact on our lives in more ways than one. It not only has changed the way we communicate, but has also allowed us to expand our networking group.

Here are some top areas of our life that social media has strongly affected.

How we do Business
Not too long ago, advertising your business meant a good amount of capital investment. But not so anymore, thanks largely to social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

Today, almost every business has a presence on these networking sites—and for good reasons. One, advertising online doesn’t cost much. Second, the potential to reach out to a bigger audience group is tremendous (Millions of people log in to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. every day.). A recently-published article in a leading international daily has concluded that for most small businesses with no ad budget, Twitter is the sole source of marketing that is one of the examples of social media marketing.

With that said, advertising is not the only thing in which social networking sites have proved useful. They also help small businesses collaborate with others and find new employees through Twitter searches, interest-focused Facebook groups, and niche social networking sites. 

How we Connect with other People

Most of us like connecting with people who share our interests, and there is no better place to find and connect with like-minded people than social networking sites. Even if your area of interest is a little different than those of the majority of people, for example 16th century poetry, you are likely to find a Facebook group about it or many other people with interest in it on Twitter.

According to a recent study, the time we spend on online networking sites has increased many times over the last few years. While Facebook is still used mostly for connecting and staying in touch with friends, almost half of Twitter users use it to stay connected with their friends.

No doubt, there’s only so much that one can share on Twitter and Facebook. However, people regularly expand their online interactions to in-person meetings.

How we get our News

Each morning, many social networking site users check out the stories posted by their friends and people they are following before logging on to a news site or reading an actual newspaper, partly because of the ‘trust’ factor; after all, these are the people we have chosen to follow.

However, this is not to say that RSS feeds are not being used anymore to stay up-to-date on publications and blogs of interest, because they are. In fact, they are just as popular today as before. However, the list of sources worthy of our attention has grown significantly in the last few years. Moreover, social media gives us a chance to not only get our daily dose of latest news, but to also talk about it with the person posting it.

How we Raise our Voice

Social media increasingly is being used by people to run a social awareness campaign or to raise a voice about things important to them. And with more and more people joining social networking sites, this trend will only get stronger.

About the Author:

Vaishnavi Agrawal loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for Intellipaat, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training.

The courses offered by Intellipaat address the unique needs of working professionals. She is based out of Pune and has an experience of 6 years in the field of content writing and blogging. Her work has been published on various sites related to Tableau Training, Hadoop Training, Digital Marketing and more.

A Quick Fix: 5 Common Smartphone Problems and How to Fix Them

A smartphone or a mobile phone is the one gadget most people cannot leave home without. It’s used by everyone no matter what age- Adults use their mobile phones to store important information, send emails and communicate with coworkers. Teenagers use mobile phones for access to the internet or social media. Young or old, a smartphone has become a necessity. Unfortunately, our phones are also prone to damage and malfunction.
Because of our constant use for it, we often don’t have time to go to a service center to have our phones fixed. What you don’t know is that some common smartphone problems can easily be fixed by you! So save yourself a trip to the service center.

Here are 5 common smartphone problems and how to fix them!

1. Battery Problems:
Every mobile phone needs a battery, without it, your smartphone will not work. The battery is also one of the reasons why we experience phone overheating. Have you found yourself thinking “why does my phone get hot?” or instances when you want to scream “my phone won't charge?” You are not alone. Battery problems are fairly common for all mobile phones.

2. Performance Bug:
Have you experienced mobile hanging? Top Ten Problems says “Slow processing happens due to the less space in internal storage or may be some apps are used frequently. When needing a phone to work efficiently and what a user gets is slow processing. Slow processing may also occur due to the excess use of the apps that are heavy in storage. Proper optimizing and cleaning of apps can eliminate this slow processing problems.”

3. Storage -
This is a common problem for iPhone users especially those who have purchased 16GB iPhones. Over time, you realize that you are in need of more storage space and unfortunately, you need to delete unused apps. Purge your mobile phone of photos, data and other information that you no longer need.

If your mobile phone has a memory card slot then purchase memory cards in
the form of microSD cards. Geek Squad UK says “The best way to gain the largest amount of free space on your smartphone is to add or upgrade a memory card. Many Android and Blackberry handsets come with a memory card slot which
take MicroSD cards as standard and are used for boosting the phone's storage
capacity. If you are the owner of a Windows phone, a quick check of your manual
should confirm whether additional storage can be added (support for MicroSD
cards was brought in with the Windows Phone 8 handsets). If you are the owner
of an iPhone, the amount of available memory is decided when you purchase the
handset and cannot be expanded any further.”

4. Weak or No Signal:  When your smartphone all of a sudden, is unable to receive calls or messages and the signal indicator shows weak or no signal then worry not! In most cases, the problem lies with your data provider or the area coverage. Sometimes we enter rooms or fall into places where signals are really weak. A quick solution to this is to do a quick restart and soon, all your messages will come in again. Alternatively, you can also move to an area where there’s improved signal strength. There are many factors that could disrupt signal strength and moving to another area could easily solve your problem.

5. Cracked Screens or Immersion in Water:
Accidents happen and unfortunately water and electronics are not a good mix as well as your smartphone taking a tumble down the staircase. Sometimes these accidents can be prevented with the help of sturdy mobile phone cases. They may be expensive but investing in mobile phone cases can save your phone from a cracked screen or from water entering its ports. Another fail safe protection for your smartphone is gadget insurance.

Have you experienced any of these
common smartphone problems? What solutions did you take in order to fix it?
Share your ideas and experiences in the comments section below.

Bio: Joel Ekstein is an eCommerce retail expert with over 12 years experience
in the industry. He has had experience in buyer and inventory forecasting, marketing, and expanding customer base in new markets. Instead of the notion that offering 100% customer satisfaction hurts 20% of profit, Joel has proved that 100% customer satisfaction increases customer engagement and customer base which leads to 25% profit increase. |

How IOT is all set to Revolutionize the Marketing Industry?

How IOT is all set to Revolutionize the Marketing Industry?

The internet of things has gained traction since the value derived from data has considerably increased. The big data technology has provided organizations capabilities to make sense of their unstructured data. This has given way for more number of objects with embedded computing to collect more and more data. The trends indicate that by 2020 a staggering 50 billion objects with embedded computing systems would be bringing about revolutionary changes in the world.

One of the major changes that internet has brought in recent years is evolution of social media which is now becoming epicenter of online marketing. Similarly mobile internet backed by growth of Smartphone market has provided marketers an opportunity to collect real time information about their customers.

Customer Feedback through IOT

In today’s competitive market, internet has provided customers with knowledge and easily available options to select the best products at best prices. This implicates invoking customer loyalty is a big challenge for marketers.  The best way to counter this problem is to get feedback from the customer to tailor made the product or service according to customer preference.  The customers are less interested in providing feedbacks when they have plenty of options. The IOT devices with embedded computing and sensors can easily track the customer experience of the product. For example a sensor in a car can give car makers an idea on the usage pattern and performance overview of their product. This means instant feedback can be obtained which will help marketers to improve the product to suit customer preference.

Self Maintenance for better Customer Experience

One of the biggest reasons for customer dissatisfaction with a product or a service is when they have to call the technical support team after product or service is down.  A good product or service with a bad maintenance process can make customers switch to other brands. The IOT can support self diagnostics and through constant monitoring IOT objects can contact the support team before the product goes down altogether. For example, you are visited by an electrician to repair your air conditioner even before you made any call or even noticed that your cooling system is ineffective. This will create a wow effect amongst the customer with a maintenance process exceeding customer expectation.

Social Media Marketing through IOT

Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc have become a make or break branding platform for all the organizations irrespective of their size. Social media marketing efforts are easier to implement and much easier to monitor. There is an upsurge in organic traffic of the websites due to social media marketing. IOT will be the next big thing in the social media marketing trend as they can be optimized to generate automated posts. IOT can play a major role in observing social media communities to effectively target audience.  This will help marketers in keeping one step ahead of the coming trends to bank on them.

IOT has a huge potential to implement path breaking marketing strategies. More and more adoption of IOT technology will force marketers to innovate their marketing with the help of this technology. The combination of IOT and big data will provide unprecedented business intelligence to marketers which will evolve the whole marketing industry.

About the Author:

Vaishnavi Agrawal loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for Intellipaat, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training.

The courses offered by Intellipaat address the unique needs of working professionals. She is based out of Bangalore and has an experience of 5 years in the field of content writing and blogging. Her work has been published on various sites related to Hadoop Training, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IT, SAP, Project Management and more.

Big Data : A Big Step for Big Life

Big Data has not only given giant companies new ways to maximize their profit, but also given data scientists and researchers a new way to understand and work on complex phenomenon, and also given generalists a new unique technique to generate their stories. A few years ago, forecast of future scenario of any company was just dreaming of dreamers, but the big data made it possible. Now company knows where they will stand after one year. This is revolution.

The overall cost of collecting and analyzing big data is quite high, so naturally, companies are trying to squeeze maximum information from their big data.

The ultimate value of big data is always dependent on how effectively companies use it to make more profit and how long is data expected to be relevant enough for use.

Difficulties in deriving information from big data

As the name suggests, big data is huge enough to make things very difficult for those who fetch valuable information from it. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.  It really is a challenge for analytics to bring down the valuable information from millions of chains of data. But considering the importance of big data, big companies spend dollars to evaluate that valuable information. That’s the call of today’s global market.

Analytics-“Data’s value maker”

The quality of information fetched from big data is totally dependent on the quality of Analytics behind it.  Research shows that analytics is one of the biggest factors and differentiators between companies that fetch the most value from their big data and companies that don’t.

Analytics avail the hidden information to the companies, which help the policy makers to take accurate decisions in favor of companies, to maximize their profit. Increase in the income graph reflects the importance of analytics in big companies.

Data Explosion- “rise of fully digital world”

The explosion of world of data is pretty new. As is year 2000, only one quarter of all the information available in the world was stored in digital form, the rest was preserved on the paper, or over films or by any other analog media. But as the rate of expansion of data is very high, the situation has swiftly inverted. And today only 2% of the data are in non-digital form. This is a huge change which took place in the comparatively very short span of time. The need of digitization and advancement in technology is the root cause.

That day is not so far, when we have our dream world- “fully digital world”.

The Future- “Where data is everything”

In this rapidly digitizing world, a world of data is expanding exponentially. In a single marketing firm, millions of stacks of data are generated every day by customer’s transactions alone. These data are stored and preserved. And new hubs of data keep on adding. You can imagine, data are actually flooding.

The biggest challenge in today’s world is management and preservation of valuable data effectively. The data is to be preserved, because it holds valuable information with it.  Researchers and scientists are working hard on developing techniques to extract a maximum of valuable information from big data.

The future will definitely bring a new data dominant world. A world where anything and everything will totally be based on some data.  And by observing the pace of development of the digital world, anyone can say that- “that day is not so far”.

About the Author:

Vaishnavi Agrawal loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for Intellipaat, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training.

The courses offered by Intellipaat address the unique needs of working professionals. She is based out of Bangalore and has an experience of 5 years in the field of content writing and blogging. Her work has been published on various sites related to Big Data, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Cloud Computing, IT, SAP, Project Management and more.

Redefine Technology with Big Data Management

Redefine Technology with Big Data Management
Big data describes the large volume of both unstructured and structured data which is not handled by traditional database. Big data usually includes data sets with sizes beyond the ability of commonly used software tools to capture, curate, manage, and process the data within time. Technology is changing the way financial institutions operate, markets are organized, and consumers and businesses interact with investment banks. It will also offer insight on the struggle between regulation and adopting smarter operations for demanding clients. It will offer new ideas for technology and information executives on the next wave of innovation – not only what banks are doing today, but what they are planning for tomorrow.

Ready access to data, quickly and with rich analysis and visualization, has qualitatively, as well as quantitatively, changed the communication patterns and hence the decision processes in many Technologies. Business intelligence software provides actionable and manageable information that can improve chain’s efficiency—from manufacturer through to the end-user. The goal of big data management is to ensure a high level of data quality and accessibility for business big data analytics applications and intelligence. The primary objective of analyzing big data is to support organizations in making better business decisions.
End-to-End Visibility –

Business intelligence software can provide far greater transparency by handling big data correctly. Business intelligence creates improved end-to-end transparency, and provides access to the inner workings of a business.

Avoid vendor lock-in and fragmented solutions -
Data proliferation demands innovative infrastructure, self-service analytics access and effective management. Big data solution providers address a fraction of the hardware stack or make you rip and replace your infrastructure.

Data organization-
Data has become most powerful resource for any business, especially for eCommerce stores, it’s a daunting task to collect data from multiple sources and organize it in a way that it gives useful information to business owners.  Big data provides solution to all the challenges of data handling and also helps in analyzing data for making better business decisions. 

Better Collaboration -
Collaboration is the fundamental rule of logistics management: if one link in the chain is severed, the entire process can fall apart. Building relationship after relationship is a fundamental step in the supply chain, which is used to make better collaboration one of the most important ways that big data influences the supply chain market. Business intelligence, and the software that comes with it, makes maintaining supplier-buyer relationships simple.

Pinpoint Focus –
Big data provides real time updates and insights, which is essential to achieving better focus. As you receive that intelligence, you can make any business changes necessary, large or small, to exact specifications.

Here are some examples of a combination of different tools for big data insights:
  • Cloud is extensible, scalable, flexible, elastic, self-healing, on-demand, etc. and used to provide the inexpensive hardware/software platform with all applications (such as Kapow, SAP Intelligence Analysis for Public Sector application by Palantir, SAP, Sybase IQ, CRM, SAP Data Services with text analytics) for rapid ramp-up at lower capital cost requirements.
  • Hadoop provides reliable data storage and high-performance parallel data processing – the ability to store extremely large data sets.
  • SAP HANA provides the extremely accelerated business warehouse/enterprise data warehouse.

About the Author:

Vaishnavi Agrawal loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training.

The courses offered by Intellipaat address the unique needs of working professionals. She is based out of Bangalore and has an experience of 5 years in the field of content writing and blogging. Her work has been published on various sites related to Big Data, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Cloud Computing, IT, SAP, Project Management and more.

Steps To Be Taken For WordPress Security Issues

In this current generation, content management tools like WordPress has transformed our working style into an extremely easy and simple manner that occupies approximately the whole world. But the question comes here is: is using WordPress always an easy and secured option to work with?

Of-course sometimes its not secure while working with WordPress CMS tool. In this fast growing technology era, hackers have made their real business to interfere with user's private data or information on various other illegal websites. So, here in this blog we all need to know what advance steps are to be taken by us in order to avoid data hacking issues by such dangerous hackers to secure the WordPress CMS tool.

Avoid Mentioning of WordPress

Always mentioning WordPress in your website can lead to serious security issues. Hackers have high tendency to exploit all sorts of known vulnerabilities that are already added in your website by identifying the WordPress versions that you are working with which might include themes, plug-ins and other various such issues. This vulnerability can be prevented by removing all plug-in mentions from your WordPress website or other advance themes or plug-ins that have been installed. You can change your default links to protect yourself from WordPress vulnerability issues such as Brute-Force attacks.

Hiding WPPlug-in

Deactivating each and every mentions of WordPress that you are working with, can be quite difficult at times which might lead to time- consuming issues. So, to easily avoid WordPress attack, try to hide the WPplug-in feature that automatically avoid malicious attacks from dangerous hackers by updating users with new vulnerability glitches that might destroy the  WordPress functioning.

Data back-up
Data back-up option should be your first priority to avoid any kind of hacking issues. Apart from back-up option, one should follow a proper scan-up procedure to back-up all the important files. By following a routine back-up process of WordPress site, users can surely get rid of such malicious users to avoid losing all their essential data or a hacker's malicious activity. These below mentioned steps can be followed by users to avoid dangerous malicious activities on your WordPress site:
  • BackUp WPFree
  • VaultPress
  • BackUp Buddy
Regular Updates
Regular updating process will keep WordPress website away from dangerous hackers that might harm your WordPress account. By having obsolete software update softwares, your WordPress database and all related information are highly prone to malicious attacks. If your WordPress website is hacked, its very much essential for users to install all new and fresh WordPress versions as this is the best option to recover and rebuild your WordPress website via FTP process.

Administrator Name Updation
By activating your WordPress default administrator name, its easy for hackers to easily get into your WordPress information, data and files that you have saved very easily. So, make sure that your WordPress account login details are properly changed and create a login by signing up into your account on fresh basis. One can follow this step by just creating a new administrative user account and deleting their old default administrator account.

Password Strength
Creating an account with weak password is more prone to hackers to hack your WordPress account by using special algorithm to gain access to the control panel as this is an easy way to get into your WordPress account details. To avoid this issue, users are suggested to create a strong password across the board. Do ensure that you have created a new account by following a password strength rule that applies to your password creation process while creating or updating your WordPress account. If you think that your account has been hacked, then it is recommended to immediately change your password for future prevention steps.

Back-door Hacking
When your WordPress account has been hacked, then it's quite possible that you might have left some way for hackers to get access to your account. Added code often seems to be an innocent one but at the same time, it will always give access to hackers the code which is often known as PHP code that are known to be eligible for hackers to crack the code and steal away all the information of WordPress account. These codes are often hidden in themes, plug-ins and various uploads that are required by WordPress to function properly. To get rid of such issues, users can always use special malicious scanner applications that are easily available on the Internet for free or for trial version. Once checking process is done, run your browser in incognito mode and later check if there is any threat found.

Sophia is a trained WordPress developer working with WordPrax Ltd. - HTML to WordPress company with global reach. If you're planning to convert HTML to WordPress for a brilliant online presence, she can help you. Some stunning articles related to website markup conversions can be found under her name.

Top Reasons To Develop Mobile Apps In NodeJS

The Mobile Revolution has brought along a plethora of trends that have worked positively for the design and development of stunning mobile apps. Irrespective of the type of individuals or firms that you intend to target, a perfect mobile app will allow you to attain an outstanding mobile presence for your brand. A good mobile experience will add a tint of excellence in your company's reputation among the global customer base. So, it's time for you to choose the right real-time app development technology like Node.js to get started with building apps that perform brilliantly on all popular mobile devices and platforms. In this post, I've chosen to highlight the key reasons behind the significance of using Node.js for creation of scintillating, best-quality mobile apps. Now, let's dig into these reasons!

1.    Node.js is an open source server-side development framework
Also considered as the second most popular repository on GitHub, Node.js is an open source app development framework that has its code available for free. With Node.js, you can find NPM which is a node.js package manager that's used for installing node programs efficiently. The awesome features available with Node.js make it one of the simplest app development frameworks.

2.    Asynchronous callbacks make way for natural threading

Node.js comes with asynchronous callbacks which create space for natural threading, saving user a lot of time and effort. This Node.js feature plays a vital role in reducing the overall memory usage along with increasing the app's load speed. Plus, a large group of concurrent users are hence capable of utilizing the same amount of memory- making Node.js an excellent backend technology.

3.    Tuning page rendering between client and server becomes a breeze with Node.js
The Page Rendering Node.js will enable you to tune page rendering between client and server, basis the chosen network. While you might be following the typical practice of using the UI or jQuery framework for generating views in front-end, with Node.js, it is possible for you to use the EXACT same code for rendering on the chosen server. With YUI3 completely available for Node.js, you can conveniently optimize both, client and server side rendering efficiently.

4.    If you know JavaScript, using Node.js will be a mere walk in the park

As a front-end web developer, it's not surprising for you to be well familiar with all the ins and outs related to JavaScript. With Node.js using JavaScript, you need not bother about learning a whole new programming language. Hence, you can choose to work as a backend developer and use the popular data exchange format known as JSON. Thanks to Node.js's runtime, you can enjoy rapid development and deployment of mobile apps. Plus, if you're a fan of agile development, then also using Node.js will enable you to develop a mobile apps wherein you are free to work on multiple slices.

5.    Node.js doesn't block Input/Output(I/O)
According to Node.js creator Ryan Dahl, the framework doesn't block input/output(I/O) that can easily result into app crashes. With Node.js, you need not be concerned about the CPU processing time probably because the framework is based on a variety of small processes that consume less memory space.

6.    Node.js hosting works the best for all your mobile and web applications
Today, when a huge collection of PaaS(Platform-As-A-Service) providers have switched to reducing app deployment to just a single command, Node.js has grabbed all the spotlight. Now, even the PaaS giant Heroku is supporting multiple Node.js deployments without any kind of complexity. Hence, choosing Node.js for app development would allow you to rest assured about the perfect hosting of your final web/mobile apps.

7.    Node.js speed and scalability is truly commendable

Based on the asynchronous programming model, Node.js has its traditional web app software that is based on a request-response cycle. In simple words, each time a request arrives, the application routes the same, gets on with building a response via fetching assistance from disks, databases and APIs and finally sends back the completed response to the client. One of the best things about Node is that it exits event loop under a situation wherein no more callbacks need to be performed. This behavior is quite similar to that of JavaScript wherein the event loop is being hidden from the end user. If you intend to build real-time, high-concurrency applications, then nothing can beat Node.js.

8.    Node.js easily interfaces with multiple push notification systems

With Node.js applications, you can use SocketIO which would render real-time communications between server and the client. In other words, Node.js can interface with multiple push notification systems that are available on each individual mobile platform. 

Wrapping it all up

Regarded as one of the most stable and widely adopted app development frameworks, Node.js is backed by a vibrant community which has been working on improving the event-driven application logic and making the framework simple and easy-to-work with.

Author Bio:
Arya Stark is a web developer working for an Offshore Ecommerce Web Development Company, Xicom which offers a quality ecommerce solutions. So if you are looking to avail the best ecommerce solutions, you can get in touch with her.